Tourist’s guide to Wingerle Entertainment Island in Nha Trang

To come to Vietnam and not visit the Wimperl (Nha Trang) amusement park would be an unforgivable mistake. This is an amazing place where you can ride the rides, visit the cinema, circus, admire the vibrant shows and just enjoy the beautiful nature. Many tourists, after visiting the sights, dream of staying here to live. So, we are going on a trip to the Winperl amusement park.

Photo: Winperl, an amusement park in Vietnam.

Cable Car to Wingerl Amusement Park in Nha Trang

general information

The park zone was built on the island of Winperl (Hong Cho) in a picturesque bay. The territory of more than 200 thousand square meters. Here are collected entertainment and attractions for every taste and for any age. Many newlyweds choose a park for their honeymoon; this is a favorite vacation spot for families with children. The island has a beach and hotels, so lovers of a “lazy” beach holiday come here. Winperl in Nha Trang is a unique place where you can find something for every taste. Here you will miraculously return to a happy, carefree childhood, life will be filled with miracles and unforgettable emotions.

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It is important! No food or drink allowed in the park. Each tourist goes through a search of things before taking a seat in the cabin of the cable car. The park has cafes, bars, restaurants and fast foods, where they offer food at affordable prices.

Cabin cable car park winiper

Miracles begin when you sit in the cabin of the cable car – the longest in the world that passes over the sea. You are at an altitude of more than 50 meters, the whole city is in full view, ships are sailing under you. At night, the road to Winperl is beautifully highlighted, emphasizing the atmosphere of fairy tales and magic. The journey takes an average of 15 minutes.

Advice! Be sure to bring along a map of the Winperl (Nha Trang) amusement park, they are available at any cash desk. The map provides complete information on the schedule of all entertainment and show programs.

The trip over the sea is completed, but the fun is just beginning. A ticket for the cable car gives you the right to visit all of Winperl’s entertainment, such as the aquarium, water park, show programs, attractions. Walk and have fun while you have enough strength and mood. Keep in mind that some entertainments are designed only for guests taller than 120 cm. For kids there are slot machines with cartoon characters, mini-slides, a 4D movie (shown in English) and a shallow children’s pool.

Fun and Attractions


On the island of Winperl (Nha Trang), various inhabitants of the deep sea from around the world are gathered.

Photo: Oceanarium in Nha Trang
Aquarium in Winperl Park

Every day, at certain times, underwater divers feed the fish, and tourists can watch the process.

  • The aquarium is located in a two-story building of modern architecture.
  • The area is almost 3.5 sq. Km.
  • The number of inhabitants is more than 300 species.

For greater clarity, marine inhabitants are distributed among climatic zones and habitats – North Asia, South Asia and Amazonia. Here, natural living conditions are recreated, and tourists observe the habits of fish and the features of their life.

At the beginning of visitors, turtles and spiders, snakes and lizards meet in the Winperl Aquarium, only after that vacationers get into the amazing underwater world.

It’s convenient to move around in the oceanarium – a moving track works. You, as if, gets inside the aquarium – fish and sea inhabitants swim around and above you. Throughout the trip, vacationers are accompanied by beautiful music. Tourists can follow all stages of shark development. The Internet presents a lot of fascinating and informative videos about Winperl, including the oceanarium.

Interesting fact! Many vacationers note that the Aquarium on the island of Winperl (Vietnam) is more interesting and exciting than the aquariums in Nha Trang and Pattaya.


Waterpark Vinpearl Land
One of the slides of the water park

This is the only water park on the coast of Vietnam, which covers an area of ​​50 thousand square meters. The territory is divided into three zones:

  • slides with a height of 13 to 21 meters;
  • family rides;
  • playground for toddlers.

Pools, sun loungers and the “lazy river” are attached to the rest in the Winperl water park.

Before visiting the water park, you can change clothes, leave things in a locker and rent towels. Renting a locker will cost 20 thousand VND, but an additional deposit of 100 thousand VND is required. Small things that you do not want to leave in the storage box are placed in waterproof containers, they are given out in the water park.

One of the slides of the water park

The slides in Winperl are of any height and configuration. Going down them, you can develop tremendous speed and check the strength of the nervous system. Many rides are allowed only for 2 or 4 people.

Each slide has technical breaks for equipment maintenance. The break time is indicated in the schedule.

Photo: pool in the water park

In the pools, regardless of the season, a comfortable temperature is maintained, so even babies feel great. There is a cafe in the water park, but the cost of food here is quite high. Also keep in mind that the water park is a favorite vacation spot, so there is a huge influx of tourists.

It is important! On some slides, where the descent without “sleighs” is supposed, abrasions can be obtained, most likely, the seams are not made qualitatively everywhere.

Show programs

Quite rightly, Winperl is called the island of entertainment – daily colorful shows are held here.

The schedule and venue of the submissions may vary, check the details on the official website

For the season 2019, the following programs are shown in the park.

Location Show program When passes Time
Funicular Square Street orchestra Daily 18:45 – 19:15
19:45 – 20:15
Stilt speech Daily 09:30 – 09:45
10:00 – 10:15
10:30 – 10:45
Ocean area Living statues Friday and Saturday 15:00 – 15:30
15:40 – 16:10
16:20 – 16:50
Street magicians Daily 10:30 – 11:00
Street levitation Daily 16:30 – 17:00
Amphitheater Singing Fountains Daily 19:00 – 19:25
Aquarium Mermaid Show Daily 11:00 – 11:10
15:00 – 15:10
Fish feeding Daily 10:00 – 10:15
17:00 – 17:15

The most exciting, according to tourists, is the fountain show. A visit to this show is included in the ticket price. With a small number of visitors spend one performance lasting 30 minutes, beginning at 19-00. If there are a lot of tourists, they organize an additional show at 18-30, the second performance begins at 19-30. The tetra room accommodates 5 thousand people.

If you want to know more about the culture of Vietnam, visit the pagoda, the shrine is built on an island and decorated in a traditional Oriental style. An incredible atmosphere of spirituality reigns here. You can walk near the shrine for free, from here beautiful landscapes open.

Fairytale castle
Photo: fairytale castle
Fairytale castle Vinpearl Land

The beautiful castle was opened in the spring of 2016, but has already become the most popular place to visit. The whole complex is hidden in an artificial mountain 24 meters high. Children of different ages and parents come here with pleasure.

On the ground floor are:

  • playground;
  • a cafe.

A film in 4D format is shown on the second floor. On the third floor there is a museum with 3D 3D paintings.

The impression of a casino in the gaming area is that it is an absolutely enclosed space, there are no windows and a huge space is occupied by slot machines. You can play air hockey, basketball, take part in horse races and test your dexterity on a cowboy bull. If the soul asks for songs, go to the Winperl karaoke club – this is a small room with glass walls and a TV. What is nice for the rest of the vacationers – good sound insulation is provided.

Castle Cinema
Cinema hall

A movie about a fantastic coral island is shown in the cinema on the second floor. Feel the effect of absolute immersion with visual, kinetic and auditory techniques. Spectators will certainly feel like participants in the film, will be transported to an amazing place where mermaids and marine inhabitants live, will become direct participants in the adventures. The hall, equipped with three domed screens, seats 200 people.

Useful information for parents! There is a games room. This is a mini kindergarten with professional animators. There is also a room where the kids are put to bedtime when they get tired of the mass of impressions. The staff in the child’s room must write down the phone numbers of their parents to contact if necessary. The service is free and incredibly comfortable – parents can relax and have a bite to eat at the cafe.

The game complex offers a large selection of attractions and entertainment:

Electric cars - children's attraction
Attraction “electric cars”
  • on electric cars you can arrange real competitions and races;
  • in the garden, in addition to amazing plants, figures of fairy-tale characters are presented.

For a child, a walk in such a garden is an opportunity to get into the fantastic world of dreams. Animators work with children to help them adapt and make friends.

In the covered area there is a supermarket with toys and souvenirs.

Outdoor activities
Roller coaster on the skeleton of winerl
Roller coaster

The entertainment island of Winperl in Vietnam attracts tourists with a huge variety of games. Even if your child is spoiled for going to the park, visiting the attractions in Winperle will cause an incredible flurry of emotions. The most popular entertainment.

  1. Exciting swing – you can move in several directions at once. Enjoy the thrill and adrenaline, have fun.
  2. Pirate ship – get aboard the ship and set sail.
  3. Moving animals are classic children’s entertainment.
  4. Roller coaster – a breathtaking journey with dizzying highs and swift falls. An unforgettable experience is guaranteed. The building is located to the left of the cable car.
  5. Swing Elephants are suitable for kids.
  6. The tower of free fall will give a feeling of falling, weightlessness and light tickling in the stomach at the same time.
  7. Carousel Hammer is located almost at the entrance of the cable car. Entertainment as a whole is not for everybody, not everyone can withstand the chaotic movement in space.
Attraction - electric sled
Electric sled

Particularly noteworthy are the “Electrosled” or the Alpine slide. Tourists sit in a trolley and go on an exciting journey, independently driving a vehicle. On turns, you can slow down a little, and on flat areas, accelerate movement. At the highest point, the trolley rises to the level of the huge inscription “Vinpearl Land”. The descent speed is up to 30 km / h, if you are afraid, use the hand brake. Want to see what emotions an attraction gives, just watch a video about Winperl (Vietnam).

A few tips:
  • there is always a long queue for Elektrosledi (sometimes you have to reap an hour), so do not put off until later in the hope that it will disappear;
  • if you plan to ride with the breeze, pay attention that the Chinese do not go in front of you, because they often stop, and this slows down the ride of other tourists;
  • Before the trip, carefully listen to the instruction, so as not to get confused and create an emergency on the road.

It is important! The cost of visiting all the attractions is included in the price of admission to the Winperl Island of entertainment, so ride anywhere and anytime.

Island beach

Beach on Hong Cho Island
Beach on Wingerle Island

There is a 400-meter-long beach area on the Vinperla coast, people come here to soak up on the white, soft sand, swim in the warm water and enjoy the beautiful sunset. There are no waves in this part of the island, so families with children relax here. In addition to a relaxing holiday, you can devote time to active activities – ride a water bike, a catamaran, rent kayaks, bananas or water skiing. Jet skis offer to rent for at least 30 minutes.

The beach is well equipped – there are sun loungers and umbrellas, but in the high season in Vietnam, during a period of a large influx of tourists, they are not enough. Also be prepared for the fact that after a large number of vacationers on the shore there is garbage.

Cafes and restaurants

Fast food in one of the cafes

Near the beach there is a village Food Village, here you can eat outdoors on the terrace, admiring the Gulf of Nha Trang. Food is offered at very affordable prices – from 100 to 250 thousand VND can be tasty and satisfying. On the street with shops there is a cafe where they cook simple and quite tasty food, for example, rice with chicken. Ice cream can be bought for 10,000 VND.

Restaurants are located along the coast in beautiful, stylized villas, prices are quite high (several times higher than in Nha Trang).

You are experiencing severe hunger, fast foods are working in the park. It offers burgers, a variety of pizzas, and drinks.

The shops

Shopping on Winperl Island

There is a street with shops for shopping on Winperel; here you can buy everything – clothes, jewelry, souvenirs. Vinpearl Land Shopping Mall and the entire shopping street are located to the left of the cable car. All outlets are open from 9-00 to 21-00. Prices here are only slightly higher than in Nha Trang stores.

How to get to Winperl from Nha Trang

If you are studying the question – how to get to Winperl on your own, study the route of bus number 4. In the southern part of Nha Trang there is a final stop, there is also a cable car. The trip will cost 8,000 VND. Transport runs through the city until 18-00.

Another way, fast and convenient, is to rent a motorcycle in Nha Trang. Near the cable car there is parking for bikes, the service costs only 2 thousand Vietnamese dongs.

There are several ways to cross to Wingerle Island.

Cable car cabin

The most spectacular way to get to the sights – you have a trip on the longest cable car in the world, with a length of more than 3 km, its height above the sea is more than 60 meters. Passengers are invited to the booths for 6-8 people. A total of 48 cabins run, which transport an average of 1,500 people per hour. The journey takes about 15 minutes. The cost of the cable car ride is included in the ticket price for visits to Winperl Park.

The cable car runs on weekdays (Monday to Thursday) from 8-30 to 21-00, and from Friday to Sunday from 8-30 to 22-00.


From the mainland of Vietnam, the city of Nha Trang, the park is separated by only two nautical miles. Naroms leave every 15 minutes and after a quarter of an hour arrive at the place. Winperl admission includes ferry fare.

Canoe taxi

Set off when 4 people are typed. If you do not want to wait for other passengers, you can pay extra and then the transport will leave without delay. The cost of the trip is 150 thousand dong.


A quick and affordable way to get to the park. The road takes only 7 minutes. A luxury boat runs from the mainland to the island.

It is important! A convenient way to navigate the island of Winperl is on a tuk-tuk, but it is available only for hotel guests.

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Cost of visiting

The price of a ticket depends on the age and height of the visitor, as well as whether the ride on the cable car is included.

Ticket category Adult, children above 1.4 m Children (height 1-1,4 m) + people over 60 years old For children below 1 m
Round-trip cable car ride and visit to the park 880.000 VND 700,000 VND Is free
One way cable car and visit to the park 800,000 VND 650,000 VND Is free

Prices and schedule on the page are for January 2019.

Working hours

The Winperl Amusement Park in Nha Trang is open daily from 8:30 to 21:00.

Undoubtedly, it is better to come to the Winperl amusement park in Vietnam in the morning, in this case:

  • there are no large lines on the cable car;
  • You will have time to visit the whole park.

It is better to go on weekdays, on weekends and holidays local residents come here. It’s quite difficult to get to the ticket office of the cable car and to the rides.

When planning a trip to the park, pay attention to the weather. The fact is that in the rain the park area is closed. Many tourists do not know this and in vain come to the island. Do not focus on the cable car – it operates in any weather. This is necessary because there is a hotel on the island and its guests need to get to the mainland.

Most likely, you will be interested to know which hotel tourists have chosen the best in Nha Trang – the answer is on this page .

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Tips for visitors

  1. The park is very large, it is very difficult to get around it in one day, so it is better to allocate several days. On the first day, visit the water park, and on the second – Winperl’s rides and slot machines.
  2. Food and drinks are not allowed on the island; cable car passengers are asked to show their personal belongings and bags. You can eat in the park.
  3. Try to come to the park by the opening – at 8-00, so you have more chances to avoid the queues.
  4. Be sure to bring a swimsuit, sunblock, towels and money.
  5. If you do not want to leave Vinperle Island, stay at the five-star Vinpearl Resort Nha Trang. The luxury hotel was opened in 2010. The price includes:
  • access to the cable car;
  • travel by boat and ferry;
  • unlimited access to the park.
Hotel Winperl Land Nha Trang

The hotel has comfortable, modern rooms, well-groomed territory and a private beach area. The entire hotel is regularly cleaned, cleanliness and order are maintained here. Here families with children like to stay. Guests are offered a delicious, varied diet. You can use spa services, but their cost is quite high.

Amusement park Winperl (Nha Trang) is considered to be the pearl of Vietnam. Tourists from all over the world come here, all ages for a good mood and positive emotions.

Video from the official website of the Winperl theme park.

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