Best beaches on Phu Quoc Island in Vietnam

Phu Quoc beaches are the main attraction of the island. There are really a lot of them in a relatively small area, and each one deserves attention: the huge Long Beach, and cozy Gan Dau, and the advertised Sao Beach, and northern Thom Beach. Each of them is good in its own way, but we suggest choosing the best Phu Quoc beach. Go!

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Long Beach

As the name implies, the beach is the longest on the island of Phu Quoc. It is better equipped than the rest for a tourist vacation: infrastructure is developed, it is not difficult to get from the center of the island. The sand here is small, yellow, and the water is clear.

Photo: Long Beach

Let’s start from the northern part of the beach, which is located closer to the center of Duong Dong. The water here is not always clean, since there is a port nearby. Also, the approach to the sea is not particularly convenient: a concrete frame has been built here, which not only spoils the photographs, but is simply dangerous. In some places, you can see huge rain drains, which cause an association with sewers. Needless to say, swimming is not necessary.

Central Long Beach

However, if you go towards the eastern part of the island, the sea will become cleaner and cleaner, since some sections of the beach belong to hotels located on the first coastline (HanoiHotel, SalindaResortPhuQuocIsland, FamianaResort & Spa). Hotel guests can use the private beaches of Phu Quoc (Vietnam), but the administration will not mind if you go through their territory and choose a convenient place on the beach.

The central part of the beach is the most comfortable and quiet. Sunset at sea is smooth, which will please families with children.

The infrastructure is developed here, garbage is found, but not much. Getting to the center of Long Beach is not at all difficult: you can take a taxi from the city center (about 45.000VND or $ 2) or come on foot. As for renting a deck chair, this service will cost about 100,000 dong ($ 4.5). As a gift, they often give a towel and a drink.

Cafe on Fukuoka Beach

In the central part of the beach you can dine at one of the cafes. The prices are reasonable: dinner on the ocean will cost 230,000 – 450,000 VND ($ 10-20).

As for the southern stretch of the beach, the infrastructure here is less developed, but there are significantly fewer people. However, lovers of secluded relaxation should hurry up, because now this area of ​​the beach is being rapidly built up by hotels and tourist centers, so in the coming years an influx of foreign guests is expected here. The highlight of the southern part of Long Beach are large stones, which will be an excellent background for photographs.

By cons of Long Beach include a large number of jellyfish and plankton (during their reproduction), which live in the sea. They are not dangerous, but not everyone is pleased to meet with them.

As you can see, Long Beach is really huge, and everyone will find their own paradise here.

Coordinates on the map: 10.1886053, 103.9652003.

Bai Sao Beach

Many tourists call Bai Sao beach not only the best beach in Phu Quoc, but also the whole of Vietnam. It is not difficult to find an explanation for this: fine sand here is pearl-colored, the water is clear, and tall palm trees grow around the beach, which complement the picture of a paradise. Bai Sao beach itself is not particularly long: you can get around it in 20-30 minutes.

Bai Sao Beach on Phu Quoc

Since Bai Sao is located in the southeast of Phu Quoc, it is bad weather, and as a result, high waves, are rare here. The most favorable months to visit are March, April, May.

As for the swimming itself, the entry into the sea is shallow, and in order for an adult to swim, it is necessary to walk several tens of meters inland. But for families with children this is a big plus: you can safely let the child go for a short walk along the coast.

Trash on Bai Sao Beach

However, there are also disadvantages. Bai Sao Beach in Phu Quoc is a popular holiday destination, so garbage, although in different quantities, is always there. Unfortunately, both locals and tourists are not particularly careful and do not care about the cleanliness of the beach. Oddly enough, it is especially dirty here in the off-season (November-January), since garbage comes up from the coast of Cambodia. But in the high season, hotel workers monitor cleanliness.

The right half of Bai Sao Beach is more wild, and there is a higher chance of meeting garbage. But the left one is for tourists, so today there are several cafes and restaurants. It is also possible to rent a sun lounger on the left side of Bai Sao Beach in Phu Quoc. There is a toilet and shower.

Coordinates on the map: 10.046741, 104.035139.

Getting there: Sao Beach is located somewhat away from the main infrastructure of the island. You can get here by bike or car. Since the end of 2018, the Hop on – Hop off bus has also been calling at Bai Sao.

He Lang (Ong Lang)

It is a small but very cozy and beautiful beach. It is located on the west coast of Phu Quoc. Unlike other beaches on the island, the sea and coastal area are really clean, and the entry into the sea is smooth. The sandy strip is rather narrow, but this drawback is compensated by the lack of people and a large number of coconut palms on the shore. The sand is yellow, with impurities of small coral debris.

He Lang Beach on Phu Quoc

The infrastructure of Ong Lang beach is developed: hotels (La Casa, May Fair Valley), cafes and restaurants, massages and ATMs are located here. A distinctive feature of this place is the opportunity to go scuba diving, because there is a clear sea and a rich water world.

Going here is in March, April or May. We can say with confidence that this is the best beach according to tourist reviews.

How to find on the map: 10.286359, 103.9153568.17.

Vung Bau Beach

A small beach in the north-west of the island is a strip of selected soft sand, stretching for several kilometers to the north. Here, unlike most Phu Quoc beaches, there is no rubbish, and the water is crystal clear. The entry into the water is smooth, and the sand is bright yellow.

Vung Bao Beach on Phu Quoc

The southern part of Vung Bao can be considered wild, as it is completely empty and lacks any infrastructure. In the north, things are a little better – there are a couple of cafes and hotels. It is possible to lie in the shade of trees or in the sun – there is enough space.

Now the beach is not particularly popular, but the construction of the first tourist sites has already begun.

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Mui Ganh Dau

The beach is small and far from the cleanest. You can find it in the north of the island of Phu Quoc, 28 km from the capital (marked on the map). It is most convenient to get here on bikes – during the trip you will see picturesque fishing villages, local residents and how they live.

Photo: Mui Gan Zau in Fukuoka

This beach is almost wild – there is only one restaurant and hotel, and there are always a few people. The sand is small, yellow, the water is cloudy. The entry into the water is smooth, but the sandy strip is narrow, even during tides there is nowhere to stay.

Mui Gan Zau is surrounded by forests and mountains, so there are rarely storms, and bad weather bypasses this place. The main advantage of the beach is its picturesque views.

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Thom Beach

Located in the extreme northwest of Phu Quoc . This is a very quiet beach, surrounded by thickets of hazel. You can get here by dirt road by bike or car. Infrastructure is practically absent, but still there are a couple of family hotels.

Thom Beach

The sand on the beach is light yellow, and the sea is shallow, low tides are noticeable. In contrast to the unwound Bai Sao, there are very few people here, which means that the amount of garbage is less, but plastic bottles and bags are still found.

So far, there are no large hotels in Thom Beach, but in the near future it is planned to build a large tourist center. Therefore, wildlife lovers should hurry up.

As you can see, the beaches of Phu Quoc are really beautiful and good in their own way. If you want to relax your body and soul, consider this island as your next travel destination!

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