Danube Tower – Vienna’s calling card

The Danube Tower (Donauturm) is one of Vienna’s calling cards, the tallest building in the city and a popular tourist attraction.

Danube Tower

Donauturm is an invention of architect Hannes Lintl, designed by him in 1964 specifically for the International Gardening Exhibition. The opening of the Danube Park was also timed to the same exhibition, in the center of which stands a 252-meter-high structure with a viewing platform.

Panoramic terrace on Vienna’s most famous tower

The inspection platform is equipped at an altitude of 150 m. 779 steps lead there, but almost all visitors prefer to climb high-speed elevators. There are 2 lifts (each for 15 passengers), their speed is 6.2 m / s, and the damage to the lift is 35 seconds. The upper part of the elevators is made of glass, so passengers can watch the swiftness of the “flight” along the corridor lit by fantastic neon multi-colored lights.

Upper part of the elevator

It is interesting! Every day, hundreds of tourists climb the observation deck of the Danube Tower in Vienna, and the visibility range from it is about 80 km.

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From an open observation platform, the whole of Vienna is visible at a glance, with all its sights, and even the surroundings and the Danube are seen. Information (in 8 languages) about the surrounding attractions can be viewed on the interactive panoramic monitors installed on the site. If the tour takes place in the evening, when the Austrian capital is immersed in a sea of ​​lights, the spectacle is simply mesmerizing.

View from the open observation deck

From the open viewing terrace you can climb the steps to the central floor, located at an altitude of 165 m. In fact, this is also a viewing platform, but located behind glass. In bad weather it is much more comfortable on it than on the open terrace, but visibility is worse.

Sacher Cake

At an altitude of 160 m, the Panorama Cafe accepts visitors, and at an altitude of 170 m, the Danube Waltz Restaurant. There you can drink coffee with a slice of Sacher cake or apple strudel, or you can stay for lunch or dinner. The advantage of these establishments is that they provide an opportunity not only to enjoy traditional Viennese dishes, but also to admire the panorama of Vienna right from their place at the table. In addition, these establishments are located on platforms rotating around the tower, and there are 3 speed modes and, accordingly, a full 360 ° revolution can be completed in 26, 39 and 52 minutes.

Important! There are almost never empty seats in a restaurant, so it is better to book them in advance.

How much does it cost to go to the observation deck

A standard ticket that allows access to the outdoor terrace and the central floor at Donauturm, and includes a lift with a high-speed elevator, costs:

  • for adults 14,5 €, with Vienna Pass – 9,9 €;
  • for pensioners after 60 years – 11 €;
  • for children 6-14 years old – 9.9 € (up to 6 years old free of charge), but children are allowed only accompanied by adults.
At the observation deck

On a note! If the ascent to the high-rise is planned only for visiting the restaurant, then you do not need to pay for the entrance.

Those tourists who plan to visit many of Vienna’s attractions will certainly be interested in a variety of affiliate program offers. The Danube skyscraper partners are the Zoo in Schönbrunn, the Danube River Shipping Company, the Ferris wheel in Vienna, the Klosterneuburg Monastery and the Time Travel Museum. A combined ticket will save a lot of money, for example, paying for the Donauturm + Ferris Wheel will be only 19.6 € for an adult and 11.5 € for a child. It is also convenient that using a combo ticket is not necessary on the same day – it is valid for a year.

Observation deck behind the glass

You can find out all the necessary information, as well as purchase tickets at the Donauturm ticket offices and in the online store on the official website www.donauturm.at/en/tickets/.

Note! At the entrance, after buying tickets, you can take a picture. At the exit, if you like the photos, you can buy them.

You can visit the observation deck on any day, it is open for visits from 10:00 to 00:00, and the elevator makes the last lift at 23:30.

For lovers of extreme sports – bungee jumping

Bungee jumping

“The Danube Tower in Vienna and the bungee jumping” – these concepts become simply inseparable in the summer, more precisely, from the beginning of April to the end of November. At this time, from the open terrace, where the necessary mechanism is installed, you can jump with a bungee. An elastic rope allows desperate brave men to experience free fall at a speed of about 90 km / h and stop only 20 meters from the ground.

Those who want to make a jump from the Danube Tower should take into account that they are admitted to them from a certain age: guys – from 17 years old, girls – from 15. Moreover, it is important that the body weight of a jumping person is from 50 to 110 kg.

Interesting to know! Those who dare to jump with a bungee get a certificate that allows you to visit Donauturm for free.

How to get there

Metro U1

The famous skyscraper is located in the Danube Park at the address: Donauturmstrasse 4, Vienna 1220, Austria.

To get to it, you can use one of two metro lines: U1 (red line) and U6 (brown line). Take the U1 branch to Kaisermühlen station or to Alte Donau station. Take the U6 branch to the Neue Donau station. From each of these stations, you can take bus 20A directly to the tower – the Donauturm stop. And you can, walking out of the subway, walk on foot through a beautiful park for about 25 minutes.

On a note! On the territory of the Danube Park of Vienna there are a lot of bike racks. You can rent a bike and come to Donauturm on it.

To summarize

We can say that the Danube Tower will bring diverse joy to tourists. Here you can admire the panorama of Vienna, test yourself in an extreme sport, and get gastronomic pleasure. Let you have only pleasant impressions from visiting this attraction of Vienna!

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