Tourist’s guide to Dubai metro and how to get around the city

It took workers four years to create the subway in one of the richest and most luxurious cities in the world – Dubai. $ 7.64 billion was allocated for the construction, it is not surprising that the Dubai Metro is considered a masterpiece of architecture and technological achievements. Many tourists speak of him exclusively in excellent shape, noting that the project resembles the city of the future, a fantastic building from the movie “Star Wars”.

The metro opened in early September 2009. The first was launched the Red Line. The metro in the city of the UAE consists of two lines, but in the project the construction of other directions.

Metro in Dubai

Photo: Dubai metro.

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How the metro was built in Dubai

Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum
Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum

At the first stage of construction work, flyovers were installed and rails were laid. All project documentation was personally approved by the ruler of Dubai – Sheikh Mohammed Ibn Rashid Al Maktoum. The decision to build the metro was made for two reasons:

  • a sharp increase in population;
  • traffic congestion;
  • attraction of tourists.

The railway system allowed unloading roads and other public transport, and infrastructure was provided for the development of infrastructure.

Interesting fact! A tender for the best project was held in the country, and the local company Dubai Rapid Link won it.

Construction of the metro bridge in 2007

The first stage of construction work required an investment of $ 4.2 billion. Specialists laid 52 km of the Red Metro line and solemnly opened it in 2009. Next year, intermediate stops were launched on the same line. The second stage – the Green Line – was completed in 2011 and inaugurated on September 9.

The metro capacity in Dubai allows daily transport of about 1.2 million passengers or 27 thousand people per hour in each direction. Most bus routes in remote areas are laid out so that residents can comfortably get to the subway.

The total length of the two lines is 421 km

Dubai Metro in numbers:

  • the total length of the two lines is 421 km;
  • the number of stops – 197, of which only 9 underground;
  • trains travel at a speed of 45 km / h;
  • Metro accounts for 12% of the total passenger flow of the city.

Good to know! Trains are automatic, they are not controlled by drivers. Metro employees help passengers, they will tell you which train to choose and how to get to the desired attraction.

Interesting facts about the opening of the subway:

Subway near Burj Khalifa
  • the official opening date is September 9, 2009, 9 hours, 9 minutes and 9 seconds;
  • the metro next to the Burj Khalifa skyscraper was commissioned simultaneously with the building itself – January 4, 2010;
  • On April 30, 2010, ten more stops of the first line took passengers, and on May 15, 2010 five more were put into operation.
Metro inside and out

The first thing that catches your eye and impresses is impeccable cleanliness. It is noteworthy that there is no fuss and noise in the subway, the toilets work – no less clean and sparkling than the rooms inside the subway.

Metro inside

Most of the underground is terrestrial, but it is also air-conditioned, like underground. This fact explains the space design of the subway – visually each station resembles a glass sealed capsule, when a train arrives, the doors open.

Subway trains deserve special attention. They are decorated in light blue and white, spacious, comfortable and clean.

Good to know! To fully enjoy the journey, try to take places in the extreme cars of the train – the first and last. This will allow you to see the beautiful views of the city.

Metro map

Geographically, Dubai is divided into six zones, the metro scheme covers only four – 1, 2, 5 and 6. Zoning of the city is used to calculate the cost of tickets.

Geographically Dubai is divided into six zones

The metro scheme consists of only two lines:

  • Red – the main line in the diagram, covers almost the entire city, laid along the sea coast from the airport to the border with Abu Dhabi;
  • Green – laid in the eastern part of Dubai, stretches from Etisalat to Dubai Creek.
Dubai Metro

You can transfer from one branch to another only at two stops:

  1. Union (Union);
  2. BurJuman (BurZhaman).

It is important! During the work of the subway, some stations were renamed.

Renamed Dubai Metro Stop

Old name New name
Jebel ali UAE Exchange
Jebel ali industrial Danube
Dubai marina Damac
Burj khalifa Burj Khalifa / Dubai Mall
Al karama ADBC
Khalid Bin Al Waleed Burjuman
Saeediya Al fahidi
Brochure titled Nol Guide

The subway diagram shows that the Red Line covers all the most important sights. Traveling the entire length of the branch will take more than one hour.

Everywhere there are special pockets where you can take the Dubai metro map – this is a printed brochure called the Nol Guide. The printout shows the map of Dubai metro, as well as the tram route scheme. You can also download the Dubai metro map 2019 in Russian.

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Schedule and frequency of movement


  • Red (first) branch – from 5-00 to 1-00 the next day;
  • Green (second) branch – from 5-30 to 1-00 the next day.


  • Red (first) branch – from 10-00 to 1-00 the next day;
  • Green (second) branch – from 10-00 to 1-00 the next day.

Other days:

  • Red (first) branch – from 5-00 to midnight;
  • Green (second) branch – from 5-30 to midnight.
Waiting for the subway train

According to the schedule, the frequency of train runs is 3.5 minutes. Of course, there are delays, sometimes passengers wait 5 minutes.


To travel in the metro in Dubai, in addition to the scheme, a certain type of ticket is required. There are three types of travel documents in the city, which give the right to travel freely in the subway, buses and trams.

Dubai Metro Travel Tickets

Types of travel documents and ticket prices for Dubai Metro in 2019

Characteristics Travel documents
Silver Gold Red
Cost 6 dirhams price of the document, 19 dirhams remains to the user – total cost 25 dirhams 6 dirhams price of the document, 19 dirhams remains to the user – total cost 25 dirhams 2 dirhams – included in the first fare
T1 – travels within the boundaries of one transport zone, and also no further than 3 km from the border of neighboring zones 3 6 4
T2 – travel from one transport zone to the next) 5 10 6
T3 – travels in three or more transport zones 7.5 fifteen 8.5
In which transport does it operate Metro, bus, tram Metro, bus, tram Metro Tram
Where to get At the stations – bus and metro In the underground In the underground
Activity period 60 months 60 months 90 days
Blue travel document

There is a blue travel document in Dubai, but it is intended for residents. Its peculiarity is the possibility of replenishment, but for tourists who come to the UAE for a short time, there is no point in such an acquisition.

Before buying a ticket of a certain color, be sure to check out the city map to understand which transport zones you will have to cross during your trip. Based on this, select a document of a certain color.

Some important features:

Silver metro card in Dubai
  • Silver ticket is the best choice;
  • A golden ticket gives the right to travel in a special carriage – there are always seats, soft, comfortable seats, located at the beginning and end of the train, opening a review;
  • A red ticket is relevant for single trips by metro, you can buy it if the hotel is located in the city and you do not plan to leave Dubai, there is a lack of a card – it does not give the right to travel by bus, but in Dubai in the UAE you have to actively use all types of transport .

It is important! A red ticket costs less than a Silver one, but the price of trips is more expensive. Thus, it is more practical to buy a Silver card. On it, tourists can visit most of the attractions in this city of the United Arab Emirates.

More detailed information on prices and all possible changes in the fare can be found on the official website of the Dubai Metro:

Where to buy a ticket

Red travel documents are sold exclusively at metro stations:

  • at the box office;
  • in information kiosks;
  • in tickets machines.
Replenishment of a silver card in Tickets machines

Silver and Gold travel cards are also sold at all bus stations. It is important not to confuse the station and the stop – at the last you can only wait for transport, the station provides for the possibility of buying or replenishing a ticket. Be careful – make sure that there is always money in the account.

It is important! The minimum balance on Silver and Gold travel documents for a trip on the subway is 7.5 dirhams, for a trip on a bus a minimum balance of 10 dirhams is required. The situation in the metro is simpler – you can replenish the map at all stops, but in the city this function is available only at bus stations.

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How to use the metro in Dubai

The most important rule is to choose the right car. There are three types of rides in the Dubai metro:

  • silver or ordinary – designed for everyone, the standard tariff applies;
  • In the "golden" Dubai metro car
  • female (there is a sign with female and children’s silhouettes and a special sign of pink color) – designed for women with children under the age of 12 years, men are fined, comfort and fare are standard;
  • gold – the “Gold” tariff applies (double tariff), high-comfort cars – large seats, comfortable armrests, free access to the Internet, there are almost always empty seats.

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Rules of conduct and fines

The most common mistake made by foreign tourists is the confusion with wagons. They often go to Golden, and men ignore the marking of the female carriage.

Female subway car

It’s important to know! For travel in the wrong carriage – 100 dirhams.

Controller in Dubai Metro

It will not be possible to avoid punishment, since controllers work in all cars. If the tourist mistakenly selects the wrong location, the controller may limit himself to an oral warning. If necessary, the inspector indicates the correct wagon.

Some tourists go to the trick – they pay for the trip with a Silver card, but they have a Gold card with them and they present it to the controller. Remember, transport inspectors have a reader that allows you to determine which card paid for the trip. If your trick is discovered, you will have to pay 200 dirhams.

What else can not be done in the Dubai metro:

  1. to sleep at stops in the subway – you will have to pay 300 dirhams;
  2. It is forbidden to eat and drink
  3. eat (chewing gum is no exception), drink, smoke – a fine for violating 100 dirhams;
  4. to go with alcoholic beverages, as well as intoxicated – violation is estimated at 100 dirhams;
  5. occupy places reserved for disabled passengers and pregnant women – the punishment is 100 dirhams;
  6. punishment for unauthorized use of emergency buttons and means of communication 2000 dirhams;
  7. any damage to property and disturbance of calm – 100 dirhams.

Good to know! The subway has a fine for distracting the driver. Apparently, this is a joke from the metro administration, since all trains are automatically controlled and there are no train drivers.

Interesting facts about the Dubai metro

  1. Dubai Metro is the only one in the United Arab Emirates.
  2. A metro is being designed in Adu Dhabi, as well as new lines in Dubai.
  3. Passenger traffic per day – 500 thousand people.
  4. According to statistics, the accuracy of metro trains is 99%.
  5. The Dubai Metro holds the title of the largest automatic public transport system.
  6. The apron is separated from the tracks by glass doors.
  7. The voltage on the rails is 750 volts, but it is impossible to fall, since the apron is separated from the tracks by glass doors. They open automatically when the train stops completely.
  8. This metro is recognized as the most environmentally friendly.
  9. Safety in the subway is provided not only by police officers, but also by 4 thousand cameras.
  10. The length of the Red Line is a little over 52 km, and the Green – 22.5 km.
  11. The design of each stop is dedicated to one of the five elements – earth, water, fire, water. The design of some stations is dedicated to heritage.
  12. The cars and stations are air-conditioned – it is comfortable even in the heat.

Dubai Metro is undoubtedly one of the most striking and amazing structures in the United Arab Emirates.

Watch the video: a tourist’s review of the Dubai metro and what you can see from the window of the car.

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