Tourist’s guide to Al Fujairah – the youngest emirate of the UAE

The Emirate of Fujairah, a favorite destination of many tourists, is located on the eastern tip of the UAE. Fujairah is famous for beach vacations, interesting sights, is distinguished by a peculiar nature and the absence of an oil industry. This is the only one of all the emirates that goes to the Arabian Sea, which communicates with the Indian Ocean. Other emirates open their shores to the Persian Gulf. And this is not all the distinguishing features of the emirate of Fujairah, but already sufficient to get to know him better.

Al Fujairah - the youngest emirate of the UAE

General information

Fujairah, United Arab Emirates – the youngest of all the Arab “brothers.” It was called “fujairah”, from the Arabic “fajar”, ​​which means to spill, gush. The sun at sunrise lays its rays primarily on the mountains of the emirate and its golden beaches and. The Hajar mountain group rises in the north, occupying a significant part of the territories. In the very south is its capital, Al Fujairah – a city filled with attractions.

Hajar Mountain Group

Initially, the emirate was part of the neighboring Sharjah. In 1901, its head declared independence, but the final independence of Fujairah was formalized only by 1971.

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Fujairah's economy is based on developed tourism

The emirate is known for its beaches, the length of which occupies almost the entire coastline – about 90 km. In the absence of natural sources (hydrocarbons), Fujairah’s economy is based on developed tourism, as well as a formed agricultural industry and fisheries. The emirate has its own convenient seaport – the center of logistics services and trade.

Water from mountain springs flows to the sea, irrigating valleys and gorges, so that Fujairah stands out among other emirates with an abundance of greenery and fertile soils. The coastal waters are filled with marine life – industrial fishing facilities, and in the area of ​​coral reefs – favorite places for underwater tourist trips.


The combination of picturesque mountain ranges, golden sandy beaches and cultural and historical sights make the Emirate of Fujairah a desirable place to visit. Here you can easily choose your favorite type of leisure or try several at once:

Mountain complex
  • the mountain complex is replete with rocky slopes, ravines, rich in mineral springs;
  • sandy beaches go around hotels; they are comfortable and equipped with everything necessary for a complete sea vacation;
  • the clear blue of the sea and the fairly rich underwater world provide ample opportunities for diving;
  • shopping can be started from the famous Friday market on the Sharjah-Al Fujairah highway, where traditional oriental goods are purchased;
  • ancient fortresses, palaces, museums and other attractions will add novelty to the experience and broaden the horizons of the curious.

Tourists are welcome here mainly from October to April – in the most comfortable weather months. In the off-season, the temperature is so high that it is not possible to organize a vacation.

The official language is Arabic

The official language of the emirate is Arabic, although many will be able to explain in English. Signs and even traffic signs are supplemented by a translation into English. The traffic in Fujairah is left-hand, and international driver’s licenses are not valid here. Therefore, tourists prefer to travel between settlements by sightseeing transport – fortunately, the roads are of high quality and run mainly along the sandy coastline.

It is best to travel around the city by car, numerous taxis or on foot. The development of urban public transport is not necessary. The local population of the city is about 50 thousand, while in the remaining territories of the emirate only twice as many live. Al Fujairah does not belong to megacities and does not build skyscrapers. And this is a great opportunity for silence and solitude outside the noisy city highways.


Room at City Tower Hotel
City Tower Hotel

Al Fujairah has a choice of hotels of different levels of star rating, and the range of price categories covers hotel offers: from the most budgetary to the height of the penthouse. You can stay literally a few hundred meters from the city center (Fortune Hotel Apartment, California Suites Hotel, Oasis Residence), a couple of kilometers from it (Ibis Fujairah, Clifton International Hotel, City Tower Hotel) or further (Raynor Hotel Apartments, Royal M Hotel Fujairah Mall, Fujairah Hotel & Resort).

Room at Fortune Hotel Apartment
Fortune hotel apartment

Prices start at $ 39 in a double room of a three-star hotel, with two single beds (Ibis). The next price for similar services is $ 46, including breakfast at the Fortune Apartment. It is better to book apartments in advance, as accommodation in the city of Al Fujairah and the surrounding area is in high demand during the season itself. High ratings for hotels are provided by the unsurpassed service of well-trained staff, especially the users appreciate comfort, cleanliness, value for money.

The most popular among tourists are Nour Arjaan by Rotana, Novotel Fujairah (4 stars each), Adagio Fujairah Luxury (apart-hotel). They received the highest ratings due to their unique quality of service and location – all of them are located about two km from the city center, which ensures remoteness from undesirable urbanistic influences.

Hotel Nour Arjaan by Rotana
Nour Arjaan by Rotana
  • Hotel Nour Arjaan by Rotana: attractiveness is created by the visual proximity of the mountains, against which the pool is organically located, as well as excellent cuisine. The rooms are famous for almost homeliness, convenience adds a large selection of international buffets.
  • Novotel: The location is considered one of the best in Fujairah and is in demand. The choice of conference rooms, a swimming pool, a gym, a restaurant, a bar, also offers not only minibars, but also coffee machines directly in the rooms.
  • Adagio Fujairah Luxury: conveniently located near the shopping center, surrounded by restaurants, bars, a fitness center right there. As befits an apart hotel, the rooms in it are of apartment type, equipped with a kitchenette and other amenities common to hotel rooms in Al Fujairah.

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If you need alcohol on the table - Hilton Fujairah Resort
Hilton Fujairah Resort

The city is rich in gastronomic establishments, there are about two hundred restaurants here. The meat table, seafood, fresh vegetables and fruits, and delicious desserts are abundant and varied. If there is a need for alcohol on the table, then you will have to go in search of the Hilton Fujairah Resort hotel, which has a license for its implementation. But in general, in Arab countries, traditionally, the use of alcohol, to put it mildly, is not welcome.

Dinner at Golden Fork
Golden fork

In addition to the roast, fresh small cakes and juices will delight the small restaurant Golden fork, which is popular with tourists. Chinese and Indian dishes are served at the local Taj Mahal, which serves a Thursday buffet. If you want to join directly in the Arabian cuisine, you will be welcomed at Sadaf and Meshwar. There are also purely budget options for travelers with a modest wallet – snack bars and the bistro of the familiar European type Kentucky Fried Chicken and Pizza Hut at the most affordable prices.

The common average price tag for a dinner for two in Al Fujairah is around $ 30, often with tips already included. If it is not possible to get to the desired restaurant in the midst of the beach season, coastal restaurants will serve an excellent lunch at a similar price. A wonderful vacation in the United Arab Emirates, in Fujairah, confirmed by colorful photos, even taking into account the price of quality food, is quite accessible to the average planned budget.

Things to do

The sights of Fujairah deserve special attention. The historical and cultural pearls of Arab heritage are very carefully preserved in the emirates. Here they are proud of their history, rooted in centuries and millennia.

Places especially visited by tourists in the Emirates are most often associated with military fortifications that have been preserved in various conditions, as well as ancient mosques, which are especially respected here.

Al Bidya - the oldest mosque in the emirate
Al bidya mosque
  1. Al Bidya (Al Bidya Mosque) – the oldest mosque of the Emirate of Fujairah, is distinguished by its miniature size. The attraction is located next to the Friday market by the famous highway. Attracts tourists with antiquity (built in 1464), racy, special attractive atmosphere. Despite the fact that you need to climb along the road to it, the work pays off with interest – the minister of the mosque is ready to give comprehensive explanations. Free admission.
  2. The historic fort of Fujairah. The fortress with adjacent buildings is located in the old part of the city. In the daytime you can see the internal structure and decoration, as well as the territory. Free admission. In the evening, the panorama of the fort is beautifully illuminated and also available for contemplation.
  3. Fort El Hale
    Al hayl castle
  4. Fort El Hayl (Al Hayl Castle). This fortress previously served as the palace of the Emir of Al Fujairah. It is not far from it – about 8 km from the city, by taxi it takes a quarter of an hour. Now the attraction has been restored and serves as an archaeological museum, an oasis is nearby. Fort El Hale is interesting for its original architecture, as it was built by the Portuguese.
  5. Sheikh Zayed Mosque
    Grand sheikh zayed mosque
  6. Sheikh Zayed Mosque (Grand Sheikh Zayed Mosque). The building impresses with its beauty and size – it can accommodate up to 28 thousand worshipers. It looks unusually colorful in the evening light of searchlights.
  7. Dibba Village (Dibba Society for Culture Arts). A fishing town, known since the 15th century, in the north of the emirate of Fujairah. In addition to the popular diving site, the village is the owner of its own historical attractions – this is a watchtower fort.

In addition to those mentioned, there are other places worth visiting in Fujairah. Forts El Bitna, Wadi Dafta, Awhala Fort, as well as a small museum complex Heritage Village (historical and ethnographic village), interesting original device.


Fujairah’s beaches are almost as important a part of your vacation as hotel conditions. Here, their richest choice is almost all 90 km of the coast, strewn with golden sands. Many belong to the territory of hotels and water parks, where there is an unprecedented amount of entertainment.

Fujairah Coast

They are paid and free, but all invariably differ in unprecedented purity. The highest transparency is famous for the waters of the same Dibba. It is slightly distant from the city, but fewer tourists. This place will appeal to lovers of secluded relaxation.

Fujairah Beach

Photos of the beaches of Fujairah almost completely convey the pacifying atmosphere of the crystal clear sea depths, the richness of greenery, the saturation of the yellowness of the coastlines. Almost – because it is impossible through the screen to feel the whisper of the incoming waves, to breathe in the salty healing air of the sea, to absorb the generous sun!

Al Aqa Beach Area
  • Al-Aqa beach area is lively and popular among divers and fishing enthusiasts. A variety of marine animals, including those available for fishing, will delight true followers of fishing with a soul.
  • Sandy Beach offers similar services plus snorkeling lessons for beginners.
  • Korfakan will delight those wishing to relax from the bustle of the city, as it is located at some distance from the city, about 25 km.

It should be borne in mind that even in free zones, beach comfort items must be rented, but the cost of an umbrella or deck chair is low. Here you will be advised to use special bathing slippers that protect against sharp thorns of benthic animals, and they will warn you about careful bathing – an influx of burning invertebrates is quite capable of spoiling the mood.

Climate and weather

Air temperature in Fujairah

The hottest months in the emirate of Fujairah are from mid-May to the end of September. These are merciless “from 35” to forty and above degrees Celsius. And even to all 50, and this is in the shade. Life in such temperature ranges temporarily freezes. Therefore, the emirate receives its visitors mostly in the winter, when comfortable 24-27 degrees reign.

The climate here is extremely dry, even arid, rains are a rarity. Water temperature does not fall below 17.

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How and what to get to Fujairah

Fujairah International Airport
Fujairah Airport

Al Fujairah has its own airport, where guests are usually greeted by representatives of booked hotels. In any case, you can take a taxi ($ 0.5 per km). The city can be reached from Dubai through the emirate of Sharjah, you have to cross the desert, but on a comfortable highway ($ 15 for cost and 3 hours of time).

The Emirate of Fujairah is a unique place. Here will be a great opportunity not only to have a good rest on the coast, but also to get acquainted with numerous attractions, with the original culture of local residents and their traditions.

Video: how to get from Dubai to Fujairah, views along the way, an overview of some attractions and useful life hacks for tourists.

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