What to buy from Vietnam: souvenirs, gifts, cosmetics

Traveling to different corners of the planet, we get acquainted with the new culture and peoples, their traditions and way of life. And you always want to bring souvenirs for memory, which are able to capture the bright moments of the trip for a long time. If you decide to go to Vietnam, then, for sure, you have already thought about gifts with which you can please yourself and loved ones. This country is famous for its cosmetics, tea and coffee, as well as silk and pearl products. What can be brought from Vietnam? The list of possible souvenirs is quite long, so we will consider each option in a separate perspective.

Souvenirs from Vietnam

Coffee products

Bag of coffee

Vietnam is the world’s second largest importer of coffee. Popular varieties such as arabica and robusta are grown here, but rarer species such as excelsus and coolies can also be found. What kind of coffee to bring from Vietnam? Of particular interest among tourists is the Luwak coffee, which is considered the most expensive in the world. And its cost is justified by a very interesting method of production: the product is obtained from arabica beans that have been fermented in the stomach of a small musanga animal.

The same Luwak coffee

The price for 150 g of Luwak is 60 €, but in Vietnam you will give only 15 € for the same weight. The remaining types of coffee are even cheaper: so an inexpensive jar of 500 g can be bought for 1.5 €. Moreover, as noted by travelers, the quality of the drink is very high. The most sought-after manufacturers in Vietnam are Trung Nguyen and Me Trang, whose products can be bought at any supermarket and in souvenir shops. You can also bring coffee directly from coffee plantations, a visit to which is included in many excursions, but the price in this case will be overestimated 3-4 times.

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An abundance of tea varieties

Green tea with lotus leaves

If you do not know what to bring from Vietnam as a gift, then tea will become a universal option. The country offers a variety of varieties of green tea, both in pure form and with the addition of exotic ingredients: lotus, ginger, jasmine, chrysanthemum, artichoke and mountain herbs. Quality black tea is also brought from Vietnam: in its production, tea tree leaves are dried directly in the sun, which allows you to get a drink with a rich taste. Of particular value are Vietnamese herbal teas that can even out pressure, cleanse the body of toxins and increase its overall tone.

Tea shop

You can buy tea in Vietnam in specialized stores, supermarkets and souvenir shops. The cost of pure green tea per 1 kg is 4 €, and a drink with natural impurities – 6.5 €. We recommend purchasing the famous coconut sweets with lotus seeds for tea.

Exotic fruits

Exotic fruits

Vietnam, like any other Asian country, surprises the traveler with its unusual fruits. Many tourists buy edible wonders for their relatives as a gift. What fruits to bring from Vietnam? The choice is quite large:

  • rambutan (1.2 € per kg)
  • guava (0,9 € per kg)
  • durian (1 € per kg)
  • noina (1,5 € per kg)
  • dragon’s eye (1,2 € per kg)
  • papaya (0.8 € per kg)
  • mangosteen (0.9 € per kg)
  • pitahaya (0.7 € per kg)
  • longan (1,3 € per kg)
Tropical fruit longan

Finding fresh fruits in Vietnam is not difficult: after all, fruit stalls are located literally at every step. Since fruits are a perishable product, it is best to buy them the day before departure. To edible gifts arrived home safe and sound, you can purchase unripe fruits. For convenient transportation, tourists buy special plastic baskets, which are sold directly in the same fruit shops. At your request, the seller can pack your purchase compactly.

If you have chosen the most popular resort in Vietnam for relaxation, go for fruit to one of the Nha Trang markets .

Spices for every taste

Fukuoka Pepper Plantations

What do tourists bring from Vietnam? Of course, spices. This Asian state is one of the largest producers of black pepper, and its export volume on the world market is more than 40%. Going to this exotic country, mark the island of Phu Quoc on the map: after all, it is here that the famous pepper plantations are located. The island has many shops with spices, but it is also possible to purchase black pepper from the farmers themselves, who will not only sell you a high-quality product, but also organize a short tour of their plantation.

Variety of spices

In addition to pepper, travelers buy ginger, turmeric, cinnamon, basil, coriander, cilantro, lemongrass, etc. You can find these products in specialized stores, where up to 40 types of spices are presented. And if you think what souvenirs to bring from Vietnam, then a beautifully packaged set with spices will be a great gift, very useful in everyday life. The cost of such a souvenir will not exceed 5 €.

Vietnamese alcohol

Rum "Chauvet"

The exotic of the country is manifested in absolutely everything, including alcoholic beverages. And if you still doubt that you can bring from Vietnam as a gift, then the local rum will be an original option. Coconut and cane rum are sold here, and the price for a bottle ranges from 6 to 8 €. Particular attention should be paid to the brand Rhum Chauvet.

Since Vietnam is a former French colony, the country has widely developed production of wine drinks, the quality of which is not inferior to the best European brands. The center of wine making was Dalat and Ninh Tuan Province, producing such famous wine brands as Vang Dalat, Dalat Superior and Vang Phan Rang. The cost of a bottle of good wine varies between 5-10 €. Such a drink will be the perfect gift for connoisseurs of exquisite taste.

Exotic Vietnamese tinctures

If you are not interested in standard souvenirs and gifts from Vietnam and you arrive in search of real exoticism, then tincture of snake venom (snake) is your case. This drink consists of natural snake liquids and alcohol and is sold in bottles adorned with a real scorpion or snake. The price for such an unusual souvenir starts from 2 €.

Asian cosmetics

Cosmetics from Vietnam must be included in the list of what to bring. Travelers have long noted the effectiveness of such products, consisting entirely of natural ingredients. You can buy it at any cosmetic store or pharmacy for quite reasonable prices. So what cosmetics to bring from Vietnam? First of all, the following deserves attention:

Snail cream THORAKAO Ocsen Ban Ngay
  1. Snail cream. A remedy based on snail mucus can rid the skin of irregularities and tone it. This is an effective cosmetics, presented by both Vietnamese and Korean brands. But the most popular brand is THORAKAO Ocsen Ban Ngay. The cost of snail cream varies between 4-15 €.
  2. Mask with turmeric. The action of the product is aimed at eliminating dryness and inflammation on the skin. It contains a series of useful vitamins that can moisturize the skin. The price of such cosmetics is quite symbolic and is only 1.5 €.
  3. Pearl mask
  4. Pearl mask. The main component is pearl powder, often used in the manufacture of Vietnamese cosmetics. It gives a healing effect, relieves swelling and moisturizes the skin. The price of cosmetics depends on the volume: for example, a tube of 25 ml costs 2.5 €.
  5. Cosmetics Sac Ngoc Khang. The most popular Vietnamese manufacturer of facial products, offering cosmetics such as toner, creams, masks and gels for washing. Today, the brand has become in demand in our country, but prices in Russia are very high. For example, a cream from a new series in Vietnam costs 13 €, and in Russian stores – 43 €.

This is not all the cosmetics that can be brought from Vietnam, so when visiting local stores we recommend that you also pay attention to products with a high content of aloe vera, coconut oil and algae components.

Effective drugs

A souvenir should be not only original, but also useful. Ideal in this case will be medical facilities. What medicines to bring from Vietnam? The country has a wide selection of balms and ointments, the main component of which is snake or tiger fat. Among them, such brands as:

Ointment "White Tiger"
  • ointment “White Tiger”, effective in the treatment of diseased joints (2 €)
  • Golden Star warming balm or the Zvezdochka familiar to all of us (1 € for 6 pieces)
  • Silkeron ointment, which helps to overcome dermatitis and other skin diseases (2,5 €)
  • Cobratoxan snake venom ointment, helps in the treatment of radiculitis (3 €)
  • “Red Tiger” balm, made with the addition of pepper, which provides a warming effect (2 €)

You can buy all these funds at the pharmacy and in tourist shops with souvenirs.

Pearl jewelry

Pearl jewelry

If you wondered what souvenirs you can bring from Vietnam, then we advise you to pay attention to pearl jewelry. This state, due to its location, has become one of the largest producers of pearls. His jewelry shops are full of decorations for every, even the most unusual taste. Local pearls impress with a variety of colors, where not only white and pink tones familiar to the eye, but even green and violet shades are found.

Products made of real high-quality pearls are quite expensive, but tourists always have the opportunity to purchase economical options. The cheapest items are sold in jewelry stores in Nha Trang: for example, a bracelet decorated with pearls will cost you 9 €, a necklace 22 €, and earrings 2-3 €.

Quality silk

Silk embroidered paintings

The city of Dalat has become a center for the production of Vietnamese silk and produces various products: bedding, clothes and paintings. Silk products are definitely worth bringing from Vietnam. Prices in 2018 promise to remain the same: for example, you can purchase a meter of silk fabric for 80 €. Dresses and bathrobes will cost you 150-200 €, and works of art made on silk canvases – 10-150 € (depending on size).

Silk in the market

If you want to buy really high-quality silk, then go to the factory in Dalat. In tourist shops, there are many fakes that you will be given for the original product. If it’s not fundamentally important for you to have 100% silk content in a product, you can always go to the market and buy an inexpensive option (for example, a bathrobe for 20 €).

If you come to rest in Nha Trang, see what and where to buy in Nha Trang – shopping places in the city with addresses and a map.

Standard souvenirs from Vietnam

Many travelers cannot do without a standard set of souvenirs. Vietnamese shops abound with such gizmos, so no one will be left without a gift. From inexpensive products to the choice of tourists are:

Pointed Vietnamese Hats
  • pointed vietnamese hats non
  • wicker accessories
  • crocodile belts and bags
  • bamboo products
  • paintings with local landscapes
  • silk lanterns
  • national dolls and masks
  • magnets
Magnet Vietnam

As soon as you go to any gift shop, the question of what to bring will disappear by itself. Indeed, the choice of souvenirs from Vietnam is very diverse and allows you to purchase a gift for every taste. At the same time, the cost of such products is quite low and averages 0.5-15 €.

Any travel should leave indelible impressions and happy memories. The list of what can be brought from Vietnam is truly amazing in its diversity. You can find unique souvenirs and unusual gifts in this country to friends and relatives. At the same time, the price of souvenirs will be significantly lower than in other tourist states.

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