Tourist’s guide to Kata Noi Beach – one of the best in Phuket

Kata Noi is a free, public beach located on the southwestern side of Phuket Island, 20 km from Phuket Town and 45 km from the airport. The small size of the bay in Kata Noi did not allow the development of shipping, due to which, unlike the larger beaches of Phuket, there is no constant buzz of boat motors. In addition, the beach is located in a zone completely closed by hotels from the road – thanks to this arrangement, no extraneous noise is heard to the tourists and it seems that the busy city is somewhere very far away.

Kata Noi Beach

The size of the beach, water, sunset and waves

“Noah” in Thai means “small”, and in this case, the name is very suitable. The beach strip reaches a length of 800 m, from each edge it is limited by a small stone ridge – a great place for a photo in memory of Kata Noi beach and the island of Phuket. As for the width of the sand strip, on average it is 50 m, although it can vary slightly during high tide.

Beachfront Kata Noi

Here the smallest and very clean snow-white sand, it is pleasant to walk on it barefoot. The approach to the sea is gentle, although literally after 5-7 m the depth reaches about 1.5 m. There are no stones, the bottom is perfect.

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Water luxurious turquoise hue, also spotlessly clean. It is colder than on the other beaches of Phuket – this is good, because in it you can somehow escape from the Thai heat.

Kata Noi Beach, Phuket

In season, the sea is calm, there are practically no waves. But during the monsoon period, like on all the beaches of Phuket, strong waves rise on Kata Noi – for surfing, they are great, but it’s not safe to swim. The most dangerous zones are marked with red flags – they warn against swimming in these places.

The remoteness of the beach has caused few people to visit it: the distance between sunbathers can reach several meters. And by noon, when the sun is at its zenith, the number of vacationers becomes even less.

Sun beds and umbrellas, toilets

In several rows along the entire beach strip there are sun loungers with umbrellas that you can rent – 2 sun loungers and an umbrella for 200 baht per day. If you can completely do without a sunbed by laying a towel on the sand, then without an umbrella you can’t lie under the scorching sun for a long time. And there are very very few trees here, so it’s almost impossible to hide in the shade.

Sun beds with umbrellas

If you want to spend the whole day on Kata Noi, you need to come as early as possible in order to manage to take a place under a few palm trees.

No changing cabins and no showers. The only free toilet is located on the stairs leading to the beach, but, like in any free toilet, being there is unpleasant. If necessary, you can use the toilets at the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort – there are a couple of cabins in the public domain.

Shops and markets, cafes and restaurants

Beach Merchant

In the part of Phuket where Kata Noi is located, there are no large shopping centers and bazaars. There are small shops selling soft drinks, something for a snack.

On the beach with trading stalls they sell drinks, fruits, pizza. Merchants go periodically, unobtrusively and without a cry, offering a variety of goods: nuts, boiled corn, small souvenirs.

In cafe Ta Restaurant
Ta restaurant

On the left, far side of Kata Noi, there are several cafes serving European and Thai dishes. “Ta Restaurant” stands out among these establishments – the prices there are at the same level as in the neighboring cafes, but they prepare everything much tastier and bring them faster. For 1,500 baht, a family of 3 can have a very good lunch: rice in pineapple, chicken with pineapple, sweet and sour shrimp, fried shrimp with garlic and pepper, papaya salad, mango flambe with ice cream, 3 fresh.

Cafe "On the rocks"
“On the rocks”

Directly on the beach, on the left side of the stones, there is a cafe “On the rocks”. It is very creatively designed and hidden from prying eyes by tropical vegetation. Sitting at a table in the shade, you can enjoy the picturesque views of Thai nature.

You can relax and have a nice dinner in one of the restaurants working at Katathani Phuket Beach Resort.


Water bike

Kata Noi Beach in Phuket is designed for a measured, relaxing vacation. All the entertainment here comes down to lying on a deck chair or sand, swimming in the sea – in general, to relax from the hustle and bustle. Although you can still ride a “banana”, a jet ski, a kayak.

On the south side of the beach, near the stones, there are beautiful coral reefs – it is interesting to swim with a snorkel and a mask there, to observe the underwater world. On the beach there is a rental of scuba gear, fins, masks, snorkeling tubes. But most of these attributes are in rather poor condition, so it is better to buy your equipment – there are good inexpensive options in Phuket.

If such a holiday seems too boring, and you want something more fun – you have to go to other beaches in Phuket.

Where to stay

There are not too many hotels near Kata Noi, but there are budget 2 * and elite 5 * hotels.

Hotel Katathani Phuket Beach Resort
Katathani Phuket Beach Resort

On Kata Noi beach, you can easily find housing on the seashore, on the first line. True, prices will be quite high. The largest 5 * hotel is Katathani Phuket Beach Resort . It offers its guests: sauna, jacuzzi, saltwater pool, minigolf, tennis courts, billiards, playgrounds for children.

  • The cost of comfortable double rooms starts at $ 400,
  • In the low season or during periodic promotions, the minimum price can be about $ 350.

A much more luxurious and expensive hotel, prices for which start at $ 750 per day – “Shore At Katathani” 5 *. It is a complex of villas located on a hillside, and each of these villas has its own pool.

Hotel Katanoi Resort
Katanoi Resort

Finding cheaper accommodation with access to water will not work here – budget hotels should be looked away from the sea shore. A good option is the Katanoi Resort – a fairly simple and affordable 3 * hotel, standing among the stones on the edge of the sand strip. Superior double room there can be rented for $ 100 per day.

An extensive selection of hotels on Kata Noi with photos and reviews of tourists is presented on the portal . Using this site on any beach in Phuket you can quickly and profitably book accommodation that is highly rated and in demand among tourists.

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How to get there

Bus schedule to Kata

Kata Noi is 45 km from the airport, and 20 km from Phuket Town. It is located south of Kata Beach – see the exact location of Kata Noi on the map – and to get to it, you first need to get to Kata.

Minibuses run from Phuket Airport to Kata. They stop at the entrance to the airport, a ticket costs 200 baht. From Phuket Town, from the station on Ranong Street, a bus runs to Kata. The first flight at 7:00, the last at 18:00, the fare is 40 baht.

By the way, it’s convenient to go directly to Kata Noi by taxi or tuk-tuk – it will cost 1000-1200 baht. You can also rent a car or motobike for this purpose.

The first entrance to Kata Noi

Kata-Noi and Kata are separated by a rocky ledge, and it is impossible to go along the coast from one beach to another – only on the road. This path takes about 15 minutes, but for some people it may seem rather difficult: you will have to go in the heat, almost without a shadow, and you will also need to overcome a slight climb up the hill. There is only one road, but two entrances lead directly to the beach strip.

The first entrance to Kata Noi is a rather steep staircase with narrow steps leading from the road straight to the beginning of the beach, its right extreme side (if you turn to the sea). Near the stairs there is a narrow area covered with humpback asphalt – local parking, which is not recommended.

Second entrance to the beach

The second entrance to the beach area will be approximately 1 km from the first, after the Katathani Phuket Beach Resort. This entrance leads to the central part of the beach, and it is much more convenient for those vacationers who did not walk, but arrived in a rented car or motobike. It has a convenient and safe parking. It is quite spacious, but at the peak of the season it can be completely filled with vehicles. In this case, you just have to wait a little while, and you will definitely find free space: there is always someone coming and going.

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The picturesque beach of Kata Noi is perfect for tourists who like to relax peacefully among beautiful nature and swim in the warm sea. A photo of this particular beach is found in most avenues intended for advertising a paradise holiday in Phuket. Kata Noi is fully consistent with the idea of ​​a “paradise” and is one of the best beaches in Phuket.

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