Tourist’s guide to Lamai beach on Koh Samui – one of the best on the island

The longest Lamai Samui beach is located on Thailand’s second largest island. It is popular with tourists and has a well-developed resort infrastructure.

Lamai Beach

Beach surroundings

Boulders in the south of Lamai Beach
Hin ta hin yai

Lamai Beach is located in the southeastern part of Koh Samui and has an impressive length (about 5 kilometers). From the north side, Lamai passes into the coastal zones of Cape Nan. And from the south – it is limited by the accumulation of colorful black and gray boulders. This territory is called Hin Ta Hin Yai. Locals nicknamed her “grandfather and grandmother” because of the intricate shape of the stones. From Lamai it is almost impossible to get there on foot, since the entire coastline is built up by private hotels. But you can drive along the road leading from the center of Lamai Beach. The route is about 3 km long.

There you can park vehicles in designated areas and walk along the path to the boulders. On both sides there are stalls with souvenirs, clothes and Thai sweets. At the end of the path is an impromptu observation deck. You can go there for a fee. From it opens a view of the sea and the waves, dissecting on the stones.

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Variety of choices

Lamai Beach on Koh Samui is one of the most desirable tourist destinations in this area. In popularity, it is second only to Chaweng, which is located next door, slightly higher on the east side. Lamai Beach is surrounded by a variety of plantations in the form of palm trees, coconut groves and tropical mountain forests.

The right side of Lamai Beach

The right (southern) part of Lamai Beach is characterized by clean and clear water. There are practically no waves. The left one is also well adapted for relaxation, has a good infrastructure. There are stones with bizarre shapes that form numerous bays. The sea in this northern part is rather shallow, with periodic low tides. Therefore, vacationers opt for the central and right parts of the beach.

The central segment is always crowded. It is located parallel to the large tourist street Had Lamai Road. Here is a shore with a comfortable, smooth entry into the water. The beach strip across the entire width is clean.

The central segment is always crowded

The southern section of Lamai Beach has a greater depth of water. At the bottom there are stones, sometimes large. In addition, sea urchins are found here. Therefore, you should be extremely careful. Thanks to transparent water, the bottom can be viewed from a distance and not swim in potentially dangerous areas.

Local landscapes and leisure features

Due to the sufficient length and width of Lamai Beach, Samui is not crowded there. And if you want to stay in silence, you just need to walk along the coast – there is sure to be a place where no one will be there, even in the midst of the season.

Lamai Samui Beach

The beaches of Lamai Samui, except for the north, are practically not affected by the ebbs and flows that are noticeable to visitors. Algae are single. Therefore, neither they, nor marine living creatures do not interfere with enjoying warm water at any time of the day. The sand here is yellowish, not very shallow. Similar in structure to the river with impurities of medium-sized shells. Although in the south of Lamai it is small and takes on a white hue.

Entrance to the sea beach Lamai

The north beach is suitable for families with children. There is a flatter entrance to the sea. The coastal zone is built up almost close to the water. It is occupied by the hotels of Lamai Samui. In the center and south of the beach, the depth of the sea is comfortable for adults. The central part on the north side is bordered by the Lamai River. Through it you can go to the sea along a bridge decorated with flowers.

Caution, jellyfish

You should be careful while swimming in the water. In some places on the beaches live cubomedusa. Their collision under water with people can be dangerous to human health. Thais themselves, in order to avoid such incidents, bathe in clothes. The threat is reminded by warning stands located on the coastal zone of Lamai. Fortunately, the sea is crystal clear and the view is good. Workers respond quickly. In cases of jellyfish, a quick reaction occurs with the fencing of the dangerous territory.

There is the opportunity to more thoroughly explore the entire beach of Lamai Samui, a map at the end of the article with a detailed description will help to understand in detail the location of objects and routes.


The Lamai area is cozy and quite calm. The infrastructure is developed for a comfortable stay and leisure for tourists. The beaches are conveniently equipped for vacationers, and a number of services are provided:

Lamai Night Market
  • free parking;
  • rental of sun loungers – even if a person does not live on the territory of the hotel that exposed sun loungers, he can easily take a seat on them without payment;
  • cafeterias – having made an order in any of the institutions, you can take advantage of the place on the sunbed and even get a towel for hire;
  • shops – they are located near the beach area;
  • the night market, which will delight guests of the island with a lot of goodies and affordable prices;
  • Wi-Fi is everywhere and for free.

You can calmly sit in the sand without sunbeds, if you just came to plunge for a short period of time.

Cafes and restaurants
Lobster dinner

In the center of Lamai there is a large selection of beach cafes and restaurants. A number of establishments offer a variety of cuisine to choose from:

  • Thai exotic with national dishes and cocktails;
  • European traditional, more familiar to individual groups of visitors.

Restaurant employees willingly invite guests to both daily meals and special holiday events. The following establishments are popular among those located on the coast:

Breakfast at Bamboo Cafe
  • Bamboo
  • The Address Beach;
  • Swing Bar Samui. This bar-restaurant hosts a fire show.

Prices in cafes and restaurants on the beach are slightly higher than on the main street of Lamai Samui. There you can find both budget options and more sophisticated establishments. There is even McDonalds, but its menu is redesigned in Thai fashion.

The assortment list of any cafe necessarily includes fresh seafood and cocktails for every taste. The inconvenience in almost all local establishments causes the presence of annoying flies.


A large selection of places to stay will meet you Samui Lamai Beach. Hotels for every taste offer different amenities and remoteness from the sea. We list some of the more popular visitor reviews in Internet resources:

Room at Wirason Residence
Wirason residence
  • Wirason Residence;
  • Villa Baan Saitara;
  • Sandalwood Luxury Villa Resort;
  • Palm Coco Mantra;
  • Rocky’s Boutique Resort;
  • Rummana Boutique Resort;
  • Promtsuk Buri;
  • Tropical Villa;
  • Ammatara Pura Pool Villa;
  • 3 * Hotel Lamai Coconut Beach Resort
    Lamai Coconut Beach Resort
  • Lamai Coconut Beach Resort;
  • Marina Beach Resort;
  • Lamai Inn 99 Bungalows.

These hotels on Lamai Beach Samui have received the highest rated holidaymakers. Going to the island, it is worth considering that housing prices will depend on the level of service, remoteness from the center and other important tourist sites. As well as the availability of food, included in the price.

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Services and entertainment at the resort

Different types of massages are sure to be offered on the coast.

On the coast, you will certainly be offered different types of massages. To do this, right on the Lamai beach installed unpretentious arbors. The prices are low. Compared with similar services in local hotels, the cost on the beach can be three times cheaper.

The following types of procedures are usually offered:

  • back and shoulder massage;
  • Thai;
  • relaxing foot massage;
  • persons;
  • massages using oils or aloe vera;
  • scrub of individual parts of the body;
  • pedicure.

In specially organized places you can take spa treatments, do yoga with an instructor. The best options are available at hotels or in specialized complexes.


Beach fun – riding on water bananas, scooters, other means of transport. In several places you can take advantage of the rental of certain water transport and uniforms, including skis, wakeboards. Active tourists prefer:

Beach fun
  • Thai boxing – in the main square you can become an observer of even female sparring;
  • karate
  • diving – there are several schools on Koh Samui that will prepare the beginner for the first dive;
  • Hobbie Cat – amateur types of sailing catamarans.
Hobbie Cat - Amateur Sailing Catamarans
Hobie cat samui

In the dark, animators hold beach parties, a variety of fire shows. Often during the holidays, flying burning lanterns and fireworks are launched.

In the evening, near the McDonalds, they launch a conveyor of national street food. Chefs on special carts will quickly prepare any order. During the day, you can enjoy boiled corn and fruits, which are spread everywhere, right on the sands of Lamai Samui.


To get acquainted with Thai attractions, it is enough to contact any point that conducts sightseeing trips. The following facilities are available for viewing and entertainment.

Temple of Strength Ngu - Red Temple
Temple of Strength Ngu
  • Temple of Strength Ngu;
  • The Golden Statue of Big Buddha is located on Faan Island. It is connected to Samui in the northeast. The sculpture was erected in 1972. The height of the religious building is 12 meters;
  • Lamai Temple – there is a cultural center;
  • Tesco Lotus is a huge supermarket. Great place for shopaholics, as well as for the purchase of souvenirs.

One of the shortcomings of the beaches of Lamai Samui is the presence of stray dogs. Although, according to vacationers, they are not aggressive, but still the presence of animals of this kind on the beaches is not hygienic. They walk, sleep, eat and relieve themselves right in the sand, sometimes close to the water.


To quickly get to Lamai Samui, a map will be very helpful. This beach is attractive to many visitors. Therefore, once in another part of Thailand, you can independently arrive at Lamai Beach without spending time looking for translators and guides.

Public transportation on Koh Samui - Songteo

About 15 minutes you will need to go to Songteo (local public transport) to get from Chaweng to Lamai Beach. And from Maenami and Bophut in this direction you need to get with transfers in Chaweng. Transfer to the minibus with the inscription “Lamai beach” follows the bend leading towards the beach. From Nathon Pier to Lamai Samui will have to go 30 minutes. In this case, check with the minibus driver for information whether he goes straight to Lamai or via Chaweng.

You can use a taxi

If you rent a car, you can choose the most suitable route on your own and drive with amenities. You cannot get to Lamai from Samui Airport by public transport. Here you need to take a taxi. The beach is a 20-minute drive away. Then move along the coast in order to choose the most suitable place – this will help the map of Lamai beach (the map will be at the bottom of the page).

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The main occupation of tourists on Lamai Samui is a beach holiday. Swimming and sunbathing, you can spend your vacation without the daily hassle. At the same time, those who wish can diversify their leisure time with various entertainments that are offered right on the beach, in hotels or on the main street.

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