Khao san Road in Bangkok – Mecca for youth and backpackers

Thailand is a popular holiday destination. People who have already visited this exotic country will definitely tell you about Khao san Road in Bangkok. A street in the very center of the capital is known for its wide ranging offerings for the tourists. It is unlikely that even one foreigner who came to the city did not pay a visit to Khao san road.

Khaosan Road in Bangkok

Khao san Road is located in Banglampu. Today, this pedestrian zone is famous for the fact that numerous and inexpensive establishments such as the following are located here.

Mobile Macaques
  • guest houses, hostels, small private hotels;
  • cafes, restaurants;
  • shops, souvenir stalls (you can buy everything from key rings to clothes with country symbols);
  • massage parlors in the open air;
  • mobile makashnitsy constantly offer passers-by drinks and food;
  • tuk-tuks (three-wheeled vehicles) that will bring tired pedestrians to any place.

All the events taking place on modern Khao san Road Bangkok are noisy. At any moment of the day or night there are many people who are looking for accommodation or experiences. Among the entertainment available is a variety of shows, entertainment programs, even illegal entertainment in other countries.

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Historical reference

Grand Royal Palace
Royal Palace

This street has not always been so wildly popular. Almost 50 years ago, Khao san Road in Bangkok was a residential quarter, a relatively quiet corner of the city. Everything changed the celebration of the 200th anniversary of the capital, which took place in 1982. This event attracted a huge number of tourists who want to see the celebration near the Royal Palace.

Nobody expected such an influx of people. It was difficult to resettle so many people. The situation was saved by the local population. Residents of Khao san Road rented their own housing for overnight stay to foreigners. It turned out that this is a pretty profitable business. Since then, the infrastructure of the central part of the street in the Thai capital has grown.

Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie "Beach"

The film “Beach”, which was filmed in this country, added added popularity to Khao san Road. In the role of the protagonist is the young Leonardo DiCaprio, who wants to find himself, to know a new world, to experience the thrill in Thailand. In the movie, he arrived there from afar and settled on Khao san Road in Bangkok.

Taking the film as a guide, many young people and adventure seekers follow in the footsteps of Leonardo. Khao san Road has become the starting point for tourists seeking to know Thailand better. And for people with a limited amount of vacation finance, this place will offer budget options for housing and food.

All roads leading to backpackers street

Khaosan Road attracts many backpackers

It is because of the availability of entertainment and accommodation on the Khao san Road that many tourists come here who call themselves backpackers. These are people who do not use the services of tour operators, saving on everything possible. They travel light with a minimum of belongings that actually fit in one backpack.

Most foreign nationals arrive at Suvarnabhumi Airport, located in the Thai capital. You can use several transport options in Bangkok to reach Khaosan Road. Choose the most suitable route based on the calculation of time and finances.

Aeroexpress City Line
  • Citi Line Aeroexpress is open from 6am until midnight. By high-speed line, this type of transport takes 30 minutes to the center of the capital. A ticket costs approximately $ 1.5. Drive to Phaya Thai. This is the end station of this route. Upon arrival, you can continue on your way to Khaosan Road by taxi (2.5–3 dollars) or by bus numbers 2 and 59 (maximum 50 cents per person).
  • Express line from the airport is the fastest way to reach central Bangkok. It will reduce the trip time by half, compared with the previous method and take only 15 minutes. Although the ticket price is higher – $4.
Taxis from anywhere in Bangkok
  • Taxis are available from anywhere in Bangkok. The cost can be agreed with the driver individually.
  • Taxi from Suvarnabhumi directly to Khao san Road. This option will be more economical if you travel in a group of 3-4 people. A trip to Road will cost about $ 12.
  • There is a direct S1 bus to Khao san Road, which leaves from the 1st floor of Suvarnabhumi Airport every half hour. Opening hours from 6.00 to 20.00. Ticket price $ 1.8
  • You can reach your destination by the Chao Phraya River. Upon reaching the Phra Arthit pier, buy a ticket for a boat circulating along the route with a stop at Khao san Road. River transport in Bangkok is well developed, so you won’t have to wait long. One dollar is enough to buy from 1 to 3 tickets, depending on the chosen mode of transport.

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Rental of property

Charoendee Boutique Hostel Hostel Room
Charoendee boutique hostel

Not only Khao san Road Bangkok itself, as well as the entire surrounding area – the territory of budget guesthouses, hostels, rented rooms, other rooms for living. The main feature is accessibility for any visitor.

If you only need a bed, then in a hostel without additional amenities it will cost about $ 3 per person. More comfortable conditions imply the availability of a bathroom, air conditioning, shower. For this option they will ask for 10 dollars.

Center for Capital Entertainment

Especially comfortable conditions in this area are not worth looking for. The emphasis is on the number of visitors received and on an unassuming public, and not on the quality of housing. For the same reason, there is no hope that at night travelers will be able to sleep in a relaxed atmosphere. In the dark, a noisy street turns into the center of metropolitan entertainment. Loud music and endless fun on the Khao san Road lasts until the morning.

Despite some inconvenience, demand for rental housing in the area is high. The central location of the Road allows the tourist to easily follow from here in any direction: whether it is a temple, beach, shopping centers, clubs or parks. So it’s better to book accommodation before the start of the trip, so that you don’t bother on arrival and don’t worry about availability.

Not far from Khao san Road there are many comfortable hotels with higher prices:

Hotel room Chillax Resort
Chillax resort
  • Chillax Resort – 1-room double room costs $ 70 .;
  • Dang Derm Hotel – an identical room will be slightly cheaper than in the first embodiment, often there are discounts on accommodation;
  • Nouvo City Hotel – here you have to pay about $ 80 for a double room;
  • Rambuttri Village Plaza – $ 40 for the same room with breakfast.

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Cafeterias and restaurants, shops and shopping

There are many similar establishments, despite the short length of Khao san. Prices are average, designed for a diverse audience, as well as the menu of these establishments. The tourist can taste national cuisine or find an institution with a European menu.

Tourist can taste national cuisine

You can always eat that. Stationary cafes, kitchens on wheels work around the clock. Most of the dishes in such establishments are sold at a low price in order to satisfy guests of the capital and withstand considerable competition in their segment.

As tourists say about Khao san, this is a street where you can buy everything. It is quite logical. With such an influx of travelers, it is necessary to provide them with souvenirs, inexpensive clothing, beach uniforms and, of course, positive emotions.

Massage Salons

For this, local residents organized not only shops and shops with a variety of goods, but also opened an incredible number of massage parlors. They provide their services at any time of the day and offer different types of relaxation.

Useful tips for visitors

I would like to focus the attention of visitors to Khaosan Road on some features and important points.

Massage performed by a blind master

1 – For a low cost in Bangkok, a massage service performed by a blind master is available. According to the Thais, people who do not have a vision have more sensitivity on their fingers and conduct a massage procedure more effectively. Foreigners who have tried this technique talk about the friendliness of the staff and the comfortable atmosphere in such salons.

2 – A few words about the features of a local taxi. If these are not organized structures providing passenger transportation services, but private cars, you should immediately negotiate the price. It is advisable to choose a car with a mileage counter. Then you can calculate your expenses. After all, a taxi driver in any country is not averse to making money on tourists. Therefore, here they are often overpriced, if there was no prior agreement with the client.

Property theft situations arise

3 – Most people who visit Bangkok say they need to be vigilant of existing scammers. Due to the increased activity of traffic on Khao san Road, situations of theft of property arise. Mostly steal money.

4 – If when choosing accommodation you are looking for a quiet place to spend the night, it is better to choose areas that are a little off at a distance from Khao san Road. It is a transit point for numerous people from different parts of the world, so Road never “sleeps”. The neighboring Samsen, Rambutri streets and nearby side streets are also ready to accommodate foreign guests for an overnight stay.

Thai New Year

5 – the Thai New Year great time to come to the center of Bangkok. Spectacular celebration will surprise anyone. Local residents combine traditional fun on the streets with dousing with water and paints. Such an unusual walk for European tourists is especially attractive in warm weather. After all, this period falls in mid-April. In many states, snow and frosty weather still lie at this time.

Khao san Road Bangkok is a mecca for backpackers, youth from different countries. It is called the “gateway to Asia.” The daily replenishment of the ranks of travelers is replaced by their constant movement throughout Thailand. Such activity is not to everyone’s liking, but still it is worthwhile to see Road with your own eyes at least once in your life.

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