Guide to hot air ballooning in Cappadocia: what to know, prices

There are several unusual objects in the world that at least once in a life should be visited by any traveler. One of them is located in Turkey, and it resembles the surface of an unknown planet more than a living corner of the earth. This is Cappadocia, whose balloons today allow us to see the uniqueness of its intricate landscapes in large-scale perspectives. If you have always dreamed of going on an air trip, then it is better to make such a tour in Cappadocia. What flights are and how they go, are described in detail below.

Hot Air Balloon Flight in Cappadocia

When flights take place

Hot air ballooning in Cappadocia is organized year-round. However, it is most reasonable to go for a walk through the air from the end of April to October – the time when the high season of the tourist season is in Turkey. These months are characterized by warm weather, and the amount of precipitation is minimal, so air swimming takes place under the most comfortable conditions.

View from the balloon

You can see Cappadocia and its individual sights from a height of several hundred meters in the early morning with sunrise. Departure hours may vary depending on the time of year. In summer, an air excursion starts earlier (from 05:00 to 06:00), in winter – later (from 06:00 to 07:00). Most of the year in Cappadocia in Turkey it is sunny, the cloudiness is low, so almost all tourists manage to make incredible bird’s-eye shots of sunrise.

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Hot air balloon flights in winter

Balloon flights are also carried out in the winter. But from October to March in Cappadocia it often rains, accompanied by strong gusts of wind. And in the winter months there are snowfalls. Therefore, cancellations of air walks often happen here. Weather conditions and flights in the city are strictly monitored by the state air service, which gives permission to rise up or prohibits it.

How is the flight

Preparing for the launch of the aircraft

When ordering a balloon tour in Turkey in Cappadocia, the price of which may depend on the format of the tour you choose, you are offered a certain set of services. Early in the morning, a company bus arrives at your hotel and takes you for a light breakfast. At this time, preparations for the launch of the aircraft begin during the parking lot in the valley, during which hot air balloons are blown. When everything is ready for the flight, tourists are seated in baskets: their maximum capacity is 20-24 people.

At the height of the season, in the morning in the sky you can see up to 250 colorful balloons, but at the same time absolutely every ship has enough free space. Many, having seen such a number of hot air balloons, mistakenly believe that this is some kind of special balloon festival in Cappadocia, but in fact in summer this phenomenon is quite common for the city.

Takeoff at sunrise

Take-off occurs simultaneously with the sunrise of the first rays of the sun. As a rule, the flight route for all is identical. The starting point is the area between the village of Goreme and the village of Chavushin. The ship floats over valleys with bizarre rock sculptures, apricot orchards and village houses, from where locals welcome you. Following the route, the balloon changes its height several times, then dropping to the level of the roofs of dwellings, then rising up to a distance of 1000 meters.

Treats for flight participants

In the basket, tourists fly standing, it has special handrails for which you can hold. It is important that at altitude the pilot controls the ship very carefully, without making sudden movements. At the end of the air tour, at the moment of landing, you will be asked to sit down. Landing by experienced pilots is so gentle that you don’t even notice how you ended up on the ground. At the exit from the basket, travelers are met by team members who treat participants with a glass of champagne and take a joint photo as a keepsake. Also, at the end of the flight, all tourists are awarded medals and certificates of aeronauts.

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Flight cost

Balloon pilot

Now about how much it costs to fly in a balloon in the Cappadocia region. The prices for this entertainment in Turkey are quite high, but varied. On average, the price tag for such an excursion is 130-150 € per person. Why so expensive? First of all, it is worth considering that the aeronautic license costs companies 1 million euros annually. And only the cost of one balloon is a quarter of this amount. To manage ships, the company needs professional pilots whose salaries are estimated at several thousand euros. This implies such a high cost, because the business must be profitable.

Goreme - the center of Cappadocia

If you are looking for a lower price for a balloon ride in Cappadocia, then take your time to buy a guided tour. Upon arrival in Turkey, you should not buy a ticket at the first travel agency. To roughly understand the order of prices, you need to walk around the village of Goreme, go to several companies and ask about the cost. Then, with the knowledge gained, go to the office, which directly organizes flights (a list of companies with their prices is given below). The experience of tourists shows that you can buy the cheapest ticket only on the spot from the organizing companies, and purchase it more logically in the evening, and not in the morning, when the number of people wishing increases.

It is important to consider that a number of factors affect the price of a hot air balloon tour in Turkey in Cappadocia:

  1. Duration Usually an air tour takes from 40 to 90 minutes. And the longer it is, the higher its value.
  2. Balloon basket
  3. The number of seats in the basket. The number of passengers directly affects the price tag. The fewer tourists on board, the more expensive the price per tour.
  4. Pilot experience. Obviously, a professional in his field works for a decent salary, which should pay off due to the increased cost of tickets.
  5. Season. In winter, the prices for air tours are lower than in the summer months, which is logically explained by a drop in demand.
  6. Departure time. Some companies offer to fly on a ball and in the afternoon, which allows them to reduce the price tag for the tour. But, firstly, daytime panoramas will not open the rising sun to you, and, secondly, in the daytime it is more windy and, accordingly, less comfortable to fly.

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Where to order a flight

Today, the market has several dozen companies offering to go on a hot air balloon trip in Turkey to Cappadocia. And among them, the largest number of positive reviews have:

Royal Balloon Balloon
  1. Royal Balloon. Organizing company in Turkey. The cost of the tour is 150 €. Duration – 1 hour. The official website is
  2. Gorgeous tour. Travel agency, offers several options for excursions: price per hour -140 €, for 1.5 hours – 230 €, individual tour – 2500 €. The official website of the company is
  3. MyTrip Travel. Travel agency in Turkey. Tour price 150 €. Duration – 1 hour. Website –
  4. Hereke Travel. Travel agency in Turkey. The cost of a 45-minute tour is 130 €, a 65-minute tour is 175 €. Website –
  5. Butterfly Balloons. Organizing company in Turkey. Price per hour is 165 €. Website –
  6. Turkiye Balloons. Host company in Turkey. The cost of a 60-minute air tour is 180 €. Website –
  7. Organizer Urgup Balloons
  8. Urgup Balloons. The organizing company, in the season of balloons in Cappadocia offers several options for excursions: 60 minutes in a basket for up to 24 people – 160 €, 60 minutes in a basket for up to 16 people – 200 €, 90 minutes in a basket for up to 12-16 people – 230 €. The official website is
  9. Kapadokya Balloons. The organizing company. Cost 150 € per hour. Website –
  10. Enka Travel. Travel agency in Turkey. There are various offers in its assortment, starting from 150 € for a 70-minute flight. The official website is
  11. Cappadocia Voyager Balloons. Organizing company in Turkey. Price per hour tour 130 €. Website –

All prices are per person. All offers include a complimentary breakfast and transfer from and to the hotel in Cappadocia.

Prices on the page are for December 2018.

Useful Tips

If you were fascinated by the photo of balloons in Cappadocia in Turkey, and you are ready to go to this unique place, then you should pay attention to our practical recommendations.

Balloon burner
  1. Many tourists mistakenly believe that in winter it is better to dress warmer for an excursion. But in reality, during the flight, the basket has a fairly comfortable temperature, which is ensured by a gas burner that runs throughout the tour. It will only be cool on the ground, so you can take a warm sweater with you and put it on after landing.
  2. The best months for a hot air balloon flight in Cappadocia in Turkey are April, May, June, September and October. In July and August we do not recommend flying, because the weather is hot, which, combined with a gas burner on the ship, will turn your old dream into torture. Well, in the winter months there is a high probability that your air tour will simply be canceled due to rain or snow.
  3. Colorful balloons in Cappadocia
  4. If you are not going to fly, but want to see the so-called balloon festival in Cappadocia, when two and a half hundreds of colorful hot air balloons hang in the air, then it is best to go to the place in the summer months.
  5. Some companies offer air tours after lunch, but we do not recommend purchasing such an excursion, as the wind increases during the day, which prevents it from gaining sufficient height and is generally unsafe.
  6. It should be borne in mind that most firms do not accept pregnant women on board because of the risk of shock during landing. Also, not all companies allow you to take small children with you, so you should coordinate this information in advance.

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Cappadocia, whose balloons have glorified it all over the world, is obligatory for visiting at any age and at any time of the year. This mysterious area with cosmic landscapes will open before you a completely different Turkey and give you the opportunity to enjoy unique bird’s-eye views. Well, to make your trip perfect, be sure to use the information from our article.

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