The best beaches of Marmaris and the surrounding area – all the details

Marmaris resort, located on the coast of the Aegean Sea in Turkey, has long been chosen by seasoned travelers. They come here primarily for beautiful nature and comfortable beach vacations. The beaches of Marmaris are heterogeneous in their characteristics, but all of them are united by two features – clear waters and picturesqueness.

Beach in Marmaris, Turkey

Today, the resort has five of the most noteworthy areas that you should pay attention to when visiting the city. Some of them are convenient in terms of infrastructure and location, others attract with their calm atmosphere and low population. From our article you will find out which beaches are in the center of Marmaris, and which are removed from the resort, and you can also learn their main features.

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Icmeler Beach

One of the best beaches in Marmaris in Turkey is located in the small resort village of Icmeler and attracts, first of all, for its picturesque area. The coastline stretches here for a little more than 1 km, but the equipped area of ​​the beach occupies only a small piece of the coast. Icmeler covers mainly fine light sand, however, when entering the water, small pebbles are found. The sea is calm, the entrance to it is flat and gentle, some sections of the bottom are sandy, others are pebbled. This is a completely safe and comfortable coast for families with children.

Holidays on the beach of Icmeler

Icmeler Beach in Marmaris is equipped with everything you need – sun loungers and umbrellas, latrines, showers and changing rooms. The cost of renting a sunbed for a day is $ 5. Icmeler also provides a free relaxation area. The beach can please with its developed infrastructure: along the entire coast stretches a chain of cafes, shops, bars and hotels. Here, for an additional fee, various kinds of entertainment are provided, such as boat rental, jet skiing, boat trip and much more.

In general, Icmeler is a clean, comfortable and convenient beach, which we definitely recommend visiting on vacation in Turkey in Marmaris.

Cityler (İncekum)

Citeler Beach

If you wondered which beaches of Marmaris in Turkey are worthy of attention, we recommend that you familiarize yourself with a place called Cityler. This area is located 3 km southwest of the city center and is famous for its clear waters and cleanliness. The total length of the beach exceeds 2 km. The main part of vacationers here is made up of guests of hotels located near the coast, so there are always a lot of people on the beach. The coastal cover is pebble, it consists mainly of small pebbles, in some places you can find sandy islands. Entry into the water is uniform, so it is suitable for children.

Relax on the beach

It is worth considering that this area is characterized by cold currents, so even in the midst of summer, the water can be very cool. This Marmaris beach, reviews of which only confirm its status as one of the best in the resort, can be conditionally divided into two parts: a free zone and hotel territory. The free zone is less tidy, there are no sun loungers and showers, but the hotel area is ready to provide all amenities for an additional fee. To use sun loungers, toilets and changing rooms, you must make an order in one of the coastal cafes.

In general, the Cityler Beach in Turkey is calm and quiet and is suitable for a comfortable, measured vacation.

Marmaris Central Beach

Marmaris Central Beach

One of the most populated Marmaris beaches in Turkey, which is more than 1 km long, is located in the very center of the resort. On the coast there is a free territory not equipped with anything, as well as equipped areas with paid services. The terrain is rather heterogeneous, in different parts it consists of sand or pebbles, therefore this Maramaris beach can be attributed to sand and pebble. It has a narrow shore, and when entering the sea you need to go through a strip of pebbles, so for a comfortable swim it is worth buying special shoes.

Sunset in the water of the central beach of Marmaris

Sunset at sea is quite even, but the water itself is unclear. If you go a little further from the yacht port closer to restaurants, you will find a more secluded and clean beach. In general, this beach is suitable for families with children. Showers, toilets and sun loungers can be found only in the area with cafes and restaurants, and in order to use them, you must make an order at the institution. On the territory there is an opportunity to buy a walking tour on a yacht and engage in water sports.

Amos (Amos Beach)

Amos Beach

This secluded, but very picturesque place is located 24 km south of the popular resort. This Marmaris beach in Turkey is more suitable for a secluded holiday, because in view of its remoteness from the city it is not so crowded here. A small piece of coast, no more than 200 meters long, hid behind stony hills and lush greenery. Its distinctive feature is crystal clear waters, in which numerous marine inhabitants are clearly visible. Amos Beach has received the Blue Flag Certificate for its grooming and safety.

In a cafe on the beach Amos Beach

The coating of Amos consists of fine gray pebbles, entering the water is convenient. Not far from the coast there is a miniature zoo, so this beach is ideal for families with small children. Each vacationer has the opportunity to rent sun loungers and umbrellas (price $ 5). There are toilets, changing rooms and showers on site. A small restaurant is open on the shore, where you can enjoy fresh seafood and national pastries.

In general, Amos in Turkey is a calm, comfortable and picturesque corner, which is confirmed by the photos of this beach in Marmaris.


Turunch, located 20 km south of the resort center, is a beautiful bay with clear sea waters. The length of its coast is about 1.5 km. This is a calm area, surrounded by mountainous terrain, where you can slowly relax from the bustle of the city. Since Turunch is far from the resort, there is no large tourist congestion here. You can get to it either by dolmush or by water taxi.

Turunc Beach, Turkey

The coverage of Turunc Beach in Marmaris consists of pebbles and sand, the entry into the sea is uneven, large stones can come across at the bottom. Since the beach is surrounded by mountains, there is practically no wind, and with it waves. Turunch in Turkey is a safe and environmentally friendly area, which is confirmed by the Blue Flag awarded to it. The beach is suitable for families with children.

Relax on Turunc Beach

Part of the territory of Turunc belongs to hotels for which vacationers rent sun loungers with umbrellas for a fee and use such amenities as showers, changing cabins and toilets. Along the beach are shops, cafes and restaurants, there is a yacht marina where you can book a boat trip. In general, the beach is more suitable for a relaxing holiday surrounded by pristine nature, so you should not look for any modern entertainment here.

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To understand how unique the nature of Marmaris is in Turkey, just look at the photos of its beaches. Every traveler will be able to find a piece of the coast for himself, whether it is a noisy and full of entertainment beach or a secluded corner surrounded by mountains. The beaches of Marmaris will delight you with a clear sea and a great opportunity to watch its inhabitants. So, no doubt go to this resort and get ready to get a lot of positive emotions.

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