Tourist’s guide to Fantasia Amusement Park in Phuket

The Fantasy Show in Phuket is one of the favorite entertainment of tourists. In addition to the famous theater, where elephants perform, in the park you can visit craft shops selling unusual Thai souvenirs, look into the pavilion with attractions for children and taste delicious dishes in one of the largest restaurants in Asia.

Fantasy Show

General information

The world-famous Moulin Rouge cabaret is one of the main attractions of Paris, and the symbol of Phuket is the colorful FantaSea show (Russian-speaking tourists call it “Fantasy”). For the first time, travelers and locals saw this large-scale spectacle in 1996, after which it became a popular tourist attraction. In 1998, FantaSea was recognized as the best attraction of Thailand, and today is one of the most popular and long-running shows in the world.

Colorful show FantaSea

The main goal of FantaSea Phuket is to show through the theatrical action the whole palette of traditions and customs of Thailand, as well as to demonstrate young talents. The show combines ancient customs and many modern technologies. For local residents and authorities, FantaSea (Fantasy) is a good way to earn money, so the Thais are constantly improving, and every year the show becomes more and more interesting.

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In the evening, an ordinary park turns into a magical fantasy city. Souvenir shops and small shops are becoming like traditional Thai temples buried in gold and stones. Garlands on trees and flowers shimmer with all the colors of the rainbow, and the famous palace of the elephants complements this picture, in which the performances are held.

What can be seen on the territory

Street with shops

Trade pavilions and craft shops are located on the main street of the Phantasia entertainment park in Phuket, which is made in the traditional Thai style. Here you can see statues of mythological characters, golden carps floating in a pond, small fountains.

Street shop with shops

In the shops you can buy Thai silk, jewelry made from stones that are mined in Thailand, genuine leather accessories, scented candles, jasmine tea, natural oils and unusual souvenirs. There are also shops with cheap Chinese knitwear.

The craft shops feature products by local craftsmen. Here you can buy carved home furniture, silk scarves, ivory figurines, original paintings, as well as elements of the Thai national costume (for example, beads for hair or a headdress in the shape of a temple).

Dart throwing

There are many entertainments for families with children in the park: there are animators everywhere, you can visit the pavilion with different games for free (throwing rings and darts, shooting range, team competitions for children and parents). In the second pavilion (paid), there are many gaming attractions that will test the child’s dexterity and reaction rate.

Food and drink

In the park where the FantaSea show takes place, there is only one (but what!) Restaurant. It is considered the largest in Southeast Asia, and Thais are very proud of it. At the entrance, guests are given a number where the table number is indicated (finding it for the first time is not easy).

FantaSea Restaurant Buffet

The institution works according to the buffet system, so there are a lot of dishes. The most popular are rice, noodles, meat, fish in sauce, massaman curry, traditional for Thailand. There are several types of salad and many fruits. The restaurant also offers tea, coffee and a small selection of sweets. Alcohol – at an additional cost. There are always enough people here, but the staff quickly cleans the tables and promptly brings new dishes.

At FantaSea Restaurant

You can visit the Fantasy Restaurant and Park in Phuket only if you have a ticket for an evening show.

Elephant palace

The Elephant Palace is a modern theater, which hosts the FantaSea show in Phuket. It is a symbol of the park. It looks like an ancient temple: majestic sculptures of elephants stand near it, and beautiful lighting makes the building even more grandiose. Tourists note that this is one of the most beautiful buildings in Thailand.

Elephant palace

As for the interior decoration of the theater, the opposite is true: there are no traditional gold and stones for Thais. There is not much space in the lobby either. Some travelers say that the lobby of this theater is very similar to the halls in ordinary Russian circuses.


The Phuket Fantasy show itself lasts a little over an hour. Travelers’ reviews are mixed: many say that the movements of the dancers are not harmonious, and the plot of the performance is not fully understood (the voiceover reads the text in either English or Thai). The production itself also raises questions.

Fantasy Show

However, there are still more positive aspects: viewers really like flying acrobats, clowns and magicians. Tourists who visited the Palace also note that the plot of the performance is unpredictable, therefore, following the actors is quite interesting. All this is accompanied by loud music, colorful smoke and paper fireworks. The performance of the elephants is the culmination of the show.

Performance of elephants

Elephants also take part in the Fantasy Show in Phuket: in the beginning, they simply walk around the stage, and then begin to sit down, bend their legs and stand on top of each other. At the same time, 16 animals are present in the arena, so it is really worth seeing live.

Practical information

Park Address:  99, Moo 3 | Kamala Beach, Kamala, Kathu, Phuket 83150, Thailand.

Opening hours:  17:30 – 23:30.

Cash desk Fantasy

Cost of attending Fantasy shows:

Program Cost (baht)
Show (Standart Place) 1650
Show (Standart place) + dinner in a restaurant 1850
Show (Standart place) + dinner + transfer 2150
Show (Gold Place) 1850
Show + dinner in a restaurant 2050
Show + dinner + transfer 2450

The official website of the park:

Prices on the page are for January 2019.

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Useful Tips

Cannot record video
  1. It is important to know that before entering the park, phones and all sound and video recording equipment are taken away from all visitors. This is done in order to prevent unauthorized shooting, which causes discomfort to both artists and animals. After the presentation is completed, all devices are returned intact.
  2. You can’t come to the park with your food or drinks, and you can’t take food and drinks from the restaurant, which is located on the territory of the park.
  3. Do not forget about the dress code. You can’t walk in the park in swimsuits or in too open clothes. Men are forbidden to walk with a naked torso.
  4. The park is non-smoking. The only place where this can be done is at the back entrance to the cafe.
  5. Hundreds of people visit the FantaSea show daily, so it’s best to come to the Palace in advance and avoid the crush.

Fantasy Show in Phuket is a good option for a family and romantic getaway.

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