Tourist’s guide to beach city of Faro in Portugal

For many tourists, Faro (Portugal) becomes the starting point of an exciting, exciting journey through the southern part of the country. Since the mid-18th century, the city has been the capital of the Algarve region and attracts tourists with an ancient fortress.

Photo: Faro, Portugal.

Photo: Faro city, Algarve

general information

Faro is located in the southern part of Portugal, only a few tens of kilometers from the Spanish border. 50 thousand inhabitants live here. Faro is the most important transport hub where the air and sea ports are located. This is the largest city in the province, its area is 202 sq. Km.

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Photo: view of the city of Faro and the bay

In the past, the city was known as Ossinoba, it was a popular seaport. In the middle of the 13th century, the city gradually became a shopping center, where trade was actively going on. At the end of the 16th century, Faro received the status of the residence of the Bishop of the Algarve. Between the 17th and 19th centuries, the settlement became the center of the battles for the independence of Portugal.

Interesting! Faro acquired the status of the city in the middle of the 16th century.

The most active settlement developed after the earthquake in 1755. After this, Faro is considered the most successful and stable city in Portugal.

Holidays in Faro

Where to live?

In the city there are many hotels of different levels of stardom. In the vicinity of Faro, there is a luxury hotel, which is located in the castle – Palacio de Estoi. Such apartments will be appreciated by fans of a comfortable stay.

Photo: Hotel Palacio de Estoi

In the central part of the city there are many budget hotels, guest houses and hostels.

Photo: Stork Hostel Terrace

If you want to feel the local flavor, pay attention to hostels, where tourists are offered good service at very affordable prices. In the nearest suburb of Faro, a bed in an 8-person room with breakfast included can be booked for 12 €, a separate double room – from 29 €.

Useful information! You need to book a room in advance, because there are not so many of them as private hotels and hotels. Pensioners get a discount.

Room for 2 in Stork Hostel for 40 €

As for prices, they range from 40 € in summer and from 25 € in low season. Double room in a budget hotel in the summer costs an average of 70-90 €. In the luxury hotel Faro – about 150 €. Luxury apartments can be rented for 100 € per day.

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Moving around the city

It is best to walk the streets on foot, experienced tourists recommend giving this 2-3 hours a day. This will allow you to feel the atmosphere of the resort, its color and identity.

Another popular mode of transportation is urban transport. The most popular routes are buses No. 16 and 14. Tickets are sold by bus drivers.

The fare is from 1.1 to 1.7 €, a day ticket will cost 5.3 €. Intercity buses run between major cities in the Algarve region, and ticket prices depend on distance.

If you prefer comfort, you can rent a car, but in this case you should remember that it is difficult to park in the central part of Faro.

Good to know! Large, free parking is available near the marina. Near the malls you will have to pay for parking.

Taxi car in Portugal

If you want to take a taxi, look for black cars with a green roof in the city. The trip is paid by the meter, as a rule, landing costs 3.25 €, each kilometer – 0.5 €. You will have to pay extra for a night trip and baggage. Do not forget to leave 10% of the cost of the trip as a tip.

If you plan to travel between cities, rent a car. This is the most convenient way to travel in Portugal. The capital of the Algarve region, and many noteworthy settlements, are located on route No. 125. Along the entire route, orange-colored telephones are installed to call for help in case of breakdown.

The rental price depends on the season, brand of car and varies from 40 to 400 €. Usually, in the case of a lease, a deposit of from 1000 to 1500 € is required.

Useful information! Parking in areas marked with the blue P sign is usually paid 1 € per hour. In other places parking is free.

Cafes and Restaurants Faro

There are many places on the territory of Faro where you can have a delicious meal, choosing dishes to your own taste. Almost all establishments close already at 21-00. For breakfast, you need to come to 10-00, and for lunch from 12-30.

Photo: octopus dish

If you like fish dishes, visit the Mariskeiras restaurants (translated from Portuguese, “marisqueiras” means “seafood”).

In each institution, guests are offered a snack, for which they charge only if the dish is eaten. The cost of dishes depends on the class of the institution. In a luxurious restaurant, dinner costs an average of 40 €. At Faro Cafe you can eat for 25 € (for two). A light snack in the pastry shop will cost from 7 to 10 €.

The tip size is from 5 to 10% of the amount in the invoice.

The main part of the restaurants is located in the center of Faro, namely near the Cathedral. Fish restaurants are concentrated in the port, but prices are higher.

Advice! The cheapest way to eat is to visit the burger, here a serving of food will cost 3-5 €. Another good way to save money is to buy a set lunch. Its cost varies from 9 to 13 €. Includes soup, main course (fish or meat) and dessert, drinks are paid back.


Faro will not disappoint fans of sports entertainment, noisy, night parties and shopping. Tourists are offered fascinating tourist programs, which include visiting interesting places.

    Room with diving equipment
  • Algarve By Segway offers Segway rides.
  • Hidroespaco – the scuba diving center organizes trips to the best places for diving, here you can take part in workshops and rent the necessary equipment;
  • Udiving is a diving center in Faro.

If you are attracted to a noisy, nightly rest, check out the Ditadura Live Music bar. It hosts interesting music events. CheSsenta Bar has live music, delicious drinks and original parties.

Go shopping at the QM Country Shop and Garden Center. It serves tea and offers a huge assortment of souvenirs.

Faro beaches

From a geographical point of view, the city is coastal and it might seem that it is an ideal choice for a beach holiday – the coast is nearby, the airport is nearby. However, it should be borne in mind that Faro is separated from the ocean by the Ria Formosa conservation area.

In the city area there are two fairly comfortable beaches, which can be reached by ferry in 25-30 minutes. There are cafes and restaurants on the coastline, vacationers can rent an umbrella and sun loungers. This is a popular vacation spot for locals, the Portuguese come here all day, stocking up on food and drinks.

Useful information! There is a schedule at the marina, but ferries depart as they are full so as not to create queues and quickly transfer travelers to the beaches of Faro.

Praia de Faro Beach
Photo: Praia de Faro

The beach is located 10 km from the city and is located near the airport. The recreation area is an island – a strip of sand connected to the mainland by a bridge. There are shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants. In high season, thousands of tourists and locals flock here.

On a note! On weekends in the summer, it may be difficult to park the car.

The beach is popular among water sports enthusiasts. Here you can rent a jet ski, a boat, go sailing or windsurf. There is a “Water Sports Center” on the beach, which in the summer holds many interesting events on the coast.

In the east and west of the island are small fishing houses, beyond which sand dunes extend.

Good to know! If you want to admire the wild scenery, take a walk from Faro Beach (Portugal) to Barinha. You can also rent a boat.

Praia de Tavira Beach
Beach on the island of Tavira

There are much fewer people on this beach. Given the length of the coastline – 7 km kilometers – to find a secluded place to relax is not difficult.

Useful information! Between the two beaches – Faro and Tavira – there is a ferry service. The fare is 1.4 €.

The beach is located in the eastern part of the island of Ilya de Tavira. Vacationers are attracted by the wide coastline and calm sea, well-developed infrastructure – restaurants, camping.

The ferry takes tourists to the pier, from which the beach is no more than 400 meters. If you are looking for the perfect place for a comfortable stay with your family, Tavira Beach is a great choice. Golden, fine sand stretches for 7 km, just walk for 5 minutes and you will find yourself in silence and solitude. The main thing to consider is that the beach is located next to the cold Atlantic, so swimming can be cool.

You can stay at the campsite, which accepts tourists from May to September. Vacationers rent comfortable tents. The campsite is located in a picturesque pine forest and is equipped for a full, comfortable stay in Portugal.

There are two more beaches near Praia de Tavira:
  • Terra Estreit is located 20 minutes, in many ways similar to Tavira;
  • Photo: Terra Estrate
  • Barryl is located 40 minutes away, there are luxurious restaurants and cozy cafes, and the entrance to the beach is decorated with old anchors.
  • Photo: this is what Barril Beach looks like.

Climate, when is the best time to go?

Temperature chart in Faro for months

Weather in Faro (Portugal) is kept warm and comfortable throughout the season. In winter, the temperature almost never drops below + 10 ° C, the average temperature is +15 ° C.

Summer in the city comes quickly – in mid-spring the air warms up to +20 ° C, in May the temperature is + 23 ° C. The hottest months are July and August, when the temperature rises to +30 in the shade. In October, it drops back to comfortable + 22 … + 24 ° C.

Keep in mind that the city is coastal. The difference between day and night temperatures can be 15 degrees.

Faro water temperature for months

The high season in the south of Portugal, including Faro, begins in June and lasts until the end of September. If you plan to visit the resort at this time, book a hotel room in advance.

Faro is a unique city, because the rest here is comfortable throughout the year. If your goal is to relax on the beaches of Faro in Portugal, plan a trip for the summer. For hiking and sightseeing, spring and autumn are more suitable.

How to get there

The city has the largest airport on the south coast of Portugal, which daily receives international flights. However, direct flights from Russia and Ukraine are not provided. You can only get to the resort with a transfer.

The most convenient option is a route through the capital of Portugal . In this case, from Lisbon you can get to Faro with two types of public transport.

By train

The fast train leaves twice a day, the ticket price is 23.5 € (31.1 € – in the first class), the journey takes 3.5 hours. Simple trains also follow from the capital to Faro, the journey takes 4 hours, but the ticket costs a little cheaper.

The schedule of train departures from Santa Apolonia station and ticket prices are shown in the table. You can also leave for Faro from other railway stations in Lisbon. See the current schedule at

Train schedule Lisbon Faro
By Rede Expressos bus

Departure point: Oriente bus station.

A bus ticket costs 19 €, it is possible to purchase online at

Droga takes about 4 hours. To get without a change is possible only on one flight – at 15:30. The remaining flights provide for a bus change in Albufeira to route 91. In the table below in the “Connections” column it costs 1 – this means you need to make 1 transfer.

Rede Expressos Bus Schedule
By EVA bus

Departure point: Eva – Mundial Turismo Praça Marechal Humberto Delgado Estrada das Laranjeiras – 1500-423 Lisboa (next to the Lisbon Zoo).

The fare in one direction is 20 EUR, in both – 36 EUR. You can get directly, no need to do a transplant. See the schedule in the table; check the relevance on

EVA bus schedule from Lisbon to Faro

Prices and schedules are for October 2017.

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Faro (Portugal) attracts thousands of tourists every year. Of particular interest is the Chapel of Bones, which makes a rather eerie impression. What else to see in Faro, see here . In the city you can take a stroll at the port, try traditional, local cuisine, soak up the beach, visit a fun party and go shopping.

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