Tourist’s guide to Kata Beach Phuket – Family Vacation in Thailand

Kata Beach is a popular holiday destination in Phuket, usually it is here that the most tourists gather. This is a quiet area where families come, therefore, noisy nightlife is not here. However, according to other criteria, the beach is quite comfortable and adapted to the wishes of tourists.

Kata Beach, Phuket

Photo: Kata Beach, Phuket

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Kata Beach in Phuket: photos and description

Kata Beach is located in the southwest of Phuket, namely between Kata Noi and Karon. Many tourists prefer this particular place to stay, because the necessary infrastructure is presented here, a fairly clean shore and sea, you can purchase excursions. The beach is designed for a constant flow of people, you can go through it in 40-45 minutes with an unhurried step. The sand on the shore is neither white nor yellow, it does not creak, like on Karon, but walking along it is comfortable.

Kata Beach
Access to the sea

No matter where you stayed on Kata Beach, it is possible to go to the shore to the left and right of the beach. If you face in the direction of the sea, on the right there will be a river with a sharp smell of hydrogen sulfide, respectively, swimming in the right side of the beach is unpleasant. It is impossible to approach the coast in the central part of Kata Beach, since the hotel occupies almost the entire coast.

Important! To get to the sea with comfort and not waste time, choose housing closer to the north or south of the beach.

General impression of Kata Beach

Kata Beach in Thailand covers an area of ​​about 2 km. The width of the coast in the north is 70 m, in the south – 50 m. The sand is small and soft enough, every morning the hotel staff clean it with a rake.

Moored Fishing Boats

North Kata Beach is not suitable for a beach holiday for several reasons:

  • fishing boats moor here, in the water it is difficult to consider the ropes fixing the anchor, it is easy to get hurt about them;
  • there are no signal flags for vacationers;
  • a river with an unpleasant odor flows nearby.

Good to know! Literally 100 m from the left coastal part of Kata, the sea and sand are quite suitable for recreation.

Number of tourists

Kata Beach in Phuket will be appreciated by those who expect a trip of peace, tranquility and harmony. It is calm, there is no sensation of tourist congestion. Since the coast is quite long, vacationers freely choose their place and do not crowd each other on their heads.

Entry into the water and the sea

Kata Beach with its soft and gentle slope is perfect for families with children in Phuket. Depth rises slowly, so that the water rises to the neck, it will take about 10 meters. Shallow water manifests itself at low tide – the sea leaves the coast for fifty meters.

Girl playing in the Easter

Good to know! On Kata Beach, there are ebbs and flows. At high tide the sea is quite comfortable for swimming, however, at low tide the depth goes away, it is impossible to swim.

The bottom is clean, in high season the waves are insignificant. From May to mid-autumn, the nature of the sea changes – waves appear and are strong enough, they look frightening and menacing. At this time, surfers come here. In winter, the sea is always calm, but with a frequency of once every five minutes, small waves roll, after which the water calms down again.

Calm Kata Beach Sea

Photo: Kata Beach

Sun beds, umbrellas, shadow

Along the coast there is a paved road separating the hotel from the beach. There are few trees on the right side of the coast, a lawn with vegetation appears from the middle of the beach and further to the left. There is not only a shadow from the trees, but also a lawn. Shadow on the coast is only until noon, after lunch it does not remain.

Good to know! If there is no free space in the shade, you can rent an umbrella.

There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach.

There are sun loungers and umbrellas on the beach, but most tourists relax on the warm and soft sand. Renting beach equipment will cost 200 baht for one day. As a rule, they give a mattress together with a deck chair.

Where to swim

It is most comfortable to swim near the center of the beach, since there are many tourists on the left, on the right there is a characteristic smell of hydrogen sulfide and sewage. On Kata Beach, you need to carefully read the signs on the shore, they indicate dangerous currents. Unfortunately, statistics on the number of drowned people is not comforting. During the waves, parents are strictly forbidden to let their children go to sea alone.


Convenience Store Makro

Kata Beach in Thailand is located in a cozy place in Phuket, where there is no transit road, noisy parties, it is called family. Along the coast runs a street where cafes, bars, shops with groceries, beach and travel accessories work. There is a wholesale Makro convenience store on Patak Road, however, some products can be purchased in small quantities. It presents a large assortment of vegetables, fruits, seafood, spices. Schedule: from 6-00 to 22-00.

Good to know! The promenade near the beach is one-sided, but local residents, vacationers do not adhere to the rules of the road. A scooter or motobike can be parked right on the promenade – special markings are applied on the side of the road for this purpose.

On weekends, a fair opens along the road, where locals sell food and souvenirs.

Water Activities on Kata Beach

There is plenty of entertainment on Kata Beach in Thailand, you can not only swim, sunbathe, but also spend time actively. Tourists are offered parachuting, boating or jet skiing, diving. There is a surf school, where everyone will be taught to conquer the waves on the board.

Dino Park in Phuket
Dino Park

Guests are invited to Dino Park, decorated in the style of the Jurassic period. Here you can play mini-golf, take a walk in the caves, listen to the sound of a waterfall, admire the figures of dinosaurs. The park has a themed restaurant.

You can admire the surrounding landscapes from the observation deck. Children will be interested in visiting an elephant farm.

At a distance of approximately 500 meters from the coast there is a small island where boats regularly depart. There is a cafe on Kata, you can go scuba diving, for this purpose, rental points for appropriate equipment are installed on the coast. Tourists note that at a depth of 5-10 m there are beautiful corals, fish. Thai massage is also available.

Island opposite Kata Beach

Good to know! Kata Beach in Thailand in Phuket is a popular place, but there are no equipped places for changing clothes on the shore, showers, toilets are installed on the left side of the shore, visits are paid for 20 and 10 baht, respectively.

Shops, markets
Kata Beach Market

Shopping on Kata begins already on the beach – numerous merchants offer souvenirs, sweets, beach items. Many shops are concentrated in the south, as well as the north of the beach, here it is easy to find grocery mini-markets and outlets with cosmetics, clothes, shoes.

There are few markets on Kata Beach, for example, there are much more markets on Patong. The fruit market on Patak Street is open daily. On Monday and Tuesday, a night bazaar is open, here you can try Thai food, choose souvenirs, clothes. Nearby on Mondays and Thursdays there is another small market.

Night life

Kata Beach in Thailand sets up for leisurely and calm, the resort is more suitable for the rest of the family, there are no nightclubs, no sex shows. In the evening, you can stroll along the promenade and visit restaurants. There are several carrot bars in the north of the beach, it’s easy to find them – the main thing is to navigate by loud, cheerful tunes. The bamboo roofs of such establishments are decorated with lights. A spectacular fire show is held on Fridays in the south of the beach. Music from the bars reaches only until midnight, then the beach falls asleep.

Where to eat at Kata Beach in Thailand
Cafe on Kata Beach

There are plenty of places to eat on Kata Beach in Thailand. There are establishments directly on the beach, there are a lot of macaroons, outlets with fruits, sweets and refreshments. Some cafes offer scenic views and come here for dinner.

The easiest and fastest way to have a bite is to buy food at the coffin shop, the average cost of one dish varies from 70 to 100 baht, drinks cost 20 baht, coconut – 30 baht.

Kata Beach Phuket

Photo: Kata Beach on the Thai island of Phuket.

Hotels on Kata Beach in Thailand

The choice of housing is diverse – on the shore there are hotels of all categories, inexpensive guesthouses. The pricing policy is very simple – the closer to the sea, the higher the price. The most budget hotels and guesthouses are presented on the third street – the farthest from the coast.

Room in 4 * hotel The SIS Kata, Resort
The SIS Kata, Resort

The cost of a double room in a five-star hotel is from $ 160 per day, there are hotels where similar apartments cost $ 500 and even $ 700. A wide price range for rooms in 4-star hotels – from $ 50 to $ 150. For a room in a three-star hotel you will have to pay from $ 30 to $ 60. Each hotel has its own adjacent territory, a swimming pool and a certain set of entertainment.

The most budget accommodation: hostels – from $ 9 for one night and guesthouses – from $ 12 per day. In the rooms, as a rule, there is only a bed and air conditioning, the road to the sea takes from 10 to 15 minutes.

Good to know! There are few offers for long-term rent, a one-bedroom house will cost from 15 thousand baht per month. You can live in a condo.

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How to get there

Bus from Phuket

From Phuket to Thailand, buses regularly depart on the route: Phuket-Karon-Kata. Ranongroad transport departs. Departure schedule: from 6-00 to 17-00. On the road, the transport passes the Chalong ring, the temple, the Central Festival shopping center. Ticket – $ 1.

There is no direct bus service from Patong, so you need to get with a transfer in Phuket. It is best to take a taxi – the trip will cost 450 baht.

Taxi in Phuket

A walk from Karon takes about a quarter of an hour. You need to go to the left, through a small hill, you can also take the bus that follows the coast. You can return to Phuket Town only until 17-00, then you need to call a taxi.

There are two ways to get to the beach from the airport:

  • on a minibus – it follows from the airport building to the hotel, travel – 200 baht;
  • taxi – the cost of the trip is about 1000 baht.

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Useful Tips

Kata beach beautiful sunsets
  1. On Kata Beach in Thailand, beautiful sunsets, the sun sets in the sea and in its rays the island of Pu looks fabulous.
  2. The coast and the sea are very clean, apparently the hotel staff regularly clean sand and the seabed. However, jellyfish are found in water.
  3. Be sure to visit the fair on weekends – here you can find many interesting products.
  4. At the beginning of the beach there is an inexpensive cafe where they cook tasty and inexpensive.
  5. A big drawback of the beach is the lack of lifeguards, in the presence of dangerous currents and a large crowd of people, they must be on the shore.
  6. Parked Motorbikes
  7. The most suitable for swimming is the left side of the beach (if you face the sea). On the stones there are crabs, a gentle descent into the water, around there are cafes and shacks.
  8. There is excellent snorkeling in the southern part of the beach – there are a lot of fish and corals in the water.
  9. The whole beach from the village is fenced off with a wall that cannot be climbed, so the most convenient way to get around is a motobike.


Kata Beach

Kata Beach is the most visited and sought after beach in Phuket. This is confirmed by the constant flow of tourists. The beach has a long coastline, clear sea and sand, the water is clear too, but due to small waves it can be slightly muddy. Of course, the unpleasant smell of hydrogen sulfide from the river, which flows into the sea, spoils the impression. The problem is easily solved – it is enough to move in the opposite direction and enjoy clean water, soft sand and the shade of trees. Sophisticated travelers who are concerned about the quality of the water due to the presence of drains can walk to the nearby Kata Noi beach. By the way, so fewer people.

In the evening, tourists stroll along the promenade, eat in cafes and restaurants. If you are interested in nightlife, there is nothing to do on Kata Beach. All places of entertainment close until midnight. Products are best bought in the markets.

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