Zadar, Croatia: tourist’s guide beach holidays here, prices and attractions

Zadar (Croatia) is a resort town where, according to Alfred Hitchcock, you can watch the most beautiful sunsets. The eminent director told about this in 1964 after visiting the Croatian city. Since then, millions of tourists come to check the veracity of his words. Many of them find in Zadar a huge number of attractions, comfortable beaches and a developed, tourist infrastructure.

Zadar, Croatia

Photo: Zadar city, Croatia.

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Croatian city of Zadar

The city of Zadar is located in Croatia on the peninsula of the same name in the center of the Adriatic coast. This is an ancient settlement, which is included in the list of the most attractive and romantic places on the Balkan Peninsula. The city air is filled with marine freshness, the streets preserved ancient architecture, telling about the long history of Zadar. The city is characterized by calm and friendly atmosphere.

Interesting fact! It is in Zadar that you can try the world’s most delicious cherry liqueur Maraskin.

Zadar street

Zadar is a city in Croatia with a history of about three millennia. Today it is not only a popular resort, but also the administrative, economic, historical and cultural center of northern Dalmatia. About 75 thousand people live in the city. Every traveler will find relaxation to their liking.

Interesting fact! Zadar is often called the treasury of archaeological and architectural wealth, which is surrounded by powerful city walls.

The resort town and its environs are a favorite vacation spot for yachtsmen, because the city has an extended coastline, rugged by bays, islands with unspoiled nature and national parks. In 2016, Zadar received the status of the best destination in Europe.

Beach holidays in Zadar

Beach holidays in Zadar

All the beaches of Zadar are characterized by a variety of coastlines, this is due to the presence of bays and islands that surround the resort in Croatia. Tourists often choose the beaches of the Zadar Riviera. There are excellent conditions for windsurfing, kitesurfing, and relaxing with children. Lovers of nightclubs will definitely find a personal piece of paradise. The beaches in Zadar are sandy, pebble, popular and wild, located in the rocks.

City beaches

1. Boric
Borik Beach

The main city beach in the north of Zadar. The coast is covered with small pebbles, there is also a small sandy bay and a concrete platform where it is convenient to sunbathe.

There are a lot of children’s entertainment on the beach, you can rent a boat, a catamaran, ride a banana, a parachute or ski, windsurf.

2. Kolovare Beach
Kolovar Beach

Perhaps this beach is considered one of the most visited among tourists. The reason for popularity is the Blue Flag, which appeared here for the purity of the sea and the coast.

The coastline is covered with small pebbles, there are concrete slabs. Near the beach there is a pine forest where you can relax during the hottest hours. This vacation spot is intended for family and youth recreation. Sun loungers and umbrellas are installed on the shore, there are comfortable changing cabins and public toilets. Among the entertainment are catamarans, water skiing, tennis, volleyball, golf, badminton, trampolines. There is also a diving center.

3. Beach Drazitsa (Drazica)
Drazhitsa Beach

Located five minutes walk from the center of Zadar. This is a small pebble beach, buried in pine trees, its length is about 400 meters. For the convenience of tourists, sun loungers, umbrellas, showers are installed, you can rent bicycles and scooters, there are attractions – a trampoline, water slides. The cleanliness of the coastline and beach is marked with the Blue Flag.

Zadar Riviera beaches

1. Pinia (Pinija)
Pinija Beach next to the hotel of the same name

Located next to the hotel of the same name, there is entertainment, the necessary infrastructure for a comfortable stay, you can also swim in the pools.

Parking is available nearby, and families with children can be accommodated in a pine forest.

2. Zlatna Luka (Zlatna luka)

Located 12 km north of the resort in Croatia. This is a fairly large bay where people come to surf. Around the bay there are many small bays with their beaches.

Zlatna Luka Beach
3. Kulina (Kulina)
Small pebble beach of Kulin

Small pebble beach, recognized as the most picturesque in the area of ​​Paklenice Natural Park. Developed infrastructure involves a comfortable stay – deck chairs, umbrellas, cabins, where you can change clothes, toilets.

Islands in Croatia near the city of Zadar, where there are beaches:

  • Ning;
  • Arcs;
  • Pag
  • Losinj;
  • Fired.

And which beaches are the best in all of Croatia can be found in this article .

Holiday Prices

At the Pet Bunara Restaurant
Pet bunara

In the resort town of Zadar in Croatia, there are many cafes, restaurants and small establishments where you can eat delicious, satisfying and for a different amount. You can eat in Zadar in restaurants, konobas, which prepare dishes of national cuisine, pubs, pastry shops and numerous fast foods. Prices depend on the prestige of the institution, its location – the farther from the tourist route, the cheaper the food will cost. The highest prices in coastal cafes and restaurants.

Good to know! In all institutions of Croatia, and Zadar is no exception, they serve large portions. Often, one dish is enough for two, so check the size and weight before ordering.

That's what pizza looks like in Crazy Pizza
Crazy pizza

The most affordable prices in fast-food chain restaurants – a standard set of dishes will cost 35 kunas.

A full lunch in a cafe will cost 55 kunas. As for restaurants, in institutions of this level the cost of lunch is from 100 kunas for two (the price is indicated without alcoholic drinks).

Good to know! There are stalls in the city where tourists buy pastries, sweets, drinks costing from 3 to 14 kunas.

Room at 2-bed hotel Mediteran
Hotel mediteran

Hotels and apartments in Zadar in Croatia are no less than cafes and restaurants. Prices for accommodation depend on the season and the prestige of the institution. Regardless of the status of the hotel, guests are offered professional service, good nature and a comfortable stay.

To book a room in the apartments during the high season (summer months) will cost at least 20 euros per day per person. Accommodation in a three-star hotel in the summer costs from 60 euros per day for a double room. Rest in a more respectable hotel costs from 90 euros per day per room.

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Sights of Zadar

Sea organ and singing promenade

The promenade of Peter Kreshemir IV is not just a landmark of Zadar, but a symbol of the city. Here is a unique design – the marine organ, designed and created in 2005 by the local architect Nikola Bashic.

Embankment of Zadar
Water Authority in Zadar

The system consists of 35 pipes of different diameters and different lengths, which are built directly into the embankment, and lead to the sea. Finding out a place where you can listen to the organ is easy – these are stone steps, where locals and guests of Croatia often relax. The length of the structure is 75 meters, depending on the weather conditions the pipes emit different sounds, which are output through special holes made directly in the sidewalk of the embankment.

The sound of the marine organ as a whole resembles a powerful brass band. However, it is very difficult to predict how the embankment will sound in a specific period of time, because the wind always blows with different strengths and the speed of sea waves is never the same.

Interesting fact! Many tourists note that the place has amazing energy – it is easy to think and nice to meditate here.

Sunset on the promenade in Zadar

The atmosphere of pacification is complemented by a beautiful seascape and incredible beauty of the sunsets, about which Alfred Hitchcock wrote.

In 2006, Zadar Embankment in Croatia received a prize in the nomination “For the arrangement of urban space.”

Church of St. Donatus

The temple is an example of architecture of the IX century – the period of the Byzantine Empire. There is an attraction near the church of St. Anastasia in the historical part of the city.

Church of St. Donatus

Previously, a Roman palace was located on this site, and the temple began to be built on the orders of Bishop Donat Zadarsky. After completion of construction work, the temple was named after the Holy Trinity, however, in the 15th century it was renamed in honor of the bishop who built the temple.

Interesting fact! For half a century – from 1893 to 1954 – the Archaeological Museum was located in the temple.

Inside view of the dome of the temple

Useful information about the attraction:

  • church services are not provided, but cultural events can be attended;
  • From spring to autumn, ancient music concerts are held, thanks to the acoustics of the room, each chord penetrates the very soul;
  • the remains of the Roman Forum are kept in the temple;
  • There is an exhibition of local metal craftsmen.

You can see the attraction daily, the time for visiting is from 9-30 to 18-00, lunch break from 14-00 to 16-00.

Archaeological Museum
Ancient statues

Known around the world for its unique collection. The exposition occupies three floors:

  • ground floor – archaeological finds from the period of 7-12 centuries;
  • second floor – there are finds found under water and objects dating from the period of Ancient Rome;
  • third floor – there are objects of the prehistoric period dating from the Bronze and Stone Ages.

Interesting fact! The museum exposition is presented in several buildings – the central one is in Zadar, there are also buildings on the islands of Pag and Rab. The total number of exhibits is more than one hundred thousand.

Interesting archaeological find

In the 18th century, the scientist Anthony Tomasoni discovered a collection of ancient statues, the most significant part of which is eight statues of emperors of the Roman Empire. The find was discovered in 1768. In total, the collection had about three hundred stone sculptures, ceramic dishes, coins and a library with unique books. After the death of Anthony Tomasoni, most of the collection was sold out, and the museum bought two dozen statues for its exposition. The rest of the collection can be seen in the museums of Venice, Copenhagen and Milan.

Archaeological Museum in Zadar

You can find out the exact schedule of the museum on the official website, opening hours vary depending on the season of the year. The opening time of the museum remains unchanged – 9-00. The attraction is located at: Trg opatice Čike, 1.

Ticket price:

  • for adults – 30 kuna;
  • for schoolchildren, students and senior citizens – 12 kunas, with a guide – 15 kunas.
Central square in the old town

The square in Zadar in Croatia was built during the Middle Ages, it was here that urban life was in full swing. The attraction is located near the city gate. In different historical periods, the area changed, was called differently. Here is the town hall, rebuilt at the beginning of the 20th century, today the building is used for international events. Also on the square is the former building of the Ethnological Museum, but today it has an exhibition hall. In addition, other ancient sights have been preserved in the historical part of the city – the Church of St. Lawrence, the castle of Girardini (the local administration is located here) dating from the 15th century, the city Lodge.

Central square of Zadar

The crowded square is tiny, which is probably why a special, chamber atmosphere reigns in this part of the city, despite the huge concentration of tourists. Of course, in addition to the old buildings in the center of Zadar there are souvenir shops, shops, cafes and restaurants.

Cathedral of St. Anastasia
Cathedral of St. Anastasia, Zadar

The largest temple in the northern part of the Balkan Peninsula is located in the historical part of Zadar. The cathedral is Catholic and bears the title of “Small Basilica”. The building was erected in the 12th century and was named in honor of the great martyr Anastasia the Decisive, who helped prisoners.

The temple was consecrated in the 9th century, when Emperor I presented part of the relics of the holy church. The attraction is decorated in Baroque style, unique 13th-century murals have been preserved inside. The construction of the bell tower began later – in the 15th century and ended in the 18th.

A 2-hour drive from Zadar is the beautiful historic city ​​of Split with many attractions . If you have the time and the means, try to set aside a day to explore this Croatian resort.

Prices on the page are for March 2018.


Zadar Bus Terminal

The city is distinguished by convenient transport links with neighboring settlements and some cities in Europe.

Overland communication is established with almost all settlements in Croatia, so you can come to Zadar from anywhere in the country, as well as from Bosnia and Herzegovina. Ferry service connects the resort with islands and archipelagos.

Interesting fact! One of the most popular tourist destinations is Ancona – Zadar.

Zadar Airport

An international airport is 8 km away and accepts flights from European cities, as well as from Zagreb and Pula. The peculiarity of the airport is that its runway crosses the highway. Near the terminal building there are companies where you can rent a car.

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Good to know! The port in Zadar is located in its historical district, so many tourists come to rest by ferry.

Ferry Jadrolinja

Flights to Zadar depart from Rijeka, Zagreb, Dubrovnik and Split. Some routes pass through Plitvice Park with lakes.

There is also a railway connection. Four trains follow from Zagreb, the journey takes about seven hours.

Good to know! Taxis are a convenient way to get around, but please note that it is impossible to drive to many of the sights in Zadar in Croatia.

The Zadar Riviera (Croatia) is considered one of the most picturesque places in the whole country, and it is certainly worth a visit to this corner. A region of a thousand islands, natural parks and a clear sea will win your heart. It is best to inspect the riviera in Croatia by sea, for this you can order yachting training.

Air photography of Zadar – 3 minutes of high-quality video and beautiful views.

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