Tourist’s guide to Siam Ocean World – largest oceanarium in south east Asia

The Siam Ocean World Aquarium is a landmark in the city. The size of the aquarium in Bangkok exceeds the area of ​​the football stadium. The total volume of aquariums is 5 million liters, where more than a hundred species of underwater inhabitants live. The interior design makes you feel like part of it.

Oceanarium Siam Ocean World

A visit to the Bangkok Aquarium Siam Ocean World is part of the entertainment program and has an educational function. Special programs and excursions that are held in the center of Bangkok give visitors the opportunity to learn about the features of the aquatic environment and enrich their knowledge regarding the species of underwater inhabitants.

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Inhabitants of the aquarium

Walking through the halls of the aquarium of Bangkok, it is impossible not to notice the huge spider crab. These arthropod species are the largest in the world. The natural habitat of the spider crab is the ocean floor of Japanese waters. In size, they can reach 12 feet.

Giant pacific octopus

The next in the Bangkok Aquarium is a giant Pacific octopus – a long-liver, in comparison with other species. The animal is able to live 4 years. Dimensions match its name – up to 30 feet. A feature of the giant octopus is its ability to copy the colors of various objects of the seabed due to special pigment cells.

In Siam Ocean World Bangkok you can meet African or spectacled penguins. For their full habitat in the aquariums of Bangkok, the climatic conditions of Africa were recreated, which are familiar to them.

Here you will see brackish fish or stingrays.

Here you will see brackish fish or stingrays. Fish with a flat body, eyes and mouth on opposite sides of the body in the environment inhabit moderate latitudes. Inhabited in shallow water near the shores of water bodies, they are able to grow up to 6.5 feet, and can weigh about 300 kg. The life expectancy of bracken usually does not exceed 20 years.

At the Siam Ocean World aquarium in Bangkok, you can contemplate some of the ocean stars. There is an opportunity to even touch some of them under the supervision of an instructor.

Among the inhabitants of the aquariums of Bangkok, you can see sharks, jellyfish, penguins, frogs, seahorses and many other animals.

Zones and aquariums of the center

The entire area of ​​the aquarium holds 60 aquariums, divided between seven main rooms. In each of the aquariums live a variety of representatives of the animal kingdom.

“Strange and amazing”
“Strange and amazing”

On this site, visitors get acquainted with creations of extraordinary beauty, which, at first glance, seem strange. Here you will see blue crayfish, octopuses, nautiluses, crabs, etc.

Deep Reef

The most spectacular in the Bangkok Aquarium is the Deep Reef Zone, which occupies two floors. It is interesting to watch the life of mollusks, reef fish, admire the different corals that shimmer with bright colors. In addition to viewing the underwater inhabitants, you can catch a diver’s show. Three times a day (at 12, 14, 15 hours) divers go to the aquarium to feed animals, thereby entertaining tourists.

“Living Ocean”
"Living Ocean"

Residents of the depths live in the third part of the Bangkok Aquarium. Tourists will get acquainted with fur seals, turtles and other representatives of the ocean fauna. The cave room also belongs to this part, which is the habitat for tarantulas, spiders, blind cave catfish, and large fish in aquariums.

Rainy Forest
Rainy Forest

Bangkok’s planned excursion to the Siam Ocean World Aquarium provides for a visit to the fourth room. It is presented to visitors as a tropical part of the forest. There is an artificial waterfall, creepers and water. In aquariums, a life of unusual amphibians and amphibians gradually flows.

“Rocky coast”
"Rocky coast"

The next area is the home of fluffy animals and penguins. It is interesting to watch them, but you can also become a spectator of the show. Every day at 11.30, and then at 15.30, otters and water rats show their dances, which can cheer tourists for a piece of food. In the aquariums of Bangkok, penguin shows are held, and sometimes you can feed them.

“The open ocean”
"The open ocean"

The largest area is the open ocean. Only here in Bangkok, in the Siam Paragon Aquarium, you can see the labyrinth of mirror tunnels. This area is populated by hammer fish, stingrays, large sharks and other huge fish.

“Sea jellyfish”
"Sea jellyfish"

Siam Ocean World has another small area dedicated to jellyfish. It resembles a large space in the middle of which is a spacious sofa. It is designed to relax visitors who, at this time, will be able to view jellyfish in aquariums and listen to relaxing music.

Fun in the aquarium

Looking into the aquarium in Bangkok, visitors can choose one of several leisure options. Here you can purchase tickets for additional Siam Ocean World entertainment: excursions, watching films and museum exhibits.

Shark encounter
Shark encounter

The most extreme entertainment of the aquarium in Bangkok is a meeting with sharks. Despite the realistic name, this type of leisure is quite safe. Those who wish to plunge into the reservoir with sharks are given special equipment that will protect in unforeseen situations.


If swimming near sharks does not appeal, you can choose a pond with peaceful fish and just feel like a diver, considering the nature of the underwater world. For those who do not want to plunge into the water, another leisure is provided – riding around the aquarium in a boat with a transparent bottom. Thus, you can consider the underwater fauna, while feeling completely safe.

Fish peeling
Fish Peeling Procedure

Visitors to the Siam Ocean World aquarium in Bangkok offer not only excursions, but also the opportunity to try beauty treatments. A popular procedure at the Bangkok Aquarium is fish peeling. You can also experience it in an ordinary beauty salon, but in the Bangkok Aquarium you will have a completely different look around. While the fish will work on the beauty of the legs, visitors will observe the beauty of the water world and its unusual inhabitants through the glass of large tanks mounted on the walls.

Additional entertainment

In addition to a walk around the aquarium, there are a number of additional attractions for tourists.

Madame Tussauds museum

View the exhibits of the museum occupying the premises of Siam Paragon in Bangkok. Wax copies of famous personalities await you here. The price of the exhibition is included in the combined entry coupons.

Madame Tussauds museum
4D cinema

A visit to the cinema in the aquarium will be useful to both parents and children. This type of entertainment will make you feel like a part of the underwater world. The film can be watched by those who purchased a combined entry ticket to Bangkok’s aquariums.

How to get to Oceanarim

Siam Paragon Shopping Center
Siam paragon

The oceanarium is located on the territory of the largest entertainment center in Bangkok – Siam Paragon. Once inside, you will immediately see signs in English to help you navigate.

You can reach the shopping center by public transport in Bangkok – metro, bus, or use the services of taxi drivers. By choosing the subway, you will save time – after all, the Siam station just has access to the Siam Ocean World aquarium.

Bus number 73

If you want to use the city bus, you should know that you can get to Siam Paragon Bangkok’s aquariums at 73, 40, 54, 48, 5, 12, 6, 15, 23, 21, 48, 16. You won’t miss the stop – it’s like that called Siam Center. The bus is the most inexpensive means of moving around the city (the fare is from 6 to 25 baht and depends on the distance).

You can also get to Siam Ocean World Bangkok by a taxi with a meter. This type of taxi will be a cheaper option compared to a fixed price taxi in Bangkok. The first two kilometers will cost you 35 baht (1 dollar), each next kilometer costs 5 baht (40 cents).

Working hours

The oceanarium and its aquariums are open daily from 10 to 21 hours. The last group of visitors is launched no later than 20 hours. It will take at least 4 hours to go through all the rooms of the Bangkok Aquarium and watch the show.

Ticket price

Before the tour, ask what the price is set for the season in the Bangkok Aquarium.

Siam Ocean World Tickets
  • An adult ticket that includes only visits to aquariums costs 990 baht at the box office.
  • Entrance for children (from 3 to 11 years) – 790 baht.
  • Buying electronic tickets on the official website of Siam Ocean World, you get a 10% savings. Thus, the cost will be 890 and 710 baht.
  • Until 12.00 on a weekday, you can visit the Aquarium in Bangkok with a 25% discount. An adult ticket is bought for 745 baht, a child ticket for 595 baht.
  • Visiting the Bangkok Aquarium in the evening can save even more. Buying a ticket through the website with the condition that your entertainment begins after 17.00 will cost 35% cheaper. A voucher for adults can be bought for 645 baht, for children – for 515.
Transparent bottom boat

At Siam Ocean World, there are combined fares. The first includes an entrance coupon, an excursion to the Madame Tussauds exhibition, a film in a 4D cinema, a treat for popcorn, and riding in a transparent boat.

  • The cost at the box office is 2820 baht and 2420 (children).
  • Given the discount site – 1490 and 1290 baht.

The second package, in addition to a walk through the aquariums of Bangkok, riding on a transparent boat, a coupon for Madame Tussauds, provides tourists with an exclusive souvenir – a personal hand made of wax, as well as a book about Siam ocean world.

  • Standard prices – 3380 and 2980 baht,
  • discount prices – 1890 and 1690 baht.

For all the most relevant information regarding opening hours and prices for visiting aquariums in Bangkok, see the official site of the aquarium –

If you are interested in a tour of the Siam Ocean World Aquarium, information on this subject can be found on the Siam Ocean web page.

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Useful tips for visitors

The queue at the Siam Ocean World box office in the morning
  1. It is best to visit the Bangkok Aquarium in the morning on weekdays. You will not only hide from the heat, but also be able to avoid the crowd – because at this time there are few visitors.
  2. At the entrance to the Siam Ocean World aquarium you will be given booklets with show schedules and a schedule for feeding the animals of the aquarium. Often they coincide, so you need to immediately choose what is interesting in order to be in time everywhere.
  3. Before visiting, it is worth reading the reviews about the Bangkok Oceanarium, from which you can draw useful tourist experience.
  4. Using the Klook app, you can buy discount vouchers for oceanarium and show coupons.
  5. To save yourself from the queue near the entrance to Siam Ocean World, purchase tickets online at the aquarium’s website.

Going to Thailand, the aquarium in Bangkok should definitely be included in the travel plan.

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