Tourist’s guide to Nha Trang and the surrounding area

What to see in Nha Trang is a fairly popular question among those planning a trip to Vietnam. Holidays on the beach, of course, are relaxing, but what to do if you want variety. Photos and descriptions of the sights of Nha Trang (Vietnam) attract tourists with exotic, local flavor. Let’s figure out where you can go and go to Nha Trang.

Tyama Towers Po Nagar

Photo: Tyama Towers, Nha Trang

In the past, it was a large temple complex located on the top of the mountain, from here the city is visible, in full view. The estimated age of the towers is more than a thousand years. It is difficult to believe that such an ancient shrine has survived to this day.

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The attraction was built in the 7-11 centuries. Local residents revere this place as spiritual. The main entrance is decorated with majestic columns, but tourists climb the stairs to the left.

Previously, the complex was decorated with 10 columns, but 4 of them were preserved, all of them were built at different times and differ in architecture. Inside, a strong aroma of incense is felt, and the mysterious atmosphere is complemented by a smoke screen, numerous altars and deities worshiped by adherents of the Hindu religion.

Photo: Colons and the Tyama Tower

The largest tower is the north one, its height is 28 meters, it was built in honor of Queen Po Nagar. The main entrance is decorated with a statue of Shiva, and inside the temple complex there is a statue of a queen 23 meters high. Not far from the north tower is a museum. Every year in the spring a Buddhist festival is held here, it’s fashionable to see theatrical performances, a demonstration of interesting rites of Vietnam.

The attraction can be visited any day from 6-00 to 18-00. Excursions are conducted by an English-speaking guide. Entrance to the complex – 22,000 dong, the cost of the tour – 50,000 dong.

There are several ways to get to the towers from Nha Trang:

  • by taxi (from 30 to 80 thousand VND depending on the distance);
  • on a motorcycle;
  • by public transport (7 thousand VND).

To see what the complex looks like inside, bring appropriate clothing with you. She should cover her knees and shoulders, her head remains uncovered, tourists leave their shoes at the entrance.

SPA complex I Resort

Pool at the spa resort
Top view of I Resort

The next item on the list is what to see in Nha Trang on your own – a new vacation spot – SPA resort, opened in 2012. You can only come here by taxi; the trip will cost approximately 150,000 VND. If you book a taxi at the hotel, you will have to pay a little more – about 200,000 VND.

The design and design of the mud baths fully reproduce the exotic of Vietnam. The spa resort is decorated with palm trees, natural stone, bamboo, lots of greenery. You can come here just to enjoy incredibly beautiful scenery – cascading waterfalls, granite paths.

Pool Cascade at I Resort

Tourists are met by a Russian-speaking woman who tells in detail about all the services and their cost. Procedures are presented for every taste and budget. After the obligatory, paid program, tourists can freely walk in the spa complex, eat in the restaurant right by the pool.

The I Resort is located in the northern part of Nha Trang, 7 km from the European region. There are several ways to get there.

  • By taxi – the fare is an average of 150 thousand dong.
  • A transfer from a mud bath is carried out from a hotel or a travel company, flights 4 times a day – at 8-30, 10-30, 13-00 and 15-00. The same transport brings tourists to the point of departure. The fare in one direction is about 20 thousand dongs.
  • Rent a bike in Nha Trang.

SPA complex is open daily from 7-00 to 20-00. You should not come to the mud bath on holidays and weekends, because locals with children gather here in large numbers. Also keep in mind that after 16-00 the waterfalls are turned off.

Cable Car to Hong Che Island

Attraction: cable car in Nha Trang

Another attraction of Nha Trang, which allows you to combine a pleasant trip with a useful one. On the one hand, you travel on the longest cable car in the world above the sea, and on the other, you yourself travel to the sights of Nha Trang, which is recognized as one of the brightest and most interesting. It’s about the Winperl theme park.

The cable car looks especially attractive in the dark, when the backlight turns on. The route is 3.3 km long. Tourists are located at an altitude of 70 meters, to cross on Hong Che takes 15 minutes. In the construction of the cableway, 9 columns were used, the shape of which is similar to the structure of the Eiffel Tower.

Cable car in the city of Nha Trang

The easiest way to get to the cable car yourself is to use a bike, but there are other options.

  • Bus number 4, fare 7,000 VND, the last flight leaves at 18-10.
  • Taxi rental – in Nha Trang, you can find a car at any time.

The cable car works:

  • Monday to Thursday – from 8-00 to 21-00;
  • on Fridays and weekends – from 8-00 to 22-00.

Please note that before boarding the booth all food and drinks are taken from passengers. There are many places on the island where you can eat. The best time to travel is in the early morning, when the box office has no excitement. Ticket price 800,000 dong. This amount includes a round trip and a visit to any entertainment in the park. You can choose a more expensive ticket, its price includes lunch.

Amusement park winiper

Photo: one of Winperl's attractions
The roller coaster ride

Make a plan – what to see and where to go to Nha Trang? Do not forget about Winperl Park, which is located among the real tropics and covers an area of ​​200 thousand square meters. This is not just a park; on its territory there are hotels, restaurants, shopping malls and spa centers. In Vietnam, this attraction has no analogues. A unique water park with fresh water has been built here, attractions and entertainment for every taste work. If you prefer a relaxing holiday, the beach awaits you.

In the park work:

Photo: Visitors at the Winperl Aquarium
  • 4D cinemas
  • electric cars;
  • fairy garden;
  • aquarium
  • karaoke rooms;
  • flying swing;
  • elephant swings;
  • pirate ship;
  • circus and musical theater.

The park works:

  • Monday to Thursday from 8-00 to 21-00;
  • on Fridays and weekends from 8-00 to 22-00.

You can get to the park:

  • on the cable car;
  • on boats and boats;
  • on a ferryboat.

A ticket to the park costs 800,000 dong for adults, and 700,000 dong for children 1-1.4 m tall. The same ticket is valid for cable car rides. Read more about Winperl Amusement Park .

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What to see in Nha Trang and the surrounding area? Of course, the magnificent and magnificent building of the cathedral. It is located on a hill and is perfectly visible from all points in the surrounding areas.

Landmark of Nha Trang - Cathedral

The building of the cathedral is recognized as the most beautiful in the city of Nha Trang, this is the main diocese where the bishop’s residence is located. Thousands of pilgrims come here because Catholicism is a common religion in southern Vietnam. Construction work began at the beginning of the last century and was carried out in stages:

  • preparation of a perfectly flat platform on top;
  • decoration and finishing work;
  • bell tower construction;
  • the consecration of the temple was carried out twice;
  • setting the clock and cross on the tower.

The work was completed in 1935. The building is made in the Gothic style, inside is decorated with flowers and stained-glass windows. In the courtyard there are beautiful statues of Christ and the Virgin Mary.

The interior of the temple
Cathedral inside

The cathedral is located in the center of Nha Trang, just 20 minutes from the European quarter. You can look at the shrine from the outside any day and time, and go inside only during service:

  • Monday to Saturday – at 5-00 and at 16-00;
  • on Sunday – at 5-00, 7-00 and at 16-30.

An examination takes no more than half an hour. Travelers usually combine visits to this attraction and Long Sean Pagoda.

Baho Waterfalls

Photo: Baho Falls

This attraction of Nha Trang (Vietnam) in the photo looks so picturesque and even a bit fabulous that many tourists always come here with a guided tour to enjoy the unique nature – huge boulders, vineyards, tree-lined trees, beautiful nature, untouched by human hand. At the waterfall live more than 30 species of butterflies.

Baho Waterfalls in Vietnam are three river cascades of natural origin. They are located 25 km from Nha Trang. Locals call this place a stream of three lakes, as there is a lake in front of each waterfall where you can swim.

Attraction: Baho Falls

Tourist transport arrives at the parking lot located at the foot of the Hongshon Hill. You can get here in many ways:

  • alone on a motorcycle;
  • by bus number 3;
  • by taxi;
  • as part of an excursion group.

Parking the bike is paid, costs 5.000 dong.

To see the whole waterfall complex, you will have to pay 25,000 dong and overcome the ascent to the hill. The distance from the lower lake to the average is approximately 1 km; the upper waterfall is located at a distance of about 400 meters from the average. The second part is difficult, because you have to go along wet, slippery boulders. For tourists, the road is marked with red arrows, and steps are made on the most difficult sections. Places for swimming are marked with numbers – 1, 2, 3.

It is important! If you travel on your own, in the parking lot at the foot of the hill you can hire a guide and stock up on food and drinks. The exact location is Khanh Hoa Province, Ninh Hoa Municipality, Ninh District.

Long Sean Pagoda

Landmark of Nha Trang - Long Sean Pagoda

If you explore the sights in Nha Trang on your own according to the guide, be sure to visit the pagoda erected at the end of the 19th century. The pagoda has received the status of the most beautiful and is the main Buddhist shrine in the province.

The first name in the translation means – a dragon that slowly flies. In 1990, the building was destroyed by a storm and it was restored at another place where it is today. The name also changed – a flying dragon. In the same place, at the top, today you can see the Buddha statue and visit the temple, but for this you have to go through 144 steps. The Vietnamese believe that if you go up to the temple on foot, you can clear karma. You can also choose the easier way – on a motorcycle.

Photo: Statue of a seated Buddha

The temple is made in the style traditional for the East, decorated with mosaics, monks live here today. Admission is free, but entrepreneurial locals will surely ask to pay. In Vietnam, this is the usual way to make money. In the temple you can look at the amazingly beautiful garden. Here you will stroll among exotic, beautiful flowers, admire artificial ponds and just relax in the shade of trees. There is a playground near the statue with a beautiful landscape.

  • You can visit the attraction daily from 8-00 to 20-00.
  • Excursions from Nha Trang are regularly brought to the pagoda, but if you live in the European center, the walk will take only 30 minutes. There are also buses to the pagoda. Buses stop twice at the tourist attraction; focus on the temple and Buddha statue. A taxi ride from Nha Trang costs from 30 to 50 thousand VND.

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Monkey Island or Hon Lao

Monkey Island near Nha Trang

Attraction Nha Trang (Vietnam) is located just 20 km from the city. A huge number of monkeys of various species live here. During the Soviet Union, a scientific laboratory operated on the territory of the island, where research was carried out. When the country broke up, the laboratory was closed, and part of the animals fled into the forest. Animals adapted and soon felt like full owners. By the way, even today they behave as the only owners of the island, so be careful.

Today, more than one and a half thousand monkeys live on Hon Lao, the island received the status of a reserve. Most animals are peaceful and friendly, in contact with humans and are not afraid of tourists. Sometimes in a fit of friendliness, a monkey can steal a bag or small personal items.

Circus performance on Monkey Island

If you are tired of wandering around the island, you can visit the circus, here in addition to monkeys there are elephants, bears, dog races are held. A visit to the show is included in the price of admission to Hong Lao.

Hon Lao is a quite tourist island with a developed infrastructure. The Vietnamese provided everything that a tourist might need, and took care of comfort. There are restaurants and cafes serving traditional, national cuisine and European dishes. You can relax in the shade of the spreading gardens and even rent a hotel room. Beach lovers can visit the beach – this is a clean and well-kept coastal strip, where there are several rental points for equipment and equipment for water sports.

  • You can come to the island of monkeys on your own or as part of an excursion group. If you are traveling on your own, follow the Northern Quay, located 20 km from the city center. The shortest route along the QL1, if you drive along the coast, the road will take longer. A ferry regularly departs from the marina to the island; a 30-minute break between flights. The first flight leaves at 9-30, the last – at 16-00. The fare is about 140,000 VND. The road takes only 20 minutes.
  • The excursion program to the island is traditional – in the morning the group is picked up from the hotel in Nha Trang and organizedly brought to the park. Sightseeing and relaxation is all day. In the evening, the same transport brings you back to the hotel. The cost of the tour is from 12 to 50 $. If you want to book an individual trip with a guide, you will have to pay about $ 55.

Take care of comfortable movement, it is best to rent a moped. If you wish, you can ride a carriage. Of course, walking on foot is no less interesting, although more tiring.

Monkeys can only be fed in the park. This rule exists so that animals do not scatter outside the conservation area. Performances in the circus begin at 10-00, 14-00 and at 15-20.

Now you know what to see in Nha Trang and probably make up the route as interesting and informative as possible for yourself. Travel, discover the world and enjoy.

Sights of Nha Trang are marked on the map below (in Russian).

Video: Eagle and Tails in Nha Trang.

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