Rules of conduct in the UAE – what can and cannot be done

After several sensational arrests and regular fines, many UAE travelers began to ask what are the rules of conduct for tourists in Dubai and what will happen if they are violated? We want to answer this question in our article today, which contains all the rules, compliance with which is mandatory not only for residents, but also for guests of the country. Read and remember – what can not be done in the UAE?

Rules of conduct in the UAE

Note! Each UAE emirate has its own legislation – be sure to get to know them before your trip.

Do not break!

Dubai Transport Guidelines
  1. It is forbidden to eat (even chewing gum) and drink in the Dubai metro, buses and taxis. For violation of this rule you will have to pay a fine of 100 dirhams.
  2. Compliance with traffic rules is the key to a relaxing holiday. If you rented a car, do not exceed the speed, do not stop in the wrong places, and even more so do not drive while intoxicated – in this case, the penalty will not be a large fine, but arrest and / or deportation.
  3. Female subway car
  4. In the UAE there are special metro cars for women and children, which are forbidden for men to enter – they are easy to spot among the rest, thanks to the pink color and signs. Despite the fact that you will not be fined for violating this rule, but will only make an oral remark, do not risk it, and even when you see an empty pink carriage, do not give in to the temptation to go there.
  5. If there is no free space for both of you in public transport, just give it to your girlfriend, but do not put her on your knees – this gesture is considered a serious violation of the rule of law.

Important! Do not think that comments are nonsense, after two of these you will face a fine of about $ 100.

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Dress Code Rules for UAE Tourists
Girls should dress modestly
  • Despite the fact that there are no laws in Dubai requiring foreign women to cover their heads and wear closed dresses, we advise you to dress modestly to show that you respect the moral standards of the host country. Girls dressed inappropriately may not be allowed into shops and attractions, make comments;
  • Do not wear bathing suits outside of beaches or areas with pools;
  • On a public beach, tourists are better off wearing modest swimwear; on the private coast of the hotel, you can afford something more open;
  • In the UAE, in no case should you sunbathe topless – for such a violation of the rules, tourists can be arrested.
Dubai Public Travel Guidelines
Kisses and hugs in the UAE are punishable
  • First and foremost, you should not show feelings for your partner with other people. Kisses and hugs in the UAE are punishable not by a simple fine, but by arrest from a few days to six months;
  • Same-sex relationships are prohibited in Dubai;
  • The list of what tourists should not do in the UAE includes smoking street and in public places. There are many special areas for this activity throughout the country;
  • You can not show disrespect for the citizens of the UAE – to laugh, condemn or discuss their actions;
  • Dubai residents profess Islam
  • Dubai residents practice Islam and pray 5 times a day, no matter where they are. If you become a witness to this process, do not pay attention to it, let alone laugh and do not walk around the person who is praying;
  • On the streets of the UAE, you can’t talk loudly on the phone;
  • In Dubai and other emirates, there are rules for tourists, according to which you can not photograph mosques and people, especially women;
  • You can’t fight, use a mat or indecent gestures in the UAE. Believe me, the local police know all the Russian curses, so restrain yourself, especially while driving;
  • Another strange rule for us is connected with dancing. In Dubai, tourists and locals are forbidden to dance on the street, this can only be done in a hotel or night club;

Alcohol and drugs
Do not drink alcohol on the streets or in public places.
  • You can not drink alcohol on the streets or in public places, as well as in establishments without an appropriate license. Want to have a drink in Dubai – do it in a bar, club or your room;
  • Another rule related to alcohol in the UAE is the prohibition on drunk walks. Drank – go / stay at the hotel;
  • On the streets and in public places of Dubai you can’t eat or drink during Ramadan – breaking this rule, you will disrespect the local customs, you can even make a comment;
  • Rules for tourists and residents of Dubai prohibit any interaction with drugs. Even for simple use, you can be imprisoned for several years with deportation, and tourists caught in distribution, at best, will spend the rest of their days behind bars.

Very important! In no case do not give a bribe to the police, unless, of course, you want to look at life in the UAE through the eyes of prisoners.

Rules for communication in the UAE
  • When talking, do not raise your voice or scream;
  • Touching the locals, even in a friendly way, is impossible if the initiative does not come from their side;
  • Do not talk with local women
  • Do not hold your eyes, do not take pictures, and better do not talk with local women. Even in case of emergency, go in search of male Arabs;
  • Flirting and resort romance is not for the UAE. According to the law, even couples in a civil marriage cannot live here, but hotels turn a blind eye to this rule and allow unmarried tourists to stay in one room;
  • When talking with an Arab, do not ask how his wife is doing; instead, you can ask if his family is okay.
Take off your shoes when entering the house to the Arabs
  • The first rule says – when entering the house to the Arabs, take off your shoes;
  • During a greeting with a man, do not interrupt the handshake first (they last longer than ours) and do not give a woman a hand, unless she does it first;
  • When sitting, do not direct the soles of the feet toward the owners – in such a pose you will offend them;
  • Despite the rules of good taste in our country, it is better to visit Arabs empty-handed than with strong alcoholic drinks (including vodka).
  • In the UAE, it is customary to treat guests, and you can’t refuse this gesture so as not to offend the owner;
  • If you will take or pass food and drinks, do it only with your right hand.

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Do not import!

Along with violations of the rules of conduct are bans on the import of certain products. If you want to see something more than the beautiful airports of the UAE, do not bring:

Almost all medicines can be brought into Dubai

Almost all medicines, except psychotropic ones, can be imported into Dubai if they are intended for personal use and their quantity is designed for up to three months. There is another answer to the question “what kind of medicine should not be taken in the UAE” – all for which you do not have a prescription from a doctor.

Useful sources! A list of drugs banned for import into the UAE can be found at

Homemade food

Of the products in Dubai, it is forbidden to import only those that do not have a factory label (homemade food also falls here). Other restrictions are weighted, you can carry a maximum of one through the border of the emirate at a time:

  • 20 kg of yogurt;
  • 10 kg of vegetables and fruits;
  • 100 kg of dates;
  • 10 kg of sweets and pastries;
  • 30 kg of porridge and meat;
  • 10 kg of fish and 500 grams of caviar;
  • 50 liters of any liquid oil;
  • 11 kg of eggs;
  • 20 kg of honey and sugar;
  • 5 kg of tea, coffee and spices;
  • 10 kg of baby food.
Soft drinks

As for soft drinks, such as juices and syrups, you can import them up to 20 liters.

Do not give up! If you have delivered more products than permitted by the rules in the UAE, they will be confiscated in full.

Alcohol, tobacco and weapons
You can bring cigarettes to Dubai

You can bring alcohol and cigarettes to Dubai without declaring if their quantity does not exceed 4 liters or 2 boxes of 24 cans of beer with a volume of 0.35 liters and 400 cigarettes, 50 cigars or 500 g of tobacco. Electronic cigarettes and vaping can not be imported into the country, the ban also includes drugs, any kind of weapon, explosives and pyrotechnics.

Note! All restrictions on the weight and quantity of products are indicated per adult tourist.


Do not take on vacation in the UAE:

  • Products made from ivory and rhino horn;
  • Paintings, sculptures, statues;
  • Goods manufactured in Israel, Qatar, North Korea, Somalia or Iran;
  • Cards, chips, dice and other attributes of gambling;
  • Anti-Islamic materials.
Gambling Attributes

In addition, you cannot take some domestic animals with you on vacation to Dubai, namely all birds and dogs belonging to the breeds listed in this document (p. 3).

Also, tourists are required to declare all paper books, magazines, photographs and CDs that they take with them on vacation. This list also includes money in the amount of 100,000 AED and gifts worth more than 3,000 dirhams.

The rules of conduct in Dubai for tourists are not just restrictions, but an attempt to maintain a calm atmosphere in the country. Do not take them negatively, because it is thanks to them that you can safely walk through the night streets of the UAE and be confident in your safety. Have a nice trip!

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