Tourist’s guide to Ko Samet – attractions, how to reach

Ko Samet is a picturesque island worthy of falling in love with – its fine sand, clear, turquoise water, exotic nature, tropical rainfall, especially romantic and cozy. Samet Island in Thailand is striking in its resemblance to a photograph of the paradise of Bounty. And most importantly – you can enjoy all this splendor 80 km from Pattaya.

Koh Samet Island

Photo: Koh Samet Island.

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general information

Map of Samet Island

Samet Island is a great place for lovers of peace and relaxation alone with nature. The place became popular due to its geographical proximity to Pattaya, preserved exotic nature. Samet in Thailand is a favorite vacation spot for local residents, the metropolitan population comes here for the weekend with whole families.

The island is divided into four geographical areas:

  • northern – here is a local village, pier, tortoise farm and a Buddhist temple;
  • southern – wild jungle – National Park;
  • western – rocky coast, where there is only one beach;
  • eastern – the best beaches are concentrated here.

The island of Thailand is located in the Gulf of Thailand, belongs to Rayong Province, covers an area of ​​only 5 sq. Km. The distance to Bangkok is 200 km, and to Pattaya – 80 km. The national park, which includes Koh Samet, includes several more uninhabited islands:

  • Ko Koodi;
  • Ko Crui;
  • Ko Kangao;
  • Ko Platinum.

Good to know! The history of Samet Island in Thailand begins in the 13th century. At that time, sailors stopped off its shores. The island became popular among tourists only in the second half of the last century. The first to find it were the residents of the Thai capital, who got out here for the weekend.

Tourist infrastructure

Today, the island in Thailand has everything you need for a comfortable stay – restaurants, massage, spa, sports on the beach and in the water.

Things to do on Koh Samet

Good to know! The most convenient way to move around the island is a motobike – rent from 200 THB per day or ATV – rent 1000 THB per day. It is also comfortable to travel in a tuk tuk – the fare costs from 20 to 60 THB.

The only place where you can find ATMs is the northern part of the island, where local fishermen live. It is most convenient to stock up on the necessary amount and not waste time on organizational issues. Terminals in stores are very rare, so you will have to pay in cash.

Despite the large selection of hotels and restaurants, rest on Koh Samet in Thailand remains calm, secluded and measured.

Statue of a mermaid and a prince on Samet island
Statue of a mermaid and a prince
Things to do Offers for tourists Features
Water sports Sea fishing, diving, snorkeling Equipment is needed in hotels, schools.

You can swim off the coast of Ko Samet or go to the shores of neighboring islands.

Ecotourism Jungle walks For tourists laid hiking trails. For ease of movement, you can rent a bicycle, motorcycle or ATV.
  • Familiarization on the island.
  • Meeting the sunset.
  • Night fishing.
  • Kayaking trip.
There are no travel agency offices on the island, so all information can be obtained at the hotels. The average cost of the tour is from $ 10 to $ 17.
  • Statue of a mermaid and a prince.
  • Big Buddha statue.
  • Observation deck.
  • Tortoise farm.
  • Fishing village.
At many thematic forums, tourists write with confidence that there is absolutely nothing to see on the island. This is not true. Begin acquaintance with Ko Samet with a usual walk around the island – this is where you can touch an untouched piece of nature, learn to be Thais.
Islands nearby
  • Koh Koodi.
  • Koh Ta Lu.
The purpose of travel is relaxation, water activities, snorkeling, diving.

2-3 hours are enough to explore one island.

Vacation with children
Equipment for children

Koh Samet in Thailand is a great place to relax with children. The island is good in many aspects – clean water that quickly warms up, a comfortable climate, lots of fun. Living conditions at the hotel or bungalow are quite suitable for traveling with a child. You can find mattresses and vests along the entire coastline – equipment is rented, an average cost of $ 1.5.

Good to know! Not all hotels have a playroom for children.

Photo: Koh Samet, Thailand.

Accommodation and meals

5 * Hotel Paradee Resort
Paradee resort

Hotels can be found throughout the island, the price category is approximately the same, in the western part of Koh Samet in Thailand there are more expensive hotels. In the west of the island there is the only five-star hotel, a double room will cost about 16 thousand THB per day.

Staying at a 4 star hotel costs from 3500 THB. Such hotels have a swimming pool and spa services. A stay in a three-star hotel costs around 2500 THB.

You can rent a house by contacting local residents. The cost is about 200 THB.

Dinner at jep's restaurant
jep’s restaurant

Many restaurants are located on the coast, which is undoubtedly convenient – you can order various goodies, drinks, comfortably sit on the beach, admire the local beauties. In the evening, institutions set tables in the fresh air, right at the edge of the sea. Imagine how relaxing you feel when you sip a cocktail and at the same time dip your feet in the sea.

Interesting fact! Instead of traditional chairs, low deck chairs are used, and in some establishments mats are used.

Various dishes

Most establishments prepare a variety of dishes – from traditional Thai to gourmet European. Dinner at such a restaurant will cost from 300 to 600 THB.

You can buy products at a market located near Sai Keo Beach. Lively trade is taking place on Wong Duan Beach. There are 7/11 minimarkets on the island; they can be found on Nadan Beach.

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There is no shortage of beaches on Koh Samet. Only about a dozen places where you can stay on the beach. Sai Keo Beach is considered to be the most crowded – excursion groups from Pattaya are brought here. The biggest mistake is to stay on one beach and spend your vacation only on Sai Keo. There are many places on the island for every taste – beaches with excellent infrastructure or wild beaches where you can retire.

Good to know! The island is part of the National Park in Thailand, so visiting all Samet beaches is paid – 200 THB.

Sai Keo

The beach is located in the central part of the island, this is the main and most popular place on Koh Samet. It is always noisy and there are many tourists. The coastline is long, it allows you to swim freely without touching the foot and arm of other people. A big drawback of the beach, in addition to a large number of tourists, is the accumulation of boats, boats, scooters. It’s impossible to relax in such an environment.

Sai Keo Beach

Interesting fact! If you move to the right, along the line of the sea, behind the monument to the Mermaid begins another beach – deserted and quiet.

The sea on Sai Keo in Thailand is calm (there are minor waves, but they do not interfere with swimming), pure, blue. The coastline is clean enough, the sand is white, fine. As for the temperature of the water, it is pretty cool, not everyone is comfortable swimming in such a sea. The descent into the water is gentle, smooth, the bottom is clean, well visible.

Relax on the beach of Sai Keo

Merchants walk along the shore, but they are unobtrusive, selling beach items, treats and drinks. There are many cafes along the coastline where you can eat.

In the evening, the beach changes – music comes from all the restaurants, life is in full swing, lanterns are lit and you can even get to the fire show.

Ao Hin Hawk

This is the right side of Sai Keo Beach in Thailand. In fact, there are similar conditions of rest with one difference – there are much fewer tourists.

Ao Hin Hawk Beach
Ao Prao

The beach is located in the west of the island and is considered one of the best. There is a calm sea, no waves, the beach is surrounded by mountains, the coast is well-groomed and clean, there are practically no tourists. Residents of local hotels come ashore to enjoy beautiful sunsets.

Ao Prao Beach

There are three beautiful hotels on the beach, the territory is clean, well-groomed, anyone can relax here. The territory adjacent to the sea is strikingly different – a different level of hotels, different landscapes. The sand on the shore is yellow, shallow, the bottom is transparent and sandy, and the descent into the water is gentle.

Good to know! Chinese tourists are brought here, but not so often and landed only on a small part of the beach.

You can have a meal in restaurants

For a bite to eat, guests can check out the on-site restaurants. The price level is medium and higher. Account for two from 500 to 700 baht. Free parking is available near the beach.

Ao cho

The beach is located 2.5 km from the center of the island and can also compete for the title of the best place to relax. There are no boats and boats near the shore, the water is clear – ideal for swimming. There is a pier here. On the shore there is a hotel with a good restaurant – you can eat for 160-180 baht. The sea has a shower and toilet. The hotel also has free parking, where you can leave transport.

Ao Cho Beach
Cafe on the beach of Ao Cho

If you do not want to eat densely, look in a small mini market or cafe. If you wish, you can pay for the massage, it is done right on the beach, the price is about 300 baht.

Beach Benefits:

  • tourists are not brought here;
  • there are no boats near the shore;
  • the sea is calm;
  • beautiful nature.

Good to know! Along the shore you can reach another beach – Ao Wong Duan, and a small path leads to the wild beach.

Ao Wong Duan

Small beach, only 500 meters long. Here, clear, blue water, hotels on the beach, calm and silence. In the evening, a fire show is held, and set right by the sea.

Ao Wong Duan Beach

The beach is located in a secluded bay in the eastern part of the island and has the shape of a crescent. The width of the coastline allows you to comfortably accommodate by the sea and get a portion of sunbathing. Sand consistency resembles flour.

Good to know! Walking along the beach is best started on the left side, from Ao Cho. The road leads through the mountain and the hotel complex with bungalows.

Not expensive thai food

In addition to restaurants and cafes on the beach, there are mackerels where you can buy inexpensive Thai food. A full serving can be purchased for just 70 baht.

The road from the center of the island and from the pier is long and not easy – you will have to overcome the ups and downs. It is best to take a taxi or rent a moped.

There are travel agencies on the beach, you can rent equipment for diving and sea fishing. In addition, ships go to the mainland of Thailand from the beach. There are massage parlors, but there is no nightlife on the beach.

Ao wai
Ao Wai Beach

Many call this beach the best on Samet. And for what reasons:

  • clear, turquoise water;
  • fine, white sand;
  • a lot of shade that trees create;
  • not crowded.

The only drawback is that it is quite difficult to get there, as the beach is located far from the central areas – 5 km. To get to your destination, rent a motorbike or taxi. Another way to get to the beach is via speedboat transfeo.

Platforms are installed in the center of the beach at sea

The beach is small, the length of the coastline is only 300 meters. You can inspect it in just 7 minutes. Approximately in the center of the beach in the sea there are platforms where you can swim and comfortably accommodate. On the left side there are trees that create a nice shadow.

Interesting fact! If you arrive at the beach before 9am, you can swim right under the trees, because the tide begins and the water gets to the branches.

There are stones on the left side of the beach, there is a small cape, you can sit on benches. There is only one hotel on the shore, there is a restaurant at it, food prices are moderate – you can eat for 250 baht.

Weather and climate

Weather on Samet Island

If we consider the whole of Thailand, Koh Samet Island is the most attractive for recreation in terms of weather conditions. The climate on the island is special – the rainy season, of course, does happen, but rainfall is rare and quickly ends. That is why you can safely buy tickets in the low season and go on a trip.

Good to know! Over the island, the bright sun almost always shines, the air warms up to + 29- + 32 degrees, and water – up to +29 degrees.

Muddy sea

The only sign of bad weather, which supposedly should be present in the low season, is the waves, at this time sand rises from the bottom and the sea becomes cloudy.

Holidays on the island in the low season – from mid spring to mid autumn – has its advantages:

  • no tourists;
  • housing, food and entertainment prices are declining.

How to get there

In fact, the road to Koh Samet is quite simple and tireless. The route is as follows:

  • fly to the capital of Bangkok or Pattaya;
  • drive to the village of Ban Phe and from here by water reach the island.
On Koh Samet from Bangkok

By public transport – by bus.

By bus from Ekamai bus station
Bus station Ekamai

Transport follows from Ekamai bus station:

  • frequency of flights – every 40 minutes;
  • Departure schedule in Ban Phe – the first flight at 5-00, the last – at 20-30, and in the opposite direction – from 4-00 to 19-00;
  • the fare is 157 baht (when buying tickets in both directions, you can save 40 baht);
  • the route is designed for 3.5 hours.

Public transportation also follows from Bangkok to Rayong. Transport leaves from Ekamay bus station from 4-00 to 22-00, the interval is 40-45 minutes. The trip will cost 120 baht. From Rayong, buses leave for the village of Ban Phe.


By taxi from Bangkok

The cost of a trip from Bangkok is approximately 2 thousand baht, if you go from Suvarnaphumi Airport, it will turn out several hundred baht cheaper.

By car.

Follow highway number 3, it leads directly to Ban Phe. The journey takes about three hours.

How to get to Koh Samet from Pattaya

There are several ways to get to Koh Samet Island from Pattaya.


By bus from Pattaya

From Pattaya public transport to Rayong follows. You can leave the bus station or catch a passing bus. The fare is approximately 70 baht, the route is designed for 50 minutes. Songteo departs from Rayong to Ban Phe, price is 30 baht.


A trip from Pattaya to the village of Ban Phe takes from one and a half to two hours, the price is from 800 to 1000 baht.


Scooter to Rayong Province

An option for courageous travelers and romantics is to rent a motor scooter or motobike, stock up on fuel and drive along the Sukhumvit road to Rayong province.

The most convenient way to get from Pattaya to Samet is to purchase a package from a travel agency with a transfer to Ban Phe, and then to Koh Samet. The cost is a little more expensive than traveling by public transport, but much more comfortable and faster. You can also purchase a similar package of services in the opposite direction.

How to get from Ban Phe to Koh Samet
Ferries to Samet

There are two options – to go by ferry, and if you have sufficient finances – to travel on a fast boat.

Ferries run daily. The first at 8-00, the last at 16-30. Frequency of flights from one to two hours. The duration of the trip depends on the beach, where the transport arrives – from 25 to 45 minutes Price 50 baht.

Good to know! The ferry does not approach directly to the shore; a boat of a very dubious appearance delivers tourists to the beach. Cost – 10 baht.

If you want to arrive directly to the pier, rent a fast boat, it will arrive anywhere in the island in just 15 minutes. Price – from 1 thousand to 2 thousand baht.

Prices on the page are for September 2018.

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Useful Tips

You can see rhino birds
  1. Before departure to Koh Samet in Thailand, tourists pay a fee of 200 baht – a fee for visiting the National Park.
  2. The only place on the island where you can see rhinos is Ao Prao Beach.
  3. By the end of the tourist season, around September, jellyfish appear, they are few and small.
  4. So that the rest was not overshadowed by anything, be sure to bring a fumigator and means to protect against insects.
  5. You need to book a hotel room in advance, be sure to drown the availability of the necessary services.

Koh Samet Island is an amazing and unusual place for many, where you can get acquainted with a completely different Thailand – calm, measured.

A view from the heights of Samet Island – in this video.

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