Tourist’s guide to Freedom Beach Phuket – a picturesque 300m beach

Freedom Beach (Phuket) is 300 meters of the smallest, more like flour, white sand. One part of the coast is buried in the dense jungle, and the other is smoothly plunged into the sea. The name of the beach means freedom. Perhaps when the coast was wild, the name corresponded to the atmosphere prevailing here, but today the beach has become a favorite vacation spot for tourists from all over the world, so it is unlikely to enjoy peace and tranquility. Despite the fact that Freedom in Phuket is located just 30 minutes from Patong, getting here is quite difficult. What makes Freedom Beach Phuket so attractive, and why are tourists willing to pay to enter the beach?

Freedom Beach

General information about Freedom Beach

Located west of Patong by Freedom, it encircles a cape covered in a jungle. The popularity of Freedom Beach in Phuket is due primarily to beautiful views and picturesque nature. If you want to relax on the beach in relative solitude, come in the early morning and by 11-00 already get ready on the way back. It is at 11-00 boats with tourists come, it becomes crowded. There is information on the Internet that the coastline is divided into several parts, but in reality the picture is somewhat different. Boats are moored in the center of the beach, so vacationers gather mainly at the edges of the beach.

Boats on Freedom Beach

On the right there is a small segment, up to 20 m long, separated from the main beach by stones. You can get here in several ways – go through the water (the depth is just knee-deep), go along the path right through the jungle. The second route is difficult, especially when you consider that you have to go under the scorching sun.

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Stoned beach area

Photo: Freedom Beach, Phuket

Details about Freedom Beach in Phuket

The size

The length of the coastline is only 300 m, at first glance, there is not much space, but in comparison with other paid and inaccessible beaches, Freedom Beach is the largest.

Freedom Beachfront

The coast is wide, covered with soft sand, covered with jungle, while the beach is in the bay, which reliably closes the place from winds and strong waves. By the way, before noon you can find a piece of the coast where you can relax and retire.

Cleanliness and number of people

Freedom Beach cannot be called secluded and quiet; guests are almost always there. Even with such an influx of tourists, the shore and sea remain clean and well-groomed.

What sand
Sand on Freedom Beach

The coastal strip is covered with fine white sand, no stones, debris, so feel free to walk barefoot and enjoy the soft, sandy carpet. On most of the beaches on the island the sand is the same – nice for the feet. By the way, the seabed is also covered with white sand, which reflects the sun’s rays and from this the water acquires an unusual shade – blue with a greenish tint. The color of the sea changes depending on the time of day and the degree of illumination.

Sunset at sea, waves, depth

For this parameter, Freedom Beach can be safely called ideal. The depth here increases with the optimum intensity for swimming. After 10 m, the water level reaches the neck, and during the tides will have to go much less. Freedom Beach is neither deep nor shallow, but just what the best beach should be.

What is noteworthy, the ebbs and flows on Freedom Beach are slightly expressed, so the beach, regardless of the time of day, is suitable for swimming.

Sunset at sea

There are slight waves at sea, but they do not interfere with swimming, if you want to swim in calm water, go closer to the rocks, to the left.

Separately, it is worth mentioning the transparency of water, experienced tourists note that there is no such transparent sea in Phuket anymore.

Sunbeds and shadow

On the left is the restaurant complex, which occupies the whole shadow on the beach. Sun loungers are set under palm trees, here you can hide from the sun. Rent for the whole day will cost 120 baht. The rest of the coast belongs to tourists who come to relax with towels, umbrellas and rugs.

Sunbeds on Freedom Beach

Good to know! There is no shadow in the center of the beach, trees and rock are located in such a way that they do not create shadows.

There is a natural shadow only in the morning, in the afternoon the sun floods the entire coast and it is impossible to hide from it. Renting sunbeds and umbrellas is not included in the entry price, so they have to be paid separately. Be sure to bring sunscreen and hats with you.

Snorkeling and marine life

Given the degree of transparency of the water, as well as the number of marine life on the coast, people often come here with diving and snorkeling equipment. To swim in a crystal clear sea, come ashore in sunny weather and, of course, in the high season – from December to early spring.

Freedom Beach Snorkeling

There are many fish in the sea, but in Thailand it is strictly forbidden to feed them. This is strictly watched by the beach staff. Be sure to bring a video camera and snorkeling equipment with you, but if you don’t have a mask at hand, don’t worry – without a mask you can also see the underwater world.

Freedom Beach

Photo: Freedom Beach, Phuket, Thailand


There is one very interesting place on Freedom Beach – a kind of observation deck. It is located on the left, in the far part of the beach. To get here, you need to climb the steep stairs to the hill. From the top offers a beautiful view, you can take beautiful photos and just enjoy nature.

Freedom Beach View

There are no other exotic attractions on the beach, only massage, diving and snorkeling. In addition to a wide variety of fish, there are corals in the water, but remember that breaking them and taking them out of the country is prohibited.

Massage at Freedom Beach

There is a restaurant on the left on the beach, the prices are quite high, the menu mainly includes dishes of national cuisine. For example, a portion of rice with meat costs about 200 baht, drinks from 50 baht. You can eat from 9-00 to 16-00.

Rates and features Freedom Beach in Phuket

  1. Entrance to Freedom Beach is paid – 200 baht per vacationer.
  2. For the entrance, only tourists who come on foot, vacationers who sail in boats, do not pay anything.
  3. At Plzej Freedom Restaurant
  4. Before entering, guests are not searched, food, drinks are not taken. Such an unpleasant procedure can be encountered on another paid beach – Paradise.
  5. All guests who leave the beach are given a bottle of water.
  6. The walk to the beach is quite tiresome – first you need to go down the stairs, and then climb up the heat.
  7. There are no hotels on the beach, the nearest hotels are in Patong.
  8. There is a restaurant on the left, you can have a tasty meal here, but the prices are quite high.
  9. A deck chair is rented separately from the entrance fee.
  10. The beach has a free shower, toilet.

The cost of visiting and how to get free

Cost of visiting Freedom Beach

The law of Thailand, admission to the beach should be free, but enterprising Thais have found a way out of the situation. They charge a fee for passing through private territory. The cost of visiting Freedom Beach in Phuket is 200 baht. In a more advantageous position are guests traveling by water, do not pay to visit the beach, but you will need to pay a boat rental.

Is it possible to go to the beach for free? You can drive up to the stairs, park vehicles away and calmly go down to the sea. If you do this no later than 7-00, you may be able to save. But already at 8-00 the beach staff begin work and besides this, guests are greeted by dogs.

By boat on Freedom Beach

How is financially more profitable to get to Freedom Beach – on foot or in a boat? So, a company of six will pay about 350 baht each. A taxi ride and entry will cost 350 baht. Thus, for tourists who travel without their own motorbike, with children, it is more convenient to rent a boat.

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How to get to the beach

On the map of Thailand, Freedom Beach in Phuket is located in a picturesque bay near Patong. The bay is covered with thick jungle, covered with rocks, therefore, it is impossible to drive directly to the sea by car, but there is information that some local residents somehow approach the water. However, there are three options available to tourists.

By sea in a boat
  1. By sea in a boat. Boats depart from almost every beach in Phuket, renting a boat is not difficult. The capacity of the boat is from 8 to 10 people. The cost of a trip in both directions varies from 1,500 to 2,000 baht. Locals are traded, so the price can be brought down to 1000 baht. Be sure to arrange with the boatman when to pick you up and write down the boat number.
  2. On a kayak. This method is suitable only for those who are physically prepared and confident in their own abilities. In addition, not every beach can rent a kayak. On Freedom Beach, most kayaks sail from Paradise Beach.
  3. If you rented a transport, you need to get to the stairs leading to the sea as follows: leave Patong and move along the coastline, following the signs for Paradise. At the fork, turn right, drive two hotels. Then the good road ends and you have to go on gravel to the gate. You can enter the gate, leave the transport here, pay for the entrance and proceed to the descent to the beach. Get ready – the road leads through the jungle.
  4. The easiest way is to take a taxi or tuk-tuk, the trip will cost from 250 to 400 baht.
Descent to the beach

The beach is within walking distance. The route scheme is as follows: from the south of Patong to the descent to Freedom Beach, only 2 km. But there are several descents to the shore. Closest to Patong is the northern descent. A staircase leads through the jungle, but it is quite comfortable. Going down it is quite simple, going down is easy and even fun, going up is more difficult, but not critical. On the Internet there are scary reviews about the terrible and dangerous stairs. Do not believe the descent is quite decent.

There is another descent in the center of Freedom Beach – it is harder because there is no stairs here.

Prices on the page are for December 2018.

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Useful Tips

  1. A must-have item on Freedom Beach: water, a hat, a diving mask, sunscreen.
  2. Be prepared for a large number of tourists, because there are a lot of people who want to visit Freedom Beach.
  3. The largest number of vacationers arrives at the beach around noon, so from 7-00 to 12-00 the coast is relatively empty.
  4. The most winning photos are obtained from approximately 10-00 to 12-00. At this time, the color of the sea is especially beautiful.

Plan your trip early in the morning to pack your bags at lunchtime and return to the hotel or go sightseeing. If you have nowhere to rush, relax on Freedom Beach and don’t think about anything. Still, the beach is paid, so it makes sense to spend as much time as possible.


Perhaps, at first glance, Freedom Beach, Phuket will not delight you, but wait a few minutes and wait until the sun comes out. In the sunshine, the coast and the sea are completely transformed. In general, we can say that Freedom Beach is one of the most beautiful beaches in Phuket and it’s worth paying 200 baht to see the beauty and relax away from the hustle and bustle. And according to some reviews, snorkeling on Freedom Beach is even more interesting and better than on the famous Phi Phi, so the mask in your equipment should be required.

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