Tourist’s guide to Dalaman in Turkey: sights and beaches

If you are looking for a city where you can combine a beach holiday with a visit to cultural and natural attractions, then definitely go to Dalaman, Turkey. This is a place with a warm climate and picturesque nature, near which there are such well-known resorts in the country as Marmaris, Fethiye, Oludeniz and others. The transparent sea and well-groomed beaches, ancient monuments and interesting natural objects attract more and more tourists to the area. What is Dalaman, and how to get there, we consider in detail later in the article.

Turkey, nature in Damalan region
Nature in Dalaman, Iztuzu Beach

General information

City Dalaman

Dalaman is a city located in the south-west of Turkey in the province of Mugla, off the coast of the Mediterranean Sea. Its population is just over 37 thousand people. The name Dalaman is not only a city, but also a whole area of ​​62 square meters. km, formed around the resort. The city is spread out on a flat area with fertile lands, on which citrus cultivation is developed. Dalaman has gained popularity among foreign tourists recently, but already offers its guests a fairly convenient infrastructure.

Dalaman Airport, Turkey
Dalaman Airport

6.4 km south of the city is the international airport, which is one of the three airports operating in the region. It is here that tourists come who decide to have a rest in Dalaman and at such popular resorts of the area as Fethiye and Marmaris. The object itself and its surroundings have become attractive to travelers primarily due to the picturesque nature, a large number of attractions, equipped coast and clear sea waters. Although this is a relatively young resort, you will find many excellent hotels, cafes and restaurants, as well as entertainment events.

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The obvious advantages of the city include numerous sights of Dalaman, among which there are unique natural objects, and ancient buildings, and cultural monuments.

Koycegiz Lake
Koycegiz Lake

One of the largest coastal lakes in Turkey, with an area of ​​5200 hectares, is spread 30 km northwest of Dalaman. In addition to picturesque landscapes, this natural attraction provides great opportunities for water sports, in particular windsurfing and rowing. Many tourists come here to go for a boat trip, during which they visit a small island where the ruins of an ancient prison have been preserved. Koycegiz with its rich flora and fauna will be of interest to fishing enthusiasts, and the thermal springs and mud ponds located on the southern shores of the lake allow travelers to take care of improving the body.

The ancient city of Kaunos
The ancient city of Kaunos

In Turkey, northwest of Dalaman is the ancient city of Kavn or Kaunos, which has preserved the ruins of the once prosperous shopping center. Kaunos appeared in the third millennium BC, and among its ruins there are tombs, an amphitheater destroyed by centuries and the remains of ancient houses. It is noteworthy that you can get to the sights from the eastern part only by crossing the Dalyan River. Here to this day, archaeological excavations are taking place, during which it was already possible to discover that the city passed through the Byzantine and Roman periods, as well as the Middle Ages.

Mud clinic
Mud clinic in Dalaman

Among the attractions of Dalaman in Turkey, a special place is occupied by thermal springs enriched with sulfur, which successfully treat many skin diseases. Mud ponds formed as a result of natural processes are filled with hot water, and their bottom is lined with healing mud. Many come here with the goal of healing the body, increasing its tone, as well as treating dermatitis, rheumatism and other ailments. The mud bath is located in a place called Sultaniye, which is located on the southwestern shores of Lake Koycegiz.

Turtle nursery
Bug carriage

The city of Dalaman in Turkey is also known for such a landmark as the State Turtle Nursery, whose purpose was to preserve the species of large-headed turtles (carreth) that live in nearby sea waters. The employees of the center provide favorable conditions for the growth of cubs hatching from eggs laid on the sea coast. And when they reach a certain age, workers release the turtles out into the open sea.


If you are puzzled by the question of which sea is in Dalaman in Turkey, we are in a hurry to inform you that the coast of the city adjacent to the city is washed by the waters of the Mediterranean Sea, which go to the Aegean Sea a little to the west. In the vicinity of the resort there are several beaches, wild and equipped, where you can meet ancient attractions. Thus, Iztuzu and Sarsala won the greatest fame among them.

Sarsala Beach

Sarsala Beach in Turkey is located 17 km south of Dalaman and is a small bay surrounded by hills densely overgrown with greenery. This cozy beach with a length of no more than 200 meters has a rocky surface and a clear sea. On the territory you can rent deck chairs with umbrellas for $ 1 per hour. A restaurant is located on the coast, offering a varied menu of seafood. Not far from the beach is a historical attraction – the ruins of an ancient Byzantine temple.

Iztuzu Beach

Iztuzu beach in Turkey or, as it is often called, a turtle beach is located 21 km west of Dalaman. This is a fairly long coastline with a length of more than 5000 m, which covers fine golden sand. The area is known not only for its clear sea, but also for its inhabitants – Carrett turtles, which lay their eggs in the sand. The beach provides all the necessary conditions for a comfortable stay, including showers, changing rooms and paid sunbeds ($ 1 per hour). Near the coast you can find a cozy cafe.

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Air traffic

Turkish Airlines Plane

Although the Dalaman area in Turkey is gaining more and more popularity among independent travelers, direct scheduled flights from Moscow and Kiev are not provided. However, it is quite possible to make a flight with one change in Istanbul or Ankara, which will take an average of 6-8 hours. Tickets for a given destination can be viewed at Turkish Airlines or at Pegasus Airlines. During the high season in Turkey, some airlines begin charter flights to Dalaman.

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How to get from Dalaman to nearby resorts

You can get from the airport to the resorts and to Dalaman itself by using the Havaş bus, which operates several flights a day from a stop located in the immediate vicinity of the air harbor. In order to get to some cities and towns, you will have to make one change to a regular dolmush.

Havaş Bus
  • Marmaris. Located 89 km west of Dalaman. There is a direct Havaş bus service from the airport to the resort. Travel time is 1 hour 20 minutes.
  • Fethiye. It is located 44 km southeast of Dalaman. You have the opportunity to get to the town directly from the airport by bus of the aforementioned company. A trip takes an average of 40 minutes.
  • Oludeniz. It is located 56 km southeast of Dalaman. To get here, upon arrival you need to take a bus to Fethiye, and at the bus station of the resort itself, find any dolmush making a stop in Oludeniz.
  • Cagegiz Resort
  • Koycegiz. The village is located 28 km northwest of Dalaman. To get to the village, first you need to get from the airport to the bus station of the city of Dalaman by bus “Havaş”, and then at the ticket office to buy a ticket for dolmush, next to Koycegiz.
  • Hisaronu. The village is located 105 km west of Dalaman. To get there, you need to take a bus to Marmaris at the airport, and already at the resort’s bus station buy a ticket to Hisaronu.
  • Dalyan. The town is located 23 km northwest of Dalaman: when you reach the bus station by the Havaş bus, you can catch dolmush to Dalyan.

Weather and climate

If you look at the photo of the city of Dalaman in Turkey, you would think that it is warm and sunny all year round. Indeed, the area is characterized by a Mediterranean climate with long hot summers, but short cloudy winters. And although officially the season opens in May, the air warms up to comfortable temperatures in March.

Relax on Iztuzu Beach

The most sunny and hottest period here is considered to be the interval from June to September. The thermometer column at this time is kept within the range of 30-34 ° C, and the sea temperature ranges from 26-28 ° C. May and October are also well-suited for relaxation, however during these months there may be short rains. The sea in May is still not quite comfortable for swimming (about 21 ° C), and in October it pleases tourists with warm water (24.5 ° C). You can learn more about the weather in Dalaman in Turkey from the table below.

Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Sea water temperature Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
January 12.8 ° C 7.3 ° C 17.9 ° C eighteen 6
February 15 ° C 8.5 ° C 17 ° C sixteen 4
March 17.4 ° C 9.7 ° C 16.8 ° C 21 3
April 21 ° C 12.1 ° C 17.8 ° C 26 2
May 25.2 ° C 15.7 ° C 20.5 ° C 28 one
June 30.6 ° C 19.8 ° C 23.5 ° C thirty 0
July 34.2 ° C 22.9 ° C 26.5 ° C 31 0
August 34.3 ° C 23.1 ° C 28 ° C 31 0
September 30.9 ° C 20.5 ° C 27.1 ° C 29th 0
October 25.3 ° C 16.3 ° C 24.5 ° C 28 2
November 19.8 ° C 12.3 ° C 22 ° C 24 2
December 15.2 ° C 9 ° C 19.6 ° C 21 5


Beautiful weather conditions, historical sights, clean beaches and azure sea waters – all this awaits the guests of the city of Dalaman, Turkey. Its proximity to the airport provides a quick and comfortable way to your destination. And the resorts located in the vicinity of the city allow the traveler to see several iconic objects of the country at once.

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