Where to holiday in Turkey in June: areas with most comfortable temperature

The swimming season in Turkey starts in May and lasts until the end of October. But each resort has its own climatic conditions, so before you go on a trip, it is better to study the forecasts from and to. The weather in Turkey in June may appeal to many tourists: after all, the sun already warms at this time, it is warm in the afternoon, but not hot, and in the evening it is fresh and cool.

Holidays in Turkey

To save your time, we decided to make a detailed description of the weather and sea temperature in Turkey in June, having examined its most famous tourist cities. This article will focus on the resorts of the Mediterranean coast and the Aegean Sea.

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Although it is believed that the high season in Turkey opens only in July, in June Antalya offers quite comfortable weather conditions for relaxation. The city is characterized by a classic Mediterranean climate with its inherent high humidity and heat. But at the very beginning of June, in Antalya, that exhausting temperature has not yet been observed, when tourists do not have the strength to stay active. This month is great for swimming and sunbathing, as well as for excursions. In addition, during this period, the city is not crowded with vacationers, which allows some breathing freely both in hotels and on the streets.

Resort Antalya

At the beginning of June, the temperature in Turkey in Antalya is kept at 27-28 ° C during the day, and in the dark falls to 17-18 ° C. It gets cool in the evenings, so be sure to bring a light jacket or jacket with you. The water in the sea manages to warm up to 23.5 ° C, and although it is still slightly cool, swimming is quite comfortable.

After June 15, temperature values ​​increase markedly, warm weather gradually gives way to hot, and in the evenings you can safely walk in light clothing. During this period, the thermometer sometimes reaches 37 ° C and ranges from 30-32 ° C. And at night, the temperature drops only to 20 ° C. The sea in June in Turkey in Antalya finally warms up well (25-26 ° C) and becomes almost ideal for swimming.

In general, precipitation is not typical for June in this city, however, there is still a chance of rain, but, as a rule, rainfall lasts no more than 1 day. The average rainfall over the entire period is about 6.0 mm. Thus, June can be considered one of the driest months of the year in Antalya.

Period Day Night Water Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
June 30.7 ° C 20.9 ° C 25.1 ° C 29th 1 (6.0 mm)

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If you are interested in what the weather is in June in Turkey in Alanya, then you can safely count on excellent climatic conditions. This period is especially suitable for those tourists who can not stand the heat. In the afternoon in June there is pleasant warm weather when you can spend time on the beach or go for a walk through the sights of the city. It is important to emphasize that at this time in Alanya, unlike Antalya, it is warm even in the evenings, so you will not need outerwear.

In the first half of June in Alanya during the day you will find a comfortable temperature of 26-27 ° C. And at night, the thermometer column drops by only a couple of degrees and keeps at around 20-22 ° C. You will also be pleased with the water temperature, the average of which at the beginning of summer is 24 ° C.

The second half of the month in Alanya is marked by a hotter climate, when the air heats up to 29-30 ° C during the day, and maximum values ​​reach 33 ° C. In the evening the heat subsides, a gentle wind blows, the thermometer drops to 24 ° C. Sea water becomes calmer and warmer (25-26.5 ° C), ready to take even small tourists into their arms. It is in Alanya that you will find the warmest sea in June in Turkey.

In the first month of summer, you should not worry about rain here, because the amount of precipitation is minimal and amounts to 5.3 mm. If rainfall hits you, it will last a maximum of 1 day. In general, June in Alanya is dry and warm, great for a beach holiday.

Period Day Night Water Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
June 28.6 ° C 24.3 ° C 25.2 ° C 29th 1 (5.3 mm)

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The water temperature in Turkey in June at individual resorts may have different indicators. As for Kemer, the water in the sea this month is somewhat colder than in Alanya, but swimming is quite possible. In June, Kemer is characterized by warm weather during the day and cool in the dark. Evenings in light clothes can even be frozen, especially in the first summer days, so you should take a windbreaker with you. This climate in Kemer is due primarily to its location in the mountains.

Daytime temperatures at the beginning of the month are very unstable and can vary between 23-26 ° C. At night it’s pretty cool, and the thermometer mark shows no higher than 17 ° C. But at the same time, the water in the sea is quite suitable for swimming, because the water temperature reaches 23-23.5 ° C.

If you like hotter weather, it is better to go on vacation to Turkey in June after the 15th. At this time, in Kemer, there was a significant increase in average temperature, both day and night (29 ° C and 19 ° C, respectively). And the water in the sea will delight you with its warm, comfortable bathing waters (25 ° C). It is worth considering that at the end of the month the sun begins to strongly bake, so be sure to use sunscreens.

Rain at the resort in June is a rare but permissible phenomenon. In general, showers can last about three days. During this period, the average amount of precipitation possible here is 34.1 mm. But the rest of the month is characterized by clear and dry weather.

Period Day Night Water Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
June 28.7 ° C 18.5 ° C 25 ° C 27 3 (34.1 mm)


Weather and sea temperature in June in Turkey on the Aegean coast differ from the climatic conditions in the resorts of the Mediterranean Sea. The humidity level is much lower, which makes it easy to tolerate hot days. Marmaris, being one of the most popular tourist cities near the Aegean Sea, opens the bathing season only in June, when the water warms up to acceptable levels.

In the first half of the month, the air in the afternoon is quite warm (27-28 ° C), and in the evenings a little cool. Night temperatures fluctuate within 18 ° C; slight gusts of wind are observed. However, the water in the sea does not have enough time to warm up (21.5 – 22 ° C).

But everything changes in mid-June, when during the day the thermometer jumps over the mark of 30 ° C, and at night the temperature rises to an average of 20 ° C. Water in the sea is also heated: by the end of the month, its indicators reach 23.5-24 ° C. In the previously described Mediterranean cities, these values ​​are slightly higher, so if you are looking for resorts in Turkey, where the sea is warmer in June, then the Aegean coast may not suit you.

Precipitation in June in Marmaris practically does not fall. It can rain for a maximum of 1 day, the weather is mostly cloudless. In general, the average monthly rainfall is 14.1 mm.

Period Day Night Water Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
June 30.2 ° C 20 ° C 23.5 ° C 29th 1 (14.1 mm)

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Water temperature and weather in June in Turkey at a resort such as Bodrum show the lowest rates among all the cities we have listed. But this does not mean that visiting Bodrum at this time is not worth it. On the contrary, the weather will be ideal for combined recreation, when tourists not only spend their entire vacation on one of the beaches of the resort , but also go on excursions. Day and evening, the air temperature is comfortable, although the water in the sea is heated only by the end of June.

The first summer days are accompanied by warm air heated to 25 ° C. It is also pleasant to relax here in the evenings, because the thermometer does not fall below 20 ° C. But in Bodrum in Turkey, the water temperature in early June is not at all happy (21-22 ° C). Bathing with such indicators is unlikely to suit families with children.

However, the second half of June shows more rosy forecasts. The average daytime temperature rises to 28-29 ° C, and at night it is completely warm – about 23 ° C. Water in the sea warms up to 24 ° C, and swimming in it becomes comfortable.

Many tourists choose Bodrum, because in June there is almost no rain, and it’s not hot. The average rainfall does not exceed 9.3 mm, so most of the time in the city is clear and dry.

Period Day Night Water Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
June 27.9 ° C 22.4 ° C 23.4 ° C 29th 1 (9.3 mm)

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So, the weather in Turkey in June at different resorts is different. You will find the warmest sea in Alanya and Antalya, but in the cities of the Aegean coast the water does not have time to warm up by the beginning of the month, therefore it is best to go there after the 15th. In general, June is suitable for both beach vacations and walks in the sights: it is warm, there is practically no rainfall, and even the water in the sea allows you to swim. The only drawback here is perhaps the cool weather in the evenings, but this minus is also easy to eliminate with the help of warm clothes.

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