Tourist’s guide to Memmingen, its attractions and how to get there

Memmingen, Germany – an ancient settlement, which is not only perfectly preserved, but also became part of the most popular tourist routes. The architectural monuments, squares and palaces of this city can be viewed in one day, but it promises to be unforgettable.

Memmingen, Germany

General information

Memmingen is a small Bavarian town located in southern Germany, 112 km from Munich. The population is just over 40 thousand people. Area – about 70 square meters. m. Despite the proximity of the German Alps, the relief of the city is flat, divided in half by the small river Stadtbach.

Memmingen has a long and rather interesting story. Documentary references to this settlement are found in the treaties of 1128, although scholars say that it all started much earlier. It is believed that the first people who settled on this territory were Roman legionnaires who organized a military camp here. In the middle of 5 tbsp. in their place came the tribes of the Alemans, and after another 200 years – the Old German Franks. In the 13th art. Memmingen, lying at the crossroads of important trade routes, survived the next stage of its development and even received the status of an imperial city, and at 17 it was in the center of events related to the 30-year war. In 1803, he came under the rule of Bavaria, under which he remains today.

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Memmingen Embankment

Despite the many events that fell on his lot, the city of Memmingen in Germany managed to maintain its unique flavor. It is very beautiful, quiet and clean. Wherever you look – historical sights are everywhere, neat colorful buildings, green areas, cozy cafes and numerous channels through which, oddly enough, boats never go. Practical Germans simply do not see this as a special need.

A couple of interesting facts are also associated with Memmingen. Firstly, it was here in 1525 that the first Declaration on Human Rights was signed in Europe, and secondly, the instrumental composition of the famous British band Blackmore ‘s Night was dedicated to this city.


Memmingen sights in Germany can be safely viewed in 1 day, because they are all concentrated in one place – the historic city center. Well, we’ll start with him.

Old city
Memmingen Old Town

Memmingen’s historic center looks exactly the same as it did many years ago. The layout of its streets has not changed since the moment of construction, and the few buildings built these days fit so harmoniously into the overall picture that the first time you won’t tell which of them stood for hundreds of years and which appeared relatively recently.

Despite the lack of world-famous monuments and monuments, the Old Town is the most interesting part of Memmingen. Narrow streets paved with medieval cobblestones, a river canal with golden trout splashing in the crystal waters, half-timbered houses with painted pediments – there is something to see here. Add to this list your own brewery, beautiful restaurants and small shops – and you will get a complete picture of what the historical part of Memmingen in Germany looks like.

The main attraction of this place are fragments of tower gates dating from 1181:

  • Einlass
  • Westertor
  • Soldatenturm,
  • Kemptertor,
  • Bettelturm,
  • Lindauertor,
  • Hexenturm
  • Ulmertor.
Embankment in the old town of Memmingen

Each of these structures has its own history. For example, at the North Gate (Ulmer Tor), locals met Maximilian I, the then king of Germany and the future emperor of the Roman Empire. This event was reflected in the wall paintings preserved on the inside of the fence. Outside, the gates are decorated with a double-headed eagle and an antique clock showing the exact time.

Einlass and Hexenturm housed urban dungeons – their walls absorbed so much negative energy that sensitive people next to them often get sick. In one of these prisons, women were sentenced to prisoners who had been convicted of “having connections with the devil.” Since then, the inhabitants of Memmingen have called it nothing more than a tower of witches. As for Bettelturm, its name in German means “tower of the poor.” True, not a single local resident could tell us the story of his origin.

City Hall
City Hall

What to see in Memmingen if you have come here very briefly? Familiarity with its main attractions continues to explore the local Town Hall, considered the most beautiful building in the city. The construction of the city hall began at the end of the 16th century, but it acquired its present form only in 1765. The snow-white building with three domed towers, bay windows and elaborate stucco molding combines elements of the French style that was popular in those days and the decoration of pediments traditional for medieval Germany.

Schrannenplatz square
Schrannenplatz square

Schrannenplatz, whose name translates as “elevator area”, is one of the most tourist destinations. In the Middle Ages, it played the role of a sorting sorting point – it was here that whole tons of grain were brought, which were then laid out in huge barns. Some of these granaries can be seen even now – despite being quite old, they are in excellent condition.

Another attraction of the Schrannenplatz square is the Weinhaus wine restaurant, the first visitors were those same sorters. It still works, so be sure to check here to drink a glass of wine and look at the interior of one of the first entertainment venues in this German city.

Church of st. Martina
Church of st.  Martina

If you do not know what to see in Memmingen in 1 day, pay attention to the Church of St. Martin, erected in the place of the ancient Romanesque basilica in the first half of the 15th century. The main pride of this building is the original stained glass windows, beautiful stellar arches, medieval murals, as well as an old altar, the forging of which resembles Gothic lace. Of no less interest is the facade of the church – it has a watch dial decorated with ancient paintings.

In the 17th art. an additional floor was added to the church tower, thanks to which its height reached 65 m. To date, this indicator has not been able to surpass any of the religious buildings of Memmingen.

Now in Sankt Martinskirche regular divine liturgies are held, which anyone can visit. And there is also an observation deck with a beautiful view of the urban surroundings. Interestingly, at the entrance to the church there is a small figure of a goose, which is considered the main heraldic symbol of the city, and a sign with an inscription urging you to leave donations for the repair of the temple.

House with seven roofs
House with seven roofs

An overview of Memmingen sights in Germany that can be viewed in 1 day is completed by Siebendächerhaus, a traditional half-timbered house covered with an unusual multi-tiered roof. The building, located on the central square of the city, was erected in the first half of the 13th century. Initially, it was intended for drying skins, from which local tailors sewed clothes. Actually, this explains the unusual design of this house – a multi-tiered roof made it possible to cut through a large number of windows providing complete ventilation.

With the decline of the leather craft, the need for a dryer disappeared, so over the next decades, one of the best hotels in Memmingen was located in a house with seven roofs. The history of Siebendächerhaus almost ended during World War II – then this important architectural monument was almost destroyed. However, hardworking Swabians not only restored the building of the former dryer, but also made it a popular city attraction.

Where to stay?

Small Memmingen cannot boast a wide selection of accommodation, but the few hotels that it has are conveniently located and consistently high quality services. As for prices, they are much lower than in neighboring Munich or other major cities in Germany. So, for renting an apartment you will have to pay from 100 to 120 €, while the cost of a double room in a 3 * hotel starts from 80 € per day.

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Memmingen Airport

Memmingen Airport

Flughafen Memmingen, located in the Allgäu region, is Bavaria’s smallest international airport. He currently serves both charter flights and international destinations owned by low-cost low-cost airlines and connecting Memmingen with major European cities – Moscow, Kiev, Vilnius, Belgrade, Sofia, Tuzla, Skopje and others.

The majority of flights are operated by the following carriers:

  • “Victory” – Russia;
  • “Ryanair” – Ireland;
  • Wizz Air – Hungary;
  • Avanti Air – Germany.

Between the airport and Memmingen – no more than 4 km away, so you can get from it to the central part of the city both by taxi and by bus. The latter is at the bus station located near the central railway station. The flights you need are No. 810/811 and No. 2. Ticket price – about 3 € for an adult and a little more than 2 € – for children from 4 to 14 years.

As for taxis, Memmingen International Airport is served by several operators at once. Their racks are located near the exits from the terminals.

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Useful Tips

Having decided to see the sights of this city in 1 day, take note of some useful tips:

    Souvenirs in Memmingen
  1. Would you like to buy a couple of souvenirs? The best place for this is the Wicky store, located at the intersection of Kramerstraße and Weinmarkt. Here you can find a huge selection of sweets, cosmetics, figurines, piggy banks and other commemorative gizmos;
  2. If you are traveling in Memmingen, leave your suitcases in the automatic locker. It is located directly on the railway platform and costs about 3 €;
  3. No less popular place for shopping is Euroshop, a well-known chain store in which all products cost 1 €. The only drawback is that you can’t pay with a credit card, so please stock up in cash. One such Euroshop is located on Kalchstraße;
  4. To understand where the attraction of interest is located, you need to look at the map. You can buy it both in the information center and in the airport terminal. The map contains 2 routes — each of them will take no more than 4 hours;
  5. When planning a trip to Memmingen, do not forget to compare it with the schedule of the most popular city holidays. So, in May, there is a flower festival, at the end of July – Fisherman’s Day, and before the summer holidays – the traditional children’s holiday Stengele. In addition, once every 4 years, the Wallenstein-Fest is organized in the city, a historical reconstruction dedicated to the events of 1630. The bright festival gathers up to 5000 spectators;
  6. Bicycle in Memmingen
  7. The most convenient way to travel around Memmingen is a bicycle. For lovers of this type of transport, there are many free bicycle parking lots. By the way, car parking in the city is not cheap;
  8. Organ music lovers are advised to visit St. Joseph’s Church – concerts are regularly held there;
  9. Would you like a snack? Take a look at the Turkish Cuisine, famous not only for its delicious dishes, but also for reasonable prices. In addition, this is one of the few establishments working after 9 pm;
  10. Memmingen is located in the continental mountain climate, so it is not very cold winter and not too hot summer. Another important feature of this region is a large amount of rainfall. In this case, February is considered the driest month, and June is the rainiest month, so stock up on an umbrella in case of bad weather.

Memmingen, Germany – this is the city that you can easily see in 1 day. If you plan to stay here longer, pay attention to the places located in its vicinity. These include the Benedictine Abbey in the village of Ottobeuren, the resort of Bad Grenenbach and the medieval palace of Babenhausen.

Walking in Memmingen and some useful tips for tourists:

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