Tourist’s guide to Ajman: vacation in the smallest emirate of the UAE

Ajman, UAE – a colorful town located in the center of a small emirate. Until recently, almost no mention was made of him, but lately, holidays in this place are becoming more and more popular.

Ajman, UAE

General information

The city of Ajman is the center of the emirate of the same name, which became part of the UAE in 1971. In the north and east, it borders with Umm al-Qaiwain, and in the west and south – with Sharjah. The 10-km resort area of ​​this town stretches along the Persian Gulf, and the business, historical and administrative districts are concentrated around the picturesque Khor Ajan.

Ajman City

Ajman is the smallest, calm and, perhaps, the most modest of all 7 emirates. Its area is only 259 km², and the population does not exceed 400 thousand people. However, neither the miniature size, nor the title of “the poorest emirate” (this is by Arab standards) did not prevent him from becoming a favorite vacation spot for many European tourists.

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Sunset from Ajman Embankment

The main distinguishing feature of this town is not only picturesque nature, but also a practically homely atmosphere. Unlike large megacities, it is customary to just walk around the city. When evening comes, locals make a promenade along the Arabian Gulf St or go to the promenade in order to enjoy the long-awaited coolness and enjoy a delicious aromatic barbecue. And Ajman is the only emirate in which the “dry law” does not apply. In the Hole in wall store, located near the Ajman Beach Hotel, you can easily buy any kind of drink. That’s just to export alcohol outside the town is strictly prohibited.

Today, the emirate of Ajman is the only place that does not have its own oil fields. Perhaps that is why he is in the shadow of larger megacities. But it is known for unique mineral springs and active shipbuilding. Thanks to these features, the city provides drinking water to all nearby countries, and its lightweight single-masted dhow boats and Arab sailboats, made using ancient technologies, are known around the world.

Holidays in Ajman

Ajman city street

Ajman combines 2 very important points. This is a developed tourist infrastructure, including upscale hotels and a well-equipped resort area, and the old quarters with their traditional Arabic flavor and famous oriental hospitality. This is what makes the vacation in Ajman so diverse and exciting. In addition to the classic beach activities available for tourists almost all year round, here you can go surfing, water skiing, motorbiking and scuba diving.

Camel race

For lovers of unusual relaxation, we advise you to look at the famous camel racing, which received the title of national sport. Al Tallah Camel Racecourse, which hosts these competitions, runs in the desert near Sharjah Airport. In the competitions themselves take part several hundred camels racing at a speed of 23 km / h. The price of some of them reaches $ 1 million. Interestingly, riders here have been replaced by special devices that provide remote control for humpback runners. The festival is held in winter – usually in February.

The main means of transportation (both in the city and within the UAE) is Ajman taxi. The approximate price of the service is 80 dirhams or 22 US dollars. If you wish, you can use the services of a “group taxi” or rent a suitable car.

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In the emirate of Ajman, you can find a huge selection of housing for every taste and budget. The average cost of rest for 2 looks something like this:

Room in 5 * hotel Radisson Blu Hotel
Radisson Blu Hotel
  • Hotel 3-4 * – from 240 to 600 AED per day;
  • 5 * hotel – from 2600 to 4000 AED per day;
  • Apartments – from 220 to 700 AED per day.

The most popular tourist hotels include the following:

  • “Ajman Kempinski” – the legendary 5 * hotel, located at the entrance to the port. It is a beautiful 8-story building, decorated in a traditional Muslim style and featuring the highest level of service;
  • Fairmont Ajman Beachfront Hotel
    Fairmont ajman
  • “Fairmont Ajman” – 5 * hotel, built on the first coastline. It offers guests a large infinity pool, as well as a wide range of signature treatments and water sports. Wi-Fi is free throughout;
  • “Radisson Blu Hotel” is a comfortable 4 * hotel located in the heart of the city. The number of rooms is 148 apartments, which offer a wonderful view of the city or the pool. It offers – a private beach, a variety of bars, cafes and restaurants, as well as numerous entertainments;
  • “Ewan Grand Resort” is a popular 3 * hotel, the main feature of which is the express check-in and check-out. It has its own garden and sun terrace. Some units also have a kitchen, equipped with a fridge, microwave, and oven.

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Lunch at India House Cafe
India house

The city of Ajman in the UAE can boast not only a pleasant stay, but also numerous establishments offering both traditional and European cuisine. Among them, the Sheesha restaurant, from the platform of which offers a wonderful view of the sea, La Croissette Café, considered the best place for breakfast, as well as India House, the center of vegetarianism. Fans of fast food should definitely look into the Sanad Winner Cafeteria eatery, and cocktail lovers should go to the Al Masa bar near the mosque.

Regarding the cost:

  • lunch or dinner for two in a mid-level institution will cost 140 AED,
  • in an inexpensive restaurant – 30 AED per one,
  • in a fast food establishment – at 40-50 AED.

The cost of a meal depends not only on the level of the restaurant, but also on its location. So, if you want to save money, go to the outskirts of Ajman – the service there is no worse, but the prices are minimal.

Things to do?

Despite the fact that the photo of Ajman in the UAE is decorated with all tourist avenues, there is almost nothing to see here. But we still managed to find for you a couple of the most important city attractions.


The National History Museum, opened in 1981 in the building of an ancient fort, is the main attraction of the emirate of Ajman. Its many rooms feature unique archaeological, historical and ethnographic exhibits.

National History Museum, Ajman

Among them, collections of jewelry belonging to the first rulers of the emirate, manuscripts of past years and goods made by ancient artisans deserve special attention. And here there is a collection of ancient weapons and its own hall of wax figures, in which the life of local residents is reproduced. The mock-ups and exhibits of the museum exactly recreate the atmosphere of past years and clearly demonstrate the changes that have occurred during this time.

Museum exposition

In the courtyard of the complex you can see old firearms, dhow boats, palm shacks and a wind tower used as a fan.

  • Address: Museum roundabout, Ajman, UAE.
  • Opening hours: Sun-Thu. – from eight in the morning to one in the afternoon and from five to eight in the evening; Fri – from five to eight in the evening.
  • The cost of visiting: adult ticket – 4 AED, children and student – 2 AED.
Square Watchtower
Square Watchtower

The square watchtower is not only the most beautiful, but also the oldest attraction of the emirate. Having experienced many different tests in her lifetime, she was able not only to withstand the unequal struggle with time, but even to maintain her original appearance. The tower is located on the shores of the Persian Gulf, so this resting place can be seen from almost anywhere in the city.

Address: Al Murabbaa Watchtower, Ajman, UAE.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

The snow-white mosque, decorated with 4 exquisite minarets and a rich dome, was erected in honor of Zayed Sultan Bin Al Nahyan, the founder of the UAE and the first ruler of the country. The construction is distinguished by strict outlines and unusual decor made of carved stone in a delicate beige shade. It looks very beautiful!

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Location: Corner of Al Ittihead Street and University st., Ajman, UAE.

Emir’s residence

The residence of Emir Ajman will surely appeal to lovers of unusual modern architecture. It is best to admire this building in the late evening, when the residence is illuminated by numerous lamps and lanterns.

Address: Ajman, UAE.

Fish market
Fish market

Looking through the photos of Ajman, you will surely notice a fish market located 2 km from the beach line. In this noisy exotic corner you can not only buy, but also try the many marine inhabitants – crabs, shrimps, eels, rays and even sharks. Yes, yes, if desired, they can be prepared right on the spot! Life here is in full swing – and from early morning until sunset. Another reason to visit the famous Ajman fish market is a unique opportunity to chat with locals and bargain with wise traders. In addition to fish, they sell fresh vegetables, fruits, eggs, meat and freshly squeezed coconut and sugar cane juices.

Fresh vegetables

Only dirhams and only cash are accepted on the market. Dollars are taken extremely rarely and at a very unfavorable rate, so do not forget to stock up on local currency.

  • Address: Rashideya 1, Ajman, UAE.
  • Opening hours: from 7.00 to 22.00 daily.

Other popular holiday destinations in Ajman include the Opera House, the city park, mineral springs, an exhibition center and the Bingo Club.


The main pride of the emirate is its beaches – long, wide, with the finest white sand and crystal clear azure waves. The best of them are at the disposal of hotels built along the coastline, so outsiders need to pay entrance fees. Such areas are equipped with stationary umbrellas, rattan sunbeds, soft mattresses, gazebos, light awnings and cozy cafes.

Beach in Ajman

Most urban (municipal) beaches are located on the outskirts of the city. From the city highway they are separated by dense plantations of palm trees. They are worse equipped, however, there are also clean and rescuers work. On the municipal beaches, not only tourists, but also local residents rest, so visitors should carefully monitor their behavior. So, for trying to capture a girl dressed in a Muslim swimsuit on camera, they can not only be fined, but even sent out of the country. In general, one should be careful with the photo in Ajman – not everyone likes it.

It is also worth noting that on some days only women and children under 10 can enter the municipal recreation areas. A more accurate schedule can be clarified on the spot.

Climate and weather

Climate in Ajman

Ajman is always warm, sunny and very dry. In summer, the air heats up to + 40 ° C, water – up to + 32 ° C. The holiday season opens in September and lasts until the end of May. It is comfortable here at this time, there is no heat – air temperature is from +23 to + 30 ° С. It rains very rarely – in winter and early spring.

How and what to get to Ajman?

There is no airport in this emirate. Most domestic tourists come here from neighboring Sharjah or Dubai, connected to most cities of Russia by direct flight. The distance from Ajman to Dubai is just over 25 km, and to Sharjah even closer – only 17 km. From the airport to the city center there are several modes of transport.

Hotel Buses
Transfer by bus

They welcome guests near the airport and deliver to the hotel – very quickly and conveniently.

Shuttle Buses

Regular buses run only to the city bus station. To get to the hotel, you will have to transfer to another type of transport (most often it is a taxi). For the trip you need to give 10-20 AED.

This is what a taxi looks like.

Adjman taxi parking lots are located near the terminals. The fare is better to find out in advance – even before you get into the car. A trip from Dubai to Ajman will cost 100 AED, from Sharjah – 60-65. To save money, find travel companions and use the services of a “group or private taxi” that can accommodate 4 people with luggage.


The exit to the metro stations is located at terminals No. 1 and No. 2. From there you need to get to the Union station and transfer to the bus, running every 30 minutes. Last flight – 22.00. The cost of such a trip will cost 15 AED.

Rental car
Rental car

Each airport has a car rental desk. The cost of this service is from 90 to 110 AED / day. Gasoline is inexpensive – 2 AED / liter.

All prices on the page are for July 2018.

As you can see, Ajman in the UAE is a haven for those who are tired of the busy rhythm of life and want to enjoy the silence, the measured rustle of palm trees and a pleasant sea vacation.

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