Tourist’s guide to Phuket Kamala Beach – family beach in Thailand

If we talk about the beaches of Thailand, which are best adapted for tourists, Kamala beach will undoubtedly be included in this list. There is a calm sea, pleasant, soft sand, the infrastructure necessary for a comfortable stay is presented. What is remarkable about the beach, and why do tourists from Europe like to relax here?

Kamala Beach

Photo: Kamala Beach, Phuket

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Overview of Kamala Beach in Thailand

Kamala is located a little north of Patong, but south from Surin Beach. It is easy to get to the Laem Sing from the Kamala waterway, and Kalim – the coast between Kamala Beach and Patong – is not suitable for relaxing and swimming.

South of Kamala Beach

On the map of Phuket, Kamala beach looks like an elongated two-kilometer coastal strip. Conventionally, the coast is divided into several zones:

  • the southern part is not suitable for swimming, there is a shallow sea, fishing boats moor, a river with an unpleasant odor flows nearby;
  • central zone – the necessary infrastructure is presented here, the shore is clean and well-maintained, a small pleasure boat is standing on the shore;
  • if you move north from the central part, you will find yourself in the wild part, a small rivulet flows here;
  • northern part – there is a beach club, Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach Hotel in Thailand.
Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach Hotel
Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach

Kamala until the year 2000 was a small Muslim village, and today hotels and condominiums are actively being built here. The contingent on the beach is different, there are many foreign tourists and families with small children – a mother and a child walking along the seashore are a familiar picture.

Interesting fact! Kamala Beach is a favorite place for newlyweds, people come here for a photo shoot.

Sand, water, vegetation

The sand feels like fluff – so small and soft, with a grayish tint, in some places there are small impurities of small stones. The finest sand near the Novotel hotel. The bottom is clean, there are no stones and shells, the entry into the sea is smooth, to get to a depth of about 1.5 meters, you need to go about 30-40 meters. The waves on Kamala Beach are a rare occurrence, but sometimes there is a slight nibble in the sea, but this is a feature of all the beaches in Phuket in Thailand. The sea on Kamala is subject to ebbs and flows, but in the center, even at low tide, sufficient depth remains for swimming. From morning until noon, trees growing along the coast — palm trees, casuarines — create a shadow.

Sandy Kamala Beach

Good to know! The strongest waves on Kamala beach in the summer, autumn, spring (in the off-season) the sea is restless, but the waves are pleasant, in the winter months it is calm.


The cleanest areas of the beach, where the shore and the sea are regularly cleaned, are near hotels in the northern, central parts. Thai conifers — casuarins — are growing on the shore — there are many needles from them, but no one is cleaning the shore. In the wild part of Kamala Beach there is a lot of garbage.

Thai conifers grow on the shore

Sun beds and umbrellas

Some time ago, in Phuket and in Thailand, sunbeds and sun loungers were banned. For vacationers this creates certain inconveniences, but enterprising Thais found a way out of the situation – they offer mattresses for relaxation, an umbrella can be installed between them.

Sun beds and umbrellas

Photo: Kamala Beach

Now the situation has changed a bit – on some beaches they again allowed the use of sunbeds, but introduced certain restrictions – they can not occupy more than 10% of the coast. On Kamala Beach, sun loungers and umbrellas can be rented.

Interesting fact! When choosing which tree to stay under, pay attention that this is not a coconut tree. On most trees, coconuts are cut, but there are trees with fruits.

Toilet on the beach

Toilets and showers are installed on the beach in Thailand, there are few of them:

  • in the north, next to the river;
  • not far from the wild part of the beach;
  • in the center, near cafes and macaques.

Kamala Beach Infrastructure in Thailand

Cheap thai cafe

There are several cafes on the shore, schedule: from 10-00 to late evening. In the center of the beach there are bars and macaques. Pricing policy does not differ from prices in ordinary Thai institutions, if there is a difference, it is insignificant. Dishes are presented for every taste and budget – from simple pancakes and corn, which are constantly worn along the shore, to good restaurants. You can also have a meal in the establishments on the highway leading to the shore, as well as in hotels.

In terms of entertainment, Kamala Beach features:

Things to do in Kamala Beach
  • jet skis;
  • parachute flying;
  • bananas, cheesecakes;
  • rent of SUP boards and kayaks.

In the center, where the largest concentration of tourists, massage tents work.

If you go north, you can visit the quite popular club and restaurant CaféDelMar, brunches are held here every Sunday, and parties are organized in the evening.

Good to know! There are a lot of merchants on the beach, they are annoying, but if you say “know”, the person leaves. Mostly they sell different souvenirs.

The main road that leads to the beach runs 350 meters from the coast. Here is a large supermarket, several “7 Eleven”, Familymart.

There are several markets near the beach in Thailand:

  • every Wednesday, Saturday sales are organized opposite Big C;
  • every Monday, Friday – opposite the park.

What to visit near Kamala beach

Wat Baan Kamala Temple
Wat baan kamala

If you suddenly get bored of lying on the beach, take a walk to the south of the beach, here is the Buddhist temple Wat Baan Kamala, on its territory you can visit the bell tower, cells, school classes. If you are going to the temple, be sure to cover your shoulders, and do not forget to take off your shoes before entering.

In the evening, a show is held in the local Fantasy park, in a stone palace decorated with elephants. You can have dinner at Kinari Castle. Adults will enjoy Siam Niramit Park more.

Walking through the streets, you can take photos in colorful national clothes, visit the terrarium, admire rare tigers, see how local artisans work.

Surfing Equipment

If you are planning a trip to Kamala in Thailand in the off-season or in the summer, it is likely that you will be able to surf, it is easy to rent surf equipment on the shore. There is also an instructor at the beach. Fans of Thai boxing need to take a walk to the south of Kamala, a camp is based near the pass to Patong, here you can take several lessons. In the center, directly on the promenade, a park was built, a gym was equipped.

There is no wide variety of night clubs, discos on Kamala Beach. The resort is more focused on tourists who prefer peace and quiet. There are several bars and clubs built on the beach, where calm melodies are played during the day, and evenings are held in discos and parties.

Hotels at Kamala Beach in Thailand

In the center, the first lane of Kamala Beach is occupied by hotels located right up to the road. Least of all hotels in the north. As for prices, the farther from the sea, the lower the room rate. Accordingly, the price range is huge – from 200 baht per hostel to 15 thousand baht per night in a 5-star hotel. Also, the cost of living in hotels on Kamala Beach in Phuket depends on the appearance and design of the hotel. Kamala Beach has modern buildings made of snow-white stone, glass and authentic hotels with wooden houses, pools, decorated in the style of a small bay.

We selected several hotels that were highly appreciated by users of the booking service.

Room at Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach

1. Novotel Phuket Kamala Beach . One of the best hotels in Phuket and Thailand, located directly on Kamala Beach, the road to Fantasy Park takes only three minutes. The hotel has a spa, pool, fitness center. All rooms are air-conditioned. Each room has a private bathroom. There is a restaurant on site serving Thai, Western and Indian cuisines.

Good to know! One night in the hotel will cost from 125 euros.

Hotel Villa Tantawan Resort & Spa

2. Villa Tantawan Resort & Spa – a hotel where guests will find villas with a pool, a hydromassage. The villas are built on a hill, which offers excellent views of the beaches of Kamala and Surin. The tropical-style buildings are air-conditioned and have verandas. The advantage of the hotel is its location – the villas are built on the sunny side. Guided tours are available at the hotel.

Good to know! Hotel accommodation costs from 233 euros per night.

Room at Keemala Hotel

3. Keemala Resort is surrounded by lush greenery in the hills. In the hotel there is spa center, restaurant. Kamala Beach is 2 km away. The rooms are stylishly decorated, each with a swimming pool, terrace, minibar and multimedia system. The hotel’s restaurant is open throughout the day and provides a diet menu.

Good to know! Accommodation at the hotel will cost at least 510 euros per night.

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How to get there

Consider several ways to get to Kamala Beach in Phuket in Thailand.

Taxi in Phuket
  • Public transport – you will have to get with a transfer, first from the airport to Phuket (ticket about 100 baht), and then to Kamal Beach (ticket 40 baht). Transport from the airport arrives at the bus station, from where buses to the resort also leave. The road is long – more than 3 hours, but this route is the most budget.
  • The most comfortable way to get to the beach is to rent a taxi, the cost of the trip is 750 baht, and the journey will take about 40 minutes.
  • Another quick and convenient way, but quite expensive is 1000 baht.
  • Renting a car will cost 1200 baht.

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Useful Tips

Parking by the fence
  1. If you are traveling in Phuket in Thailand on a bike, it is convenient to park at the fence installed near the wild part of the beach.
  2. Be sure to try banana pancakes in Kamala – a delicious treat for only 40 baht, but near the main road a similar treat costs no more than 30 baht.
  3. Long-tail boats moor in the south of the beach, if you are interested in traveling to other beaches of Phuket, contact boaters, they provide such services.
  4. There is nothing for snorkelling on Kamala Beach, of course, there are fish and other marine life off the coast, but this will not impress real professionals. If you want to fully enjoy diving, it is better to make a trip to other islands of Thailand.
  5. Kamala Beach View
  6. Near the Novotel there is a trail along which you can climb to the top of the hill and enjoy views of the beach. Take comfortable shoes on the hike, as there are no walking shocks.
  7. The fun-filled party-goers on Kamala Beach in Phuket may find it boring, in this case, go to Patong, namely to Bangla Street. Numerous bars work here, some prepare delicious drinks, others show sex shows, and there are bars where you can just dance.
  8. Knock Knock in Phuket
  9. The easiest way to get from Kamala Beach in Phuket to Bangla Street or Jungceylon Shopping Center is to book a transfer at the hotel, but you should check if the hotel provides such a service. You can also take a taxi or rent a tuk-tuk. The road takes a quarter of an hour.
  10. Kamala Beach in Thailand is a pleasant place to relax, but during the rainy season, dangerous underwater currents appear in the sea, which pose a threat to life. If you are planning a vacation in Phuket during the rainy season, carefully follow the warnings of local rescuers.
  11. Remember that in the evening and at night, buses from Phuket to Kamala Beach do not depart.
  12. Travelers using their own vehicles need to be guided by road signs and signs indicating the route from Phuket to Kamala Beach.


Kamala Beach in Thailand is a great place for a relaxing and measured vacation. Here you can swim in plenty of water, which can sometimes be unclear, but always clean. The coastline is spacious, wide, so there is enough space for everyone. Along the beach there are palm trees, Thai trees, cafes, and mash-ups. There are not so many water entertainments, but there is plenty to choose from. Romantic couples can arrange dinner on the beach and enjoy the sunset. Continent Kamala Beach – middle-aged and older people, many families with children, so there are no conflicts and problem situations. Kamala beach is a peaceful atmosphere, warm calm sea and beautiful sunsets.

Watch also a good quality informative video about Kamala Beach in Phuket.

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