Holidays in Tekirova, Turkey – attractions and entertainment

If you are looking for a quiet corner, remote from the bustle of the city, where you can relax on the beach surrounded by mountain landscapes, then go to the village of Tekirova, Turkey. The once unremarkable village today has become a popular resort with clean beaches and highly developed tourist infrastructure. What is Tekirova and what opportunities does it open for travelers, you can find out from our article.

Tekirova Village, Turkey

General information

Walk in the village of Tekirova

Tekirova is a small village in southwestern Turkey, located 75 km from Antalya Airport and 20 km from the city of Kemer. Its population is only 2500 people. Today Tekirova is a popular Turkish resort, the bulk of the guests of which are tourists from Russia, Ukraine and the CIS countries.

Relict pines in Tekirova

The village is beautiful in its nature and is a combination of blue sea waters, mountains, lush greenery and bright colors. The territory of Tekirova is decorated with numerous palm trees and trees, on many of which you can see ripe fruits. Relict pines grow here, famous for their ability to clean the air of pollution, so you can breathe deeply in the village. It is noteworthy that all the vegetation has a well-groomed appearance, which is also confirmed in the photo of Tekirova on the network.

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This modern village has a developed tourist infrastructure. In the coastal area there are several luxury 5 * hotels. Here you can find apartments and villas for rent. If you delve into the village opposite to the shore, then you will see a picture of a simple village life with old houses and livestock. In the center of Tekirova there are administrative buildings, numerous shops, cafes and restaurants.

Amara Dolce Vita Luxury Hotel
Amara Dolce Vita Luxury

In general, this village is considered an elite resort, where luxury hotels such as Amara Dolce Vita Luxury and Rixos Premium Tekirova are located. Although it is possible to find more budget hotels on the first coastline. It is curious that Tekirova is not only a resort offering a quality beach holiday, but also a place rich in natural and historical sights. What is worth seeing in the village and where to go, we tell below.

Attractions and entertainment

The village of Tekirova in Turkey offers its guests unique sights, which will be interesting to visit for both adults and children. Among them, the most noteworthy are:

Antique city Phaselis
Antique city Phaselis

Built by the Rhodes colonists in the 7th century BC, the ancient city of Phaselis was once a thriving cultural and commercial center, which is confirmed by the remains of it. An ancient amphitheater, a temple destroyed over the centuries and ancient crypts appear before the gaze of a traveler, reminding him of the former glory of Phaselis. It is noteworthy that the city, spread out on the Mediterranean coast, has several bays with pristine beaches. Therefore, going to the sights, be sure to take bathing accessories with you.

  • Phaselis is located 4.3 km north of Tekirova, and you can get here either by dolmush ($ 1.5), which leaves the village every 15 minutes, or by taxi for $ 10-12.
  • The historic complex is open daily from 8:00 to 17:00.
  • Admission is $ 3 per person.
Tahtali Peak
Tahtali Mountain

Mount Tahtali is the highest point in the Kemer region in the Western Taurus mountain system. Its height above sea level is 2365 meters. This natural attraction of Turkey is located only 11 km from Tekirova. At the foot of Tahtala, the Olympos Teleferik ski lift operates with closed cabins, so anyone can climb to the top in just 10 minutes. Upstairs, unforgettable views of Turkish landscapes open up before the gaze of the traveler. Many arrive here in the late afternoon to enjoy the sunset.

At the top is a cozy restaurant, there is a souvenir shop.

  • You can climb the mountain by cable car daily from 9:00 to 18:00.
  • The price of a ticket for ascent and descent is $ 30 for an adult and $ 15 for children.
View from Tahtali Mountain

You can get from Tekirova to Takhtala only by renting a car or by taxi, there is no dolmush. If you do not want to go uphill on your own, then there is always the opportunity to buy an excursion from a travel agency. Its cost will vary between $ 40-50.

Eco-park Tekirova
Eco-park Tekirova

2 km from the village of Tekirova there is another attraction – an eco-park. The reserve divided into two zones is a botanical garden and a zoo. The first presents more than 10 thousand plant species, some of which are listed in the Red Book. In the second zone of the eco-park there is a zoo where you can look at poisonous snakes, crocodiles, turtles and other reptiles.

Entrance to Tekirova Ecopark

You can get here by taxi or on foot, leaving the main road and proceeding towards the entrance to the village.

  • The attraction is open daily from 9:00 to 19:00.
  • Admission for adults is $ 30, for children $ 15. Children under 6 years old admission is free.
Cleopatra’s Bay
Cleopatra's Bay

The secluded natural corner of Turkey with clear sea waters and breathtaking mountain landscapes – all this is about Cleopatra Bay. The bay was named after the Queen of Egypt because of the nearby rock, the shape of which resembles the profile of Cleopatra. The area is rich in relict pines that descend directly to the coast. Here you will not find any infrastructure whatsoever: the beach is wild, although locals often arrange gatherings here. A big minus of the bay is the coastal litter and the lack of toilets.

Pebble beach of Cleopatra Bay

The beach is pebbled, but the entry into the sea is gentle, and after a few meters the seabed becomes sandy. Many tourists specially sail here on a yacht so that the marijuana looms well at the end point of the bay. On weekdays, the coast is deserted, but on weekends Turkish families come here for a picnic, so you should not visit this area at the end of the week.

Spring water source

Cleopatra’s Bay is 2.3 km from Tekirova, and you can get here in half an hour by leisurely step. Walk to the Euphoria Hotel, exit onto a wide dirt road and follow the signs. Having reached the source with water, turn left and soon you will see the sea. Of course, you can get to the sights by taxi. The entrance is free.


Paragliding from Tahtali Mountain

Fans of outdoor activities in Tekirova will find many opportunities to fulfill their long-awaited desires. One of the most popular entertainment among tourists is paragliding. The jump is carried out under the guidance of a professional instructor from Mount Takhtaly, and the flight itself lasts at least 40 minutes. In the process, you will be able to enjoy all the beauty of the area with its mountains and the sea, as well as take a picture at a bird’s eye view. Tour price with a paraglider is $ 200.

Diving with turtles

And all fans of the underwater world, of course, will be able to go on a diving tour and get acquainted with the local marine inhabitants, including barracudas, stingrays, turtles, etc. For those who are afraid of diving to depth, snorkeling in the most beautiful waters of the area is suitable. The cost of one forty-minute dive is $ 50.

For spa treatments in the hammam

If you prefer a passive, but wholesome vacation, then go for a spa treatment in the hammam. It can be found both on site and outside the hotel. Typically, these treatments include mud baths, foam pilling and massages of your choice. The cost of the event depends on its constituent procedures and can start from $ 15-20 and reach $ 50-70.

Shopping in Kemer

And, of course, not a single trip abroad can do without shopping. In the Tekirova area in Turkey there are many shops selling clothes and souvenirs, leather products and jewelry. If local shops do not seem enough to you, then you can always go to Kemer, which is simply full of various boutiques and shops.

Tekirova Beach

Beach in Tekirova

Tekirova beach is quite wide and long, it has the Blue Flag certificate, which means that it has passed a thorough check for cleanliness and safety. The coastline is divided between the hotels located here, but there are also free public areas. In high season, the beach is quite busy, but closer to October, the coast is empty. The coating here is sandy with an admixture of fine pebbles. Entering the water is gentle and comfortable.

If you are not resting in a hotel, then for an additional fee you can rent sun loungers with umbrellas at one of the hotels, as well as use its infrastructure in the form of showers, toilets and locker rooms. Along the coast stretch cafes and restaurants where you can have a bite to eat and stock up on soft drinks.

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Weather and climate

Rest in the village of Tekirova

As with the entire Mediterranean coast, the village of Tekirova is characterized by a mild and hot climate. May and October are the initial and final poles of the tourist season, when the air temperature fluctuates between 24-28 ° C, and the water temperature – in the range 21-25 ° C. Rainfall may occur at this time, although rainfall is only 3-4 times per month. July and August are considered the hottest months with the warmest water temperatures in the sea. During this period, the thermometer stays at least 30 ° C and can go over 40 ° C.

Ideal conditions for relaxation are observed in June and September, when it is already warm enough and the water warms up to a comfortable temperature, but there is no sweltering heat. For these months, frequent precipitation is not typical, so they are great for both beach and outdoor activities.

Month Daytime average temperature Average temperature at night Sea water temperature Number of sunny days Number of rainy days
January 11.3 ° C 5.7 ° C 18 ° C fifteen 6
February 13.1 ° C 6.6 ° C 17.2 ° C fifteen 4
March 15.8 ° C 7.1 ° C 17 ° C 21 4
April 19.6 ° C 10 ° C 18.1 ° C 23 2
May 23.7 ° C 13.6 ° C 21.2 ° C 28 3
June 28.9 ° C 7.7 ° C 24.8 ° C 29th 2
July 32.8 ° C 21.2 ° C 28.2 ° C 31 0
August 33.1 ° C 21.6 ° C 29.3 ° C 31 one
September 29.2 ° C 18.9 ° C 28.3 ° C thirty 2
October 23.3 ° C 14.7 ° C 25.3 ° C 28 3
November 17.6 ° C 10.6 ° C 22.2 ° C 22 3
December 13.2 ° C 7.4 ° C 19.7 ° C nineteen 5

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Useful Tips

If you plan to go to Turkey in the region of Kemer Tekirova, we recommend that you pay your attention to the following information:

Dollars and euro
  1. Currency. In Turkey, all resorts accept both dollars and euros. Be sure to bring with you Turkish lira: it is advantageous for them to pay for travel and entrance tickets at attractions. In tourist shops, prices are always shown either in dollars or in euros. In ordinary shops and shopping centers in any city, the price tag will be expressed in Turkish liras. It is most advantageous to buy local currency in the exchangers of Antalya, a good rate can be found in Kemer. At the hotel you also have the opportunity to change money, but we do not recommend it, since the overpayment will be substantial.
  2. Theft. Although tourists themselves more often steal in Turkey than Turks, unscrupulous people are everywhere. Therefore, do not leave your things unattended, especially on the beach.
  3. Economical shopping. Before making purchases, we recommend, if possible, to walk around several shops and compare prices. Sometimes in Turkey in street shops and bazaars the cost of goods is more expensive than in stores at the hotel. Particularly indecent prices will await you at the malls where your guide will take you. In any case, if you do not want to overpay, you should bypass a couple of stores and ask the price.
  4. Pamukkale, Turkey
  5. Tours. It’s quite difficult to make some excursions on your own: for example, to go to Cappadocia or Pamukkale at the expense of your own efforts would be very problematic. But the sights located near the resort, it is quite possible to visit for yourself, without overpaying for the tour. In an extreme case, you can go outside and find out the prices of tours at local offices and compare them with those that the guide offers.


The clear sea, well-maintained beaches, breathtaking landscapes, interesting sights and unforgettable entertainment – all this awaits you in Tekirova, Turkey. A great advantage of this resort is its distance from city noise, so if you are looking for serenity, then you already know exactly where to find it.

For those who are considering a vacation trip to Tekirova, it will be useful to watch this video.

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