Kitzbuehel – an old ski resort town in Austria

The European resort, the center of skiing, the location of the well-known World Cup circuit is Kitzbühel (Austria). Snowboarding enthusiasts, connoisseurs of quality descents, decent service and, in general, the atmosphere of the charismatic Tyrol rush here. If you want to experience fresh emotions on rolled snow slopes, to try all the charms of winter sports in close proximity to traditional European tourist routes, then you should definitely visit here.

Kitzbuhel (Austria)

What is attractive about Kitzbühel

The Kitzbühel ski resort is a region in the southern part of Tyrol, which is located approximately at an equal distance between the cities of Austria Innsbruck and Salzburg. According to the latest data, the city has 8-8.5 thousand people, which is quite decent for a popular and visited highland settlement. The area of ​​the resort city is almost 60 square meters. km Such a wide distribution of building areas with a small number of local residents is explained by the presence of many hotels and, mainly, low-rise buildings.

Resort Kitzbuhel

This ski resort in Austria is quite in demand as a place of iconic slopes, it is considered fashionable, with attractive infrastructure, famous competitions, tournaments and championships are held here. Kitzbühel is also the center of event and festival tourism – festivities dedicated to antique cars are held annually. Of interest is the air tram, which serves as entertainment for fans of air walks. It is located at an altitude of 400 m and has a record length for carriage “cable cars” – over 2.5 km.

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Resort Attractions

The city of Kitzbühel in Austria has centuries-old cultural traditions. This is the birthplace and work of many artists – sculptors, artists, architects, scientists, writers, poets, playwrights. Residents honor them with their respect, devote galleries, exhibitions, individual events to eminent compatriots. Kitzbühel has its own monuments, ancient churches, historical places.

Kitzbühel Museum

The basis of the city museum is the collection of the famous artist Alfons Walde. The building itself has a unique architecture, it contains evidence of the history of the city, which was founded in 1271. Museum expositions are regularly filled with thematic exhibitions.

The city has its own sporting history, it loves not only winter sports, but also others, for example, tennis, golf, cycling. Kitzbühel is proud of the achievements of the great sportsmen of the country.

Hinterobenau Agriturismo Museum

The Austrian Kitzbühel authenticity element is the Hinterobenau Agriturismo Museum. This is a typical Salzburg-Tyrol house with its outbuildings such as laundry, chapel, stove, beehive, threshing floor and cargo hut, surrounded by picturesque meadows and mountain landscapes. Here you can see many interior items, utensils and tools that are traditional in everyday life, so it will be interesting for foreign tourists and everyone interested in ethnography to visit the farmstead.

Opening hours: from June to September daily (except Sunday) from 13 to 17 hours. In the remaining months, for trips to the farmstead, you must pre-arrange by phone.

Denominations and ancient churches
Church of St. Catherine, Kitzbühel
Church of St. Catherine

Despite its small size, the city of Kitzbühel, in the best traditions of Austria, has several parishes of different faiths and characteristic temples. So, in the city you can see the church of St. Catherine, built in the middle of the 14th century. in a typical Gothic style at that time. Since the middle of the 20th century. the Evangelical church appeared here with the arrival and construction of its own small temple on the mountain. More than 300 years of active work include the local Capuchin monastery. There are other parish temples with towers, chapels and peculiar architectural delights.

Kitzbühel ski slopes

As a ski resort, Kitzbühel, Austria, became famous 100 years ago – in the early 20s. last century. The annual Hanenkamm race, known for its entertainment, contributes to its popularity.

Kitzbühel ski slopes

The originality of the resort provides a unique landscape with significant elevations that reach more than a kilometer. Therefore, the skiing zone of the mountain slopes is densely mastered by the tracks. There are about 60 of them, the total length of which is ~ 170 km. They are divided into zones: for beginners, medium in complexity and for professionals, as well as for lovers of skiing on gentle slopes and a 4 km long slide for sleigh rides.

According to the color marking, the resort’s routes are divided into:

  • reds – number 24, length 77 km;
  • blue – number 29, length 69 km;
  • black – number 13, length 24 km.
Kitzbühel Lifts

They are served by fifty lifts with high throughput:

  • 28 chair
  • 21 drag
  • 11 cabins
  • 9 cable cars

Professionals and lovers of alpine skiing, trekking alpine hikes and other athletes come here all year round, not only for training, but also for active diverse recreation. For connoisseurs of pristine slopes, special routes with a total length of 32 km are offered.

Streif Track

The Straif highway is known in the world as the fastest, and its complex terrain is subdued only by the pros. A specialized park has been marked on the Kitzbühel piste map for those who wish to hone their skills in snowboarding, freestyle, and ski jumping. There are provided routes for skiing in the dark, the landscape at this time is still picturesque, and evening and night outdoor activities are pleasing to many.

Snowpark Kitzbuhel

The Kitzbühel route map is combined with city bus routes; for the convenience of travel, ski pass card holders are free of charge. The condition and readiness of the routes can be monitored on the website at: – the current map of the routes, weather conditions in Kitzbuehel and neighboring ski resorts in Austria, online broadcasts, hotel reservations, announcements of sporting events and much more .

Types of ski passes

  • Adult, children, youth
  • for a period of 1, 2, 3 … 6 days
  • for several seasons of varying lengths
  • for comprehensive service, year-round, etc.

Ski areas are available and one ski pass.

Ski passes cost

Ski passes in Kitzbühel are offered separately for adults and children. In high season prices are:

Daily pass prices in Kitzbühel
Prices for ski pass in Kitzbühel 2-6 days

Children from 3 to 5 years old are usually offered a stay at the ski kindergarten for 50 € for the whole day with lunch.

Note! The high season begins in late December and ends in late March.

Official website: There is a Russian version. The site is informative and contains a lot of useful information about the sports infrastructure and all kinds of entertainment.

Infrastructure and entertainment

The Kitzbühel ski resort in Austria is welcoming, friendly and modern. The infrastructure of the settlement has many cafes, restaurants, entertainment for adults, children’s activities.

Little Athletes in Kitzbühel

In particular, the children’s format of skiing is given special importance. A special children’s center for outdoor activities has been created for young athletes: with a climbing wall, a curling ground, tennis and an ice rink. Ski pass card holders are open for free. A few kilometers from the city there is a high-altitude natural park where you can get acquainted with wild alpine animals. The park has a contact zoo.

Evening life of the resort is replete with pastime options:

Casino Resort Kitzbuhel
  • night clubs
  • casino
  • more than a hundred bars and cafes
  • taverns with their own long history
  • city ​​cinema

As well as restaurants with an open kitchen – when you can observe the process of cooking the ordered dishes. Standard Austrian food, Mexican cuisine, Italian dishes – the menus and specialization of restaurants are very different. A common price tag for lunch or dinner for two is 30-40 €.

Where to stay: resort hotels

Kitzbühel is able to receive non-stop tourist flows, the ski resort has ample opportunities for accommodation in hotels of different “stardom”, format and service. The choice of places of residence is very large, there is on any wallet, with a diverse range of services – from students to lovers of comfortable luxury-level relaxation.


Kitzbühel hotels are presented in the assortment: family, luxury, hotel complexes, guest houses, with a central location and overlooking only the mountains, with pools and health centers, but always traditionally alpine, comfortable and modern.

Hotels in Kitzbühel, Austria offer indicative prices for accommodation:

Apartments at Alpbach Lodge Chalet Superior
Alpbach Lodge Chalet Superior
  • chalet in Alpenchalet Vils – 160 € per night and 960 € for 6 nights;
  • Villa in Luxury Villa Kitzbuhel – 3400 € per night and 20400 € for 6 nights;
  • apartments in Alpbach Lodge Chalet Superior – 310 € per night and 860 € for 6 nights.

Kitzbühel Austria is a diverse holiday destination with a well-established infrastructure, proven tracks and popular sports competitions. Here they are always ready to provide the necessary service, to fill the rest with walks, city events as much as possible, to familiarize with local culture and customs. Therefore, a trip to the ski resort town will be of interest to a wide range of tourists, it will certainly expand its horizons, enrich the treasury of knowledge and experience, and enjoy the contemplation of panoramic views and mountain beauty.

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How to get to Kitzbuhel

The town is located in the southern part of the land of Tyrol, Austria, at an altitude of 762 m above sea level. In its northern part, Tyrol borders with Germany, the distance Munich – Kitzbühel is about 125-130 km. You can get from the German city by rail and taxi.

Choose a train from Munich
Train from munich

The railway connection between Munich and Kitzbühel is pretty tight, trains run even at night. The fare is 33-55 € during the day, 60 € or more at night, travel time ~ 3.5 hours. After arriving at the place, the road from the station to the hotel will take another 20 minutes. Trains depart from Munich Main Station.

It is convenient to get by train if you have arrived in Munich, Innsbruck or Salzburg. You will have to make transfers, but the connections are short-lived and quite convenient. Details of the train schedule in this direction can be found on the website of the Austrian railways and a route can be made on the website (in Russian).

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By taxi
Taxi in Munich

You can get to Kitzbühel from Munich by taxi / ski shuttle: fare 213 € minivan, 286 € minibus, travel time up to 2 hours. Convenience to travel comfortably is available at any time of the day. After the call, waiting for a taxi is a few minutes. At the same time, there is no need to separately take care of luggage, a trip by a large company, sports team or family.

There are more options for getting to Kitzbühel, Austria: the nearest airports are in Salzburg (77 km), Innsbruck (94), Munich (157).

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