Tourist’s guide to Park of architectural miniatures Mini Siam in Pattaya

Tourists who visited the Thai city of Pattaya can immediately see many world attractions! Such a unique chance is provided by the Mini Siam park, on the sites of which miniature copies of famous buildings from different places of our planet are placed.

Mini Siam Park

Mini Siam Park in Pattaya began its existence in 1986. It covers an area of ​​4.5 hectares, which hosts 100 exhibits.

All exhibits are characterized by a very high degree of detail and a striking resemblance to the originals. Most of them are made on a scale of 1: 225, and only some of the models that were made later than the rest are made larger and not too detailed.

Initially, some layouts were not in a static position, they were valid. For example, airplanes moved around the airport, cars drove along some other objects, and trains traveled by rail. Now these miniatures have a rather deplorable state: they are covered with rust and a thick layer of dust, they ceased to function.

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The once existing small railway in the park

Near each exhibit there are information signs in Thai and English.

Tip experienced travelers! It is better to visit the park immediately after arriving in Pattaya, at the very beginning of the holiday. Having looked at the reduced models of famous sights of Thailand, you can choose the most interesting ones – those that you want to see in the original.

All exhibits in Pattaya Park are located in two thematic zones: “Mini Siam” and “Mini Europe”.

Exposition “Mini Europe”

Although this zone is called “Mini Europe”, it contains miniatures of architectural monuments from different continents. For example, the following world hits are presented:

Tower Bridge
  • Sydney Opera House;
  • Tower Bridge and Big Ban;
  • the Cheops pyramid and the sphinx sculpture;
  • American Statue of Liberty;
  • The Eiffel Tower;
  • German Cathedral;
  • Paris Arc de Triomphe;
  • Roman Coliseum;
  • Leaning Tower of Pisa;
  • Russian Cathedral of St. Basil.

Of course, not all exhibits present in Pattaya Park are listed here.

Exposition “Mini Siam”

This area of ​​the Mini Siam park is more extensive, it was built first. The collection is dedicated to the ancient and modern outstanding architectural buildings of Thailand and the neighboring states of Southeast Asia.

Exposition "Mini Siam"

There are a lot of models of Buddhist pagodas, for example, Wat Phra Kaeo, Wat Arun from Bangkok, Wat Mahathart from Sukhothai. On this site there is a copy of the largest religious building on the planet: the Angkor Wat temple located in Cambodia.

It also presents copies of buildings from two historical parks: in Ayutthaya and from the Fanom Rung in Burirum.

Zone of the Mini Siam Park

The exposition of this part of the complex has a lot of objects from Bangkok:

  • Suvarnabhumi Airport;
  • Victory Monument (this is the oldest copy in Pattaya Park);
  • King Rama IX Bridge;
  • Grand Royal Palace;
  • Freedom Square.

Better time to visit

Recommendations regarding the time of visiting the park take into account such important points: the scorching daytime sun in Pattaya, the “filing” of architectural monuments at different times of the day, and the quality of photos.

Triumphal Arch

Advice from experienced tourists! It is best to come on an excursion 1-2 hours before sunset (at 16: 30-17: 00). It will turn out to look at all the layouts of attractions both in the afternoon and with backlight.

All exhibits are located on the street, there are no awnings and tall shady trees. It is clear that it is very hot there during the day. About 1-2 hours before sunset, the sun is not so scorching, and walking is much more pleasant.

Advice! Even having arrived in Pattaya park during the day, you can at least somehow protect yourself from the sun: at the entrance give out umbrellas, which must be returned after the tour.

When it gets dark, the park turns on the backlight. Miniatures look very different than during the day, and most are also much more attractive: without bright sunlight, damage to objects becomes invisible. The most luxurious are the highlight of the already magnificent palaces and temples in the area with the sights of Southeast Asia.

Pattaya Mini Siam Night Park

Toward evening, there are almost no visitors to the entertainment complex, as tourist groups usually bring in during the daytime. And this means that you can watch everything without haste and not wait in line to take pictures.

Walking around the “Mini Siam” in Pattaya, the photo is impossible not to take! Firstly, this is documentary evidence of your stay in Thailand. Secondly, the pictures have one interesting feature: if you choose a convenient position, it will be impossible to understand if a real attraction was photographed or just a miniature copy of it. At sunset and with the original illumination, the photos are especially beautiful.

What else is on the territory of the entertainment complex

Mini Siam Park in Pattaya is not only remarkable for copies of historical monuments. Its entire territory is a work of landscape art with green grass and flowering flower beds, dwarf trees, fountains, artificial ponds and waterfalls, comfortable benches.

Bonsai Garden in the Park

For children, a good playground is equipped.

The park also has several small cafes with affordable prices.

There are 2 toilets on the territory: near the pedestal with American presidents, and behind the cafe at the entrance / exit. Just street toilets, pretty dirty.

Tourists note! When leaving the park, on the right side, there is a market selling a variety of plants: flowers, seedlings of palm trees, dwarf trees. In the evening, a grocery market begins to work there, where the local population goes to buy up. On the maps of Pattaya this market is not indicated, there are almost no foreigners there. The prices are minimal, as for their own. The market must be visited after a tour of the park!

Practical information for tourists

The complex of miniatures is located quite far from the center of Pattaya, opposite the main city hospital. Exact address: 387 Moo 6 Sukhumvit Rd., Pattaya Naklua, Banglamung, Chonburi 20150.

Entrance to the Mini Siam Park

It is open daily from 7:00 to 22:00.

In Pattaya Mini Siam Park, the ticket price is (in baht):

  • adults – 300;
  • children – 150 (for children from 110 to 140 cm tall, children up to 110 cm tall are free of charge).
Ticket box office

Tickets can be bought at the box office on the spot, usually there is no hype. But you can save money if you buy through Klook – on this site they are often offered cheaper than at the box office. The ticket can be in electronic form or in print. The ticket is valid only on the specified date and time.

Advice! It is better to visit the park on your own, without a guide. You just need to have enough time for a walk and photographing.

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How to get to “Mini Siam” from different areas of Pattaya

Take a taxi to the Mini Siam Park

From the north side of Pattaya to the Mini Siam you can take a leisurely walk. We must go along North Road to the intersection with Sukhumwit Road – there you need to turn left and, being on the opposite side of the street, go to the goal for another 5 minutes on foot.

Since the park is far from the center of Pattaya, you will have to use transport. The most convenient, but also the most expensive option is a taxi. From the city center, the trip will cost about 100 baht, and from more remote areas (for example, from Jomtien) – 200 baht after the auction.

Route knock knock

A cheaper way from the center of Pattaya to get to “Mini Siam” on your own is by tuk-tuk. In the center, you can take a shuttle tuk-tuk and take it to Sukhumvit, the trip will cost 10 baht. Then you need to transfer to a white knock-knock with a blue stripe that goes directly to the destination of the trip – this part of the journey will cost 20 baht.

There is another option: many Pattaya travel agencies sell “Mini-Siam” “guided tours” – in fact, this is a transfer from / to the hotel for 500-600 baht. This option should be considered for tourists who live too far away and do not have a rented bike, or simply are afraid to go on their own.

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