Weather in the UAE in October – is a beach holiday in Dubai in October worth it?

Locals jokingly say – in the UAE there are two seasons – hot and very hot. For an inexperienced tourist, one might get the impression that the temperature is comfortable throughout the year, however, this is not so. In the summer months, the air is heated to such an extent that even swimming in the sea does not bring relief. Europeans prefer to rest in Dubai from November to April, but travelers from the CIS countries are more accustomed to high summer temperatures, so they open the season in October and rest until May. The topic of our article is the weather in the UAE in October.

Beach in Dubai

UAE General Weather Information

The United Arab Emirates are located in the tropical desert zone, it is the geographical location that determines the weather in the country – very hot. A distinctive feature of the climate of the Emirates is the reduced oxygen content in the air – not more than 80% of the established norm. This can cause drowsiness and lethargy. Precipitation in any form is rare for the country – there are cases when the number of clear days in a year reaches 360.

It is important! In recent years, such natural disasters as sandstorms and hurricanes have become more frequent, they occur in the first half of spring. The farther the resort is from the sea coast, the higher the probability of being in the midst of a sandstorm.

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Conventionally, in the UAE there are two climatic zones – coastal and desert. In desert regions, there are large differences between daytime and nighttime temperatures, average daytime temperatures are higher and nighttime temperatures are lower compared to coastal regions.

UAE desert region

Winter in the regions located off the coast is warm – on average +25 ° C, and at night – +14 ° C. In the desert and highlands, it is colder by about 3-5 ° C. In winter, swimming in the Persian Gulf is not so comfortable – the water is cooled to + 17- + 19 ° C. In the second half of winter and early spring, fogs occur in coastal regions.

Summer in Dubai and in all the Emirates is very hot, in the afternoon the air warms up to +45 ° C, given that the water warms up to +30 ° C, bathing does not bring long-awaited relief.

Good to know! In the summer months, the air humidity in the country is 90%, so most people can hardly tolerate rest in such conditions. By the way, many locals leave for countries in the summer where the climate is milder.

The hottest month of the year is July (up to +45 ° C during the day and up to +30 ° C at night), and the coldest is January (up to +21 ° C during the day, up to +15 ° C at night). Most precipitation falls in February.

From October to May, a fairly comfortable temperature is set in the country – the maximum daily temperature rarely exceeds +35 ° C. The sun is more gentle, respectively, high humidity is much easier to carry.

Beach holidays in October in the UAE

The weather in the Emirates in October differs at the beginning and at the end of the month. If you are planning a trip to the first days of October, bring clothing made from natural fabrics. Leisure at the end of the month may already require long-sleeved clothing.

Features of rest in the UAE in October

Many are afraid to go to the United Arab Emirates because of the hot climate. However, observing simple rules, you can easily transfer the heat:

  • When going on a trip, be sure to bring an awning or umbrella;
  • Do not leave the room without a hat;
  • use cream for safe tanning;
  • drink more water, the optimal volume is 8-10 glasses;
  • unload the diet as much as possible, eat more vegetables and fruits.

Good to know! In the Emirates there is no concept of a “beach season”. Regardless of the time and month of the year, all hotels work, attractions await guests, shops are open.

A few words about holiday prices in the UAE

In October, in all tourist regions, primarily in Dubai, there is an increase in accommodation prices, on average, prices increase by 15-25%. Of course, the most significant jump in prices occurs in the most popular resort regions – Dubai, Abu Dhabi. If your financial resources are limited, choose a standard tour – accommodation in a three-star hotel with breakfast.

Zoo in Al Ain
Al ain zoo

The most affordable prices are presented in remote regions. For example, the emirate of Umm al-Quwain, it occupies only 1% of the total area of ​​the country. It is attractive, first of all, with its oriental flavor, the opportunity to visit the date garden and amazing landscapes. The class of hotels here is declining, respectively, prices are lower. Another remote resort is Al Ain. Attracts admirers of historical and architectural attractions. The largest zoo in the Middle East operates here.

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Weather in the United Arab Emirates in October

Weather in the United Arab Emirates in October

It is in October that the full-fledged tourist season starts in the UAE. Of course, at the beginning of the month the weather is more suitable for a beach holiday. At the end of the month, the weather is more suitable for a full-fledged tourist program – relaxing on the beach and visiting attractions.

It should be understood that the climate in the Persian and Oman gulfs is different. The Gulf resorts are still hot in the summer. The weather in October in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah is quite hot during the day – up to +35 ° C, and at night it drops to +27 ° C. Water temperature remains at +31 ° C.

In the regions of the Gulf of Oman, it is a little cooler – during the day +33 degrees, at night +25 degrees, the water cools down to +24 degrees.

Interesting fact! If you are afraid of rainfall, do not worry – in October, the probability of rain in the UAE is almost zero. Humidity is 60%, foggy in the morning.

What is the weather like in the UAE in October
Resort Temperature indicators
In the afternoon At night Water
Dubai +36 +28 +31
Abu Dhabi +35 +27 +31
Sharjah +35 +28 +30
Ajman +36 +28 +31
Fujairah +33 +27 +30
Sunbathing on the UAE Beach

Starting in mid-October, optimal weather for tourists is established in Dubai and throughout the UAE. You must admit that it is always pleasant to sunbathe on the beach when fellow countrymen wrap themselves in scarves, put on jackets and wear hats. Thus, a vacation in the Emirates in the second half of October is a great way to extend the summer, but do not forget to bring a tracksuit and light windbreaker with you.

October is considered one of the sunniest months of the year. Even cloudy days are a rarity. Precipitation is only 0.1 mm. As for the wind, it is usually present, but not significant – the average wind strength is 3.9 m / s.

Good to know! The average daily number of hours when the sun’s rays reach the surface of the earth is almost 12 hours.

Sea in the Emirates
Fujairah on the Indian Ocean

The United Arab Emirates is washed by the Persian Gulf and the Gulf of Oman, which is part of the Indian Ocean. Only Fujairah is located on the shores of the Indian Ocean, the rest of the resort regions are washed by the Persian Gulf.

The sea in the Emirates is different. The most calm, waveless, sea in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. This is due to the presence of artificial islands that inhibit gusts of wind. In Sharjah and Ajman, the weather is more windy, there are strong waves.

Diving at Korfakan

If your goal is diving and underwater beauty, pay attention to Korfakan – a suburb of Sharjah. The town is small, around the sea, rich in marine inhabitants and picturesque vegetation. Affects the proximity of the Indian Ocean. Here you can find several sharks and even whales.

About the weather in October in Dubai and other resort regions, tourists say. Reviews are mostly positive. Many say that a pleasant breeze blows from the sea in the morning and evening, the heat is almost not felt, I don’t want to go to the hotel, I want to spend more time outdoors. High humidity is not felt. The big advantage is that you do not need to take a large number of warm clothes on your trip in October, you can get by with traditional summer clothes.

Tour of the Emirates

Another big plus of traveling to the Emirates in October is that you can devote time not only to beach vacations, but also to go on excursions, go shopping, take a walk around the night city. The weather contributes to this.

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To summarize

Holidays in the Emirates

We can safely say that the weather in October and the water temperature in the UAE are the most comfortable for relaxation. The trip will be remembered for many years and will leave only a pleasant impression.

At this time of the year, the air in Dubai is not so hot, instead of the summer +50 ° C come the more comfortable +35 ° C. Humidity, although it remains high, still does not affect the amount of precipitation – they practically do not exist, and it is much easier to tolerate such a climate than summer heat.

Water temperature in the UAE

The water in the sea is still warm, it undoubtedly pleases adults and children, however, in the mornings there are dense, thick mists above the water. Some even look a little scared, but the sun’s rays quickly disperse the fog and the weather again becomes clear and cloudless.

When researching the weather in Dubai in October, consider traveler reviews. Some travelers note strong ebbs when the sea in the afternoon goes almost to the buoys. Tourists also recommend traveling to the Emirates in the second half of October. The weather in the UAE in October (the second half of the month) pleases the resort with + 30- + 33 ° C during the day, at night you can relax, enjoying +25 ° C, and the water in the sea resembles fresh milk.

What you still do not know about Dubai – watch the video.

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