What you can bring from Thailand – 9 tourist recommendations

Have you had time to relax, visit different beaches and even go to the museum? There was only one problem – what to bring to Thailand to relatives and friends ?! We are sure this list of popular souvenirs will help to solve it.

Souvenirs from Thailand

Latex products

Have you thought about what you can bring from Thailand? Take a look at pillows, blankets and natural latex mattresses. This product is famous not only for its increased strength, but also for its excellent orthopedic, hypoallergenic, antimicrobial and breathable properties.

Latex products

Latex products are sold in rubber factories, supermarkets, and specialized stores (e.g. Tesco Lotus, Central Festival in Pattaya or Kozy Lateks, Bangkok Lateks in Bangkok). In terms of cost, the average price of a good latex pillow is between 1,000 and 1,600 ฿. Factories charge more – about 3,000 ฿.

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Latex pillow

Advice! To make sure the product is natural, ask the seller to provide a quality certificate. Also remember that real latex has a grayish tint, high ductility and moderate softness. In addition, it repels water and has a greasy texture. Everything else is fake.

Textiles and clothing

Cotton clothes

Do you want to please loved ones with a pleasant souvenir from Thailand? Check out the Tesco Lotus and Big C stores! There you can find a huge assortment of different cotton clothes. Shorts, trousers, t-shirts, skirts, sarafans, dresses and other wardrobe items created from natural raw materials are of high quality and incredibly low price. Especially valued are goods sewn by local craftsmen. They can be bought in the market, having bargained well. If you prefer branded clothes, go to company stores or shopping centers (for example, Central Festival). The choice here is very large, but the prices are many times higher.

Advice! Trying outfits in the market, carefully monitor your belongings. Thieves often hunt in bazaars.

Silk scarf

Another wonderful purchase will be products made of natural silk. They are quite expensive, but they will surely give their owner a lot of pleasure. So, a silk scarf or scarf will cost about 200 ฿, a tie – 800 ฿, a shirt or a bathrobe – 12000 ฿. Separately, it must be said about bedding, for the set of which it will be necessary to lay out about 40,000 ฿. However, finished products can be replaced with cuts, paying about 600 за for 1 yard (0.91 m) of silk.

And, of course, do not forget about handmade paintings, the creation of which takes more than a dozen years. Such a gift can safely claim the title of the most expensive and unusual.

Advice! Silk souvenirs can be bought at Jim Thompson, SoftLine (Phuket) chain stores, as well as the Royal Garden Plaza, Central Festival (Pattaya) and Isetan, CentralWorld (Bangkok) shopping centers.


Cosmetics Boots

If you have no idea what to bring from Thailand, feel free to buy makeup products made from natural ingredients. The most popular are body scrubs made from salt and herbs (from 40 ฿), washing products of the Boots brand (from 70 ฿), hygienic lipsticks (from 30 ฿), as well as shower gels (from 60 ฿). The Crystal deodorant deserves no less attention, which is distinguished by a rather unusual method of application (it must be moistened with water before application to the body). It eliminates unpleasant aroma, kills pathogens, does not clog pores and does not stain clothing. The cost ranges from 50 to 150 ฿.

Cosmetics "Lolane"

Another common gift are anti-aging creams with snail extractor. Having paid about 200 ฿, you will receive an effective tool designed to combat wrinkles, inflammations, acne, pigmentation and freckles. If you are thinking about what to bring from Phuket in Thailand, take a look at a variety of masks based on collagen, seaweed, coconut oil, bamboo extract and other useful ingredients (from 35 ฿). Natural shampoo, which includes extracts of sesame, avocado, bergamot, sunflower seeds and macadamia oil (the best brands are “Boots” and “Lolane”) will be a good purchase.

Advice! Cosmetics (including probes) are recommended to be bought in 7/11 chain stores, large shopping centers or pharmacies. Do not take the goods with you!

Essential oils

Essential oils

A variety of esters can be without exaggeration called the most popular souvenir from Thailand. The choice here is simply gorgeous – from traditional lavender and orange to exotic lotus and evening primrose. Similar products are used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. It is often added to shampoos, creams and masks, used for massage, dripped into an aroma lamp. All essential oils have an exclusively natural base. The main thing is to carefully read the composition. This will eliminate the appearance of an allergic reaction to a particular component.

Advice! These esters can only be bought in special stores and cost at least 1200-1500 ฿. Fakes are often sold on the streets or markets. They smell good, but, unfortunately, are of no use.

Coconut oil

Coconut oil

What can I bring from Thailand as a gift? The list of the most desirable souvenirs includes natural coconut oil, which has truly unique properties. It can be used as a hair mask, a nourishing lotion for the face, body and skin around the eyes, lip balm and cream for an even and safe tan. It not only softens, but also saturates the epidermis with many useful trace elements. Virgin Coconut Oil, cold pressed oil, is called the most sought after. In the Thai heat, it will be completely transparent, but as soon as the temperature drops below + 25 ° C, the product will immediately turn white and become very thick.

Advice! Real coconut oil cannot be cheap. The cost of such a souvenir is from 100 to 150 ฿ per small bottle. You should buy it at the cosmetic departments of Tesco Lotus or other large retail outlets.

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Ointments and balms

What to bring from Thailand – medicines and ointments are considered a good gift for the older generation. The most popular are these balms:

Green balm
  • Green – for burns, sprains, insect bites, chondrosis, muscle cramps;
  • Tiger – with sore throat, neuralgia, numbness of the extremities, joint diseases, runny nose;
  • Yellow – during massage, headache, as a warming agent before physical training;
  • Black – with gout, hematomas, arthritis, edema and chondrosis;
  • Red – is the most powerful analgesic, has a powerful effect on joints and muscles.
Aloe Vera Gel

Thai balms have a powerful warming, anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect. They include such beneficial components as menthol, snake venom, camphor, natural oils, extracts of herbs and plants. The cost of such funds ranges from 50 to 350 ฿. An equally useful souvenir will be Aloe Vera gel, which helps with sunburn, and also has a calming, regenerating and cooling effect.


Fruit of thailand

What to buy as a gift from Thailand to a real gourmet? The best option would be local delicacies, characterized by a bright and amazing taste. Pay attention to unusual sweets, various seasonings and exotic fruits. The latter (with the exception of durian, famous for its unpleasant odor) can be exported with almost no restrictions, so feel free to buy mango, guava, pineapple, marakuy, tiny bananas, mangosteen and other overseas goodies. And so that the goods do not deteriorate on the way home, choose unripe, if not green, fruits. Container also plays an equally important role – hard boxes, special baskets or large plastic bottles (first cut and then glued with electrical tape) are best suited for transporting fruit.

Advice! Would you like to save? Go to street vendors and don’t be afraid to bargain.

Seasonings in Pattaya

People with a good sense of humor can be treated to sweets or chips made from durian – they are sold in any supermarket. No less popular is chocolate made from green tea, another sweet “for everybody”, which happens both pure and with the addition of waffles. But seasoning lovers are advised to visit the “Spice Museum” located in Pattaya, or local markets. There you will find a wide selection of spices for cooking oriental and traditional European dishes.

Alcoholic drinks

Rum Sang Som
Sang som

What to bring from a trip to Thailand to the holiday table or as a gift? This country is famous for its huge variety of alcoholic drinks, so you will definitely have plenty to choose from. Most often bought:

  • Lao Khao rice vodka or White Tiger (50 ฿),
  • Sang Som rum made from sugar cane (0.3 L – 155 ฿, 0.7 L – 300 ฿).

Those who are proficient in alcohol argue that this is a really worthwhile thing. Both drinks are of high quality, traditional strength (40 degrees) and a pleasant aftertaste. In addition, rum is placed in a beautiful package.

As for low-alcohol drinks, in the first place is the famous Thai beer, which quenches thirst and refreshes well on a hot summer day. The cost of a small bottle starts at 35 ฿. Fans of wine will like Siam Sato, which is produced in two variations – 0.7 l (8%) and 0.25 l (5%) each, and cocktail lovers – Bacardi Breezer made from rum (price – from 35 to 200 ฿).

Bacardi Breezer Cocktails
Bacardi breezer

Important! In Thailand, certain rules apply, according to which you can not take out of the country more than 2 liters of alcohol per person.


What to bring from Thailand as a souvenir? If you are in the northern part of the country, purchase green porcelain products made in the style of Sankkhalok (Middle Ages). Those who are in the east, we recommend buying ceramics with folk patterns. Locals believe that such dishes not only do not absorb harmful substances, but also cleans the food.

Figures of Buddha and elephants

Among the best sellers can also include:

  • figures of Buddha, elephant and frog,
  • graceful caskets
  • decorative plates
  • painted masks of mythical characters and Buddha.

A good gift would be coconut and bamboo trinkets, paper lanterns, toys, accessories from the skin of local animals, as well as various magnets that are sold on every corner.

Soap Madame Heng
Madame heng

The list of useful souvenirs and gifts from Thailand continues the soap in the form of flowers and fruits. It smells very good and, besides, has a number of unique properties. For example, Madame Heng dries acne well and helps fight skin diseases. Its average price is 40 ฿. In addition, it is worth noting incense and special coasters. This is a great gift for meditation lovers. Aroma sticks cost from 25 ฿, coasters – from 100 ฿.

Prices on the page are for January 2019.

What can not be exported from Thailand?

When considering what to bring home from Thailand, take a note of the list of prohibited items. It includes:

  • Corals, gems and shells (not processed);
  • Buddha figurines (above 15 cm), as well as medallions with his image;
  • Souvenirs from turtle shell;
  • Elephant bone products;
  • Stuffed bugs, butterflies, bats and crocodiles;
  • Stamps;
  • Dried seahorses;
  • Stones
  • Flowers in flowerpots;
  • Land;
  • Shellfish;
  • Tiger skin
  • Tiger skins and teeth;
  • Sand;
  • Certain fruits (e.g. coconut, durian, whole watermelon);
  • National art objects;
  • Relics.

We hope this short review will help you make a choice and the question of what to bring from Thailand will be decided in a matter of minutes. Enjoy your shopping and unforgettable experiences!

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