Tourist’s guide to Dubai areas and where you can stay overnight

The districts of Dubai are unique components of a huge metropolis. Where to stay, because each of them has a number of undeniable advantages? Especially for you, we have prepared a hint!

Dubai districts

Downtown Burj Dubai

In which area of ​​Dubai is it better to stay if you plan to combine leisure and work? Of course, in Downtown Burj! As an important business part of this emirate, Downtown Burj Dubai occupies a small area around the Burj Khalifa skyscraper . In this place, financiers, owners of well-known world corporations, large businessmen and other rich people prefer to settle. By virtue of this, Downtown Burj Dubai is often compared with New York, Washington and London.

Downtown Burj Dubai

Some of the most unusual attractions in the area include Dancing Fountains and Dubai Mall , a symbol of national pride that houses accommodation, exhibition halls, hotels and offices of foreign corporations. Small excursions are organized for tourists, during which you can get acquainted with the history and main features of Downtown Burj Dubai.

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Dubai Shopping


  • Great place for shopping;
  • Cheap hotels
  • Transport accessibility.


  • High pricing policy;
  • Lack of beaches;
  • Little entertainment.

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Dubai Marina

Dubai Marina Area

Dubai Marina is one of the most prestigious parts of the city. It got its name from a large artificial canal, in which tenants of new skyscrapers standing on the banks moor yachts. Despite its small size (0.5 km wide and 3 km long), the area contains a huge shopping center, many residential buildings and green islands. Saffron sandy beaches are located next to the living area. Some of them belong to well-known hotels in which everyone can stay. The Promenade Marina Boulevard deserves no less attention, which stretches along the entire coast and attracts tourists with spas, cafes, shops and other institutions. Here is the yacht club of the same name, where you can take a boat for a boat trip.

Now, the sleeping area in Dubai Marina is under construction, at the end of which more than 200 skyscrapers will be erected in it, characterized by extraordinary height and unique architecture. Each such house has its own fitness club, high-speed elevator, cinema and a waiting room for visitors.

Dubai Marina Skyscrapers

To finally understand the features of this area, get acquainted with its advantages and disadvantages.


  • Transport accessibility;
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Large selection of housing;
  • The proximity of the sea.


High noise levels due to continuous construction
  • High noise level due to continuous construction;
  • High pricing policy;
  • Difficulties with buying a tour and booking rooms;
  • Traffic jams;
  • Parking problems.

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If you take a closer look at the photos and descriptions of the Jumeirah Dubai area, you will notice that the most elite hotel complexes, boutiques, art galleries, cars, beaches and UAE parks are concentrated in this part of the city.

Jumeirah District Dubai

Being in close proximity to the sea, Jumeirah impresses with its luxury and magnificence, so if you do not know where to stay in Dubai, feel free to anchor here.

Among the many attractions of this area are the following:

  • Mosque – built at the end of the last century in the style of Fatimids, open to representatives of all religions and nationalities. The best time to explore this attraction is late in the evening, when the walls of the mosque are illuminated either by the setting sun or by special lighting. And they also organize excursions, during which you can get acquainted with the history of this unusual temple. For more information about the mosque and its visit, see this page ;
  • Burj Al Arab
    Burj Al Arab
  • Burj al Arab – the famous 7 * hotel , made in the form of a sail and located on an artificial island right in the middle of the water. It is famous not only for its shape, but also for its rich decoration – in the interior of the Burj Al Arab Hotel gold, Swarovski crystals, as well as various precious and semiprecious stones prevail;
  • Jumeira Beach Park – a beautiful coastal park where you can ride a bike or just relax;
  • Safa – an entertaining oasis equipped with playgrounds and exciting rides;
  • Palma – an island with a luxurious Atlantis hotel , which offers stunning views of the Persian Gulf;
  • Waterpark Wild Wadi Water Park
    Wild wadi water park
  • Wild Wadi Water Park – one of the most equipped water parks in the world ;
  • The zoo is still small, but already very beautiful, inhabited by endangered species of animals. Over time, authorities are going to not only expand the boundaries of the zoo, but also turn it into a real safari;
  • Dubai International Marine Club is a yacht club that hosts world championships and sailing competitions for the UAE President’s Cup. Both competitions gather guests from all over the globe.

Dubai Jumeirah is an ideal holiday destination. Fashionable beaches, a pedestrian alley with decorative lanterns, many retail outlets and restaurants – all this makes Jumeirah a favorite vacation spot for Russian, Indian and Pakistani millionaires. As for hotels, there are only 4 of them. The main housing estate is made up of famous sand-colored houses that adorn the brochures of many travel agencies.

Having decided to stay in Jumeirah Dubai, weigh the pros and cons again ..

Jumeirah Mosque in Jumeirah
Jumeirah Mosque


  • Many interesting places;
  • Comfortable hotels
  • Excellent infrastructure;
  • Own beaches;
  • There are subways and buses.


  • On certain days, some beaches are closed to men;
  • Lack of pedestrian crossings and sidewalks – complicates independent movement in the territory of the district;
  • High pricing policy.

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The Deira district in Dubai, in which modernity is closely intertwined with antiquity, is located on the coast of Creek Bay, dividing the emirate into two parts. The main symbol of this part of the city is the ancient boat marina, with which most local excursions begin. In the western part of Deira, you can find several colorful bazaars:

Spice Souk - Oriental Spice Market
Spice souk
  • Murshid Suk is a universal market where you can buy anything you want;
  • Naif Suk – characterized by a wide selection of local textiles;
  • Spice Souk – the real kingdom of oriental spices;
  • Covered market – in this place objects of the Arabian life are collected;
  • Gold Souk – the famous bazaar with about 450 shops with gold bars, precious stones and various ornaments;
  • Fish Market – a huge assortment of diverse fish and fresh seafood is presented here.

Another integral part of the Deira Dubai area is the ultra-modern skyscrapers that give rise to the business districts of the city. The most famous buildings include the tennis stadium, the Century Village restaurant, the golf club, the Dubai Festival Center, and the Al Ghurair City and Deira City Center shopping centers.

If you plan to stay in Dubai just to see the local attractions, you will find an unpleasant surprise – there are not so many here. The main ones include:

Al-Ahmadia School - the first public school
Al-ahmadia school
  • Heritage House – contains museum exhibits represented by ancient furniture and objects of oriental life;
  • Al-Ahmadia School is the first public school in which the science museum currently operates;
  • Al-Rigga-Roud – a picturesque boulevard with entertainment venues;
  • Mosques – Al Zaruni, Lutah, Al Iman and the Great Mosque of Deira.


  • Developed shopping;
  • Availability of inexpensive but well-kept hotels;
  • Inexpensive food
  • The special atmosphere and color of the old city;
  • Proximity to the airport.
Al Mamzar Beach
Al mamzar


  • Little entertainment
  • Only 1 beach (Al Mamzar), divided into 2 parts (paid and free);
  • Lack of hotels with their own beaches;
  • Remoteness from the city center – it takes a long time to get by public transport;
  • The local population is made up of Pakistanis and Indians – some European tourists do not like this neighborhood.


Al Barsha Dubai is a new part of the emirate where couples with children can stay. This quite quiet place has several budget hotels built within walking distance from the main attractions of the emirate.

Ski complex Ski Dubai
Ski dubai

The main pride of Al-Barsha is the ski complex Ski Dubai, which is very popular among both locals and guests of the UAE. Indeed, the idea of ​​a ski resort, located in the heart of the desert, causes tourists a feeling of delight! In addition, all the necessary equipment is leased here – skis, snowboards, sledges and even warm clothes.

If you carefully look at the areas of Dubai on a map, you can see that Al Barsha abounds in residential neighborhoods, schools, hospitals, parks and hypermarkets. There are also a lot of hotels. As for entertainment, they delight with their unusualness and variety:

Mall of Emirates - a huge shopping center
Mall of Emirates
  • Mall of Emirates is a huge shopping center , more like a city with shops of various levels. On its territory there are even several hotels where you can relax before a new shopping trip;
  • Car test site – racing enthusiasts will surely enjoy the track built near the Mall of Emirates. Whole companies often come here to arrange competitions on mini-copies of fireballs. Only those who have a driver’s license are allowed to entertainment;
  • Pond Park is an oasis with a crystal clear lake, tropical palm trees, green spaces and walking alleys. A great place to stop and relax from the hustle and bustle;
  • Al Barsha Mall is another retail center popular with locals. In addition to shops and cafes, there are playgrounds for children with a large selection of entertainment.

Before you stop in the Al Barsha area of ​​Dubai, once again evaluate the pros and cons of this place.


Huge shopping opportunities
  • A lot of entertainment;
  • Convenient location (in the very center of the city);
  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Huge shopping opportunities;
  • Combination of incongruous – skiing + sea vacation;
  • Proximity to the airport.


  • High noise level – the area is under construction;
  • There are no private beaches – the nearest is 10 km away.

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Bar dubai

Bar Dubai is the business and financial center of the emirate. This is a very modern and lively area, somewhat similar to Deira, but not so colorful. This is where the so-called Old Town, the main administrative buildings, cultural and historical monuments, as well as numerous entertainment venues are located.

Bar Dubai

Having decided to stay in Bar Dubai, you can see:

Historical and Ethnographic Village Heritage village
Heritage village
  • Sheikh Zayed House;
  • Bastakia – an old merchant quarter;
  • Historical and Ethnographic Village Heritage village;
  • Mosques;
  • Fort Al Fahidi;
  • Diving village;
  • Zabeel Park – a huge park with a long treadmill, a barbecue area and a platform for skateboarders;
  • Textile market.

Among the favorite tourist attractions include a visit to Dubai Wonder Land, a trip to the dolphinarium, boat trips around Dubai Creek and acquaintance with 3 famous exhibitions – Dinosaur Park, The Glow Park and Ice Park.

Dinosaur at Dubai Creek Park

Choosing where to stay in Dubai, do not forget to re-evaluate the opportunities that this area offers you.


  • A large number of budget hotels;
  • A lot of entertainment and memorable places;
  • The presence of several metro stations;
  • The composition of the population is mainly Europeans;
  • Proximity to the airport.


  • High noise level;
  • Lack of own beaches.

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Sheikh Zayed Road

Describing the areas of Dubai, one can not stop at Sheikh Zayed Road, which is also the longest street of this emirate (55 km). It consists of 12 lanes and connects the local shopping center with the capital of the Emirates of Abu Dhabi . Numerous hotels, shops, apartments, office buildings and skyscrapers lined up along Sheikh Zayed Road. Here is the incredibly beautiful Dubai Fountain and the impressive Bourges of Caliph, considered one of the tallest buildings in the world.

Sheikh Zayed Road District
Dubai World Trade Center building
Dubai World Trade Center

The majority of the local population are lawyers, businessmen and lawyers, because Sheikh Zayed Road is an important business district. An important attraction of the street is its unique architecture, thanks to which they speak of Dubai as an incredibly rich and glamorous city. To see oriental luxury, admire the world famous Emirates Towers, Dubai World Trade Center and Dusit Dubai. But the most unusual – on Sheikh Zayed Road there are 2 park areas where you can relax from constant noise and traffic.


  • Excellent infrastructure;
  • Transport accessibility;
  • Convenient location;
  • Lots of hotels.


  • High noise level;
  • Lack of entertainment;
  • There are no private beaches.

New dubai

If you do not know in which area of ​​Dubai it is better to choose a hotel, we advise you to stay in New Dubai. This is the place where real estate can be bought not only by local residents, but also by citizens of other states. The area is famous for its modern residential neighborhoods, an equipped Dubailand sports field, golf courses and the Al Bawadi hotel area. All this goes well with man-made meadows and lakes.


  • Developed infrastructure;
  • Huge selection of housing;
  • Transport accessibility;
  • The abundance of greenery.


  • High pricing policy;
  • Lack of own beaches.

The areas of Dubai are striking in their beauty and unusual features, but we are sure that with the help of our tips you can stay in the best. Enjoy your rest and good luck in business!

Video: an informative overview of the Dubai Marina area and useful tips for tourists.

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