Tourist’s guide to Chaweng – the busiest beach on Koh Samui

Chaweng (Samui) is a large beach located on the east coast of the Thai island of Samui. Chaweng is characterized by clean white sand, clear water with a convenient gentle entrance, as well as the accessibility of all the entertainment and benefits of civilization. In this popular tourist destination, a lot of hotels, cafes, bars, shops are concentrated. Chaweng Beach is hardly suitable for hermits who want to be alone with nature, but for lovers of everything that the leisure industry offers, there is a real expanse here.

Great Chaweng Beach, Samui

Beach description

Chaweng Beach stretches a white strip for 6 km along the eastern edge of Koh Samui. Those who have visited here claim that compared to other beaches on the island, the sand is the whitest and the water is the bluest. Most of the year, coastal waters are transparent and calm, only for three months: in November, December and January, winds from the east catch the waves.

Holidays at Chaweng Beach

In general, the weather in Chaweng, as well as throughout Samui, contrasts with the climate of mainland Thailand. While in the resorts of the mainland from May to October the sky is cloudy, and monsoon rains are constantly pouring, sunny weather with frequent but rapidly passing rainfall prevails in Samui. Here, the period May-October is considered the most favorable for a beach holiday.

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Chaweng Beach throughout its length has plots with various features, due to which it is conditionally divided into 3 parts: northern, central and southern.

North Chaweng

It stretched from the north to Samui International Hospital, which separates it from the central part. The main feature of northern Chaweng is a very gentle entrance to the sea. In order to go into the water at least waist-high at low tide, hundreds of meters are necessary here. The sand here is dense, it is convenient to walk on it. But it is better to go into the water in beach shoes so as not to get injured on sharp fragments of coral.

North Chaweng

From the northern Chaweng Beach you can see the small green island of Koh Matlang in the sea. It can be wade, but only at low tide. Pedestrian communication with the shore is not possible at high tide; bear this in mind if you decide to take a walk on the water to a picturesque island.

Wading island of Koh Matlang
Koh matlang

There are fashionable hotels along northern Chaweng Beach, with the most beautiful views and a calm, peaceful atmosphere, if you do not pay attention to the periodic noise of planes taking off from a nearby airfield.

Central chaweng

The central part of Koh Samui Chaweng Beach, as befits the center, is the busiest place on the east coast of Koh Samui. It is here that most discos, restaurants and nightclubs are concentrated. Vacationers are offered all kinds of water activities, food and drink trade, open areas of cafes and bars with music that sounds day and night.

Central chaweng

Central Chaweng Beach has a wide coastal strip with loose and soft sand. The entrance to the sea is not as gentle as on the north beach, here you can swim without moving far from the coast. Due to the large width and length of central Chaweng Beach, it is not crowded even in the midst of the tourist season, you can always find underpopulated places on it. Although it is a central beach, the water and sand on Chaweng Beach are clean.

Chaweng Noi

The southern part of the beach is called Chaweng Noi, the beach is separated by an outstanding rocky cape in the sea, so it is impossible to get to it along the coast. You can get here from the side of the ring road, passing through the territory of one of the coastal hotels or restaurants.

Chaweng Noi Beach

Chaweng Noi Beach is located in a cozy bay, surrounded by mountains, overgrown with jungle, its length is about 1 km. A creek flowing into the sea divides the beach into two halves. On one of them the mountains come close to the sea, so in the afternoon a shadow falls on the coastal strip.

The sand on Chaweng Noi is shallow and clean.

The sand on Chaweng Noi is small and clean, without an admixture of sharp shells and corals, it is pleasant to walk on it. The water is clear, the entrance to the sea is gentle, but not too long. Many vacationers consider Chaweng Noi beach (Samui) the best on the island.


Dine at Chaweng Beach

Along Chaweng Beach throughout its length are numerous hotels, cafes, bars, restaurants. Here you can have lunch and dinner, choosing the right menu and prices, and in the evening – have a good time on the beach, enjoying cocktails with soft music.

Each hotel bar or cafe has its own sunbeds and umbrellas; most provide them to their customers for free. It is enough to buy something at the bar, and you can use the sun loungers belonging to him at no extra cost. However, such a service is not available everywhere, in order to avoid misunderstandings, you should ask about this in advance. Showers and toilets on the beach are paid, most of them also belong to hotels.

Things to do on Chaweng Beach

From entertainment, vacationers are offered water skiing, water skiing, banana, paddle boards, kayaks, Flyboard. Prices depend on the season. The cheapest is kayak rental (in summer – from $ 6 per hour), jet skiing or skiing – from $ 30 for 15 minutes, the same number of minutes on a Flyboard will cost about $ 46.

There is a children’s water park on the central beach of Chaweng. The cost of visiting is about $ 9 per hour or $ 21 for the whole day.

You can have a Thai massage right on Chaweng Beach, which will cost one hour, starting at $ 7.5.

Thai massage can be enjoyed right on Chaweng Beach

Within walking distance from the center of the beach is Chaweng Central Street, where there are many shops, markets, restaurants, cafes, discos, night clubs. Chaweng street in the evening is filled with vacationers, this is a favorite place for evening promenade and nightly entertainment. There is a currency exchange and bike rental, a shopping center with a cinema, sports clubs, medical facilities. Every vacationer here will find everything necessary for a comfortable stay and entertainment.


The most densely populated part of Koh Samui is Chaweng, hotels are found at every step. About 300 hotels of various levels are concentrated here, not counting small guesthouses.

Beach at one of the hotels

Hotels located along the coast and having access to the beach, as a rule, are not cheap. The cost of a double room in a five-star hotel is from $ 250 per day, and a villa with a pool for two will cost from $ 550.

Prices for a double room in a coastal hotel 3-4 stars on average start at $ 100 per day.

The library

The five-star chic The Library is one of the most respectable hotels in Samui Chaweng. It is located in close proximity to the central beach of Chaweng. The Library has a modern, stylish design, its spectacular red pool has become a real hallmark of Koh Samui, photos of this pool are widely used in brochures.

The Red Pool at The Library

The hotel has a fitness room, spa and the famous library with more than 1,400 volumes. It has comfortable reading spaces, and each room has computers and free Wi-Fi. This creates The Library’s reputation as an elite hotel in which highly educated people stay.

The price includes breakfast

The price includes an excellent breakfast. The hotel restaurant serves a wide selection of fine dishes and fine wines, while the bars offer a variety of cocktails and snacks delivered to your room.

Hotel Room The Library

Accommodation options are available in villas with a pool, in suites and studios. Suites and villas are equipped with a Jacuzzi and plasma TVs with a meter diagonal. Cost of living for two per day:

  • Studio – from $ 350;
  • suites – from $ 420;
  • villas – from $ 710.

Address: 14/1 Moo.2, 84320 Chaweng Beach, Thailand.

Samui paradise

This 4-star hotel is located on Chaweng Neu Beach in a quiet and peaceful location, from which the lively center is less than 10 minutes away. The hotel attracts with well-groomed green areas, clean modern rooms and a magnificent beach, one of the best on the island.

Samui Paradise Hotel with a magnificent beach
Hotel room Samui Paradise

It offers guests a spa, an outdoor pool, 2 restaurants. Rooms overlooking the sea or the picturesque gardens look especially cozy. The price includes an excellent breakfast. Suites feature hot tubs on the balconies and patios.

The restaurant serves a variety of dishes, both Thai and international cuisine. Sitting at the window, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the bay. The bars offer a large assortment of chilled drinks.

  • The most economical option for staying at the Grand Deluxe Villa will cost two for about $ 145 / day;
  • double junior suite – about $ 215;
  • Luxury – from $ 315.

Address: 49 Moo 3, 84320, Thailand, Chaweng Beach.

Chalala samui

This budget hotel is located on northern Chaweng Beach, surrounded by lush tropical plants. The hotel is located in a quiet location, a five-minute walk from the busy center. It offers guests – an outdoor pool, free Wi-Fi, comfortable bungalows that include a refrigerator, hot shower, TV. The price includes a good breakfast.

Hotel Chalala Samui
Hotel room Chalala Samui

The hotel has a restaurant, bar, laundry. Chalala Samui offers shuttle services, Thai massages and tour services. The sea near the hotel, as well as throughout northern Chaweng Beach, is shallow, which is ideal for families with small children.

Cost of living:

  • standard double bungalow – from $ 45;
  • improved bungalow for two – from $ 60;
  • family bungalow for 4 – from $ 90.

Address: 119/3 Moo 2, 84320, Thailand, Chaweng Beach.

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How to get there

Getting to Chaweng, staying on Koh Samui, is easy. You can use:

  • bike rental;
  • by public transport, the so-called songteo – an open pickup without glasses, but with a roof;
  • Taxi.
Songteo - minibus

All songteos have a specific route and timetable, but after 6 p.m. they start working in taxi mode and increase tariffs by 2–3 times. The same thing can happen if you start asking about the fare during working hours – the driver will not mind giving you a ride at the price of a taxi. Therefore, if you do not want to spend extra money, take the minibus at the bus stop without asking questions about the fare, and if necessary, wait until it is full.

Can I use a taxi

Traveling from the most remote point of the island of Samui to Chaweng on a songteo will cost a maximum of $ 1.8 per person, by taxi, respectively, 2-3 times more expensive. Samui Airport is 2 km from the northern part of Chaweng Beach, so you can get from it quickly and cheaply using a taxi. You can book a transfer in advance, in which case the driver will meet you at the airport with a sign.

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Chaweng (Samui) is a wonderful place of rest with white sand and clear warm water. The best season here is from May to October. Party lovers, lovers of a comfortable and relaxing holiday, and families with children will enjoy this resort.

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