Best places to eat in Mui Ne – top recommended restaurants

Mui Ne restaurants are famous for the variety of gastronomic delights that can satisfy the taste of any tourist. Therefore, on every street you can find various catering establishments, from street eateries to cozy restaurants. The cuisine here is very different – Chinese, European, Asian, Indian and even Mexican. Do not be surprised if, when asking where to eat in Mui Ne, in response you will hear about Phan Thiet and its restaurants. Despite the fact that between these resorts 22 km, for local residents they are inseparable. In general, if you wondered where to eat in Phan Thiet, then our article will help you answer it.

Where to eat in Mui Ne

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Surfing Bird’s WOK

At Surfing Bird's WOK Restaurant

Surfing Bird’s WOK Restaurant specializes in Chinese, Asian and fusion cuisines. The interior of the establishment is made in the style traditional for Asian resorts. Even small details of decor, kitchen utensils and uniforms of personnel are designed in the same marine theme. Tables are located on the street. In fact, this is a kitchen with a spacious food court.

Surfing Bird's WOK Chicken Noodles
Chicken noodles

Especially popular among visitors are cheesecakes, green curry, chicken noodles. Do not miss the opportunity to eat the famous Singaporean chicken with cashew nuts. The restaurant also has a wide selection of drinks, which are prepared from freshly squeezed juices, sugar syrup and lime juice. The establishment is popular among Russian-speaking tourists, as the owners of Surfing Bird’s WOK are Russian. I serve quickly and politely, they will always advise all the freshest and most delicious.

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Surfing Bird's WOK Restaurant Menu

The low cost of food, this is another weighty argument to eat at the Fantiet restaurant. For example, rice with chicken will cost 75,000 VND, a vegetarian option will cost 60,000, beef noodles 65,000 dong, cheesecake 50,000, and lemonade will cost 25,000 VND per glass. It is worth noting that the portions are very large, so feel free to divide them into two.

The facility is located on Dong Vui Street, to the left of the beer bar. But if you take a taxi, it’s best to call the exact address: Dong Vui Food Court, Nguyen Dinh Chieu 246, Phan Thiet. The restaurant opens at 12 noon, and ends at 22.30.


Tuna Salad - Tuna sashimi


Tuna sashimi

The best cafes and restaurants of Muine are located along the coast. Sandals Restaurant invites visitors to sample European, local and Asian cuisine. In addition, the menu features international and fusion cuisine. First of all, here you should eat the famous Vietnamese soup “fo”, Tuna sashimi – the best salad of tuna, fettuccine masala and various variations of seafood dishes. The interior of the restaurant is decorated in an East Asian style and looks elegant. Having been in this place, you will surely decide the question of where to eat in Mui Ne tasty and overlooking the sea.

Ordering at Sandals Restaurant

The European presentation and the design of each order are impressive. The staff is very polite and qualified, there are no problems in understanding. For children there is a separate menu. The average check for three is $ 40-50.

Taxi drivers do not particularly remember the names of establishments, especially if they are not local. Therefore, it is best to know the exact address: 24 Nguyen Dinh Chieu | Mia Resort Mui Ne, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet (area of ​​the Mia Resort hotel).


The cozy Sindbad Restaurant serves the finest delicacies of Turkish, Mediterranean, Greek and Middle Eastern cuisines. In addition, it offers the best dishes for lovers of vegetarian cuisine and fans of fast food. Everyone who has been here unanimously claims that in this restaurant Fantiet cook the best kebab, kebab and shawarma.

Sindbad Restaurant Interior

A small but very popular establishment with a pleasant atmosphere and smiling staff. The restaurant in Phan Thiet is suitable for those who are tired of the spiciness and exoticism of local dishes or do not perceive Vietnamese cuisine at all. You can eat the ordered lunch or dinner in the cafe, or you can take it with you. You can choose hamburgers and soft drinks from the menu if you want to make a light snack. The average check for two is 180-200.000 (VND).

Tomorrow at Sindbad Restaurant

The restaurant is located on the coastline, where almost all the best gastronomic establishments of Mui Ne are located.

  • Address: 233 Nguyen Dinh Chieu | opposite Pogo Club, Phan Thiet 12345, Vietnam.
  • It works from 11 am until late at night.



At Pizzets Restaurant in Phan Thiet

The affordable prices and the cozy atmosphere of the Pizzets restaurant in Phan Thiet made him a good name. The menu features Chinese and Asian cuisines. Already by the name you can understand that its main highlight is pizza and a variety of fast food. But supporters of vegetarian food can eat, the choice of fresh vegetables and herbs is quite diverse.

This is one of the best restaurants, both for a quick snack, and for hearty family dinners. If you like pizza, which is prepared according to original recipes in 30 variants, then you can always order it directly to your room, delivery is carried out to all areas of Phan Thiet.

It looks like pizza in the restaurant Pizzets

The food in the restaurant is always delicious and hearty at home. Spaghetti with seafood, olives and green sauce are popular among visitors, and you can also eat wok noodles with chicken, shrimp or vegetables.

Prices can be called symbolic, for example, the same wok will cost you 65,000 VND, and pizza prices start at 100,000 VND.

  • The restaurant is located at: Mui Ne, 215NDC, Phan Thiet.
  • Opening hours – from 12.00 to 22.00.

El Cafe International Vegetarian Food

Interior of El Cafe International Vegeterian Food Restaurant

Are you looking for where to eat healthy plant foods in Mui Ne? Then the next restaurant is for you! The eastern charming El Cafe International Vegeterian Food specializes exclusively in vegetarian dishes, so don’t even think about stuttering about a meat menu.

The restaurant offers European, Mexican, Middle Eastern and international dishes. In addition, the menu abounds with Indian desserts.

To say that they cook here is delicious, to say nothing. First of all, we recommend eating shahi panir, sushi, as well as the best falafel in Mui Ne and Phan Thiet. You can order a ginger tonic to them!

Dinner at El Cafe International Vegeterian Food Restaurant

Of the desserts – the favorite delicacy of many gulab jamunas. These are tender balls of dough, fried in oil and soaked in sweet aromatic syrup. And, of course, “fret”, here they are offered in three versions – chocolate, coconut and nut.

All the names of dishes on the menu are written in three languages, including Russian. With such a rich choice of food, the low cost of dishes is pleasantly surprising. For example, a portion of sushi will cost 45,000 VND, a portion of manchou soup – 55,000 VND. Many-loved falafel costs between 55 and 90,000 VND, depending on the number of balls per serving.

  • Restaurant located at: 246 / 2b, Nguyen Dinh Chieu | Dong Vui Food Court, Mui Ne, Phan Thiet 801090.
  • Schedule – from 12 to 22.00.

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Breeze restaurant & bar

The interior of the restaurant Breeze Restaurant & Bar

Breeze Restaurant & Bar, like many restaurants in Mui Ne (Vietnam), offers a varied menu including the best dishes of Asian, European and local cuisines. A distinctive feature of the institution is that the menu contains dishes for visitors with gluten intolerance.

Dinner at Breeze Restaurant & Bar

The Breeze Restaurant is located on site, with stylish décor and beautiful panoramic views creating a relaxing atmosphere. In addition to everything, there is a wonderful swimming pool with cool water, so you can not only eat well, but also refresh yourself. Especially popular are seafood dishes, fresh salads with meat and shrimp. Be sure to eat cold cuts and the best fish soup with pineapple and mint. The portions are large, the service is polite and fairly quick. The average check for two is 800,000 VND.

View from Breeze Restaurant & Bar

The restaurant is located at a decent distance from the coastline of Mui Ne, you have to climb a hill. But it is precisely this arrangement that gives unforgettable views during lunch.

  • Location: 69 Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street, Ham Tien Ward, Phan Thiet.
  • Open from 8am to late evening.

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Deja vu

The dejavu restaurant in Muine is one of the best gastronomic establishments in the Phan Thiet region. Visitors will enjoy live music, a varied entertainment program and delicious food. The menu includes dishes of Asian, European, Vietnamese and Russian cuisines.

Dinner at the Dejavu Restaurant
Open kitchen of dejavu restaurant

The highlight of the establishment is the open kitchen, when the cook not only prepares a dish with you, but also tells. Everything is prepared here, from crickets to snakes. Especially tasty here are cooked tuna, golden carp and scallops, stewed in oil with garlic. Visitors recommend trying an ostrich and crocodile meat steak. The price tag here is slightly higher than the average in Phan Thiet and Mui Ne. As a rule, lunch for two costs 700-800,000 dong.

Entertainment program at Dejavu restaurant

Entertainment programs that take place every Friday include an ancient cobra ritual, ethnic dances, lion shows and dragon dances. Not many Mui Ne restaurants have this. The menu is written in Russian, English and Vietnamese. Russian-speaking staff pleasantly surprises with its competence and quick service.

  • Restaurant Address: 21 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ham Tien, Mui Ne.
  • Opening hours – from 10 a.m. to 12 a.m.

The prices on the page are for February 2018.

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