Tourist’s guide to the Ferrari World Park in Abu Dhabi

Resting in the UAE, do not ignore the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi, on the artificial island of Yas. The Ferrari World Park, which has been hosting visitors since the fall of 2010, is the largest theme park on Earth in the building. It occupies 200,000 m² in area, and the dome of the building rises to a height of 45 m.

Ferrari World, Abu Dhabi

The Ferrari World Park is of particular interest to males, and it’s of completely different ages – from kindergarten to retirement. This is understandable, because even the name is clear: it is dedicated to the legendary Formula -1 racing and everything that has anything to do with them. In addition, this is the only park on Earth dedicated to Ferrari. On its territory there is a car museum, which presents all the models of the legendary Ferrari and various attractions in miniature, as well as many entertaining attractions.

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Ferrari Park: Things to Do

The Ferrari World Abu Dhabi complex is more spectacular, visitors get impressions mainly from catchy design and beautiful cars. But there are attractions, and such that some tourists come to Abu Dhabi specifically for them. Guests of the Mir Ferrari complex can experience vivid emotions by rolling at a great speed on a roller coaster, flying up in a special capsule or flying in the cockpit. Tourists can also safely ride a small car in a separate area dedicated to Italy and enjoy the surrounding views.

And on 3D rides, what is happening seems so real and reliable that you unwittingly start believing in its reliability. For an additional fee, you can even ride on the “Ferrari legend” – this will appeal to both extreme lovers and fans of beautiful cars.

Ferrari World Map

Entertainment in the Ferrari World park is also for children, but not in such a large amount. For the youngest – simple carousels and climbing frames. There is a copy of the race track with pit stops and signs set along the track, which indicate the turns – the speed here is small, like a pedestrian.

Of course, many tourists try to take a photo in memory of their holidays in the Ferrari Park in the United Arab Emirates, especially near popular and extreme attractions.

Formula Rossa

Formula Rossa is a trendy, extreme and scary ride, known as the fastest roller coaster on the planet. The speed here develops up to 240 km / h in 4.9 seconds, acceleration occurs using a hydraulic catapult. In time, the route takes about 2 minutes.

Formula Rossa

The cars are made in the form of the famous Formula 1 cars, and the route repeats the legendary Monza circuit.

Visitors entering the wagons receive special safety glasses – skating is permitted only in them. After the cars arrive at the end of the route, even many adult men leave them pale, with trembling and buckling legs.

Formula Ross is the fastest rollercoaster on the planet

The Formula Rossa usually has the longest turn in the Ferrari World park; you can stand in it from 50 minutes to 3 hours. Having been waiting so much time, and watching how the “flight” is going on, we can conclude whether it is for you to ride these slides.

Fiorano GT Challenge

Visitors to Ferrari Park who have not decided to take a Formula Ross ride will surely appreciate these roller coasters. Although the Fiorano GT Challenge is much inferior in terms of speed, they are fascinating in their own way.

Fiorano GT Challenge

There are two tracks, each of which travels at different speeds along the trailer. A feature of this attraction in the Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi is that parallel tracks are constantly intersecting, and one car or another goes in front.

Flying aces

“Flying Aces” in the Ferrari World park claims to several records at the same time: this is the first hill in the steepness of the initial descent and the highest loop in the world. The basis here is a biplane of the late twentieth century, transmitting the real movements of the aircraft during the flight. For example, here you can perform aerobatics that do not respond to gravity, including a 52-meter loop from an upside-down position. The biplane runs a route of 1.5 km at a speed of 120 km / h.

Flying aces

Without a doubt, the “G-Force” deserves the attention of the guests of the park “Ferrari World” Abu Dhabi. We are talking about a glass tower 60 m high, located in the roof of the building. Sitting down in their seats, visitors think that here, as in similar attractions, they will slowly climb up, and then fall sharply. But everything happens exactly the opposite: first a sharp climb up, and then a leisurely descent. Largely due to the fact that the tower is located on the roof, and that its glass walls create an excellent view, it seems that the skating will end by catapulting into the air. G-Force is also interesting because it allows you to view the entire island of Yas from a height.

Attraction G-Force
Scuderia challenge

Auto racing simulator makes it possible to fully feel like a Formula 1 racer. Those who decide to test it in action have the feeling that the car is racing at a crazy speed, while the shaking is such that for many people the press starts to hurt. In general, the race is very realistic.

Scuderia challenge

But some guests of Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi claim that the racing stimulator is not something original, and that similar devices are found in many shopping centers in large cities.

The Scuderia Challenge car is designed only for one person, and those who want to ride it are lined up in a huge queue, and not everyone has time to get to it during the day they stay at Ferrari World. Therefore, it is better to pre-register.

Simulation is simpler than Scuderia Challenge

By the way, employees of the Ferrari park do not talk about this, but visitors with a height of up to 165 cm on a car racing simulator can’t get to the pedals. On the right side of the Scuderia Challenge is a simple car – on it, as tourists respond, you can get to the pedals. Nearby there are more simple and free analogues, but they are also always in line, and you also need to register in advance.

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Restaurants on the territory of Ferrari Park

At the Mama Rosella Restaurant
Mama rosella

In the entertainment complex “Ferrari” in Abu Dhabi there are cafe-diners, mainly working on the principle of self-service. They are prepared mediocre, but, for example, in Mama Rosella there is a pretty good pasta and acceptable coffee. In institutions with Arabic cuisine, where the order is made on the menu with pictures only, you must definitely specify how sharp the main course is. Prices, of course, are much higher than in the city – on average, 120 dirhams will have to be paid for food for one person.

The only restaurant – Cavallino – does not offer anything special, but lunch there will cost even more.

As for fast food in the Ferrari World park, it is better not to buy it there at all. Some tourists claim that the taste of potatoes and hamburgers is as if they were cooked in butter, which has not changed since the opening of the institution.

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Important information about Ferrari Park

The Ferrari World theme park in Abu Dhabi is open daily from 11:00 to 20:00. Some sources write that it is closed on Mondays, but such information is already outdated.

Amusement park Ferrari World

Park attendance is different on different days of the week. The smallest workloads on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays are also relatively calm. A lot of people usually gather from Thursday to Sunday.

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Park Ticket Prices

Tickets include unlimited full day access to Ferrari World Park. The prices for tickets to Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi are as follows:

Ferrari World Tickets
  • for adults – 295 dirhams;
  • for adolescents up to 1.3 m tall – 230 dirhams;
  • Admission is free for children under 3 years old.

A flexible discount system has been developed for visitors to Ferrari Park. For example, you can save up to 15% if you buy tickets online. And when you pre-purchase a ticket a few days before the visit (from 3 to 14) they offer a 10% discount. If you buy a ticket at least 15 days in advance, the discount will be already 15%. Tickets are considered valid only on the specific date indicated on them.

On weekends, when the park is full, it is better to take VIP tickets, allowing all events in the park to attend without waiting in line. The cost of VIP tickets is 1995 dirhams.

As prices change, and the administration periodically offers various promotions, before visiting it makes sense to find out all the news on the official Ferrari World website:

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Growth restrictions
Attractions for children in the "Ferrari World"

The park in Abu Dhabi offers a lot of entertainment that is associated with movement, and they have a mark in the form of a scale with the growth of a person. The most interesting attractions are designed for people taller than 140 cm, for children below 110 cm there are much fewer options. If the child is below 100 cm, then the choice is very small – climbing frames and carousels. Some rides do not allow people above 195 cm.

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Recommendations for those who gather at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi

At Ferrari World Park
  1. It is better to go to the Ferrari World park on your own, without an excursion. For relaxation, it is advisable to allocate a full day.
  2. As for clothes, jeans or breeches for a knee, a sweater or a light windbreaker, comfortable shoes without heels are best suited – this will be most convenient on most attractions. In addition, air conditioners are installed all around the room, and you can freeze in light clothing. There is another reason – security at the entrance does not let people wearing only shirts and shorts. You need to take a set of clothes with you with you, since there are rides, during the passage of which they water.
  3. It’s impossible to bring food to the park – at the entrance of the bag they check and everything has to be thrown away. Fountains with drinking water are in the toilets.
  4. It’s best not to take the dollars to Ferrari Park in Abu Dhabi with you. It is more profitable to change the currency in the city, since in the entertainment center the course for tourists is much worse.

Video: Overview of Ferrari Park in the UAE.

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