Tourist’s guide to best beaches of Nha Trang – top 8 to relax

Nha Trang is one of the most popular resorts in Vietnam, where tourists from all over the world are drawn. And no wonder, because the beaches of Nha Trang offer relaxation for every taste: youth with club entertainment until the morning or a real relaxation in the bounty style. In this article you will learn about all the beaches of the city and its environs.

Beach in Nha Trang, Vietnam

City Beach Chang Fu

Of course, the most famous beach in this area. This handsome man stretches for seven kilometers, and it is continuous light sand. Its color is due to the fact that it has a special structure, these are the smallest particles of sea shells. The sand is not as small as in Phuket, but it is very pleasant, walking on it barefoot is a pleasure!

City Beach Chang Fu, Nha Trang
On the city beach of Chang Fu

A stunning promenade stretches along the coastline, and from it you can go down to the beach. Although Chang Fu is located in the city center, there are a lot of greenery around. There are lovely arbors, benches. Around it is clean, the park area and the beach are carefully cleaned, although there are foliage and tree branches on the sand. The beach is municipal, which means that from early morning local residents gather on it to make a morning exercise, do exercises or swim.

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No weather in winter at Chang Fu beach

True, you should not swim here in winter. From November to March there is seasonal bad weather. The wind rises, which drives the waves. Some daredevils, of course, decide to go for a swim, but you definitely don’t need to go to Chiang Fu with your children these months. The rest of the time is beauty! The sand heats up in the sun, at lunchtime, barefoot, you will have to skip barefoot to the sea. The bottom on Chiang Fu is flat, gentle, the entry and depth are comfortable.

A tempting plate in Russian at a cafe on Chang Fu Beach, Nha Trang

Right on the beach you can start trying Vietnamese cuisine. It is full of various cafes and restaurants where they cook wonderfully, especially in that part of the beach where most of the hotels with positive reviews are located . But those who missed European dishes can also find a suitable institution. Russian tourists, for example, adore the Gorky Park restaurant.

Chang Fu beach in Nha Trang is full of signs in Russian, even in the menu you can find the Cyrillic alphabet.

Calm Paragon Beach

Unlike the city center, where huge waves often rise, the place is more calm. It is a pristine beach.

Paragon Beach
How to get to Paragon Beach in Nha Trang?
Bus tickets for bus number 4

Everyone can use bus number 4 (travel – 7 thousand dongs), which runs along the third line. You need to get off at the last stop of Winperl and walk another fifteen minutes on your own. First, go a little in the opposite direction to the intersection and there turn left. Another option is to call from the final taxi (cost about 80,000 VND).

In general, the road by public transport takes about forty minutes. To go back, you need to come to the final stop. Often the bus is already taking passengers or will have to wait a maximum of a quarter of an hour.

Paragon Features
Paragon is more like an artificial pool

Paragon is hardly a beach in the literal sense of the word. If you look at the beaches of Nha Trang in the photo, it is immediately easy to recognize. It is more like an artificial pool in a natural environment. The coastal part of the sea is fenced off by a cliff. That is, in any weather there are no waves and debris that nails during a storm. The sand is light, so the water looks turquoise. The sandbar is wide, which means that small children will be free here.

You can rent a sunbed under an umbrella

Some lack vibrancy of sea waves. But the enclosed space is quite spacious, and there is no impression of isolation. And during a storm, which can last several days, it is better to swim in such a closed beach than to admire the ramparts on Chiang Fu.

Before the return road, you can rinse your legs near the villa, which is located on the edge. Behind the fence near the pool there is a hose with a tap. Local people do not hesitate to wash their feet there, and tourists use it.

Of the minuses – the modest size of the beach, few sunbeds and umbrellas. 40 thousand dongs pay for admission (children are free), plus another twenty – for admission to the sea. There is nowhere to eat, because there is a cafe only at the entrance. It is better to take a snack and water with you if you are going to visit Paragon Beach (Nha Trang).

Picturesque Pearl Beach

This beach is quite far from Nha Trang. It is most convenient to book an excursion (in a Russian travel agency it will cost about 33 cu with a snack). Now some tourist agencies from Nha Trang are taking tourists here. It’s hard to get there on your own, buses do not run.

Pearl beach
What is the difference between Pearl Beach and others?
Stone lighthouse on the territory of Pearl Beach

The pearl beach in Nha Trang is little known, which means there are almost no people on it. It is located south of Nha Trang. Entrance to the hotel (this includes the beach) is paid -50.000 VND. There is a restaurant on the water and there is a magnificent stone lighthouse. Around huge boulders, palm trees, wooden houses on stilts – the views here are unforgettable. At least once you should go for beautiful pictures. If you plan to take photos of white sand beaches in Nha Trang, then come here.

Huge boulders on the beach

The beach is small but beautiful. In season, the water is clean, warm, even during the day there are no waves, unlike Nha Trang. Umbrellas are natural, from palm leaves. If you book an excursion, drinks and fruits will be handed out to you on the beach. But in winter the water becomes dirty: in the off-season, many packages and other garbage are nailed to the shore.

Of the minuses – the infrastructure is not developed at all (except for a lonely restaurant and hotel) and far to Nha Trang. In general, a nice place where you will feel calm and unity with nature.

Cheerful Louisiana Beach

Louisiana Beach
Where is it and how to get there?
It looks like bus number 4

Strictly speaking, there is no separate beach called Louisiana, it is part of the city beach, which belongs to the amazing cafe of the same name. Therefore, it makes no sense to write separately about the sea – everything is the same as on Chang Fu. “Louisiana” is an institution with its own brewery, so true lovers of a foamy drink flock here. Indeed, it has its own pool and beach. The cafe is located near the middle of the city beach.

You can get there on foot if you walk along the city beach in the direction of the cable car (Vinpearl), take a taxi, tell the driver the name of the restaurant, or take buses No. 2, 4 or 5. The stop is called “Central Beach”, then go a hundred meters to the lotus.

What is on Louisiana Beach?
Louisiana Restaurant Entrance from the Sea

The restaurant offers visitors comfortable loungers with mattresses and sun loungers near the shore. The territory is clean, well-groomed. Despite selling alcohol around calmly, visitors are not rampaging. The guards monitor the things of vacationers and drive away annoying local sellers.

Waiters at Louisiana Beach (Nha Trang) serve people around the beach, quickly bring beer and snacks. If the sea waves, you can use the pool. A shower and toilets are also included. The price for renting a sunbed is less than two dollars, a glass of 0.6 liters of branded beer is 3 dollars with a tail. You can guess the action: 3 times a week from noon to an hour and from four to five in the evening when buying two glasses of 0.3 liters, the third is poured for free. By the way, the beer is excellent! They give him salted nuts for free, you just need to ask the waiter.

Tables by the pool

At the tables by the pool, the Internet catches well, and there are interruptions on trestle beds. Among the shortcomings: from the sun loungers that stand by the pool, they ask to get off after four in the evening, because the staff of Louisiana prepares tables for dinner. A restaurant works (like its beach) from seven in the morning to one in the morning. Of the minuses – quite expensive compared to other places.

All in all a pleasant place. No one runs up and does not see if you took a drink to get the right to occupy a sunbed and splash around in the pool. In the evening, live music is played on Louisiana Beach.

Deserted Bai Dai

Translated from the Vietnamese language, Bai Dai (pronounced Bai Zai in Russian) means “long beach.” He really is – stretched as much as 15 km. There used to be a military base, it is 20 km south of Nha Trang.

Bai Dai Beach
Bai Zai Beach, Nha Trang – how to get there?

You can get by renting a car or taxi. You can bargain with the driver: for 500 thousand dong you will pay for the road from the city and back with the expectation. This is a common thing in Southeast Asia: the client is resting – the driver is waiting. Payment upon delivery, in Nha Trang.

Visible trash on the Bai Dai beach

The beach, of course, is not as comfortable as Chang Fu. Natural garbage is everywhere here: twigs, leaves, algae … But Bai Zai is not in vain among the best beaches of Nha Trang. An atmosphere of peace and spirituality pervades everyone. The sea is clean and calm (waves only in winter). There are few people, and the landscapes are fascinating.

If you got here on a rented car or motorcycle, you can leave them in the “parking lot”. This is a small area where you can leave an iron horse. Locals take a bribe of only 5 thousand VND – for this money they will act as security guards. You can not worry about transport, because for residents this is one of the main types of earnings (except for the sale of seafood).

Bai Dai Attractions and Prices

Bai Dai Beach in Nha Trang is great for surfing: in winter there is a decent wave. You can rent a surf: an hour will have to pay 180 thousand dong. There are different boards to choose from, in poor English the owner will explain which one is best suited for what purposes. They take money only after the board is returned – they trust.

Surfboards for hire

Infrastructure is only at the very beginning of the Bai Zaya, from the side of the city. There are several cafes. The menu of local restaurants offers translation of the names of dishes into Russian. True, it is difficult to understand what a snapper or triggerfish is. And the owners often do not know a word in Russian. Local merchants have not yet been spoiled by tourists, even rejoice at a tip of 20,000 dong. The prices are low, and the attitude towards customers is cordial.

Long kilometers of wild beach

For cafes go long kilometers of a wild beach with snow-white soft sand and crystal sea water. Local marine litter is removed at low tide. The Vietnamese do not think much about recycling, just bury the finds in the sand. The entrance to the sea does not change depending on the ebb and flow: it remains gentle, but the shallow water at low tide is small.

Fishermen are frequent guests here. They swim in boats in the form of basins – it looks very authentic!

Original Jungle Beach

Original Jungle Beach
Jungle Beach Sign

This is also a remote beach, where public transport does not go. If you remove the bike, you can drive from the center of Nha Trang to the beach in an hour. You have to be prepared that the traffic is crazy: on the road, trucks and trucks drive no worse than riders, and often motorcyclists rush along the oncoming traffic. It will take 65 km north of the city. On your own, you need to go along the highway AN1. When you see the Huyndai Shipbuilding sign, turn right.

You can hide from the scorching sun under a canopy

Having passed along the coast, you will see fishermen and feel the aromas of fresh fish. You will make sure that you did not go in vain. The place is magical, from those that are painted in the paintings. You can stay in a real bungalow. The owner is a man who is probably already under a hundred years old. For $ 65 a day, you can live happily with three meals a day. Or you can pay for a one-time visit ($ 5).

The same bungalow

You can call between two hotels and in this no man’s land everything will be free. If you will not be in a taxi, but on a rented vehicle, it is convenient to purchase gas from local ones. At the front door of the houses you will see green bottles. Drinks can also be bought. In general, “Jungle Beach” is a paradise! Clean beach, not loaded with people.

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Winperl Island Beach

Vinpearl is a wonderful island where they created a magnificent huge amusement park. This large green island has everything a tourist needs. If you come to Vietnam, to Nha Trang and love the beaches, then you must definitely come here! Moreover, even the road to the island is already an adventure.

Winperl Island Beach
How to get there
Cable Car to Winperla

You can get to Winperl (by the way, actually called Hong Che) by ferry by sea or by cable car. Of course, the second option is much more picturesque: you can enjoy the views of the sea and islands around. The cable car starts from the central box office of Winperl, at the Nha Trang port. The cost of a ticket for an adult is 800,000 dong (about $ 35). The price includes travel by funicular (in both directions) and entrance to all parts of the park.

Things to do?

The park is just wonderful! It has a lot of entertainment, but you can easily get lost. We advise you to take a free card and move on it.

Winperl Amusement Park Map
Sunbeds at Winperl Beach

Visitors to Winperl say that one day for a local amusement park is negligible, for sure you will want to come again. There is an amusement park, and an arcade, and a shopping area with souvenirs and decorations (prices are higher than in Nha Trang), and a water park, and an electric sled, and an aquarium, and even a fountain show!

On the beach – as always, white sand, crystal azure water (warmer than on the city shore), an abundance of sunbeds and umbrellas and no problems in order to take a place. You can rent a jet ski, the cost of this pleasure is about $ 44 / hour.

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The report is an hour’s drive from Nha Trang. A separate article describes all the features of visiting Zoklet beach and how to get to it from Nha Trang . Here is snow-white sand, water, like fresh milk. Waves happen, but small. At the bottom there is only sand, no unpleasant surprises in the form of sharp shells or corals.

Zoklet Beach
Sunbeds on the beach Zoklet

By the way, almost all the beaches of Nha Trang have stunning sand, which is loved not only by tourists, but also by sand flies. Insect bites are not dangerous, but itch very much, and the wounds heal for a long time. There are remedies in local pharmacies: just show the bite to the pharmacist and they will give you the medicine.

Still worth being careful with the sun. On the Vietnamese coast, even those who usually only get a tan burn up. Do not be lazy to use strong creams from the sun, and then the beaches of Nha Trang will leave you only pleasant memories.

The beaches and attractions of Nha Trang are marked on the map in Russian.

And finally – a video from Nha Trang.

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