Tourist’s guide to Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya: make a wish, clear karma

Each city has sights to visit. In Pattaya, the list of well-known places includes Big Buddha Hill. Many travelers call it Big Buddha. The attraction is universal and will be interesting to admirers of architectural, historical and religious sites, as well as those who simply enjoy beautiful nature. Big Buddha in Pattaya is a tribute to the local people to their spiritual mentor. The decision to build a religious complex was made in 1977. A 15 meter high statue is set on a hill that can be seen from almost anywhere in Pattaya. Today it is a popular attraction, as well as a place where pilgrims come from all over the world every year.

Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya

general information

The construction of the temple in 1977 and in the same year was completed. The Big Buddha was installed on Mount Pratumnak, at an altitude of 120 meters. The statue is made of concrete and covered with a special composition resembling gold. For a long time, local residents believed that the Buddha was cast from gold. In the evening, the monument is highlighted and looks very impressive.

Big Buddha in Pattaya is a religious complex, on the territory of which, in addition to the central object – the statues of the founder of Buddhism – there are other interesting places. There are many interesting rituals associated with the attraction.

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A staircase leads to the Buddha statue
  1. A staircase of 120 steps, decorated with dragons and snakes, leads to the Buddha statue. If during the ascent a person correctly considers them and does not go astray, everything is in order with his karma. If you make a mistake, you need to clean karma.
  2. Travelers who want to fully immerse themselves in the traditions of the Buddhist religion, undergo a rite of purification before visiting in order to obtain permission from the monks. You must visit the temple, built to the left of the stairs. For a nominal fee (about 20 baht), local ministers will read a prayer and present a talisman in hand. In the same building there is a souvenir shop selling incense, hand-made cosmetics, and a small shop.
Other statues of Buddhas

Now, with pure karma, you can rise to the Big Buddha, around which are two dozen other figures symbolizing the various images of the enlightened, and Buddhas, representing a certain day of the week.

Good to know! According to one of the traditions, it is necessary to choose incense in a souvenir shop and present it to the Buddha, who patronizes the day of the week when a person was born.

In addition to rituals, travelers enjoy various “funs”. Bells are installed near the stairs, if you call them, you can cleanse yourself from sins and win the favor of the Buddha. Another legend is associated with the bells – if you make a wish and hit one of them, your plan will certainly come true.

For 100 baht they offer to let the birds out of their cages

Tourists also gain the favor of higher powers in another way – for 100 baht they offer to let the birds out of their cages. It clears karma. However, attentive travelers noticed that the birds were tamed, and after some time they returned to the owner.

Temple structure

The temple occupies a vast territory. Near the stairs that lead to the main statue – Big Buddha – many souvenir shops, shops with various goods were built. Given that the place is tourist, the prices are high.

Ladder guarded by two seven-headed dragons

The central element of the complex is the Buddha statue, guarded by two seven-headed dragons.

Good to know! Climbing the stairs will not cause any difficulties, since the steps are not steep.

Not a steep staircase

At the top of the stairs there is a temple where everyone can cleanse the aura and karma. To go to the shrine, you need to take off your shoes, go up to the monk, kneel down. The rite is quite simple – at first the monk reads a prayer, then puts a talisman on his hand and pours holy water on his head. Be sure to make a wish. It will come true when a person loses the rope.

After the rite of purification, tourists go further to the statue of the Big Buddha in Pattaya. Next to the statue is an altar, near which people pray and ask for enlightened health and well-being.

Sculpture Altar

The main statue of the Big Buddha is surrounded by smaller figures. Each takes a certain position – sits, lies or stands. There are also seven figures symbolizing the days of the week:

  • Monday – peace and good;
  • Tuesday – brings a calm sleep;
  • Wednesday is the day of good people;
  • Thursday is a time of calm and meditation;
  • Friday is a happy day;
  • Saturday is a day of protection from natural disasters;
  • Sunday – will give care, love.
The fattest Buddha - a symbol of financial well-being

Interesting fact! The fattest Buddha is a symbol of financial well-being. In his stomach there is a hole where you need to throw a coin, if it falls into the stomach of the statue, the desired desire will come true.

A worthy conclusion to the journey to the Big Buddha – on the observation deck. Top offers a wonderful view of the city.

At the observation deck

Not far from the Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya there is a Chinese park, where statues of Confucius, the goddess of mercy, Lao Tzu, other famous Chinese figures are installed, there is a pond. Many tourists note that the park is calm, nature has a leisurely stroll. You can grab a bite to eat at the restaurant.

Practical information

Address and how to get there.

The Big Buddha is located between the two streets of Phra Tamnak and Phappraya Rd. There are several ways to get here:

You can get to Songteo
  • by taxi – from 100 to 200 baht, depending on which point a tourist follows from Pattaya (the most expensive trip from the northern part of the city);
  • on songteo – up to 20 baht (transport goes to the fork, from which you have to go on foot, following the signs);
  • in a rented car;
  • together with an excursion group – can be ordered at any travel agency.

Tourists who stay at the hotel, not far from Pratumnak Hill, can even walk to the Big Buddha on foot. On the road towards central Pattaya, at the fork, turn right, then the road passes by a Chinese temple.

Working hours.

The Big Buddha Temple welcomes guests daily from 7-00 to 22-00. For walks, it is better to choose the time after lunch, when the heat is not felt so much.

The cost of visiting.
Big Buddha Temple Plate

Entrance to the temple complex is free, but donations are welcome. The specific amount of the guests are not voiced, everyone donates as much as he sees fit.

Official website: Information is presented in English.

Prices on the page are for April 2019.

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Visiting Rules

The Big Buddha Temple in Pattaya is a religious place, so it is important to choose the appropriate clothes – you can not wear shorts, short T-shirts, swimwear. It is necessary to cover the legs and shoulders.

Dress Code at Big Buddha Temple

Important! If the clothes do not comply with the rules of the temple complex, the monks may not let the tourist into the site of the attraction.

The Big Buddha in Pattaya is actually not as big as the Big Buddha in Phuket. However, the six-story-tall statue is truly impressive. Here it’s nice to just take a walk, admire how the statue sparkles in the sun, and records are a secondary thing.

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