How to book a hotel in Turkey on your own – a guide

The price range for the same hotel on different booking services can vary significantly. You can always find the best offer on , which shows prices on a variety of booking sites including such as and However, at present, is the most popular among tourists . And if you decide to spend your vacation in one of the Turkish resorts, then you do not have to overpay for travel agency services: you can easily book a hotel in Turkey on your own.

In order to view the available options on the site, you do not need to register. But when it comes to hotel reservation, the service will in any case ask for your email address. Therefore, if you really plan to book a hotel, it is better to pre-register. This process will take only a couple of minutes and in the future will greatly facilitate the management of your future reservations.

You can familiarize yourself with the detailed registration plan for booking here . Well, below we will consider the fastest and easiest way to book any hotel in Turkey.

Instruction manual

Go to the official website at . You will see a search line divided into three cells: “Where do you want to go”, “Check-in-Check-out calendar” and “Number of rooms and guests”.

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Where do you want to go

If you have already decided in advance which resort of Turkey you will go to, then in the first line you just need to enter the name of the city or village. If you are still in search of the most suitable option, then simply enter “Turkey” in the line and the system will show you the recommended hotels of the country.

In the second cell, click on the calendar and select the estimated dates of the trip. If you do not yet know the exact numbers for your trip, indicate the approximate dates: this will help you get an idea of ​​the prices and availability. In the third column, it is important to choose the number of rooms and the number of guests – these data largely form the cost of the reservation. After you have specified the necessary data, click on the “Check Prices” tab.

In the second cell, click on the calendar

Before you open a new page with a list of available hotels in your specified region of Turkey. As you can see from the screenshot below, for example, we chose the city of Antalya and got 268 accommodation options in the area . Here we can get acquainted with the basic information about the facilities, the cost of the rooms for the dates indicated by us, the ratings of the guests, and also find out whether the price is included in the price.

268 properties

Of course, viewing 268 hotels would take us a lot of time, so we begin to independently filter the list based on our preferences. Among the most important parameters, primarily taken into account when searching for housing, are cost, rating, star rating, location, as well as services that are included in the price.

In order to sort objects by various filters, we turn to the “Select by criteria” block located to the left of the list. It presents the most diverse selection of hotels, so we advise you to carefully study all the filters and note for yourself the most important.

Select by criteria

As you can see from the screenshots above, we requested a 5 * hotel in Turkey with a sauna and a included breakfast at a price ranging from $ 61-120, and the system reduced the initial list from 268 to 6 options. You yourself, depending on your requirements, can manage search criteria and view only the most suitable accommodation for you.
Filtration Options

If you are interested in any hotel while studying the list, then for more detailed information, click on the photo, the name of the object or on the tab “View our latest available rooms” / “Select a room”.

Then you get to the page with a description of the hotel, where you can find out details about the hotel, study the types of its rooms, their arrangement and cost,
For more information.

as well as see the photo gallery and read reviews.

View photo gallery

Find out hotel details

In order to clarify the information about the food (which is included), the conditions for canceling the reservation, and also to find out if prepayment is required, hover over the blue circle with a question mark.

Hover over a blue circle

This is how you look at several hotels in Turkey and choose the best option for yourself. After you have decided on a hotel, you proceed to the last stage – booking an object. To book a hotel in Turkey yourself, you may need a credit card. Some establishments ask for prepayment, while others make reservations for free. This nuance will be definitely covered in the hotel description, so carefully read all the information.

Having selected the hotel and the type of room, you indicate the required number of rooms in the table and go to the “I will book” tab.

Go to the tab "I book"

Then you get to the page where the form with blank lines is presented, in which you need to enter your first name, last name and email address (if you have not registered yet). Please note that it is best to fill out the form in Latin letters so that the hotel can understand you.

Enter your details

At the bottom of the page, if you wish, you can write a letter to the representatives of the facility, in which you indicate your preferences and indicate the approximate time of arrival at the hotel. After filling out the necessary forms, click on the tab “Next: final data”.

Can I ask you a question

If you decide to book a hotel on your own, which requires prepayment, then you will need to indicate the details of the credit card: name of the owner, type of plastic, its number, expiration dates and CVC number.

Enter credit card details

If you want to book a hotel on your own in a Turkish resort that does not ask for an advance payment, you will need to enter the card details again, but the funds will not be held in the account. Typically, this information is requested to guarantee your reservation. After entering the details, click on the “Complete Booking” tab.

Booking completion

How to make a hotel reservation without a credit card is described in more detail here .

Congratulations! Now you know how to book a hotel in Turkey yourself. Within a few seconds, a confirmation email will be sent to your email inbox. Read this notice carefully and verify that the information is correct.

How to book an all-inclusive hotel

Today, the most popular among tourists are hotels in Turkey, operating on an all-inclusive basis. This concept allows you to eat at the hotel all day in restaurants with a buffet. Independently booking a hotel in Turkey “all inclusive” is quite simple at the booking. To do this, refer to the filters already mentioned by us, located to the left of the list. Find the “Power” column and check the “All inclusive” option. Now you will only see the declared options.

Select the option "All inclusive"

It is worth noting that usually the guests of Turkey, offering the concept of “all inclusive”, provide their guests not only with free food, but also with free drinks, including alcohol. Some hotels go even further and install the Ultra All Inclusive system when food and drinks are available to guests 24 hours a day. Detailed information on this criterion can be found in the description of the objects on the

Useful Tips

  1. Before you book a hotel yourself, carefully read the information presented under the name of the type of room. The cost of some options at the booking is indicated without tax, so in reality the price can be several percent higher.
  2. Information presented under the name of type of number

  3. In the reservation system very often there are profitable promotions that give big discounts. Therefore, we recommend that you carefully monitor the special offers of the service, using the filter “Today’s profitable option” in the column “Special offers and discounts.”
  4. Discount hotel

    Today’s Best Value Filter

  5. When searching for a hotel, be sure to read the reviews of tourists who have already visited Turkey. It is on their basis that ratings of objects are formed, and very often practical advice can be found in them.

Rating of objects

You can find more useful recommendations on how to book a hotel in Turkey and in other countries here

We hope that you have fully understood the booking system and now can easily reserve the options you like on your own.

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