Ghent, Belgium – most popular attractions and tourist’s guide to the city

For curious travelers, Europe has stocked up many interesting places where the ancient spirit still hangs. Ghent (Belgium) became one of such places. The country often becomes the choice of tourists for spending several days, and just Ghent, along with Antwerp and Bruges, is rightfully recognized as one of the most beautiful cities in Belgium. Getting here from Brussels is quite simple. And for such a trip, it is still worth deciding for those who do not want to leave the country without luggage of pleasant memories.

Ghent, Belgium

Ghent Features

Such streets in Ghent

The first and most important feature does not belong to the category of attractions. The city of Ghent in Belgium welcomes its guests with atmosphere. Smooth rows of houses, separated by small roads, as if descended from paintings of the Middle Ages. One look at this idyll is enough to fall in love with the unpretentious beauty with a unique touch of antiquity. Its unique feature is neatness and grooming. Small houses with sloping roofs, low old churches, old bridges – all this makes the city of Ghent fabulous in the eyes of the voyager. This sensation intensifies many times with the onset of darkness, when the quiet streets are flooded with the light of numerous lanterns. All this beauty is displayed in the river and forever remains in the memory of a tourist.

The amazing capital of Flanders

Belgium is neatly divided into 10 territorial units. One of those was Flanders, whose capital is the city of Ghent. It was built at the confluence of two rivers – Leia and Schelda. From Brussels to this quiet but very cozy place is only 50 km. They can be overcome on a rented car or choose a different type of transport for traveling.

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Ghent capital - Flanders, a territorial unit of Belgium

There are always many visitors to the city, students come here to rest and to sightseeing. The secret to such popularity is quite simple – Ghent retained its unique spirit, survived the onslaught of the times, did not suffer from wars, remained as elegant as it was hundreds of years ago. It was in Ghent that history gathered as many attractions and memorable places as there are not in every city in Belgium. Today, in one of the most popular cities in Belgium, just over a quarter of a million people live, but at any time of the year there are many tourists in Ghent.

When to go?
Night Ghent

Sights of Ghent in Belgium are of great interest to all visitors. But most of all they are attracted by the indescribable atmosphere, fueled by paved pavements, small houses, old alleys and buildings, wonderful embankments. It is recommended to go here to study history, relaxation and sightseeing at any time of the year. Western Europe is known for its mild climate, and therefore vacationers will be comfortable at any time of the year.

Gent Air Temperature

Ghent in Belgium comes to life with the first rays of the spring sun, warm weather sets in here (average temperature in the spring +10 degrees), however experienced travelers advise to dress warmer, since the air can still blow cold. Summer is the time for festivals in Ghent, they run through July. The air temperature (+17 degrees) is optimal for walking and sightseeing, however, in the summer in Ghent there are very few tourists, and therefore visitors will not need to push around in the crowd.

Autumn Ghent

Numerous photos of Ghent in Belgium prove that with the advent of autumn days the place does not lose its medieval attractiveness. Comfortable temperature, trees covered with red leaves, fog – this creates a special mood when you want to walk and explore the surroundings and attractions.

In winter, those who wish to relax in Ghent will warm mulled wine. Although the average temperature reaches +4 degrees, a cold wind from the sea can cool the ardor of guests. However, the Christmas market leaves no one indifferent. To see the sights of Ghent, you should dress warmly, since wet weather can take an unprepared traveler by surprise.

Main expense items

Hotel 3 * ibis Gent Centrum St.  Baafs kathedraal
ibis gent centrum

In Ghent, as in other cities in Belgium, it is located safely. The town itself is divided into 14 districts, you can choose any of them to stay. You can get to the selected part of the city by public transport. All areas crowded around the center. Anyone can choose to stay. Guests are welcomed and appreciated, and therefore numerous hostels, hotels, small hotels, and apartments are open. For rent, most often they give apartments in such areas: Zwijnaarde, Gentbrugge and Sint-Denijs-Western.

Room in 5 * hotel 1898 The Post
Hotel 1898 The Post

Living expenses can make a serious gap in the vacation budget of an unprepared tourist, and therefore you should look for cheap options on the map in advance. The cost of a hotel room starts from 60 €, and a small apartment – from 45 €. On average, you need to pay for the opportunity to relax in a hotel:

  • 3 * – 100 €.
  • 4 * – 120-150 €.
  • 5 * – 120-200 €.

There are options and more expensive. Suitable for discerning visitors who want to rent comfortable apartments in one day for sightseeing in Ghent.

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Lunch at McDonald's title =

The cost of a vacation in Belgium cannot be called cheap. This is a rather expensive country in terms of tourism. For a modest lunch in an inexpensive restaurant you will need to pay about 15 € for two. Fast food or a combo set at McDonald’s in Belgium will cost 6-7 €, a meal in a small restaurant in Ghent – 8 € per person, lunch for two in a mid-range restaurant – 30-40 €.


When deciding how to get from Brussels to Ghent for sightseeing or leisure, you should evaluate your financial capabilities. The fare on the rented car “bites”, and the cost of a taxi remains prohibitive. That is why many choose municipal transport.

How to move around the city?

City vehicles - bike

To see all the sights, just get to the center of Ghent. But here transport is no longer required, since a small place can be easily walked around. Often, locals and guests choose a bicycle as a means of transportation. Although it’s not very convenient to move around the pavement in the heart of Ghent, in other areas there are even separate paths with two-way traffic. For those who want to increase the speed of movement, a scooter is suitable. The rental price is 25 € per day. Rental services can be found at 65 Beukenlaan.

Such trams ride in Ghent

No less popular means of transportation was the bus, the fare in which will be 3 € per trip. You can ride a tram for the same price. To save money, just buy a ticket in the machine for only 1.40 €. If the traveler is in the city for more than a day, he can buy a ticket for 10 trips for 14 €, and he will act not only in Ghent, but also in another city in the district.

Taxi ride

Help to appreciate the beauty of the attractions of Ghent photo with a description of memorable places. You can always get to a suitable area and to a historical place with a breeze by taxi. This is an expensive service, for one trip you need to pay 20 €.

Savings with City Card Gent
City Card Gent

To decide what to see in Ghent in the first place and save on an excursion program, you can purchase a special City Card Gent. It is she who will allow you to see all the sights, get to them with minimal financial costs, and even completely free of charge (travel in public transport). The same card makes it possible to see exhibits in museums without paying the price of an admission ticket, and also take a boat ride and get a bicycle for a day. To purchase a card, you should go to Sint-Veerleplein, 5. The cost of such pleasure is quite acceptable – 30 € for two days, 35 € – for three.

Ghent Attractions

The tourist center itself is often called a landmark of Belgium. You can walk along the streets for a long time and enjoy the beauty and well-groomed houses. However, the town has a lot of interesting things in store, and therefore the excursion program promises to be extensive. Experienced tourists will tell you what to see in Ghent for 1 day in the first place.

Grass Street (Graslei) and Grain Street (Korenlei)

You can find these amazing streets on the embankment of the river Lis. And even though there are not so many places for walking, it is on the promenade that there are numerous boats that tourists rent for skiing. These places are remembered by guests precisely for their medieval Flemish style, they are located parallel to each other, filled with restaurants of different levels. It is on these two parallel streets that tourists go to dine in a quiet pleasant atmosphere.

Skating boats and restaurants along the street

You can get here on foot, by transport or by a rented car. However, you need to leave it at a reasonable distance from the center, because for three hours of parking here you will need to pay 3 €.

Cathedral of St. Bavon
In the Cathedral of St. Bavon

Located on Casco Historico de la Ciudad, Ghent 9000. This is a truly grand place that attracts not only with its holiness, but also with its interior decoration and painting. The cathedral was rebuilt in the 16th century, and the altar was created by the Van Eyck brothers. The building is designed in the Baroque style, it is decorated with marble, and on the chapel on the left flaunts Rubens’ Christ on the Cross. You can watch this magnificent place every day from 8-30 hours. until 6:00 p.m. The entrance is free.

St. Michael’s Bridge
St. Michael's Bridge in Ghent

This unique location is located at Damaststraat, 87, 9030 Gent. Being in Ghent and not passing through the unique bridge is unforgivable. To avoid the crowds of tourists, it is better to go here in the morning. The bridge offers a beautiful view of the most romantic square of the city, you can see from a height on the beautiful promenade.

STAM Ghent City Museum

This is a huge gallery, which is often compared to a museum. It is located on Godshuizenlaan 2, and the cost of admission for an adult is 8 €, children under 18 are free of charge.

STAM Ghent City Museum

The unique architectural monument is literally hung with paintings of different subjects and eras, which can be seen on any day from 10 to 18 hours, except Monday. It is from this place that it is advised to begin acquaintance with Ghent. In the first gallery on a glass floor is a map of the city.

Church of St. Nicholas (Saint Nicholas Church)
Church of St. Nicholas in Ghent

One of Ghent’s oldest churches invariably attracts the eyes of travelers. To see it, you need to go to: Cataloniestraat, 4. A Gothic-style church is open to visitors, admission is free. This place is often called the younger sister of the Church of St. Bavon, but only here you can also take pictures inside, and not just enjoy the views. The interior is not as impressive as the elder sister, but still worth a look at it.

Patershol Street

This is a whole historic quarter. To see it, you should get to the left bank of the Leia River. This place is ideal for a leisurely walk when you can enjoy the views of pastoral houses, marvelous facades, cozy embankments and an unforgettable view of the canal.

How to get to Ghent?

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Bruxelles-Midi Station

To get to Ghent (Belgium) from Brussels, you can rent a car, but not everyone can afford such a pleasure. The budget option is a train that departs along the Brussels-Brugge route.

Departure point – Bruxelles-Midi Station.

The ticket price is 9.2 € in a second-class carriage and 14.2 € in a first-class carriage. The ticket can be purchased on the website of the Belgian railway ( or directly at the ticket office at the station.

The duration of the trip is half an hour. Trains leave every 15-30 minutes.

Map of Ghent with landmarks in Russian.

Ghent in 2 minutes – professional shooting, incomparable video, you must watch!

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