Tourist’s guide to Dubai Music Fountain – Enchanting Evening City Show

The Dubai Fountain is one of the main attractions of not only the emirate, but the whole country. Built in 2009 at the time of the opening of The Dubai Mall, it outperformed its rivals in Las Vegas and Tokyo in size, technical capabilities and beauty.

Dubai Music Fountain

History of creation

WET Bellagio Fountain

The singing and dancing fountain in the UAE’s largest emirate was designed by the architectural company WET, under whose leadership the world famous Bellagio and Salt Lake City Fountain had previously left. In 2008, the local Emaar Properties PJSC took over the construction itself, which managed to successfully cope with this project in less than a year.

The cost of Dubai’s singing fountains is approximately $ 250 million. This price includes the creation of a huge pond with an area of ​​120 m2, a communications line for synchronizing light with music and a system for simultaneously controlling all water jets.

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Interesting fact! A special commission was created and a state competition was held to choose the name of the new attraction of the emirate. However, this did not affect the result much, because the name of the dancing masterpiece was chosen obvious and simple – The Dubai Fountain.

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What can surprise the fountain

First, a few numbers:

Dancing fountain
  • The dancing fountain can raise more than 80 tons of water in one second;
  • More than 6,600 floodlights of 25 colors accompany the music and movement of the attraction;
  • 6 minutes – the average duration of the show of the singing fountain;
  • The maximum height of the stream of a dancing masterpiece is 275 meters, but it is never used at full power and usually the water reaches the level of a 50-storey building – 150 m;
  • The fountain creates over 1000 water compositions;
  • It can play over 30 tunes;
  • In 2010, the fountain was modernized – now its performances are accompanied not only by light, but also by smoke.
Fountain lights

To power the fountain, workers needed to install several powerful high-pressure pumps and a system of water-pressure devices. The building itself consists of 5 circles of different diameters connected by a curved line to water cannons. During the performance, water jets with musical accompaniment rise to different heights, smoothly or abruptly changing each other, moving in different directions, turning curved lines into different figures.

Technical features. To create jets of different heights on each water jet nozzles of three capacities are installed.

Water melodies

The musical fountain in Dubai practically does not fall silent during its “dance”. The show uses the same list of 31 pieces, but since the performance lasts only a few minutes, you can only hear a few of them at a time.

Dancing Music Fountain in Dubai

Among the songs performed by the singing fountain, there are masterpieces of world cinema (for example, “I Will Always Love You” and “Mission Impossible”), hits of the best singers on the planet (“Thriller” Michael Jackson), a song in honor of the current ruler of Dubai “Baba Yetu” and the UAE anthem, which are an indispensable part of every show.

Know ours! The Singing Fountain performs songs not only in English or Arabic, but also in Russian – Alla Pugacheva’s “Love Like a Dream” is on the list of his compositions.

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Practical information

The dancing fountain is located near the world’s largest shopping center Dubai Mall and the Burj Khalifa tower at Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Boulevard 1. The working hours of the singing attraction are from 18 to 23, performances occur every 20-30 minutes.

Note! During the Ramadan, Dubai’s dancing fountains work schedule changes: shows start every half hour between 7:30 p.m. and 11 p.m. from Sunday to Monday and until 11:30 p.m. from Tuesday to Saturday.

To see the dancing fountain of Dubai on video or to watch the show live are completely different things, so do not be too lazy to find a place from which you will have a beautiful view of the performance. You can admire a free sight with plenty from many platforms:

Rivington Grill Cafe overlooks the Singing Fountain
Ivington grill
  1. The easiest and most convenient way is to have dinner in a cafe overlooking the singing fountain. TGI Fridays, an institution with French cuisine Madeleine, Italian pizzeria Carluccio’s, a piece of Great Britain Rivington Grill or a place with delicious desserts Baker & Spice are suitable for this.
  2. Not only to see, but also to capture the quality of what is happening, you can from the Souk Al Bahar bridge connecting the eponymous shopping center with The Dubai Mall.
  3. View of the fountain from the tower Burj Khalifa
  4. Special platforms for viewing the dancing fountain of Dubai were created on 3 floors of the Burj Khalifa tower (124, 125 and 148). Cost – 135 AED.
  5. The Broadwalk floating platform is very close to the attraction, but you need to take a place here at least half an hour before the show. The price of the stay is 20 AED.
  6. The most romantic option is to watch a show of a singing fountain from a traditional Arab boat. You need to book a place in Abra in advance, you can do it here – The cost of a boat trip for one traveler older than three years is about 70 AED.

Advice! The most profitable way to watch the show is to sit on the lawn located behind the Dubai Opera.

The Dubai Fountain does not have a personal site, but the pages dedicated to it can be found on the official site of the Mall Dubai ( or the developer (, which we talked about at the beginning.

The singing fountain in Dubai is not just beautiful music and unusual movements of the water, it is a real dance of the elements that you will remember for a lifetime. Have a nice trip!

Video: dancing fountain to the song Wintney Houston I Will Always Love You, Dubai.

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