Tourist’s guide to the legendary Burj Al Arab Hotel in Dubai

“Burj al-Arab” – this hotel has added to the list of the most amazing buildings on Earth. Everything can be considered surprising here: architecture, height, location, interior, prices.

Burj Al Arab Hotel

The hotel is not in vain called the “Arab Tower” – that is how the “Burj Al Arab” is translated – because its height is 321 meters

The silhouette of the hotel, having the shape of a huge sail, since 1999 serves as the lighthouse of Dubai. The unique architectural solution became the reason that the “Burj al-Arab” received an unofficial name – “Sail”.

Parus Hotel is located in Dubai, 15 km from the city center. It rises above the water, on a specially built island for this building, 280 meters from the coast and connected to it by a bridge. Exact location: Jumeirah Beach, Dubai, UAE.

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Burj Al Arab at night

At the beginning of the bridge there is a checkpoint with security officers: they let only those who have booked a room into the hotel. But even if the very high price does not allow you to stay at the hotel, you can still get to its territory. The guards will miss if you book a table in any restaurant of the Burj Al Arab Hotel. In addition, you can take advantage of another opportunity: many travel agencies in Dubai organize excursions to a skyscraper.

The story of Burj Al Arab

Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum
Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum

The ideological creator and investor of this unusual hotel is the Prime Minister of the United Arab Emirates and the Emir of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum. Sheikh Mohammed decided to make the country an exclusive resort on the entire area of ​​Dubai for the richest segments of the Earth’s population. A very far-sighted plan, given that after several decades the main source of state revenue in the form of oil deposits will cease to exist. The implementation of this plan was greatly facilitated by the favorable geographical location of the UAE off the coast of the Persian Gulf and the warm climate. Among other projects, the Burj Al-Arab Hotel has become a very thoughtful step towards ensuring the financial stability of the state in the future.

By the way, the price of such a large-scale project was never announced anywhere. But even the number of stars the Parus Hotel in Dubai, which ranks first in the list of the most luxurious hotels on the planet, testifies to a lot. Officially, it is considered a 5 * hotel, but thanks to the luxury reigning in its walls, it was secretly recognized as the “only 7 * hotel.”

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Outline of the project of the hotel Burj Al Arab

A whole team of designers headed by Tom Wright from Britain worked on the project of the future hotel. Previously, Tom Wright’s track record included only projects for offices and educational institutions, but Sheikh Mohammed was so impressed with the unusual ideas about the new building that he signed a contract with the architect and his team.

A sail building is something completely new and to some extent even challenging. Moreover, for the inhabitants of Dubai, in the history of which there was sailing, and pearl mining, and even piracy, the sail is an important symbol. To create a complete image, it was necessary for the Burj Al Arab Hotel to rise directly above the water and resemble a magnificent sea ship. Therefore, it was necessary to erect it on the island.

Man made island
Creation of an island under the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Since there was no natural island, we had to create an artificial one. At the same time, the price of Sheikh Mohammed’s question did not bother him at all – he agreed to any expenses.

At first, they created a stone embankment, the height of which did not exceed the level of sea waters. To give the embankment beautiful shape and reduce the strength of the waves, it was lined with concrete blocks of a specially designed porous structure. The blocks function like a sponge: during the impact of a wave, water passes into large pores, and in smaller pores a powerful stream dissipates into small jets – back the wave pours out “exhausted”, losing 92% the impact force.

In 1995, the first stage of the project was carried out – at a distance of 280 m from the coast, the builders erected a safe, beautiful form, rising from the water only 7 m from the island. It became the first artificial island in the world, adapted exclusively for a heavy high-rise structure.

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Architectural features of the “Sail”

Architectural features of the "Sail"

Any skyscraper needs a solid foundation. An invisible but very solid foundation for the Burj al-Arab foundation in Dubai was 250 reinforced concrete piles 40 m high – they were driven into an artificial embankment to a depth of 20 m. The total length of such a fortification was more than 10 km. To withstand the powerful pressure of the water pushing the foundation to the surface, a giant mixture of cement mortar and glue was pumped into the embankment using giant syringes.

Fearing that concrete walls would not hold the entire structure of a high-rise structure, the team of Tom Wright came up with a very original solution: a steel frame was made, encircling a skyscraper and becoming the outer skeleton of the building. It is noteworthy that this frame of durable cables has a very aesthetic appearance and is considered a distinctive element of the tower.

Hotel's huge sail made of fiberglass

The huge sail of the legendary hotel is made of fiberglass with a teflon surface – it serves as a reliable protection against dirt. Such an unusual design is the world’s largest fabric wall. In the afternoon, it emits extremely bright whiteness, and in the dark it is used as a screen for projections of a grandiose light show.

Interior Design

The interior was developed by the famous designer Kuan Chu. She did a great job, everyone can be convinced of this, just by looking at the photo of the Parus Hotel in Dubai.

Interior Design Burj Al Arab

To emphasize the spirit of wealth and luxury, the most expensive materials were used for the interior decoration of the hotel. It took 1,590 m² of gold foil of the highest standard, and Italian and Brazilian marble were brought in so much that they could cover three football fields – 24,000 m². In addition, valuable wood, precious and semiprecious stones, finest leather, velvet fabrics, and silver threads were used.

Inside the building there are chic spiral staircases made of gilded cast iron, marble columns stand, the floor is decorated with oriental mosaics.

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Rooms and prices at the Burj Al Arab Hotel

Despite the impressive size of the skyscraper, there are only 28 floors, and 202 rooms. The smallest has an area of ​​169 m², the largest – 780 m². All rooms in the Burj Al Arab are two-level suites with a royal stop, offering an impeccable level of comfort.

Room at Burj Al Arab

Prices here are very high: they range from $ 1,500 to $ 28,000 per room per night. But, despite such impressive prices for rooms at the Parus Hotel in Dubai, there are always guests here. Among the vacationers are mainly oligarchs from all over the world, presidents and prime ministers. Sheikh Mohammed also has a favorite residence here.

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Service at Burj Al Arab

In the legendary “Burj al-Arab” not only numbers and prices are amazing, but also an unsurpassed level of service and maintenance. For vacationers are provided:

Rolls-Royce Transfer
  • transfer by helicopter or Rolls-Royce;
  • restaurants and bars of the highest level (a total of 9);
  • terrace with 3 outdoor and 2 indoor swimming pools, with a private beach;
  • Wild Wadi Waterpark;
  • Talise Spa
  • Talise Fitness
  • Children’s Center Sinbad.

In addition, one of the key features of the Parus Hotel is personal service. The hotel employs more than 1,600 people. Each room is serviced by 8 people, and a team of butlers around the clock monitors the fulfillment of customer wishes. The pinnacle of hospitality is the marhab ceremony: the hotel staff welcomes visitors who have just stepped into the territory of Burj Al Arab with chilled, refreshing towels, dates and coffee.

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An island with “Sail” is connected to the “big land” by an elegant bridge – it is through it that guests who prefer traveling by car can get to the hotel. The hotel has a large-scale Rolls-Royce park, where guests are transported along the airport-hotel route, and sightseeing trips around Dubai are also held for them. The transfer price between Burj al-Arab and the airport varies seasonally and starts from 900 dirhams one way.

Burj Al Arab has its own helipad

Burj Al Arab is one of the few hotels in the world that has its own helipad, equipped on the 28th floor. The airport is 25 km away, and a helicopter transfer from there takes only 15 minutes. Such a service will cost 10,000 dirhams for one passenger + 1,500 dirhams for additional passengers (the largest number is 4 people). The hotel also offers air tours over Dubai and the artificial islands.

Helipad used as a tennis court

By the way, while helicopters do not land on a round helipad, it is used as a tennis court.


Each institution in the “Sail” can be considered special, both in terms of interior and assortment of dishes. But some establishments are absolutely unique.

Restaurant Al Mahara
Al mahara

At the 1st level of the skyscraper, the Al Mahara restaurant operates , into which an elevator submarine takes. The institution has equipped a large-scale aquarium filled with sea water in the amount of 990,000 liters (35,000 m³). The tank is home to 700 exotic fish species that visitors can watch while eating. The menu here includes seafood dishes, prices for one visitor start from $ 160.

Breakfast at Sahn Eddar Restaurant
Sahn eddar

Sahn Eddar is also located on the same floor , where you can enjoy not only the cuisine, but also the “live” classical music. It serves international cuisine, has an excellent collection of drinks, and organizes tea ceremonies. Prices – from $ 80 per visitor.

Al Muntaha Restaurant is a dream come true for a vacation in the clouds. Al Muntaha is located on the 27th floor (200 m high), a panoramic elevator takes visitors to it. You can take unique photos both from the elevator and from the windows of this restaurant of the Burj Al Arab Hotel: panoramic views of Dubai and the Persian Gulf with artificial islands are amazing. European dishes are served here, and prices start at $ 150 per visitor.

At Al Muntaha Restaurant
Al muntaha

Important: restaurants strictly enforce the dress code. For women, this is an elegant dress or suit, for men – trousers, shoes, a shirt and a jacket (this part of the wardrobe can be taken at the entrance to the institution).


The entertainment complex Wild Wadi is recognized as one of the most interesting and impressive water parks in the world. It offers guests (kids and adults) 30 slides and attractions, rafting on the river, swimming pools with waves.

Wild Wadi Waterpark

The water park is located in the open air, it can be reached on foot or reached by free buggy.

Guests of the Parus Hotel in Dubai may not be interested in water entertainment prices: they are given the right to freely enter Wild Wadi for the entire stay.


Especially for the guests of Burj al-Arab, Talise Spa has developed a menu with procedures that use rare natural ingredients.

At Talise Spa
Fitness center
Fitness Center Talise Fitness

Talise Fitness is a prestigious club in which an individual approach to each client is practiced. For guests of the “Sail” excellent opportunities for fitness classes are created here.

Talise Fitness operates every day from 6:00 to 22:00. You can find out the schedule of group classes on the website in the section “Wellness services”.

Kids club

Sinbad Club is designed for visitors aged 3 to 12 years. All day the children are looked after by professional educators. The services of club employees are provided only to those who live in the Parus Hotel, and absolutely free of charge.

You won’t be bored at Sinbad Kids Club! On an area of ​​over 1,000 m², pools and spacious playgrounds for active games, facilities for developing and creative activities are equipped. For children there are books, computers, board games, a large plasma TV with broadcasting children’s TV channels.

Sinbad Club

For younger children there is also a comfortable bedroom with comfortable beds. If necessary, a nanny can be provided for young children.

The doors to the Sinbad Kids Club are open from 8:00 to 19:00. Guests of Burj Al Arab can leave their children in the care of professional Sinbad Club employees and enjoy a relaxing holiday.

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