Zoklet beach – all you need to know

Zoklet Beach, or Doklet, is one of the most popular holiday destinations near Nha Trang. The peculiarity of the beach is that you can come here at any time of the year and enjoy a vacation on the soft, fine sand. Let’s see if the beach can be called paradise, what are the advantages and disadvantages.

Photo: Docklet Beach
Beach at Doc Let Beach Resort Spa

general information

Many tourists ask a question about Paradise Nha Trang beach. We are talking about the same place of rest – Paradise beach is located in the north of Zoklet beach, nearby is a comfortable hotel with the same name.

Garbage on Zoklet
Zoklet in the southern part

The recreation area is located in a picturesque bay, the coastal strip covered with soft sand is 6 km long, however, swimming here is not possible everywhere. The beach on the right and left is dotted with boats of local fishermen. There is also a draw plot of the coast where no one cleans. The central part of the coast is owned by hotels, they are regularly cleaned there, but a gale inevitably brings garbage to the beach.

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Tourists note white sand, fine as flour. In calm weather, resting on Zoklet is a pleasure, but it is worth blowing in the wind, and sand dust bothers you a lot, it will take a long time to shake it out of things.

The descent into the water is gentle and long, the true depth begins only after 30-50 meters. Given the shallow depth, the water warms up well. For this reason, families with children choose exactly Zoklet (Nha Trang) beach.

It is important! It is warmer and cleaner than on the city beach of Nha Trang.

As for the waves, in the warm season there are almost none, but in the winter season the sea is restless.

View from the sea to the beach
View from the sea

Vegetation is found throughout the coastline, so finding a natural shadow on Zoklet is not difficult. In the afternoon, most of the beach is in the shade. Choose for yourself what time of the day you can relax on the beach most comfortable – in the morning when you can sunbathe, or after lunch, when you can hide in the shade.

It is important! If you are planning a trip to the beach in winter, keep in mind that at this time of the year the shade is quite cool. The weather and climate of Zoklet and Nha Trang beach are largely identical, because these are neighboring areas of Vietnam. If the city is cool and rainy, with a probability of almost 97%, the same weather will be on the coast.


Not far from Zoklet beach there is a village, which, however, cannot be called a tourist one. There are several shops, a pharmacy, a cafe and a small market where you can buy clothes. In the village there are signs in Russian, for example, “rent a bike” and “massage”.

Photo: Wu Teng Cafe
Cafe at Ten

Near the coastal hotels there are cafes where they cook delicious seafood, sell fresh fruits, you can buy a set lunch. The names of the bars are “Birch” and “At Ten”. If you want to feel the flavor of Vietnam, go to a local tavern for a bite to eat, and many locals come to eat here on weekends.

Service cost:

  • chair rental – 25 thousand. VND;
  • hammock rental – 30 thousand. VND;
  • 2 sun loungers and an umbrella – 70 thousand. VND
  • renting a gazebo for vacation costs 250,000 VND;
  • a shower with fresh water – 10 thousand VND;
  • a left-luggage office at the entrance to the beach – 20 thousand + a deposit of 50 thousand

It is important! Water sports are also presented on the beach, the necessary equipment can be rented here. Near the coastline there is a shower, comfortable changing rooms and clean toilets. However, only tourists who have paid entry fees will be able to use them.

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What you have to pay for

Photo: Zoklet near hotels
Zoklet Beach by the hotel

Given the enormous length of the coastline (6 km), the predominant part of the beach is free. However, it should be borne in mind that you receive the appropriate service – there is a lot of dirt on the right side of Zoklet, and in the center where local bars are located, there is almost no coastal strip – the sea begins almost at the bars.

You have to pay if you want to visit the beach section of the hotel. The rates are as follows:

  • entrance for adults – 70 thousand. VND, the price includes a bottle of water of 0.5 liters;
  • entrance for children – 35 thousand. VND.

Note! For this price you can park your transport, use the locker room, shower and toilet. The most adventurous tourists do this – they park further, swim and relax on the free beach, and on a paid one they go into the shower or toilet. In this case, be careful, because they can check tickets at the entrance.

All prices on the page are for May 2019.


There are few hotels on Zoklet (Nha Trang) beach, four are closest to the sea, several budget guesthouses are 200 meters from the coast.

Photo Doclet Resort and Spa
Doclet resort and spa
Where to stay
  • GM Doc Let Beach – located in the southernmost point of Zoklet Beach, an excellent choice if you want a calm, quiet vacation, accommodation will cost about $ 100-120 per day;
  • Doclet Resort and Spa – home-style, they offer to rent bungalows, you can swim in the pool, accommodation will cost only $ 30;
  • Some Days Of Silence – according to tourists’ reviews, this is one of the best hotels on the coast, located in a picturesque grove, it is quiet and romantic here, accommodation will cost $ 80;
  • Hoang Gia Doc Let – located in a convenient location near the beach and bus station, the rooms are quite modest, but new and clean, the breakfasts are delicious and the price of accommodation starts at $ 23.

Good to know! If you go to the beach as part of a guided tour, you will be brought to the hotel. If an excursion to Zoklet Beach, transport arrives at the White Sand Doclet Resort Hotel (currently). In case they promise to visit Paradise Beach (Nha Trang), transport arrives at Paradise Resort Doclet.

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Photo: toilet on the beach
There is also such

The overwhelming majority of reviews of Zoklet Beach in Vietnam are positive, however, there are negative points that are worth mentioning:

  • huge crowds of tourists of various nationalities;
  • strong wind and constantly flying sand (this applies only to rest in winter).

Nevertheless, turquoise water, white sand is a great place for a relaxing holiday without any noise. Zoklet (Nha Trang) is ideal for wedding photos, so some tourists spend wedding ceremonies on the shore.

Council of experienced tourists

You need to go to the beach overnight, but you can do this only in good weather, when there is no rain. In December and January, leisure facilities do not allow you to stay here overnight.

Sun loungers at the White Sand Hotel

To enjoy a relaxing holiday on the beach, follow a simple plan. Come to dinner, check into one of the hotels, after 15-00 tourists disperse, the beach becomes empty. In the evening, order dinner in a cafe and drink a glass of wine, and in the morning swim in the sea, have breakfast and go to Nha Trang before the arrival of tourists.

Arriving at the beach for one day, be prepared for the fact that there will be too many vacationers around. If possible, it is better to stay on Zoklet for the night.

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How to get to the place of rest

All roads to the beach lead from Nha Trang because the distance between them is only 50 km. There are several ways to get to the coast.

Photo: territory of the hotel on Zoklet
View from the hotel

If you prefer a comfortable stay, this method is for you. You can book a guided tour at any travel agency in Nha Trang. The cost will cost from 22 to 30 dollars per person. If you want to visit the beach and drive along the road to the Baho Falls, you will have to pay from 35 to 45 dollars. This price includes:

  • round-trip transfer;
  • sunbed;
  • single meals;
  • A comfortable bus will bring a group of tourists to the hotel, each vacationer will be allocated a place to live – a bungalow with a bed, a shower and a toilet, and fed with lunch. The cost of the tour is 23 dollars.
  • Excursion for 40 dollars. A comfortable bus will bring you to the hotel, they will immediately offer drinks. On the beach, everyone will put a lounger with an umbrella, give out towels, there are tables with water. Three hours are allotted to relax on the shore, then everyone goes to Nha Trang.

How to get from Nha Trang to Zokletna Beach taxi

A round trip will cost an average of 400,000 VND. If you catch the green Toyota Minivan, you will have to pay 500,000 VND. The driver is waiting for passengers, so swim a lot, sunbathe, get in a taxi too and go on the return trip. Agree with the driver on payment of a specific amount, do not agree to pay on the counter. If you rent a taxi to travel only in the city, it is more profitable to pay by the counter. Pay for the fare when you get back from the trip.

How to get to Zoklet (Nha Trang) beach by bus.
Photo: bus number 3 in Nha Trang
Bus Nha Trang – Zoklet

Bus number 3 is required (the transport must have a yellow stripe, this is important because bus number 3 with a white stripe runs in the city). On transport there is a sign – Doc Let.

The first flight leaves at 5-00, and the last flight at 17-35. The schedule changes periodically, and buses may be delayed or arrive a few minutes earlier. Frequency between flights is approximately 40 minutes. Experienced tourists recommend not taking risks and not leaving the beach with the last bus. The fact is that flights are often canceled in the evening. The best time to return to Nha Trang is no later than 15-00. The road takes about an hour and a half.

Schedule of bus number 3

The ticket will cost 28,000 dong (30,000 – by minibus), payment to the conductor inside the bus. Be prepared for the fact that air conditioning works very well in transport, so on the road you will want to wear a sweater and even socks.

Finding a stop is easy – pay attention to the blue-orange signs along the road. Please note that the information on the plate may not be relevant, the bus with the desired number may not be indicated on it. Just wave your hand actively and the driver will stop. Tourists recommend stopping the bus in this way, because some drivers pass by, ignoring the stop.

Stops in the city:

  • next to Gorky Park;
  • not far from the Louisiana Restaurant;
  • near the hotel Gallina.

Transportation drops off between Doclet Resort and White Sand Doclet Resort.

How to get to Zoklet Nha Trang on your own bike

The best way to get to the place of rest and in addition to sightseeing. Tourists are wary of renting a motorcycle, as the whole world knows that Vietnamese are terrible drivers and neglect the rules of the road. However, if you have already managed to drive a bike in Vietnam, rent a vehicle and enjoy the ride.

Photo: sellers on Zoklet
Doklet Food Sellers

Know that the path is not the easiest, the main thing is not to rush, study the surroundings. On a bike, an unhurried road will take an hour and a half, 30 minutes will have to leave Nha Trang (time depends on where your accommodation is located). Follow towards Hue. You need to drive past the northern port, turn to Baho, the temple. After that, turn onto the DT1A highway and follow the rice fields. The track ends at a crossroads, to get to the shore, turn left. After a few kilometers there will be a right turn – the finish line to Zoklet Beach. Here you will see the signboard Doc Let Beach.

Useful Tips
  1. Do not try to demonstrate your driving skills on the roads of Vietnam. Here the kings of the road are truck drivers and the main one who has the most cars.
  2. If you want to get to Paradise Beach, follow further ahead and, following the signs, turn right.
  3. Go to Zoklet beach, but choose good weather so that the sand does not overshadow the rest. It is best to rent a bungalow and enjoy the stars at night with the sound of the sea.
  4. The main part of Chinese tourists arrives at the beach by 12 o’clock in the afternoon and leaves at about 16 o’clock. During this period, the Doclet becomes much more noisy.
  5. If you decide to go on a guided tour, take a tour without lunch. Not all companies offer really tasty food, and the prices in the cafe on the beach itself are quite reasonable.

How to get to the beach, prices in cafes and other useful information is present in the video. Look, if you are going to Zoklet.

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