Baiyoke Sky Tower – Bangkok’s most visited hotel

When you travel to the capital of the Kingdom of Thailand, other than the usual things to do, by all means diversify your trip with a visit to Baiyoke Sky hotel. You will easily notice the structure wherever you stay in Bangkok. A landmark that has become a symbol of the capital, Baiyoke Sky, is built in the central metropolitan area of ​​Ratchathevi.

Bayok Sky Tower

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Bayok Sky - 88 floors

Baiyoke Sky is included in the list of the highest metropolitan buildings. With a height of 309 meters across 88 floors, it can accommodate a small town comfortably.


  • comfortable hotel with a capacity of 673 rooms;
  • viewing platforms equipped with innovative technical devices;
  • bar and restaurants.

Construction was completed in 1997. In 2017, Baiyoke Sky received the status of the second tallest building in Bangkok. At the bottom of the skyscraper, multi-level parking is equipped.

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Outside the tower, a high-speed elevator is installed, be sure to go up and enjoy the views of the city during the rise thanks to the panoramic glazing.

Baiyoke Sky is the most visited place in Bangkok, all guides unanimously recommend visiting the tower.

Facts about Baiyoke Sky Skyscraper:

  • the height of the attraction is almost 310 m
  • piles are dug into the ground at 65 m
  • The hotel residents are served by seven elevators, the outside – high-speed and panoramic
  • Hotel apartments are equipped from 22 to 74 levels
  • at the last level, a popular observation deck is equipped, the design rotates smoothly, providing excellent visibility
  • restaurants and bars have panoramic glazing

Hotel Baiyoke Sky in the capital of the country of white elephants

Baiyoke Sky Hotel is not just a metropolitan hotel, but the highest metropolitan hotel. There is a market on the lower levels, and tourists are crowding at the entrance who want to visit the restaurant and enjoy the view from a height of 88 floors. Those who wish to spend their holidays in the hotel are raised by a guest elevator to the 18th level, where the registration desk works.

Parking area and reception

You can park your car at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel’s multi-tiered parking lot – from tiers 5 to 17. After registration, the tourist receives a magnetic card, which can be used in all elevators of the hotel. It is necessary to attach a map to a special indicator and select a floor.

Reception Baiyoke Sky Hotel

It is important! The hotel has several categories of rooms located on different floors, you can get to the desired floor by a certain elevator.

Near the reception is also located:

Golf course
  • a waiting area;
  • aninternational zone – representatives of different countries sit at tables and help travelers;
  • shops, a restaurant, a fruit shop (fruit prices are very high);
  • a golf course, a restaurant with a varied menu – here you can order dishes from different cuisines of the world;
  • luggage lockers – storage for up to 30 days free of charge.

Good to know! Entrance is free at level 18 of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel Bangkok, for this you do not have to stay at the hotel. Only magnetic card holders and ticket holders to the Baiyoke Sky restaurant rise above.

Sports area

The sports area is equipped at level 20 of Baiyoke Sky. Here at the service of tourists:

  • beauty salon – you can visit it, of course, but the prices for services are quite high;
  • the pool is clean but small for such a large hotel;
  • Gym – comfortable, large, few visitors.

Good to know! The pool can be visited from 7-00 to 20-00, next to the water there are always clean towels. The gym can be visited from 7-00 to 21-00.

Rooms at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

The Baiyoke Sky Hotel has three categories of rooms that vary in cost. The higher the number, the more expensive it is.

Spice Room at Baiyoke Sky Hotel
Hotel Area Levels Apartment Area Features
Standard 22 to 45 From 36 sq.m. up to 72 sq.m. The capacity of the apartment is three adults or two children and two adults. Windows are standard.
Sky (heavenly) 46 to 63 From 44 sq.m. up to 72 sq.m. Some apartments have panoramic windows, a balcony-terrace with a sunbed or swing, and a dining table.
Spice (space) 64 to 74 From 32 sq.m. up to 50 sq.m. All apartments have panoramic windows, two separate beds.

Which room to choose?

Standard Room at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Of course, it is better to book apartments in the third zone – Sky or Space. Accommodation must be booked in 1.5-2 months, as they are dismantled in the first place. If you have a burning ticket and you need to resolve the issue of housing urgently, choose apartments in the Standard Zone. If you choose a room in the Space Zone of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel (Bangkok), note that some windows are covered by huge advertising placed outside the building.

You can find out the exact cost of living in any of the rooms for the dates you are interested in online.

Breakfast in the hotel

Breakfast at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Meals are organized according to the “buffet” system. Guests are invited to the restaurant Baiyoke Sky (Bangkok), located on the 82nd floor of a skyscraper. Meal time is from 6-00 to 10-00, it is better to arrive early in the morning, by 9-30 many dishes end, and there are practically no free tables.

Good to know! After choosing a table, put on it a sign that says “Occupied”, and go choose breakfast for yourself.

As for the taste characteristics, no one remains hungry, but it is unlikely to get gastronomic pleasure. The restaurant offers a large selection of freshly squeezed juices.

Location of the hotel Baiyoke Sky

The hotel was built in an excellent place in terms of tourism:

Stop Airport Link Ratchaprarop
Airport Link Ratchaprarop
  • the nearest Airport Link Ratchaprarop stop is 300 meters away, from here you can reach the international airport in 20 minutes;
  • within a radius of 1 km there are a large number of shopping centers, shops and boutiques;
  • in walking distance there are many restaurants, coffee houses, there is a market, cafe.

The hotel offers a free shuttle service:

  • to the capital airport Airport Link – daily from 6-00 to midnight;
  • to the shopping center “Siam Square” – daily from 10-00 to 19-00, frequency – one hour;
  • to Chatuchak market – on weekends at 11-00.

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Advantages of the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Nice view from the windows of the apartments
  1. clean rooms, modern and recently renovated;
  2. convenient location – the central part of Bangkok;
  3. beautiful view from the windows of apartments and restaurants;
  4. good selection of breakfast items;
  5. The hotel residents have at their disposal two viewing platforms, a sports area;
  6. when ordering food and drinks in all restaurants, hotel guests can take advantage of discounts;
  7. eviction is not strict until noon, but before 2 p.m.


  1. large lines at the reception, in restaurants, by the pool;
  2. small pool.
Not a big pool at Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Good to know! When checking into Baiyoke Sky, the traveler pays about $ 100, the amount of the deposit is returned upon departure.

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Restaurants and bars at the Baiyoke Sky Hotel

Most Baiyoke Sky establishments accept guests according to the traditional buffet system and offer a varied menu, which includes dishes of many national cuisines. In some establishments, a panoramic view of Bangkok is a nice bonus to the menu, especially beautiful at night.

Institution "Fruit buffet"
Fruit buffet
Title Level Menu Features Estimated Check Value
“Fruit buffet” 18 You can buy seasonal fruits from Thailand, the menu also includes popsicles, natural juices, and delicious jelly.
“Sky coffee shop” 18 A varied menu with national and European cuisine, you can choose a delicious dessert or try an original cocktail.
“Baiyoke floating market” 75 It attracts with its unusual design – in the form of a Thai market located in national boats. They sell the best Thai dishes. Affordable prices
“Bangkok sky restaurant” Located on two levels – 76 and 78 The menu has an excellent selection of national dishes. Delicious seafood is prepared. About 1000 baht
“Stella palace” 79 They serve a lot of seafood treats. About 1300 baht
“Bangkok balcony” The restaurant is waiting for guests at level 81 They serve dishes from different cuisines of the world. It offers a picturesque panorama of Bangkok. You can relax in the hall or on the terrace. 800 to 1,500 Baht
“Crystal grill” 82 Delicious grilled dishes, delicious seafood dishes are prepared. About 800 baht
“The roof top bar” 83 Serve original cocktails, snacks, a large selection of wines. Entrance to the bar 400 Baht
In the bar “The roof top bar”
“The roof top bar”

Good to know! Food prices change quite often, so before you visit, check prices on the official website of the hotel in Bangkok. A bonus awaits those who book apartments in the hotel – discounts when paying for a check in restaurants.

Observation Decks

Elevator to the observation deck

If you are staying in another hotel, you can climb to the grounds with a ticket. The cash desk is located near the main entrance. An elevator to your destination is also located at the entrance. This is a special elevator – it goes only to the observatory, as well as to the floor where the thematic museum is located.

Since the glass elevator, the whole of Bangkok is perfectly visible. However, there is a little trick – you can see the city through the back wall – it is glass. Given the huge number of people who want to go upstairs, try to go into the elevator in the front rows and go to the back, glass wall.

Closed observatory on the 77th floor

Closed observatory on the 77th floor

What about the observatory? Glass windows are dirty, but this does not affect the quality of the photographs. The best time for a visit is before sunset to take daytime and evening photos of Bangkok. Be sure to take a walk around the observatory – there are a lot of interesting antiquities, there is even a tap-tap, you can touch all the exhibits and take pictures with them.

Level 88 Playground

Now we go to the next attraction, located on the top floor of a skyscraper, a rotating structure. You can climb here by elevator or on foot – on the stairs. Of course, the second option is more exotic, allowing you to plunge into the atmosphere of Bangkok.

Level 88 Playground

Another trick is to take pictures through the windows of the upper viewing platform is inconvenient, since the grid is applied to the windows, in addition, the structure is constantly moving, and it’s quite difficult to catch a good shot.

Good to know! The illumination of the site is turned on at 18-00.

Practical information

Both attractions of the Baiyoke Sky skyscraper work every day from 9-00 to 23-00, but the last visitors can stop by half an hour before closing time.

Bangkok night view from Baiyoke Sky observation deck

Ticket price:

  • from 9-00 to 18-00 – 390 Baht, the ticket gives you the right to inspect the observation deck, relax in the fruit buffet located at level 18;
  • from 18-00 to 23-00 – 400 Baht, the ticket gives you the right to take a walk on the observation deck, choose a drink in the bar, located at level 83.

Good to know! The bar is open until 2 a.m.

If you have a ticket to the restaurant, you can visit the Bayok Sky

Residents of the hotel can visit the sights of the hotel an unlimited number of times, admire Bangkok. You can also visit the Baiyoke Sky observation deck if you have a ticket to the restaurant.

All seven elevators are taken up to the observatory and to the top floor, but if you want to experience unforgettable emotions, use a panoramic, external elevator.

Interesting Facts

Bayok Sky Tower antenna was completed two years later
  1. The Baiyoke Sky Tower in Bangkok officially opened in 1997, but the antenna was completed two years later.
  2. In the winter of 2002, paratroopers from Norway jumped from 81 floors and successfully landed on the roof of a neighboring hotel.
  3. The height of the skyscraper is approximately 183 people.
  4. Between the first and last floors there are 2060 steps.
  5. The tower has 1740 window openings, these glasses are enough for glazing two hundred townhouses.
  6. The area of ​​the skyscraper is almost 179.5 square meters, which is three dozen football fields.
  7. The outer part of the hotel, namely the Spice zone, is the highest point for advertising.

Useful Tips

Happy Bangkok Covered in Smog
    1. The best time to visit the upper observation deck is from 17-00 to 18-00. From 17-00 a bar is opened next to the observation deck. Also after 18-00 tickets are more expensive. At this time, you can see the city in daylight and wait for the night lights to light.
    2. To take good photos, you need a powerful camera, the best pictures are taken at night, because during the day the city is covered with smog.
    3. The tower is located in the center of the shopping area, there is also a famous puppet theater, dolphinarium and a large Buddhist temple nearby.
    4. The easiest way to get to the hotel is from the metropolitan airport by metro. You need the City Line line, you need to get to the Ratchaprarop stop. Hotel transport departs daily from the station from 6-00 to 24-00. Transport leaves from the basement.
    5. Both viewing platforms of the Baiyoke Sky Tower are equipped with modern technical devices – modern, powerful telescopes, comfortable multimedia.
Baiyoke Sky Tower Museum
  1. Be sure to visit the museum – there is an exposition telling about the construction of the Baiyoke Sky tower. Exhibits can be picked up and viewed.

When planning a trip to the capital of Thailand, be sure to take the time to visit Baiyoke Sky (Bangkok). Of course, you must not stay overnight at the hotel, but remember that there are various bonuses for those who chose to stay here.

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