Tourist’s guide to Phan Rang Vietnam

Phan Rang (Vietnam) is a cozy, calm, small city located between Nha Trang and Mui Ne. Today it is the administrative center of Ninh Thuan province, but in the 13th century the city had the status of the capital of the Principality of Panduranga (part of southern Vietnam).

The main heritage of the Cham principality is its temples, which, thanks to their maintenance, have been perfectly preserved to this day. The descendants of Chams live in the vicinity of this city.

Although Phan Rang is not a tourist destination, it is certainly worth a visit.

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General information

Holidays in Phan Rang can be considered slow, sleepy and relaxing. It encompasses a traditional provincial settlement of Vietnam with an area of ​​almost 79 square km with no loud sources of entertainment. The only distraction here are a few shopping centers, including Co.op Mart (a network of supermarkets in Vietnam).

Coop mart

The local population (162,000 people) likes to stroll in the evenings in the park, which is organized on the border of the beach area and residential, city blocks.

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There are no worthwhile sights inside the city of Phan Rang. Therefore, if you are looking to waver from your lazy beach holiday and visit architectural or historical monuments, you need to take a short trip.

Along the coastline, hotels from 2 to 4 stars with well-groomed, beautiful adjacent territory, swimming pools, park areas are built.


Tourism infrastructure is poorly developed in Phan Rang. If you are spoiled by comfortable European style resorts, Phan Rang will seem completely divorced from civilization. You will not find shops, a large number of cafes and the usual entertainment expected of a beach resort area here.

Kite spot in Fanrang
Kite surfing spot

In the hotels there are clubs where you can rent equipment for surfing and kite-surfing. There are restaurants in hotels, but in two-star hotels they offer only breakfast. However, the seafront cafes serve delicious seafood.

It is best to go to Phan Rang with friends or family for the sole purpose of relaxing on the beach. In December and January you can catch a good, high wave. Be sure to plan a visit to the attractions in the vicinity of the town, otherwise in a few days you will get bored with your vacation in Phan Rang.

Compared to other resorts in Vietnam, Phan Rang is not popular among tourists. This has its advantages: it is calm and there is virtually no theft on the streets.

Beach and sea

Families come to Phan Rang to take a break from the noisy Nha Trang and for the sake of the wonderful beach, a coastal strip covered with golden sand.


The whole coast of Phan Rang is a beach. But tourists tend to relax on two beaches – Ninh Chu and Ka Na.

The coast is quite clean despite the fact that public cleaning service cleans only near hotels. This is largely due to the lack of a large inflow of tourists.

Ninh Chu is most suitable for recreation, as it consists of mainly hotel beaches. Here you will find the sun loungers and umbrellas, rental equipment for water sports and entertainment.

The entrance to the water is more gentle than in Nha Trang, and in the evenings you can see the guests of the hotels strolling along the shore.

Hotel Gold Rooster Resort


Gold Rooster Resort

There are several cafes on the shore that are popular with the locals. Quite often already in the early morning you can spot regulars with a glass of their favorite drink.

It is better to eat in a relaxed atmosphere in cafes and restaurants on the property of hotels or closer to the center of the village.

The best hotels on the beach are:

  • Gold Rooster Resort
  • Aniise Villa Resort
  • Bau Truc Resort

Of course, Phan Rang is a semi-wild resort, but that is its charm. It is much calmer here than in Nha Trang.

However, if you are looking for the bounty paradise and a 5 star luxury hotel, Phan Rang is unlikely to suit you. Those tourists come here who want to plunge into the authentic Vietnamese way of life.

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How to get to the beach

One of the disadvantages of vacation in Phan Rang is that the city is located 3.5 km from the beach, so tourists have two options to head to the beach.

  • walk to the sands
  • rent a bike or taxi

Walking can be tiring with the sun blazing down at temperatures of +27 to +33 °C. But the plus points of such walks are good roads and a small number of passers-by.

Bikes for rent

The cost of renting a motorcycle on average is 120,000 dong per day. The presence of a licence is not necessary, the police practically do not stop such drivers.

You can take a taxi or motobike with a driver. In the first case, payment will be made on the counter, and in the second, the cost of the trip must be agreed with the driver in advance.

The second Ka Na beach is 30 km from Phan Rang. The coast is covered with fine, white sand, the slope is gentle, there are almost no waves, like tourists. Given the remoteness from the city, you will have to take a taxi or rent a bike. People choose this beach to swim with equipment.

Good to know! Not far from Phan Rang (40 km) there is another picturesque corner – Vinh Hee Bay, which is completely separated from the ocean, therefore it is always calm and calm, and the water is warm. You can go fishing and diving. There is an excellent resort Long Thuan – for a comfortable stay in the wild.

Attractions in the vicinity of Phan Rang

There are few attractions in Phan Rang, but they all deserve attention.

Chama towers

They are located 8 km from the settlement in a northwest direction. This is an architectural and historical complex, which consists of towers, the remains of residential buildings and a museum, where exhibits of Cham culture are collected.

Chama towers near Fanrang Vietnam


Chama towers

Territory attractions well-groomed, beautiful. A staircase leads to the top, there is a small souvenir shop where you can buy paintings, clay products. In the towers, locals still hold religious rites.

Chamsky temple

Located 25 km from the resort. An amazing atmosphere reigns here – a lonely hill in the middle of a desert plain surrounded by lush vegetation. A sightseeing trip will bring unforgettable emotions and pleasure.

Tra Kang Temple

Temple complex Tra Kang, Vietnam

To Tra Kang you need to go 20 km from Phan Rang, it adjoins the mountain. This is a working temple where monks live and work.

Do you want to visit the service and the meal? Come to the temple by 11:00. At this time, local monks eat the last time a day. According to a long tradition, guests are always invited to dine, but they will have to pay a nominal fee – several thousand dongs. Money is given to a nun. You can not give money directly to your hands (a gesture equates to indecent). The pay is laid at the feet of a nun. If desired, guests can take part in the afternoon prayer.

Salt fields

Salt checks in Nha Trang

On the way from Phan Rang to Nha Trang, one can see long stretches of snow-white fields. This is actually salt.

In this part of the country, a peculiar production method of sea salt has been established. The fields where rice was grown are filled with sea water and kept under the sun until dry. Then the men collect salt, and the women fill the baskets and transport them to the cars.

A similar division of labor is characteristic of Vietnam – the most laborious  work goes to women.

Winery Ba Mine

The winery is located in the center of the vineyards. The wine production belongs to a family, who willingly conduct excursions for tourists, show their possessions and talk about the enterprise.

If guests come during the ripening period, the owners allow to try the grapes. Different varieties of green and blue grapes are grown in the fields.

In the vineyards one can also find the graves of the ancestors of the winery owners. According to the Vietnamese traditions, relatives can be buried in the courtyard of the house and on their own lands.

Winery Ba Mine

Those who wish are invited to visit the winery, where several varieties of the drink are prepared. The taste of wine is completely unlike a factory-made product. Brandy is also prepared here (it tastes like strong moonshine). Drinks can be tasted and if you wish, you can buy one you like. All varieties of wines are patented, so alcohol is quite safe.

Bau Chuk Artisans Village

Cham potters live in the village and use the oldest method of creating household items in Southeast Asia. You will not see the usual potter’s wheel. All products – jugs, dishes – are created exclusively by the hands of the master. Each product adheres to national traditions. The production methodology has been kept secret for many centuries and carefully passed from generation to generation. In front of guests, a woman sculpts a jug of perfect shape in no more than 20 minutes.

Bau Chuk Artisans Village

Pottery is in every village house. Each family brings something new and unusual to its works of art. Of course, the product can be purchased, but such souvenirs are quite expensive.

Bau Chuk is a landmark that should not be avoided, because in this place you can get acquainted with the culture of this part of Vietnam.

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Weather and climate

Locals call Phan Rang the kingdom of the sun. And not surprisingly, even in the rainy season, precipitation occurs here no more than 9 days a month, and sunny days at least 17. It’s a bit strange, because in Nha Trang, which is only 100 km away, the climate is completely different. In February, you can hardly swim on the beaches of Nha Trang, and in Phan Rang the sea is warm and calm.

Monthly Weather

The climate and weather in Phan Rang are typical of the tropics. The lowest air temperature in January is + 26 ° C. In summer, the air temperature warms up to + 33 ° C.

When is the best time to go?

The water temperature in the sea remains comfortable for swimming throughout the year – from +24 to + 28 °C. The beach season in Phan Rang lasts 11 months of the year. The lowest sea temperature – + 23 °C – in January, the highest – + 29 °C – in June.

Phan Rang is perfect for relaxing at any time of the year, however, the best months for a trip are from February to April. At this time, the temperature varies from +27 to + 30 °C, and the number of rainy days in a month does not exceed 5.

The coldest month of the year is January (+ 26 °C), the hottest month is June (+ 34 °C).

Precipitation is from 20 to 150 mm. Of course, swimming in the sea in such weather is a pleasure.

If you study the weather for months in Phan Rang (Vietnam), you will notice that the temperature drops day and night no more than 8 °C.

Resort Phan Rang (Vietnam) attracts tourists throughout the year. The average temperature, as a rule, does not fall below + 27 °C, and thanks to the sea breeze even small children feel comfortable here.

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