Tourist’s guide to Poda Island in Thailand – Beach Vacations Far from Cities

Poda (Thailand) is the nearest island located off the coast of Ao Nang, near the beaches of Raili and Phra Nang. Poda leads the island group, which also includes the island of Chicken, Tab and More. The attraction is located in Krabi province , 8 km from the mainland of Thailand, so the road to the island takes no more than 20 minutes. On the shore, travelers are waiting for soft, fine sand, a large accumulation of vegetation, and there are also many monkeys who feel like the full owners of the island and behave accordingly – brazenly steal tourists’ things and food.

Poda Island in Thailand

general information

The island of Poda, with an area of ​​1 km by 600 m, is covered with palm trees and is undoubtedly one of the most visited natural sites in Thailand. The main attraction of the island is picturesque cliffs and comfortable beaches. Many travelers say that such a clear sea is difficult to find all over the world. The main purpose of a trip to Poda in Thailand is to swim, sunbathe, and swim in a mask.

The picturesque cliffs of the island of Poda

Interesting fact! Two tens of meters from the coast there is a coral reef. If you plan to go snorkeling, take a banana with you – the aroma of the fruit will attract marine life.

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Tour operators in Thailand are required to pay a fee for the tour. This amount is used to clean the island of garbage that remains after vacationers. The island is famous for original and rather dangerous entertainment for climbers – boats take travelers to the rock, people climb onto the rock and jump into the sea.

Previously, the only hotel in the center of the island was offered to tourists to stay in traditional bungalows, but today there is no such opportunity, so you can’t spend the night on Poda.

How to get to the island in Thailand

Only the waterway leads to the Poda island in Krabi, you can get here in several ways, each of which is convenient and costly.

Public boat
Thailand Public Boat - Longtail Boat

Transport in Thailand is called longtail boat, it is an ordinary motor boat. Departs from Ao Nang Beach from 8-00 to 16-00. In the morning, boats leave for the island, and after lunch they return to Ao Nang.

Ticket price – 300 baht. Be sure to check with the boatman – what time the boat will be sent back, because the passengers leave in the same transport that brought them to Poda. Boats are numbered, so remember its number.

Individual boat

The boat is usually hired for half a day, the cost of such a trip will cost 1,700 baht. This option is suitable for companies with at least three people. In this case, it is not necessary to coordinate the rest time with other passengers in the boat.

Excursion “4 islands”
Flyer excursion "4 islands"

This tour is called one of the most interesting, you can buy it on the beach in Ao Nang in Thailand . During the trip, tourists visit the islands of Poda, Tub, Chicken, as well as Pranang Beach. The journey begins at 8-9 in the morning, by 16-00 tourists are brought back to Ao Nang. If you want to save money, choose a trip on local boats – speed boats, the tour will cost 1000 baht. You can buy a tour on the beach or at the hotel. The only drawback is the strictly regulated time and nothing depends on the tourists. On the inspection of the island of Poda, no more than one and a half hours are allotted.

Good to know! This is the cheapest way to visit the four islands in Thailand, relax on the beach and go snorkeling. The price includes transfer from the hotel and lunch.

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What does the island look like

Poda Island Bar

The island is small and uninhabited, located south of Ao Nang, is part of Thailand National Park. There is no infrastructure, hotels, shops and all the more expensive. Of the amenities there is only:

  • restroom;
  • arbors;
  • a bar serving drinks and traditional Thai dishes;
  • washstands.
Island beaches

In fact, there is only one beach surrounding the island in a semicircle. The southern part is less suitable for swimming and relaxation, since there is a rocky shore and many stones in the sea. The south beach is considered wild, even at the peak of the tourist influx it is calm and quiet. In addition, it is quite difficult to walk around the island due to the mountain landscape and the lack of hiking trails.

Poda Island Beach

Numerous boats bring travelers to the island’s North Beach. It is here that a lone rock rises from the sea, which gives the landscape a certain mystery and color. Despite the abundance of boats and tourists, the water in the sea remains clean and clear. Entering the water is smooth and soft. The coast is wide enough, so there is no feeling that the beach is crowded, everyone will find a secluded place for themselves.

Things to do on Poda Island

The main attraction of the island of Poda is a rock that rises directly from the water. Locals call it the “Green Pillar”. All tourists must be photographed against a cliff. The shots are bright, especially against the sunset.

Green Pillar at sunset

If you love nature, the island of Poda will be a pleasant discovery. It is best to visit the attraction before 12-00 or after 16-00, when there are fewer tourists. At this time, the atmosphere of the island is especially conducive to rest and relaxation.

Good to know! Before heading to the island in Thailand, stock up on food and drinks, as the local bar may be closed, and the prices are several times higher than on other beaches in the Thai province of Krabi.

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Useful Tips

Beach holidays on the island of Poda
  1. First of all, the island is suitable for those who like a calm, measured outdoor recreation. There are no attractions here, the only thing you can enjoy at Poda is a beach holiday.
  2. The best time to visit is before 12-00 and after 16-00, the rest of the time crowds of tourists come here.
  3. Many tourists come to the island and have a picnic right on the beach or on the grass.
  4. The local bar does not work in low season, so it is better not to take risks and take food and drinks with you.
  5. At first glance it may seem that the island of Poda is small, but there is enough space for everyone. If you walk along the coast, you can find a more secluded coast.
  6. Pod Island Snorkeling
  7. As for snorkeling, the opinions of tourists are mixed. Sophisticated athletes are not interested here, but beginners will surely like to watch the life of marine inhabitants. Some travelers recommend snorkeling off the coast of Chicken Island in Thailand. If you plan to dive, choose rocky areas or swim to a coral reef.
  8. On the left side of the beach is a small lagoon – beautiful and deserted.
  9. Be sure to bring sunscreen, a large towel, glasses and a mask, as well as a garbage bag, to the island, as Thai law requires tourists to clean up after themselves.
  10. Stay on the island of Poda in Thailand is paid – 400 baht per person. Money from tourists collect boaters off the coast before arrival.
  11. Going to swim, do not leave food ashore, monkeys behave arrogantly and steal food.

Poda Island (Thailand) will surely appeal to lovers of natural beauties and picturesque landscapes. Here the beauty of the tropics has been preserved, there is no city noise and the usual fuss.

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