Split beaches – a guide to where to swim and relax

The city of Split is a popular resort in Croatia, which has a developed infrastructure and a favorable climate for a beach holiday. Comfortable areas are located directly in the city and beyond. Thanks to the established transport system, you can easily get anywhere in the resort. The beaches of Split (Croatia) are covered mainly with small pebbles. The water in the sea is impeccably clean, turquoise, visibility in depth – up to 50 meters. Unambiguously answer the question – which beach to prefer? – difficult. Each has a special atmosphere, infrastructure and nature.

Split, Croatia

Overview of beaches in Split (Croatia)

On the beach in Split

Beaches throughout Croatia are for every taste – urban and noisy, wild, deserted. The most popular and most visited beach is Bacvice in Split. The main difference is the sand cover and developed infrastructure. Nearby is Trstenik beach, covered with small pebbles.

If you rest on Bacvice, you can easily get to Trstenik along the pedestrian path. The territory belonging to the Radisson Hotel is further equipped. You can relax here for free, using the necessary infrastructure – sunbeds, a shower, a snack in a cafe. The hotel territory smoothly passes into the longest beach of the resort – Zhnjan, a great place for families. There are many attractions – for children and adults, there are sports fields, trampolines and slides. Kastelet also belongs to the comfortable pebble beaches, and on Gezinak there are green spaces that provide a pleasant shade on the shore.

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Good to know! The cost of sunbeds – 40 kunas, with an umbrella – 50 kunas. You can rent two sunbeds under one umbrella, it will cost 100 kunas.


Bacvice Beach

This place in Croatia leaves an ambiguous impression. Of the obvious advantages, tourists note: sand cover, comfortable sunbeds, umbrellas, cafes. However, the idyllic picture is spoiled by the amount of garbage.

A great place for families with children – the entrance to the water is shallow, the bottom is soft, the shallow depth is safe for the kids. Another feature – the beach is located just ten minutes from the historic center of Split. Various water sports are presented on the shore, there are cafes, tents where they make massage, and points of sale for excursions. With the onset of the evening, life here intensifies – night bars, discos open, festivals are held.


The beach is a continuation of the urban area of ​​Bacvice in Croatia, you need to walk a bit eastward. This territory was allocated to a separate beach area due to fundamental differences. There is a pebble coating. According to tourists, it is good to come here on a hot day. On the shore there is a bar serving various soft drinks, greens protects from heat.

Ovchice Beach

The entrance to the water is gentle, convenient for children. Unlike Bacvice, it is quieter and calmer, there is no loud music. The cost of sun loungers is 70 kuna. The beach is a quarter hour walk from the city center.

Interesting fact! A sheepskin in Croatia has a Blue Flag, which means that the beach meets quality standards and it is safe to relax here.


The recreation area, which is located near Bacvice, and is connected to it by a pedestrian path. The coating is pebble, so slippers are required. On the shore, developed infrastructure – cafes and restaurants, sun loungers and umbrellas, booths where you can change clothes. People also come here for kayaking and yachting.

Trstenik Beach

You can get to this place in Croatia by city bus or car. It is only 5 minutes drive from the center.

Good to know! Sea urchins live in the water near the shore, so swimming is better in shoes.

The skewer

Castel Beach

The recreation area forms a small bay, which is located to the west of Bacvice beach. A family-friendly holiday – a gentle descent into the water, the water is clear, it warms up quickly. Nearby equipped parking, cafes and restaurants. One of the most popular establishments where you can taste Croatian cuisine is the eponymous restaurant.

The beach is secluded, conditionally divided into four parts. You can walk from Diocletian’s Palace if you like to walk. If you do not want to spend time on a walk, use the bus or rent a bicycle. The first part of the beach is rocky and rocky. In the second part, a playground and a platform for diving are organized. Then begins a pebble beach, where bars and cafes work.

Good to know! On the shore there are showers and equipped places where you can change clothes.

Radisson Blu Resort

Radisson Blu Resort Beach

The beach area is small pebble and belongs to the hotel of the same name. For vacationers, excellent conditions have been created for tourists to relax – cafes and restaurants, sun loungers, changing cabins, showers. You can use the services of a massage therapist. The beach is surrounded by a ring of dense, green vegetation. Outdoor activities are offered by the water sports center.

It is important! Entrance to the beach is free.


Znjan Beach in Split

Small beach in Split in Croatia. The coast is covered with small pebbles, there are many entertainments for adults and children – cafes and restaurants, playgrounds for sports, children’s attractions and trampolines. That is why local urban residents often come here.

You can get to the beach by bus, the road by car takes only ten minutes. Entrance to the territory is free and free. But there are no problems with showers and changing rooms.

Windsurfing for fans of windsurfing

It is important! As tourists note, sun loungers and umbrellas are not always enough, especially during the influx of vacationers.

Znjan in Croatia is a real Mecca for fans of windsurfing and kitesurfing. Here, excellent conditions for water sports have been created – this is facilitated by the kilometer-long length of the beach, centers where you can rent equipment and use the services of instructors.


The beach area has been relatively recently converted, sunbeds, umbrellas have been purchased, a bar has been built. The recreation area is conditionally divided into two parts – tourist and wild. Sea urchins are found in the water, and the coast is covered with pebbles, so it’s better to have shoes with you for relaxation and foot safety. You should not be afraid of jellyfish, they are not in the water.

Kašjuni Beach in Split

The beach is located on the territory of Marjan Park, in its southwestern part, so many tourists combine sightseeing and relaxation on the seashore. You can get the city bus number 12 or by car. If you plan to travel by personal transport, please note that cars are not allowed in the park. The road from the center of Split takes a quarter of an hour. You can get to Kashuni by water – a boat trip takes about half an hour. The fare on the boat will cost 40 kunas. Water transport departs from the city port every hour.

Note! Renting a deck chair with an umbrella costs 100 kunas. On the map, Split Kashuni beach is designated as Kasjuni.

Cliff view

In addition to a comfortable beach holiday, here you can go climbing and diving. On Kashuni in Croatia, you can find rocks of different heights – from 2 to 10 meters, which are easy to climb without special equipment, and jump into the water without risk to health. Rocks are concentrated on the wild, undeveloped part of the beach. There is a Joes bar on the beach.


Bene Beach in Marjan Park

A great beach surrounded by pine trees, located at the foot of a hill in Marjan Park. Distinctive features:

  • You can get there by bus, which leaves from the Republic Square every half hour;
  • the beach is far from the historical center of the city ; there are not many vacationers here;
  • pine trees grow on the shore, so there is no need for umbrellas;
  • for greater comfort, it is better to use slippers;
  • toilets, changing rooms and showers are equipped on the shore;
  • You can have a meal in the cafe.

If you travel from the city center by bus, you pass Kashuni beach. For personal transport there is a parking at the north gate. The coast is quite rocky, covered with pebbles, concrete slabs are installed for launching into the water. If you walk along the coast, you can find sandy areas.

Good to know! For sports, tennis courts and even a football field are equipped. You can ride a pony. Near the beach is the National Theater, a railway is laid here.

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Beaches in Split County

After relaxing on the main urban beaches of Split in Croatia, you can go to the nearby islands surrounding the resort. Most of them have a ferry service.

Zlatni Rat on the south coast of the island of Brac
Zlatni Rat

One of the most picturesque beaches not only in Split, but also in Croatia is Zlatni Rat . This is a cape 630 meters away in the sea, completely covered with pine trees. Tourists like to relax here, and at the weekend local residents come.

Zlatni Rat is located on the south coast of the island of Brac , near the resort of Bol. You can get here as follows:

  • from Split ferry to Supetar;
  • from Supetar by bus or comfortably by taxi.

Interesting fact! Resort Bol is the oldest on the island of Brac. Here are hotels with excellent service.

Another visited island near Split is Hvar , located south from the island of Brac. They bathe here in numerous bays, the best are in the southwestern part of Hvar. The most famous among tourists is the lagoon of Milna, where there are four shallow bays.

Hvar, Dubrovitsa Beach
Dubrovitsa Beach

In the east direction from Milna there is Dubovitsa beach , you can get here by boat.

One and a half kilometers from the resort of Trogir is located Pantan beach . Its length is 1.5 km along the Pantan River. The coast is covered with sand and pebbles, the entrance to the sea is gentle and convenient for children. People often come here for holidays with children. From resort Split to Trigor buses No. 37 go. Ticket price 20 kunas. Infrastructure is provided on the shore – sunbeds with umbrellas, bars, cafes and restaurants. The eastern part of the beach is covered with pine forest.

The six-kilometer beach of Duce is a 30-minute drive from Split. Buses leave regularly from the bus station, ticket price is 15 kuna. The entrance to the water is gentle, and there is a cafe on the shore, you can use sun loungers and umbrellas, the price is 20 kunas.

Six-kilometer beach of Duce
Duce Beach

Good to know! On the territory of Duce, many fishing villages have been preserved; you can admire the unique rural architecture.

Ferry to the island of Brac

If you look at the beaches of Split in Croatia in the photo, you will notice excellent transport accessibility and communication between them. At a distance of 10-15 minutes there are picturesque bays, and ferry connections with the islands of Brac and Ciovo.

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A distinctive feature of the resort of Split is the cleanest sea, the coastal zone here is one of the cleanest in Europe. At a depth of 50 meters, corals and marine inhabitants are clearly visible. Numerous deposits of marble-like quartzite give the water a special turquoise hue.

The beaches of Split (Croatia) are a developed infrastructure, picturesque landscapes. Locals claim that several weeks of relaxation on the beaches of Split extend life for 2-3 years.

The location of the beaches in Split, as well as its main attractions, is marked on the map in Russian.

A small overview of Split – in this video.

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