Tourist’s guide to Cesme – a beach town in Turkey on the coast of the Aegean

One of the most worthy resorts located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, we can safely call the town of Cesme, Turkey. This area is not well known to foreign tourists, but it has long been chosen by the inhabitants of the country, so the infrastructure of the town is at the proper level. Cesme differs from the usual Mediterranean resorts not only in its nature, but also in appearance. What is this area, how and when to relax there – all these issues are covered in detail in our article.

Relax on the beach of Cesme

General information

Cesme City

Cesme is a small resort town, spread out on the peninsula of the same name in western Turkey off the coast of the Aegean Sea. It is located 89 km west of the large city of Izmir. Next to it is the Greek island of Chios. The area of ​​the settlement is only 217 square meters. km According to 2017, more than 41 thousand people live here.

Once in the territory of the resort of Cesme in Turkey, the Greek city of Krini flourished. Here, in 1770, the famous naval battle between the Russian and Turkish flotillas took place, during which Russia managed to destroy the Turkish fleet in the area.

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Touristic map of Cesme

Today, Cesme has gained the status of a popular western resort due to its unique nature and high level of tourist infrastructure. The town is significantly different from other Turkish resorts in its appearance, in particular, Greek motifs in architecture. Speaking of Cheshma, one can note its cleanliness and grooming, the city is buried in flowers and greenery, has many walking paths and neat sidewalks. His houses playing with colorful paints create a special atmosphere and just cheer up.

It is noteworthy that Cesme in Turkey has a number of comfortable beaches. There are also interesting sights, both historical and natural. And ideal climatic conditions turn this tiny corner into a real paradise for vacationers.


It is always nice when, in addition to the beach, you can go to the resort to explore local attractions. And in Cesme, the photo of which can captivate even the most fastidious tourist, several iconic places are spread. Among them, you should pay attention to the following.

Cesme Fortress
Cesme Fortress

This is perhaps one of the most memorable sights of the area, which is perfectly visible from the Aegean Sea. The building is also known as the Genoese fortress. The construction was built in the early 16th century by order of the Ottoman Sultan Bayazit. It has been destroyed and restored more than once, and to this day the fortress has come in quite good condition, which was facilitated by its recent restoration. It is noteworthy that initially the building was built directly on the coast of the Aegean Sea, but over the centuries, sea waters have diverged from their former borders, and today there is a footpath.

View from Cesme Fortress

The fortress offers beautiful views of the Aegean Sea, the Greek islands, mountains and plains. On the territory of the attraction there is a historical museum.

Cannon in Cesme Fortress
  • The fortress is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00 (from October to April) and from 8:00 to 19:00 (from April to October).
  • Entrance fee is $ 2.
  • A complete overview of the sights along with the museum will require at least 2-3 hours.
  • Address: Musalla Mahallesi 35930, Cesme / Izmir, Turkey.
Museum in the fortress (Cesme Museum)
Museum in Cesme Fortress

Inside the Genoese fortress there is a small but interesting museum located in two rooms. Most of the exhibits are dedicated to the Russian-Turkish war of 1768-1774, in particular the Battle of Chesme, as a result of which the fleet of the Russian Empire defeated the Turkish squadron. The exhibits present objects found on the seabed, tells about Empress Catherine II, Russian and Turkish admirals. The gallery also displays unique gizmos of the Greek era: large amphoras, Greek coins and ancient sculptures.

  • The Cesme Museum is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00 (from October to April) and from 8:00 to 19:00 (from April to October).
  • The price of admission is $ 2.
  • It will take at least an hour to get acquainted with the museum exhibits in detail.
  • Most items are accompanied by information plates in Russian.
Cesme Embankment

Not far from the fortress along the Aegean Sea in Cesme there stretches a neat palm tree-lined promenade, where tourists take leisurely walks, contemplating the beauty of the area. It offers scenic views of the hills and mountains, the yacht pier and the azure sea surface. The promenade is lined with a wide but neat pedestrian path, where benches and lights are installed, there are several monuments. Numerous cafes and restaurants huddle along the road, which are filled with visitors from around the world at sunset.


There are plenty of beaches in Cesme in Turkey, each has its own characteristics, so it will be more correct to consider them separately.

Ilica (Ilica Plaji)

This beach is located in the north-east of the resort, not far from Tanai Natural Park. Its length is about 3 km. It is distinguished by cleanliness and amenities. Here, the coast is covered with soft fine sand, and the entry into the water is flat and gentle, the depth begins after about 20 meters. For the most part, Turks and Germans rest on the beach. There are not too many people in the morning, but closer to dinner, Ilica is filled with tourists. The beach is perfect for families with children.

Ilica Plaji Beach

Admission to Ilic is free. On the territory you can rent sun loungers and umbrellas, the rental price is about $ 6.5, and at the end of the season prices become lower. It has everything you need: toilets, showers and changing cabins. However, all this infrastructure is paid. There is a restaurant on the coast serving snacks and drinks.

Tekke Plaji
Tekke Beach

Tekke Beach is located in the center of Cesme in Turkey, photos of the area perfectly emphasize its picturesque nature. Tekke has a small size (length a little more than hundreds of meters). This area in the Aegean is famous for its clear and clear waters. The coastal cover consists of light sand, entering the sea is quite convenient, although before entering the water, it is necessary to overcome a small pebble strip. In some places, large stones come across at the bottom, but since the water is clear, it is quite easy to notice them. Tourists who have been here note that the beach itself is not very clean, on the territory you can stumble on splinters and cigarette butts.

Tekke is a free beach where you can rent umbrellas and sunbeds for $ 1.5. Changing rooms and showers are not provided on the territory, but there are dry closets. In the immediate vicinity there is only one cafe where you can eat and order drinks. In general, the area is more suitable for swimming than for a comfortable beach holiday, therefore it is not as crowded here as on other beaches.

Altinkum (Cesme Altınkum Beach)
Altinkum Beach

Altinkum is a beach on the Aegean Sea in Cesme, where the residents of Izmir mostly relax. On weekdays, it is calm and crowded, but locals come on weekends, so it gets crowded. The beach is located in the southeastern part of the resort, a 20-minute drive from its center. The territory is covered with light sand, the entrance to the sea is shallow, but large stones come across at the bottom. The water is crystal clear, but cool even in the midst of the season.

Entrance to the beach is paid and is $ 12 per person. The price includes the use of sun loungers, toilets, showers and locker rooms. There is a bar with unobtrusive staff on site, serving a variety of drinks and food.

Pirlanta (Pirlanta Beach)
Pirlanta Beach

Pirlanta Beach is located 10 km southwest of the center of Cesme and stretches for a distance of about 700 meters. This is a well-maintained and well-groomed area with clear waters of the Aegean Sea. The coast is covered with light fine sand, which literally sparkles in the sun – hence the name of the area Pirlanta, which in Turkish means “diamond”. Sunset from the coast to the sea is quite comfortable and even. Pirlanta is shallow, the depth here comes only after tens of meters.


Pirlanta Beach has long been a gathering place for surfers and windsurfers: the rapid winds and huge waves made the place ideal for these sports. On the beach there is the opportunity to rent sun loungers for $ 5, there are showers and toilets. Here operates a shop selling kites, which vacationers willingly fly into the air. Near Pirlanta there are several cafes, there is parking.

Pasha (Pasa)
Pasha Beach

14 km northeast of Cesme lies the little-known Pasha beach. The coast itself stretches over a distance of more than 3 km. The Aegean Sea here pleases with its transparency, the entry into the water is even, the coastal cover is mostly sandy. There are hot springs nearby. There are few people here, because almost no one knows about the beach. Sun loungers can be rented. There are few restaurants and cafes, and the nearest snack bar is located near the Pasha Port Hotel & Restaurant.

Delikli koyu
Delikli Koyu Beach

This is a wild beach on which there is no infrastructure. Located 13 km south of Cesme. Usually, independent travelers with tents visit the area, and public transport does not go here. Delikli Koyu is a hilly area where the edge of the Aegean Sea has a small piece of land with a sandy surface, which, in fact, acts as a beach. Sunset at sea is pebble, uneven, special shoes will be required. There are no cafes or shops in the district, but there are many rocks and blocks. This secluded, peaceful place will appeal to those who are tired of noisy crowded beaches and looking for serenity.


Hotels in Cesme in Turkey are quite varied: here you can find both hotels from 3 to 5 stars, as well as apartments and guesthouses. Some guest houses are more reminiscent of hotels, and their prices are not at all lower than in a 4 * hotel.

Beach at Rooms Smart Luxury Hotel & Beach
Rooms Smart Luxury Hotel & Beach

So, checking into a guesthouse for a night for two will cost an average of $ 75. But renting serviced apartments is much cheaper: the most inexpensive option starts at $ 30. In general, the resort of Cesme in Turkey is considered an expensive place where prosperous Turks rest, so you can not count on low prices here.

Among the hotels of different categories, where the price is in the best way correlated with the service provided, we can distinguish:

Lord Hotel 3 *
Hotel room Lord Hotel

A small hotel in Cesme in the north-east of the city, located 800 meters from the coast. In high season, renting a double room here will cost $ 43 per night. This price includes a complimentary breakfast. It features a miniature pool and free Wi-Fi.

More details can be found here .

Sisus Hotel Cesme 4 *
Hotel room Sisus Hotel Cesme

The hotel is located in the north-east of the city next to the marina. The nearest beach is 400 meters away. An on-site spa, sauna and fitness center are on site. In high season, the cost of a double room is $ 44 per day (+ free breakfast).

More information about the hotel here .

Boyalik Beach Hotel & Spa Cesme
Room at Boyalik Beach Hotel & Spa Cesme

Hotel in Cesme in Turkey, located right in the city center on the shores of the Aegean Sea and is ready to offer its guests an outdoor pool, spa, clean rooms with the necessary equipment and a games room. In the summer months, you can rent a double room for $ 84 per day. The price includes breakfast and dinner. All accommodation conditions, reviews and prices can be found on this page .

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Weather and climate

Cesme Beach View

If, after looking at the photos of Cesme and the beaches in Turkey, you decide to go to the resort, it’s time to find out when the season starts here. Since the settlement is located on the coast of the Aegean Sea, the area is characterized by a slightly different climate than that of the Mediterranean region. The season here opens in June, when the water temperature warms up to 22.5 ° C, and the air temperature ranges from 26-30 ° C.

The hottest and sunniest months in Cesme are July, August and September. At this time, the air temperature reaches its climax (27-31 ° C), and the Aegean Sea pleases with warm water (23-25 ​​° C). In October, sea water gradually cools down (21 ° C), precipitation begins to fall, and therefore the season at this time is nearing completion. You can read more about the weather in Cesme in Turkey in the table below.

Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Water temperature in the Aegean Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
January 12.7 ° C 9.6 ° C 16.2 ° C fifteen 7
February 13.9 ° C 11.5 ° C 15.6 ° C thirteen 7
March 15.2 ° C 12.4 ° C 15.6 ° C sixteen 4
April 18.1 ° C 14.2 ° C 16.5 ° C twenty 2
May 22.1 ° C 17.8 ° C 19.2 ° C 27 2
June 26.9 ° C 21.7 ° C 22.5 ° C 29th one
July 29.8 ° C 23.7 ° C 23.7 ° C 31 one
August 30.3 ° C 24.3 ° C 24.4 ° C 31 0
September 27.2 ° C 22.6 ° C 23.3 ° C 29th one
October 22.3 ° C 18.7 ° C 21.2 ° C 26 3
November 18.4 ° C 15.5 ° C 18.9 ° C twenty 4
December 14.4 ° C 12.1 ° C 17.3 ° C sixteen 6

How to get there

Izmir International Airport
Adnan Menderes Airport

The closest international airport to Cesme in Turkey is 94 km southeast of the resort. You can get to the city directly from the Adnan Menderes Airport by bus or transfer.

Havaş buses leave the airport hourly from the airport. Travel time is just over an hour, and the fare is $ 5. As an alternative, you can choose a transfer, having pre-booked a car at one of the many sites. So, ordering a transfer by economy class car will cost at least $ 50.

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If you plan to get to Cesme by public transport from Izmir, then you should go to the main city bus station İzotaş, from where часeşme Seyahat buses depart from Izmir-Cesme every hour from 6:30 to 21:30. Travel time takes 1 hour 20 minutes, and the fare is $ 5. These are the ways you can get to Cesme, Turkey.

Prices on the page are for April 2018.

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