Klagenfurt: a guide to Austria’s summer health resort

Klagenfurt, Austria is an ancient city in Europe, the history of which originates at the end of the 12th century. It is a picturesque and unconventional Austrian resort, which, first of all, attracts tourists in the summer months. This is very unusual for Austria, which is most often associated with rocky slopes and skiing in winter.

Klagenfurt, Austria

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee: general information

Klagenfurt am Wörthersee is located in southern Austria and is the capital of the Carinthian land, whose territory borders Slovenia and Italy. The town itself is spread in the valley of the river. Drava, near Lake Wörthersee, near the border of Slovenia. Its total area is 120.1 square meters. km

According to the latest census in 2015, the population is 97,827 people, who are overwhelmingly represented by indigenous Austrians. However, 1.7% of citizens consider themselves Slovenes – this is more than 1.7 thousand people. Austria is on the 6th place in the world in the concentration of this South Slavic people.

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City street Klagenfurt

Despite the remoteness from the capital of the state, Klagenfurt is by no means a remote provincial corner. It is interesting for tourists with its history, the splendor of medieval buildings in the late Renaissance style, modern infrastructure and entertainment for all ages. A mild climate and nature made it the most popular summer health resort in Austria.

Klagenfurt is a great place for a summer vacation. Young people, couples with children, retirees – everyone will appreciate the equipped beaches and exciting excursions in the surroundings. The central part of the city is an interesting corner for hiking, because the largest number of Klagenfurt attractions is concentrated here.

Historical reference

Klagenfurt has been around eight centuries since its first settlement. The first time mention of Klagenfurt am Wörthersee dates back to 1193. It was a small settlement, Forum-Klagenworth, built by the Carinthian Dukes Herman and Bernhard von Spainh. In 1246, Klagenfurt received city status. And being rebuilt in 1518 after a fire, it became the capital of the Duchy of Carinthia.

Sights of Klagenfurt

The high season in Klagenfurt is during the summer months. In winter, this is a common European region, and the maximum that will please here is the sights.

Lake Wörthersee

Wörthersee is the main attraction of the spa town. In summer, when the temperature of air and water is on average + 25 ° C, and the Drava Valley has wonderful sunny weather, the lake in Klagenfurt plays a major role in the life of the region.

Lake Wörthersee

It is the warmest among all alpine ponds. Locals treat him as their personal mini-sea. Standbad city beach is a popular tourist destination. The 300-meter-long beach is located just a couple of kilometers from the center.

Beach Standbad

Entrance to the Standbad territory is paid – € 12.

There are three different recreation areas:

  • boardwalks for descent into the water with equipped jumps with a height of 1, 3 and 5 m;
  • classic sandy beach with sun loungers and umbrellas;
  • equipped lawns with entertainment for children, playgrounds, water rides.
Park Europe (Europapark)

Just outside the city beach is another attraction of Klagenfurt – Park Europe. It is the largest park in the region and one of the largest in size in all of Austria. It occupies about 9 hectares of area and is considered a conservation area. Europark is able to captivate a visitor of any age group, because, in addition to green spaces, picnic lawns and benches for relaxation, there is a great deal of entertainment:

Park Europe
  • rides and playgrounds;
  • huge street chess (the playing field is located right under your feet);
  • beach volleyball, international competitions in which are held here annually;
  • planetarium;
  • boat rental;
  • roller skating.
Huge street chess

It is in Europe’s park that the grand Balloon Cup is held annually – the numerous festival of ballooning.

Europa Park is located at Villacher Strasse 222, Klagenfurt 7797, Austria.

Lindvurm Fountain

Central or New Square (Neuer Platz) is a place where fairs and exhibitions are regularly held. It is located in the center of the Old City and is surrounded by many attractions. The administration building rises nearby, and cozy cafes for relaxation are located around.

Dragon Fountain

In the TOP of Klagenfurt sights in Austria in the first place is Lindwurmbrunnen – the dragon fountain, installed in the center of New Square.

Interesting fact! According to an ancient legend, on the site of the settlement there were swamps surrounding Wörthersee, where a fierce dragon lived (which in German culture is called Lindwurm). He terrified the locals, dragged them into an underwater den on the lake. Overwhelmed Lindwurm several brave warriors. It was in honor of the slaughter of the dragon that a beautiful settlement was founded on the site of a dried swamp.

Dragon lindwurm

Now the dragon monument is located on an elevated pedestal. Water flows from his open, bared mouth, and on the contrary stands a hero with a club in his hands. A dragon carved from a single piece of chlorite was installed at the end of the 16th century, and almost 50 years later a statue of a warrior was added.

The dragon Lindwurm is not only the most recognizable landmark of the city, it is its symbol. He adorned the city coat of arms, stamps, even minted commemorative coins. Around the statue is always very lively, tourists try to manage to capture the symbol of Klagenfurt as a keepsake, and supplement the photo with a thematic souvenir.

Attractions located at: Neuer Platz, Klagenfurt 9020, Austria.

Regional Government Residence – Landhaus

Landhouse (Palace of Estates) is a Renaissance castle located “a step away” from the central square of the Carinthian capital. The magnificent building was erected at the end of the 16th century on the site of a ducal mansion destroyed by fire. The construction with two baroque tower complexes with domes was the idea of ​​the master Giovanni Antonio Verde.

Regional Government Residence - Landhaus

The greatest historical value of the sights is the interior and decorations of the large coat of arms, the walls of which are painted by an artist named Joseph Ferdinand Fromiller. On the walls are 665 diverse Carinthian arms.

Now here is the seat of the regional government. In summer, the Landhouse is available for visiting as part of the official tour, and this is exactly the attraction that you must see in Klagenfurt.

Interior and decoration of the large coat of arms
  • Landhaus is located at Landhaushof 1, Klagenfurt 9020, Austria.
  • Opening hours: Monday-Friday from 07-30 to 16-00, Saturday-Sunday off.
Church of St. Aegis

St. Aegidius Church is a popular tourist attraction. Its tower is the highest observation deck in Carinthia. From a height of over 90 meters, a gorgeous view opens up where you can take panoramic photos of the city of Klagenfurt.

Church of St. Aegis

The church is interesting for its famous Apocalypse chapel, which was painted by the artist E. Fuchs at the request of a friend of the priest.

An interesting fact: the fresco in the temple has the effect of optical illusion, thanks to which the dome of the church from the inside seems much larger than it actually is.

  • The Church of St. Aegidius is located at: Pfarrhofgasse 4 / A, Klagenfurt 9020, Austria.
  • Opening hours: on weekdays from 11:00 to 18:30, on weekends until 20:00.

Food and Housing Prices in Klagenfurt

Accommodation will be the main expense item. You can try to book a hotel in advance – a few months before the start of the season you can choose a more budget option.

Hotel Seepark Hotel - Congress & Spa
Seepark Hotel – Congress & Spa

Of the “elite” offers for booking, the most popular hotel with the highest level of service is the 4-star Seepark Hotel – Congress & Spa. The hotel is located on the shore of Lake Wörthersee. A double room in early June will cost around € 135. Hotel address: Universitätsstraße 104, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria.

Hotel room Hotel Geyer
Hotel geyer

One of the best-selling 3-star hotels is Hotel Geyer, which is located in the center of the Old Town. A double room in early summer will cost you about € 115 per day. The advantages of this hotel are that it is just a five-minute walk from New Square, the Lindwurm Fountain, the Maria Theresa Monument, the Estate Palace and other attractions. Hotel address: Priesterhausgasse 5, 9020 Klagenfurt, Austria.

There are many cafes, restaurants, coffee houses and pubs in the city center and on the lake. The cuisine of Carinthia is a symbiosis of Austrian, Italian and Slovenian traditions.

Lunch at the cafe

The average food and drink prices are as follows:

  • lunch in a cafe for two – € 10;
  • three-course dinner in a restaurant for two – € 48;
  • a bottle of beer – € 3.9;
  • standard cappuccino – € 2.95;
  • Coca-Cola (0.33) – € 2.53;
  • water (0.33) – € 1.94.

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What is the best way to get to Klagenfurt am Wörthersee

For Russians, getting from Moscow or St. Petersburg to Klagenfurt will work only with a transfer. There are options.

By plane
Airport Alpe Adria
“Alpe Adria”

The flight from Moscow to Vienna, which is the largest air hub in Europe, will take about two hours. After a change in Vienna, you will arrive at Klagenfurt Alpe Adria Airport, which is 2-3 km from the city, in 45-50 minutes. From the airport you can take a taxi to the hotel (€ 12-14) or take a bus from the stop located at the exit of the airport (€ 2).

This option will be the fastest, but also the most expensive, because the cost of the flight will be at least € 300.

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By train from Vienna

The best solution would be to fly from Moscow to Vienna by plane (for a couple of hours and costing € 100-150), and then transfer to the train.

RailJet Train

From Vienna Airport, take the bus to Wien Hbf Train Station. A RailJet or Rj train ticket is purchased at the train station for € 35 or purchased in advance. The first train leaves at 10:35 and then with a frequency of 1.5 hours until late at night.

Travel time will be 3.5-4 hours, and RailJet arrives directly to the Klagenfurt railway station “Klagenfurt Hbf”, which is conveniently connected to the bus station. Further, depending on the location of the hotel, you can reach by public transport or walk.

The current train schedule and fares can be found on the official website of the Austrian railway www.oebb.at/en/. You can also book a ticket here.

By bus from Vienna
By bus to Klagenfurt

Flight to Vienna (as in the second option). Then take bus number 162 from the Vienna Erdber metro station. Ticket price € 15-26. It takes 4 hours. A bus arrives at the bus station in the center (it is also a railway station, as in No. 2).

Klagenfurt, Austria is a wonderful summer resort in a European city, with its developed infrastructure and historical attractions. Rest will appeal to both young people and older people. Thanks to convenient transport links, a variety of hotels and places for recreation, everyone, regardless of budget, can plan a vacation in this warm Austrian region.

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