Tourist’s guide to Nai Harn beach – the largest beach south of Phuket

Nai Harn (Phuket) is one of the most beautiful beaches not only of the island, but of the whole of Thailand. This place will be a real salvation for those who prefer a relaxing holiday and do not need a huge amount of entertainment. But first things first!

Nai Harn Beach

Beach description

If you look at the photo of Nai Harn beach, you can see a flat and fairly long coastline surrounded by hills (capes Kata and Promtep) and crystal-clear sea. Nearby is a large casuarine park, in which unique aeolian trees grow, and a small salt lake, loved by children. To his left is a sports field and a cozy playground.

Nai Harn Beachfront

The beach is some distance from the highway. Only a small town road passes near it, therefore it is very quiet, measured and calm here. With a length of only 700 m, Nai Harn does not seem small at all. The huge width, which does not depend on ebbs and flows, really helps out.

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Shadow and sunbeds

The natural shade here is more than enough. In the park and near the pond it is cool even in the heat. The umbrella zone of the beach is right in the center. Renting mats and umbrellas costs about $ 6. To save money, you can always buy them at any local store. But sunbeds can be used only on the territory of hotels. According to the mayor of the city, they spoil the appearance of the coastline, therefore they are under a very strict ban.

Sunbeds on the beach
Cleanliness, sand and entry into the water

One of the main advantages of Nai Harn Beach Phuket is its cleanliness – there is almost no debris. The only exception is stormy days, but even then visitors to the beach collect rubbish in packages and take them to the garbage container. As for the sand, it is crumbly and soft, very pleasant for the feet. Entry into the water is gentle, there are no sharp transitions, the depth increases gradually. And most importantly – there are no corals and peaked stones! Water is clear, transparent, with a pleasant azure color.

Sand at Nai Harn Beach
When is it better to swim?

The most suitable time for swimming is considered to be December-March (the so-called high season). During this period, calm is established on the sea, and the water warms up to a comfortable temperature. But in the off-season (April-November) the waves are so big that it’s dangerous to swim here. The left coast is shallower. In addition, there are no undercurrents on it, which is ideal for couples with children.

Check box "Swim here"

On a note! Nai Harn Beach has reverse rip currents. That is why the rescue team works here, and places prohibited for swimming are indicated by red flags with the inscription “Swim here”.

Infrastructure on Nai Harn

The infrastructure of Nai Harn beach in Phuket is quite poorly developed and noticeably inferior to other regions of the country. The most important disadvantages are a paid shower ($ 0.62) and one paid WC ($ 0.31), and those, alas, do not shine with cleanliness and hygiene. Both are located in the western part next to the Nai Harn Hotel.

The shops
Shops along the highway

Most shops operating on the beach offer a variety of travel supplies. For everything else (including clothing, food and basic necessities) you will have to go to Rawai Street or go to the Viset rd highway. There are several mobile bazaars and two supermarkets – Marco and Tesco Lotus. Markets are open on Saturdays and Sundays from 15:00 to 20:00.

Cafes and restaurants
Cheap Thai Food Point

On Nai Harn Beach, you can find several restaurants and a couple of dozen points with cheap Thai food. True, most of them will have to look outside the beach – on Rawai Street. It is literally overflowing with various cafes, pizzerias, restaurants, burgers, macaques and burgers offering dishes of Eastern and European cuisine (including Russian). Among them, there are quite unusual “specimens” – for example, a book and cat cafe. There are a couple of restaurants with a vegetarian menu.

Soups, rice, grilled chicken, traditional pad thai, salads and exotic fruits are in the greatest demand. If desired, any of these dishes can be eaten right on the beach, sitting under a palm tree. The prices here do not bite, and the portions impress with their size and unrivaled taste.

Massage Salons

The massage parlor at Nai Harn Beach looks pretty simple. This is a series of ordinary mats laid under umbrellas. There are a lot of specialists – there are almost no queues.


Nai Harn in Phuket cannot boast a vibrant nightlife. Moreover, it is practically absent here. As for daytime entertainment, they cover almost all existing areas. So, the most noteworthy are visits to the main island attractions – the Naiharn Buddhist temple, the Brahma monastery Promthep Cape and Windmill windmills.

Naiharn Temple
Wat naiharn

It should also be noted 3 viewing platforms:

  • Windmill View Point (elevation 2 km from the beach). You can get on it both on foot and on a motorbike, moving along the coastal line in the direction of Yanui;
  • Outdoor View Point (Promtep Cape, 3.5 km from the beach) – allows you to enjoy a magnificent panorama. There are 2 ways to get to this beautiful place – on foot and on songteo. In the latter case, you need to go to the road fork at the Rawai Palm Beach Resort hotel and overcome another 2 km of track;
  • Karon View Point (4.5 km from Nai Harn Beach in Phuket) – from here stretches a wonderful view of the main beauties of the island.
View from Karon View Point
Karon view point

In addition, you can ride elephants, take a walk around the lake, do yoga and popular sports (snorkeling, soccer, diving, volleyball), visit the seafood market and take a boat trip to one of the sea islands.

On a note! There are very few travel agencies (especially Russian-speaking) on ​​Nai Harn. The most reliable of them are Alpha Travel and Tripster. Both bureaus have Internet sites where you can buy a tour of interest.

Beach Hotels

Despite the popularity and the large influx of tourists, the choice of accommodation on Nai Harn Beach is not rich. The fact is that the main part of the land located around the beach belongs to the Buddhist temple of the same name, therefore it is simply impossible to build houses on it. Due to these restrictions, only a few hotels operate on the beach. Among the most popular can be safely attributed:

Hotel The Nai Harn
The nai harn
  • The Nai Harn 5 * – a luxury hotel, featuring a high level of comfort. Annually takes part in the sailing royal regatta. Room price starts from $ 200 per day. The hotel is equipped with everything necessary for a pleasant stay. In addition, guests can order a car to the airport or any part of the city;
  • Hotel room at Hotel All Seasons Naiharn Phuket
    Hotel All Seasons Naiharn Phuket
  • Hotel All Seasons Naiharn Phuket 3 * is an excellent beach hotel, which is once again confirmed by the photos of Nai Harn in Phuket. It is popular with lovers of peace and quiet, has its own access to the beach. It offers apartments with sea / garden views, a couple of pools, and several dining options.

A few more villas, presented in the form of a small village, are located in the deep part of the island. All other housing (low-cost hotels and private homes) should be sought outside the sacred territory. From there, go to the beach for 15-20 minutes. The cost of 1 night in a double room of a five-star hotel ranges from $ 140 to $ 470, in a three-star hotel – from $ 55 to $ 100.

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How to get there?

There are several ways to get to Nai Harn in Thailand. Let’s consider each of them.

By bus (songteo)
By bus to Nai Harn

Small blue minibuses with the Phuket-Town – Nai Harn logo depart from Phuket Town (Ranong St.) and follow directly to the beach. There are always a lot of people in them, so get ready for crowding and inconvenience. The journey takes about 40 minutes. The ticket costs from 30 to 40 baht ($ 0.93-1.23). It is accepted to pay at the entrance, transferring money to the driver’s cab. In some cases, he collects the payment on his own. The frequency of shipments is once every 20-30 minutes, starting from 6 a.m. and ending with 5-6 p.m.

Advice! There are no fixed stops on the route. Seeing the blue bus, boldly throw up your hand. To exit the songteo, simply press the bell.

Another bus runs between Nai Harn Beach and the island’s main air gate. True, in this case you will have to do a transplant in Phuket Town. The trip will cost 40 baht.

On the bike
On a bike to Nai Harn Beach

You can rent personal transport not only at the airport, but also near markets, hotels and other crowded places. The main thing is to have the rights of category “A” and at least a minimum driving experience. By the way, a scooter can be given without rights, but in case of an accident you will have to answer.

The distance from the airport to Nai Harn Beach on about. Phuket in Thailand – 62 km. Due to the very large traffic jams, the road will take 1.5 hours in the daytime. The track is quite simple – you need to go along the main highway in a southerly direction (via the beaches of Kata, Patong and Karon). When you reach the Rawai area, take a look at the Promthep Cape sign – it will take you to the salt lake, having traveled which you will find yourself right in front of Nai Harn Beach. The cost of renting a bike is not more than $ 8 per day.

Advice! If you are afraid to get lost, download some offline mapping application.

On tuk tuk (taxi)

Tuk-tuk parking is located at the exit of the terminal. The cost of the trip is $ 12 or 900 baht. Duration – about an hour. From Patong to Nai Harn, they will charge you a little less – from $ 17 to $ 20, which equals 600-700 baht.

Knock knock in Patong

Advice! Taxis are best booked in advance. To do this, just call the special service and tell the dispatcher your data. A driver with a nameplate will be waiting in the arrivals hall at any time of the day or night.

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Useful Tips

When planning to visit Nai Harn Beach, take note of the recommendations made by experienced tourists:

Holidays at Nai Harn Beach
  • Swimming in the sea is better in the morning. After lunch, a huge amount of jellyfish and biting plankton appear in the water;
  • It will be much cheaper to rent and eat outside Nai Harn;
  • Refrain from trips to Phuket in September and October – there is a high probability of getting into the rainy season;
  • It is better for holders of a weak vestibular apparatus to refuse public transport. Getting around on it is completely uncomfortable, especially at the height of the day.

Nai Harn Phuket impresses with its unique beauty, stunning nature, tranquility, cleanliness and homely atmosphere. This is the best option for those who have long dreamed of a break from the hustle and bustle of youth parties. Come soon – you will have a perfect vacation!

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