Omis – guide to an old pirate city in Croatia

Omis (Croatia) is an old resort town located on the Adriatic coast. In addition to beautiful landscapes, it is worth coming here to look at the fabulous pirate fortresses (which, by the way, used to be cities) and swim in the clear sea. Tourists who have visited the Croatian Omis leave good reviews: they say that the city combines the past and the present in an amazing way.

Omis city

General information

Omis is a Croatian city located between Split and Makarska on the Adriatic coast. The population is about 6,500 people. Despite the fact that Omis is a small town, it is connected by bus with the largest cities of the country.

Evening Omis and the Cetina River

Omis is a good resort not only for lovers of beach holidays, but also for sightseeing: people lived here even during the period of the Roman Empire, later the Slavs settled here, and a few centuries later Omis was annexed to Venice – therefore, there are many historical sights here. What are the only pirate castles erected in the XIII century.

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The mouth of the Cetina River

Omish has a catchy look, it feels its own unique flavor. The town is located at the mouth of the Tsitina River, which seems to cut the surrounding rocks. Stone houses with tiled roofs look like toy houses. In such a place it’s nice to just walk the streets, and the view from the heights will definitely impress even experienced travelers.


Omis Beach

Like other beaches in Croatia , the water in Omis is clean and warm. Sea urchins are absent, and the entry into the sea is gentle, ideal for children. The beach itself is sandy, which is rare for Croatia.

Active tourists will like entertainment, of which there are a lot: rafting, playing beach volleyball, various water attractions (banana, water ball). Perhaps the only minus of the beach is that only low trees that do not give shade grow near. You can take refuge only in a cafe, which is located nearby.

As for infrastructure, the beach has showers and a toilet, there are free sunbeds and umbrellas. Nearby are cafes.

If you are primarily interested in a vacation by the sea, you can stop at one of the beaches of neighboring Split , and come to Omis for an excursion.


Once the pirate city of Omis has a rich history, but, unfortunately, not all interesting structures have been preserved. Therefore, the symbols of this town are considered two sights.

Pirate Fortress (Fortress Starigrad)
Omish pirate fortress

The attraction from the pirate times of Omis is located at the very top of the mountain. As the name implies, pirates used to live here: after the next successful robbery, they climbed up the mouth of the Cetina River and found themselves in their refuge (and earlier, by the way, this was not one structure, but the whole city). There was everything for a comfortable life: high stone walls to protect against enemies, beautiful gardens and even vegetable gardens where tomatoes, eggplants, and various berries were grown. The pirates came to an end at the end of the 16th century, when the Republic of Venice, led by the pope of Rome, turned to the crusaders for help – they finally calmed the robbers.

Today, the pirate fortress is one of the main attractions of the Croatian Omis. A large number of foreign guests come here. However, getting to the fortress itself is not so easy as it might seem at the beginning: you need to climb numerous stairs, which are not always in good condition. For older people or children, this excursion may be too difficult, so before starting the ascent, it is worthwhile to carefully assess your strength.

View from the Pirate Fortress to the city of Omis

But if you reach the top, your efforts will be rewarded: the tower offers stunning views of the city and the sea. Here you can stand for hours and admire the passing ferries and seagulls soaring in the air. From here you can also make beautiful photos of the Croatian Omis.

Pirate Fortress Tickets
  • The cost of visiting: 15 kun.
  • How to get there There are two roads leading to the top. The first begins at the mouth of the Cetina River. This path passes through a local park, and the road itself is strewn with small stones. It’s easy enough to fall here. The second climbing option is along the road that starts in the city. It’s harder to fall on, but it will take more time.
Mirabella Fortress
Mirabella Fortress in Omis

Another pirate fortress is Mirabella. It was built in the XIII century, and has already been restored twice. Along with the previous attraction, it is a symbol of a small city. A large number of tourists come here, and many of them say that it is not even the structure itself that is interesting, but a beautiful view of the city, which can be seen from the tower.

Climb to the Mirabella Fortress

Getting to the structure is not so simple: you need to climb the numerous (often steep) stairs. Therefore, it is necessary to prepare for such a trip: put on good shoes with thick soles, take some water and food, and do not forget about comfortable clothes.

  • Address: Subic Street, Omis, Croatia
  • Admission: 20 kunas.
  • How to get there. The rise to the sights should be divided into three stages. The first is from the city to the intermediate site (by the way, the view from here is also impressive); the second is from the platform to the tower; and the third from the bottom of the tower to the roof.

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How to get there

To Omis from Split

By bus

Bus station Split Obala kneza Domagoja
Bus station Obala kneza Domagoja

In Croatia, public transport is well developed, so it’s easy to get to the destination by bus. You must purchase tickets at any bus station convenient for you. After taking the Promet Makarska bus at the Obala kneza Domagoja bus station in Split. Approximate travel time is 30 minutes. Cost – 14 kunas. They run every 15-40 minutes depending on the season and time of day.

To Omis from Makarska:

By bus

Bus Promet Makarska

Traveling from Makarska to Omis will take about 50 minutes. To do this, take the Promet Makarska bus at the central bus station of the city. Get off at Omish Central Bus Station. Ticket price – 18 kunas. Buses run every 2 hours.

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Omis (Croatia) is a cozy resort town, which is ideal for both beach and sightseeing holidays.

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