Tourist’s guide to Karon Beach in Phuket – a detailed overview

Karon Beach (Phuket) is located on the coast of the Andaman Sea, the second largest and longest beach on the island, however, in popularity it is inferior to Patong and Katya. The coastline stretches for almost 4 km, so even with a large influx of people here you can find a secluded place and relax in peace and quiet. There is never a feeling of overcrowding on the beach.

Karon Beach in Phuket

Photo: Phuket Island, Karon Beach.

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First of all, Karon Beach in Phuket is notable for its cleanliness, well-groomed territory and landscaping. Cleanliness is constantly monitored by special services.

Pure Karon Beach in Phuket

Also a feature of the beach can be called waves, which increase significantly during the monsoon. Sometimes the sea is so stormy that lifeguards are on duty on the shore and forbid vacationers to swim.

Karon Beach in Phuket in Thailand is geared mainly for package tourists, international experts have included it in the list of the best beaches in the world. Does the beach meet such high expert ratings?

Shore and sea

The length of Karon Beach in Phuket is about 4 km, here every vacationer will find a place for himself to his liking. Karon is known for creaking sand, it feels like walking in the snow. The sand is small, soft enough, saturated yellow.

Shore and sea of ​​Karon beach

Karon beach is open, this is the reason for the strong waves, they appear in June and disturb tourists until September. At this time, powerful underwater currents are formed, which are easily carried away to the sea. If you feel that you are being carried away by the current, do not fight the flow of water, do not try to swim in the direction of the shore. You need to try to sail away from the stream and only then return to shore. In the holiday season, the sea is calm, transparent and warms up well. The entry into the water is gentle and smooth.

Water off the coast is updated, the process is as follows – once every 14 days in the evening waves appear, and the next morning the water is clean, calm. For several weeks, the sea warms up, acquires a slight turbidity, then the process of “updating” is repeated.

Waves at sea

In December, jellyfish appear in water and in a fairly large amount. If we talk about perfect swimming, the sea on Karonen promotes absolute relaxation – there are jellyfish and leaves in the water.

Garbage containers

The coastline is clean, the territory is regularly cleaned, so there are practically no traces of tourists. In addition, garbage containers are installed along the coast.

Spoil the overall picture of the river, unfortunately, this is a frequent occurrence on the beaches of Phuket. Local residents do not mask them in any way and do not take measures to eliminate the unpleasant odor. It’s better to swim away from this place.


There are a lot of vacationers on Karon Beach in Thailand in Phuket, but given the length of the coast, the hype and the feeling of lack of space there is no place. Least of all vacationers in the corners of the coast, where there are old and expensive hotels. If you prefer privacy, immediately head away from the center of the beach – to the right or left.

Holidaymakers on the beach
Sun beds and umbrellas

On Karon Beach in Phuket, as well as throughout Thailand several years ago, the use of sunbeds was banned. However, tourists are offered to rent soft rugs and umbrellas. The cost of two rugs and one umbrella is about 200 baht.

Sun beds and umbrellas

Good to know! In supermarkets near the coast there are shops where you can buy an umbrella and large towels.

Infrastructure on Karon Beach

On the shore there is a wide selection of entertainment – parachuting, riding a tablet or banana, jet skis.

Can parachute

As for nightlife, it is, but moderate, in this regard Patong in Thailand is more popular, but Karon, perhaps, can be called ideal. Bars, nightclubs and discos are present here, but for vacationers who prefer peace and quiet, they do not cause any inconvenience.

Karon Beach, Phuket

Photo: Karon Beach, Phuket

Embankment and other attractions

Most entertainment venues are located in the central streets. The busiest street is closer to the ring – this is the promenade that stretches along the beach, the second street passes above the promenade.

Good to know! Karon Ring – here is the historical attraction “Carousel”.

Karon Embankment

The main carriageway divides the embankment into two parts, closer to the shore – there is a pedestrian pavement, on the other side of the carriageway there are hotels. If you go south, you will find yourself on the gym.

On the beach there is a medical aid center, towers, where lifeguards, toilets, showers are on duty, playgrounds are equipped (near the ring).

Where to eat
At Karon Beach Restaurant

Karon Beach in Thailand is adapted for vacationers, of course, this is reflected in the status of establishments, where you can easily have a snack or a hearty meal, as well as cost. There are no inexpensive Thai cafes directly on the shore, only restaurants, the price of one dish is on average $ 5-7.

Near each restaurant there are shop windows where fish and seafood are presented. You can simply choose and a dish will be prepared with you. You can also choose a cooking method and a set of spices.

Good to know! Prices in restaurants vary quite strongly, sellers willingly bargain, ready to give in.

There are restaurants on Karon Beach where free salad bars are presented – guests choose a set of fresh vegetables and fruits.

What else is there on Karon Beach in Phuket in Thailand:

  • souvenir shops;
  • outlets with clothes, accessories, cosmetics;
  • chain grocery stores – “Bamboomart”, “Familymart”;
  • trading shops with desserts – pancakes, ice cream;
  • massage parlors;
  • tourist offices – when choosing a guided tour you can safely bargain.
Karon Plaza Market
Karon Plaza Market

Want to eat at a local, inexpensive Thai cafe? It is best to go away from the beach, hiking trails. There are no macaques on the promenade, the only way to buy inexpensive food is the 7 Eleven store or a small market located along the main road. The market is small, but the trade here is brisk, you can buy clothes, small goods needed for recreation, inventory, cosmetics. Here you can also buy inexpensive food – prepared local dishes – rice with yas or vegetables, seafood, fish, meat. The market works every day.

What else to visit on Karon in Thailand

Sometimes measured rest on the sand near the water bothers and wants variety. Visit Wat Karon Temple, also called Suwan Khiri Khet. It was built at the end of the 19th century, today it is the main attraction of Karon. From the end of construction, until today, the temple has been repeatedly restored. A modern landmark looks bright.

Wat Karon Temple

The temple complex is built on Patak Road in Thailand, it is about 500 m from the coast. The main building is a temple, the entrance to the shrine is decorated with snakes – the heroes of Thai mythology. Every night and Friday, a night market opens on the territory of the attraction, however, the work schedule does not match the name. Trade begins at 16-00 – sellers set up tents, sell clothes, shoes, accessories, souvenirs, cosmetics, and other goods oriented to vacationers.

Good to know! Most of the tourists are attracted by the part of the market where local dishes are presented – the range of dishes is large, and the prices are much lower than in other Karon establishments.

Beach Merchants
Beach Merchants

You must admit that a beach without merchants is not a beach, especially when it comes to a resort like Karon in Phuket in Thailand. Of course, there are also selling all kinds of trinkets, souvenirs, beach accessories, but, given that the coast is very long, merchants do not catch the eye. Most of all who want to sell goods are concentrated at the beginning and at the end of the beach.

Hotels on Karon Beach

We selected inexpensive hotels that, according to users of the Bucking service, received the highest ratings. Accommodation in a budget hotel or hostel in Phuket will cost from $ 8 to $ 40 per night. Prices vary depending on the category of hotel and living conditions. All proposed hotels are located on the seafront or within walking distance from the coast.

Overview of budget hotels in Phuket at Karon Beach in Thailand:

Hotel Golden Sand Inn
Golden sand inn
  • Golden Sand Inn – located right on the beach, there is a swimming pool on the territory, a landscaped garden, the price of a double room is from $ 26 (breakfast is included in the price), user rating – 7.8;
  • Smile House Karon – comfortable hotel with fairly good rooms, accommodation from $ 15, estimate – 8.5;
  • Paradise Inn – the hotel is a five-minute walk from the sea, family rooms are provided, the price of a double room is from $ 18, score 8.4;
  • Baan Chaylay – a small hotel, located in a quiet area, there is a night market nearby, accommodation from $ 14, valuation – 8.3;
  • Karon Cafe Inn – hotel with comfortable rooms, comfortable location, near a cafe, room price from $ 18, rating – 8.8.

As a rule, young people prefer to stay in hostels, firstly, it is economically profitable, and secondly, you can pick up an excellent offer where the conditions are not inferior to the conditions in the hotel.

Hotel Karon Living Room
Karon Living Room
  • Karon Living Room – for $ 8 you get pretty decent conditions and breakfast, the offer is more suitable for tourists who travel alone, the road to the coast takes about a quarter of an hour, rating – 8.7;
  • Doolay Beachfront Hostel – the cost of accommodation is also $ 8, breakfast is provided, the score is 8.7, the hostel rooms are shared, located on the beach.

Browse Three Star Hotels:

Hotel Karon Princess Hotel
Karon Princess Hotel
  • Karon Princess Hotel – a hotel on the seafront with modern, comfortable rooms, price – from $ 37, rating – 7.6;
  • Baan Karon Resort – the hotel is on the list of the most visited, on the territory of the pool, price – from $ 30, estimate – 7.8;
  • Phuket Island View – an inexpensive hotel on the first line, prepare a good breakfast, room price from $ 38 per day, estimate – 7.8;
  • Best Western Phuket Ocean Resort – the hotel is suitable for measured relaxation, the price of accommodation is from $ 59, the rating is 8.4;
  • Simplitel is a modern hotel with a unified style, clean and spacious rooms, price – from $ 30, rating – 8.4.

Good to know! Accommodation in a five-star hotel will cost from $ 164.

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How to get there

From the airport building directly to the shore, minibuses regularly run in the afternoon, a ticket – 200 baht.

Bus "Phuket Town - Kata - Karon"

Can be reached by public transport. First you need to get to Phuket Town, from here, from Ranong Street buses leave on the route “Phuket Town – Kata – Karon”, the road costs 40 baht.

It is convenient to move around the island by motorbike or car; transport can be rented in Phuket. The most comfortable way is to order a transfer.

How to get to Karon Beach from other beaches in Phuket in Thailand:

  • from Patong – by bus to Phuket Town, then transfer to the bus to Karon;
  • from Rawai and Yanui – a route through Phuket Town, another way is to get to the Chalong ring, cross the road, wait for the Phuket Town – Karon – Kata bus.

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Useful Tips

Flag - no swimming
  1. If red flags are set on the shore, swimming is prohibited, it is better to get to the neighboring beaches – Patong or Kata, where the sea is calm throughout the year.
  2. If the sea is stormy, pits form at the bottom – for adult vacationers they are not dangerous, but children need to be monitored.
  3. Karon’s peculiarity is beautiful sunsets – the sun sets from the sea and many tourists come to admire this picture.
  4. Sunset on Karon Beach
  5. Every Tuesday and Saturday after lunch, there is another market at Wat Suwan Khirikhet Temple, located 10 minutes from the coast.
  6. When booking a hotel room, keep in mind that from mid-spring to October, the price of accommodation is approximately one and a half times lower, and in high season the price of rooms increases. If you bought a ticket to Thailand to Phuket during the high season, book your accommodation in advance.
  7. In the water on Karon Beach you can feel a slight tingling sensation, most likely it is plankton. A sunscreen with marking – against jelly fish will save the situation.

Karon Beach on Phuket Map:


Most tourists rate Karon Beach (Phuket) well. In reviews, most often note small waves on which you can jump, amazing sand, singing under your feet. As for the shortcomings, the main one is underwater currents and jellyfish in the water. The advantage of the beach is the nightlife here and beautiful sunsets.

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